2024 midjourney设计人物角色详细教程,Midjourney 建立角色 + 分镜设计,全过程视频演示,Mj从零基础设计角色一致性,Mj连续人物和角色生成方法,如何为连续性人物添加不同的表情

23 Dec 202319:48

TLDRIn this tutorial from Xiaoyuer AI Technology School, viewers are guided through the process of character design using Midjourney. Starting with creating a detailed descriptor for a character, the video demonstrates how to generate consistent characters with various expressions and poses. It also covers how to modify descriptors for different outfits and backgrounds, ensuring character consistency across scenes. The tutorial includes practical tips on using tools like Google Translate and photopi for translation and cropping, respectively. The aim is to help artists create a series of characters that are both unique and consistent, with a focus on detailed descriptions and iterative adjustments to achieve the desired outcome.


  • 😀 Xiaoyuer AI Technology School provides a tutorial on character design using Midjourney.
  • 🎨 The tutorial covers creating character consistency and generating continuous characters with different expressions.
  • 📝 Importance of detailed descriptors for character creation is emphasized, with suggestions to use translation tools for non-English speakers.
  • 👧 An example of creating a character is given, detailing the process from setting up a descriptor to generating a character with multiple expressions and outfits.
  • 🖌️ The use of DISCORD for character generation is demonstrated, showing how to input descriptors and receive character images.
  • 🔗 The necessity of having a picture link for generating the same character with different expressions is highlighted.
  • 📸 An online tool called photopi is introduced for cropping images to maintain character consistency.
  • 👗 The process of changing a character's outfit and expressions by modifying descriptors and using the cropped image link is explained.
  • 🌌 Backgrounds can be added or modified in character images by adjusting descriptors, allowing characters to appear in different scenes.
  • 🔄 The tutorial shows how to regenerate characters with different poses and expressions by using the saved image link and descriptor.
  • 🏞️ Characters can be made to appear in various environments like beaches or forests by changing the descriptors appropriately.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video tutorial?

    -The main topic of the video tutorial is teaching how to design character roles and storyboards in Midjourney, focusing on creating consistent characters from scratch and generating continuous characters with different expressions.

  • Who is the instructor of the tutorial?

    -The instructor of the tutorial is Xiaoyuer from Xiaoyuer AI Technology School.

  • What platform is used to demonstrate the character creation process?

    -The character creation process is demonstrated using DISCORD.

  • How does Xiaoyuer suggest generating a continuous character in Midjourney?

    -Xiaoyuer suggests using detailed descriptors and aspect ratio parameter settings to generate a continuous character in Midjourney.

  • What tool does Xiaoyuer recommend for translating non-English descriptions?

    -Xiaoyuer recommends using Google Translate for translating non-English descriptions.

  • What is the importance of a detailed descriptor when creating characters?

    -A detailed descriptor is important because it helps in creating characters that are more consistent with the user's vision and ensures a better outcome in the character design.

  • How does Xiaoyuer handle the situation when the generated character's expression is not as expected?

    -Xiaoyuer modifies the descriptor to include more specific details about the desired expression and re-enters it into the system to generate a more accurate character.

  • What is the role of the photopi tool mentioned in the script?

    -The photopi tool is used for cropping images, allowing users to isolate specific parts of an image, such as a character, for further use in the character generation process.

  • How can users ensure that the generated character remains consistent across different scenes?

    -Users can ensure character consistency by including a link to the original character image in their descriptor and making sure to modify the descriptor to reflect the desired changes in scene without altering the character itself.

  • What does Xiaoyuer suggest for users who are not familiar with the basic knowledge of character creation?

    -Xiaoyuer suggests that users who are not familiar with the basic knowledge of character creation should watch previous tutorial videos provided by Xiaoyuer to gain a better understanding.

  • How does Xiaoyuer demonstrate changing the character's outfit and background?

    -Xiaoyuer demonstrates changing the character's outfit and background by modifying the descriptor to include new elements such as a pink skirt or a straw hat and adding different scene descriptions to change the background.



🎨 Character Creation and Descriptor Details

This paragraph introduces a tutorial on character creation using AI technology. The speaker, Xiaoyuer, guides viewers on setting up characters with detailed descriptors. It emphasizes the importance of detailed descriptions for generating character images consistently. The process involves using tools like Google Translate for non-English speakers and inputting descriptions into a system to generate character images. The example given is of an 8-year-old girl with specific physical attributes and personality traits. Viewers are encouraged to watch previous tutorials for basic knowledge and are shown a demonstration of the character creation process in Discord, highlighting the ability to modify character aspects like expressions and outfits.


👠 Enhancing Character Images with Accessories

The second paragraph focuses on enhancing the character images by adding accessories, such as high heels for the little girl character. It explains the process of using a slash command to input descriptors and the importance of entering them correctly into the system. The speaker demonstrates how to adjust the character's appearance by adding different accessories and expressions. The tutorial also covers how to save and share the generated images, including using an online cropping tool called photopi to isolate the character from the background. The goal is to create a series of images with varying poses and expressions while maintaining the character's consistency.


