2 Must-Have DALLE 3 GPTs

Bob Doyle Media
17 Jan 202410:09

TLDRDiscover two must-have GPT tools for creative AI enthusiasts in this video. We explore 'Super Describe' which generates detailed descriptions of uploaded images, and 'Image Edit, Copy, and Merge' that seamlessly blends multiple images into new creations. Both tools utilize DALL-E 3, offering impressive results without the need for special software. Dive into the functionalities, see examples, and learn how these tools can enhance your creative projects. Note: A paid plan for ChatGPT or GPT-4 is required to access these features.


  • 🎨 Welcome back to the channel exploring the creative uses of AI, especially for those familiar with Chat GPT.
  • 🛠️ Discover the new GPT store where anyone can create their own specialized GPT for specific tasks.
  • 🌟 Highlighting two particular GPTs: Super Describe and Image Edit, Copying, and Merge, both utilizing DALL-E 3.
  • 💻 Super Describe allows users to upload an image and receive a creative description of it.
  • 📷 Image Edit, Copying, and Merge blends two images together to create a new one without needing any special software.
  • 📈 To access these GPTs, you need a paid plan for Chat GPT or GPT-4.
  • 🔍 Navigate to 'Explore GPTs' in Chat GPT to find these tools and try them out.
  • 🔄 Super Describe offers detailed, creative descriptions of images, enriching the visual content.
  • 🖼️ Image Edit, Copying, and Merge seamlessly combines concepts from multiple images, maintaining high quality.
  • ⚠️ Note that these tools can be addictive and may quickly use up your inquiry limit.

Q & A

  • What are the two GPTs highlighted in the video?

    -The two GPTs highlighted are Super Describe and Image Edit, Copying, and Merge.

  • What is the primary function of Super Describe?

    -Super Describe takes an uploaded image and generates a detailed description of it.

  • How do you upload an image to Super Describe?

    -You can upload an image by clicking the paperclip icon, dragging an image onto the interface, or selecting an image from a directory.

  • What kind of images can Super Describe handle?

    -Super Describe can handle various types of images, including photos of dogs, goth-looking girls, and robots, providing detailed descriptions for each.

  • What does the Image Edit, Copying, and Merge GPT do?

    -This GPT blends two or more images together to create a new image based on the concepts of the original images.

  • Do you need special software to use these GPTs?

    -No, you do not need special software or installation to use these GPTs, but you do need a paid plan for ChatGPT or GPT-4.

  • Can you blend more than two images using the Image Edit, Copying, and Merge GPT?

    -Yes, you can blend more than two images together using this GPT.

  • How does the Image Edit, Copying, and Merge GPT handle image resolution?

    -The GPT focuses on the concepts of the images rather than their resolution, making it effective for blending images of varying qualities.

  • What can you do if the blended image does not meet your expectations?

    -You can prompt the GPT to try again and specify adjustments, such as blending the scenarios together or emphasizing certain elements.

  • How can users give feedback or suggest more GPTs to be explored in future videos?

    -Users can leave comments on the video to suggest more GPTs or express their interest in exploring creative GPTs further.



🤖 Creative AI Exploration with GPT Specializations

The script introduces a channel dedicated to exploring the creative applications of AI, specifically mentioning the GPT store where users can create specialized AI models. It highlights two particular GPTs that utilize Dolly3 to generate unique images without the need for special software. The video demonstrates how to use 'Super describe' to redescribe uploaded images in a creative way and 'Image edit, copying, and merge' to blend images together, emphasizing the ease of use and the impressive results. A caveat is mentioned that a paid plan for chat GPT or GPT 4 is required to access these features.


🎨 Experimenting with AI Image Blending Techniques

This paragraph delves into the process of using AI to blend images, showcasing the user's ability to upload and merge multiple images to create new scenes. The script describes the addictive nature of experimenting with these AI tools, as well as the limitations in the number of inquiries due to the paid plan restrictions. The video creator shares their enthusiasm for the results, including attempts to refine the blending process with specific prompts and the desire to animate the outcomes. The paragraph concludes with the creator's intention to continue exploring and possibly animate the blended images.