🌴 Customizing Character Scenes and Backgrounds

In this paragraph, Xiaoyuer discusses customizing the character's scenes and backgrounds. The speaker describes how to maintain character consistency while changing the setting. The process involves pasting the character's image link into the system to ensure the same character is used in different scenes, such as the beach or a forest. The tutorial also explains how to modify descriptors to fit the new scenes and how to use the system to generate images with the updated backgrounds. The speaker shares the results of their successful attempts at creating characters in various settings and encourages viewers to experiment with different descriptors and backgrounds.


🎭 Finalizing Character Design and Sharing Tips

The final paragraph wraps up the character creation process by discussing finalizing the character design and sharing tips with the audience. Xiaoyuer demonstrates how to add different outfits and accessories to the character, such as a pink skirt and a straw hat, to achieve the desired look. The speaker also talks about saving the final images and choosing the best ones to share. The tutorial includes tips on how to upload and share the images on Discord and how to use descriptors to change the character's scene without altering the character itself. The speaker offers to share the original descriptor in the comments for viewers to try out and encourages questions and feedback, reminding viewers to subscribe and share the tutorial with others.



💡Character Setting

Character setting refers to the process of defining the appearance, personality, and other attributes of a character in a story or visual medium. In the context of the video, character setting is crucial as it helps in creating a consistent and engaging character that viewers can relate to. For example, the script mentions setting up a 'little girl' with specific physical features like 'blue hair' and 'big eyes', as well as a defined personality such as being 'outgoing and cheerful'.


A descriptor is a detailed textual input that describes the visual elements and characteristics of an image or scene. In the video script, descriptors are used to guide the AI in generating images of characters with specific attributes. For instance, the descriptor includes details like 'blue long curly hair' and 'red princess dress' to help create a consistent character image.

💡Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image or screen, typically expressed by two numbers separated by a colon. In the video, aspect ratio parameter settings might be discussed to ensure that the generated images have the desired dimensions, which is important for maintaining consistency across a series of character images.

💡Continuous Character

A continuous character is one that maintains consistent visual and personality traits across multiple images or scenes. The script talks about generating a 'continuous character' and ensuring that despite changes in expressions and poses, the character's core identity remains the same, which is essential for storytelling and character recognition.


Expression in this context refers to the facial emotions or demeanor of a character. The video emphasizes the importance of varying expressions to bring a character to life. For example, the character is described with expressions such as 'smiling', 'laughing', and 'serious', adding depth to the character's portrayal.


In the script, DISCORD is mentioned as a platform where the character creation process takes place. It is a communication app designed for creating communities, and in this case, it serves as the medium for inputting descriptors and generating character images through AI technology.

💡Photo Editing Tool

A photo editing tool is software used to manipulate and edit images. The script refers to an online tool called 'photopi' used for cropping images, which is an essential step in refining the character images and isolating the character from the background for further use.

💡3D Effect

The 3D effect refers to the visual technique of giving a two-dimensional image a three-dimensional appearance, adding depth and realism. The video script discusses changing the character images to have a '3D effect', which suggests enhancing the character's visual appeal and making it more dynamic.


Background in this context is the setting or environment behind the character in an image. The script mentions adding or changing the background to fit different scenes, such as placing the character 'at the beach' or 'in a forest', which helps in setting the scene and telling a story.


Consistency in character design means maintaining the same visual appearance and traits across different images or scenes. The video emphasizes achieving consistency in the character's appearance, such as 'long curly hair' and 'red princess dress', to ensure that the character is recognizable and believable.


Cropping is the process of removing parts of an image to focus on a specific area or subject. The script describes using a cropping tool to isolate the character from the background, which is necessary for generating images with a clear focus on the character and for placing the character in different backgrounds.


Xiaoyuer AI Technology School provides a comprehensive tutorial on character design and storyboarding.

The tutorial covers character consistency from scratch using Midjourney.

Learn how to set up characters with detailed aspect ratio and parameter settings.

Discover the method to generate continuous characters with varying expressions.

A detailed guide on creating a character with multiple postures and expressions.

The importance of detailed descriptors for character generation is emphasized.

Using Google Translate for non-English speakers to assist in character creation.

Creating a character example: an 8-year-old girl with blue hair and a red princess dress.

Demonstration of how detailed descriptions lead to more accurate character depictions.

The use of BG (Background) for superior drawing effects in character design.

Adding accessories like high heels to the character through descriptors.

Cropping tool 'photopi' introduced for refining character images.

Saving and sharing character images through Discord for further generation.

Techniques to ensure character consistency across different expressions and poses.

Generating 3D effects and adding backgrounds to enhance character visuals.

Modifying descriptors to change character scenes without altering the character itself.

Creating a series of characters with consistent features in various settings.

Finalizing character design by adjusting descriptors and saving the outcomes.

Invitation for viewers to subscribe, like, and share Xiaoyuer's tutorials for further assistance.