🎶 Final Thoughts on AI Creative Tools

The final paragraph is a brief musical note without any spoken content, serving as a conclusion to the video. It suggests a pause or transition to the end of the script, possibly indicating the end of the video or a moment for reflection on the discussed AI creative tools.




AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI refers to the creative applications of technology, specifically the use of DALLE 3 and GPTs to generate images and descriptions. The script mentions exploring the creative uses of AI, indicating its central role in the video's theme.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is a type of AI language model developed by OpenAI that can generate human-like text based on the prompts given to it. The script refers to 'chat GPT' as a prerequisite for the audience, suggesting that viewers are expected to be familiar with this AI tool, which is integral to the video's exploration of AI's creative potential.

💡GPT store

The GPT store is a platform where companies and individuals can create their own specialized GPT models to perform specific tasks. The script mentions the GPT store as a place to find and explore various GPTs, emphasizing the diversity and accessibility of AI applications for creative purposes.


DALLE 3 is a reference to a generative AI model that creates images from textual descriptions. In the script, DALLE 3 is highlighted as a key technology behind the creative AI applications discussed, specifically in the context of generating images without the need for special software or installations.

💡Super describe

Super describe is one of the GPTs mentioned in the script that takes an uploaded image and generates a creative description of it. The script demonstrates how Super describe works by uploading various images and showing the unique descriptions it produces, illustrating the AI's ability to interpret and recontextualize visual content.

💡Image edit copying and merge

Image edit copying and merge is another GPT discussed in the video that blends two images together to create a new image. The script shows examples of this process, emphasizing the ease of use and the creative results that can be achieved by merging different image concepts.

💡Paid plan

A paid plan refers to a subscription model where users pay for access to premium features or services. The script mentions that a paid plan for Chat GPT or GPT 4 is required to access the GPTs discussed in the video, indicating a business model aspect of AI services.


Resolution in the context of the video refers to the clarity and detail of an image. The script notes that the resolution of the images used in the blending process does not significantly affect the outcome, as the AI focuses on the conceptual elements rather than the pixel quality.


In the video, concept refers to the underlying idea or theme of an image that the AI interprets and uses to generate new content. The script shows how the AI can take the concept from one image and merge it with another, demonstrating the AI's ability to understand and manipulate abstract ideas.


Variation in the script refers to different versions or interpretations of the same image generated by the AI. The video creator requests variations to explore different creative outcomes, showing the flexibility and adaptability of the AI in producing diverse results.


Animation is the process of creating the illusion of motion by sequentially displaying images. The script mentions the desire to turn the AI-generated images into animations, indicating an interest in taking the creative output of the AI to another level of multimedia production.


Introduction to the channel focusing on creative uses of AI and the new GPT store.

Mention of the need for a paid plan for chat GPT or GPT 4 to access specialized GPTs.

Highlighting two particular GPTs utilizing DALLE 3 for creative AI space.

Description of 'Super describe' GPT that redescribes uploaded images in a creative way.

Demonstration of how to upload an image to 'Super describe' and the expected processing time.

Example of 'Super describe' analyzing a dog picture and providing a detailed description.

Another example showcasing 'Super describe' with an oddly illustrated goth girl image.

A third example using a black and white robot image to illustrate the GPT's creative output.

Introduction to the 'image edit copying and merge' GPT for blending images without special software.

Process of uploading images for blending and the simplicity of the operation.

Example of blending a beach and a mushroom image to create a new concept.

The flexibility of image resolution in the blending process and its impact on the result.

Disappointment with an initial blend attempt and the request for a retry with specific instructions.

Success in blending two images according to the user's instructions, resulting in a satisfying outcome.

Warning about the addictive nature of using these creative GPTs and managing inquiry limits.

Further exploration with blending an ocean wave and a room, speculating on the possible outcomes.

Excitement about the creative potential of blending images and the desire to animate the results.

Experimenting with blending multiple images and the ability to tweak results with prompts.

Final thoughts on the excitement and quality of the creative GPTs utilizing DALLE 3.