5 Actual Free Logo Maker Websites

Philip Blank
25 Jan 202416:15

TLDR在这个视频中,平面设计师Philip分享了五个真正免费的在线标志制作网站:logo.com、namecheap、Vista Print、myfreelogomaker和Adobe Express。这些网站不仅易于使用,还提供了丰富的定制选项,允许用户输入业务名称、选择行业、颜色、字体和图标来创建个性化的标志。Philip强调,尽管这些工具提供了免费的服务,但用户仍需考虑其品牌的独特性和竞争优势,以确保标志的原创性。他还提到,虽然这些标志制作工具非常适合初创企业,但随着业务的发展,可能需要更专业的设计服务。


  • 🚫 Many online logo makers claim to be free but often require payment to download the final logo.
  • 👍 Philip, a graphic designer, recommends five websites that offer genuinely free logo creation services.
  • 🌐 The first recommended website, logo.com, is user-friendly and provides hints for selecting colors and fonts.
  • 🎨 Logo.com allows customization of layout, colors, fonts, and icons, and even offers a brand portfolio for consistency.
  • 💰 Logo.com generates revenue by offering additional services like business cards and social media designs, not by charging for logo downloads.
  • 📝 Namecheap offers a straightforward process for creating logos with fewer options, which can be beneficial for non-designers.
  • 🍕 Vista Print provides a logo maker with more customization options and high-quality icons, with the added benefit of printing services.
  • 🔄 My Free Logo Maker offers a variety of logo suggestions and customization options, including color palettes and layout adjustments.
  • 🎨 Adobe Express is a versatile tool for creating logos and other designs, offering more in-depth customization for those with design experience.
  • 📈 For businesses looking for a unique logo, it's important to consider what makes the brand special and incorporate that into the design.
  • 🔗 Adobe Express does not provide vector files, but the quality of the downloadable images is high, and a link is provided to convert JPEG to vector format.

Q & A

  • What is the common issue with many online logo makers that the speaker addresses at the beginning of the transcript?

    -The common issue is that many online logo makers claim to be free, but once a user invests time in creating a logo and attempts to download it, they find out that the website is not truly free. They might receive a low-quality version or have to pay a fee to obtain the logo they designed.

  • What is the first logo maker website mentioned by the speaker?

    -The first logo maker website mentioned is logo.com.

  • What feature does logo.com provide that helps users maintain consistency in their branding?

    -Logo.com provides a 'brand port', which is a one-pager containing all the important information like logo formats, colors, and fonts used. This helps users to be consistent throughout their design process.

  • How does the speaker describe the customization options available on logo.com?

    -The speaker describes the customization options as comprehensive, allowing users to influence the layout, select new variations, choose colors, and customize the business name, font, and slogan. Users can also play around with the icon, change its color, search for new icons, or remove it completely.

  • What is special about the way logo.com earns money, according to the speaker?

    -Logo.com earns money by offering services where they implement the user's logo on various items such as business cards, letterheads, social media designs, or even creating one-page sites for the user.

  • Which logo maker website is suggested for users who might want more design options and are not fans of presets?

    -Adobe Express is suggested for users who want more design options and customization beyond presets.

  • What is the advantage of using Adobe Express for logo creation, as mentioned in the transcript?

    -Adobe Express offers more than just a one-click logo generator; it allows for extensive customization, including changing typography, adding text effects, shadows, shapes, and even animations. It also provides high-quality image outputs suitable for various uses.

  • What is the limitation of Adobe Express when it comes to logo file formats?

    -Adobe Express does not provide a vector file format for the logos created. However, it offers high-quality image formats like PNG, JPEG, and MP4 for animated logos.

  • What advice does the speaker give regarding the uniqueness of logos created with these free online tools?

    -The speaker advises that while these tools are easy to use and great for starting out, as businesses grow, they should consider what makes them unique and special, and incorporate that into their branding for a more distinctive logo.

  • What is the importance of the color selection feature in logo design, as discussed in the transcript?

    -The color selection feature is important as it allows users to choose colors that align with the characteristics they want to convey through their logo. The speaker mentions that each color has its own set of associated meanings, such as red for energy and passion, which can influence the perception of the brand.

  • How does the speaker describe the process of selecting a logo on logo.com?

    -The process involves typing in the business name, optionally adding a slogan, selecting the industry, choosing colors with their associated characteristics, selecting fonts with descriptions, and then generating an endless amount of logo variations to choose from.

  • What is the main concern the speaker has about the icons provided by namecheap in the context of logo creation?

    -The speaker expresses concern that the pre-selected icons provided by namecheap may not fit the user's theme or brand, but appreciates the option to search for more relevant icons that suit the user's specific needs.



🚫 Warning About Online Logo Makers

The first paragraph warns about the deceptive nature of many online logo makers that claim to be free but actually charge once a user has invested time in creating a logo. Philip, a graphic designer, introduces himself and promises to share five genuinely free websites for logo creation.


🌐 Introduction to Logo.com and Its Features

The second paragraph introduces logo.com as an easy-to-use and accessible logo maker. It details the process of creating a logo by entering a business name, selecting industry, colors with their symbolic meanings, and fonts with descriptions. It also discusses the customization options available and the unique feature of a 'brand portfolio' which helps maintain consistency in design elements across different applications.


🎨 Customizing and Downloading Logos from Name Cheap and Vista Print

The third paragraph discusses the logo creation process on Name Cheap and Vista Print. It explains how to select a business name, industry, and icons, and how to choose layout options and color variations. It also touches on customization features, such as changing fonts and layout, and the ability to download logos for free. Vista Print is highlighted for its well-illustrated icons and the option to apply logos to various products.


📈 Tips for Logo Design and Adobe Express for Advanced Customization

The fourth paragraph provides tips for designing logos with shorter company names and discusses the customization features of My Free Logo Maker. It also introduces Adobe Express as a more advanced tool for those with some design experience, offering a wide range of customization options, including changing typography, adding text effects, and adjusting layers. The paragraph concludes with information on downloading logos in various formats and a note on converting JPEGs to vector files.



💡Online logo makers

Online logo makers are platforms or websites that allow users to create logos for their businesses or brands. They are often advertised as free but sometimes require payment for certain features or high-resolution downloads. In the video, the speaker discusses the pros and cons of using such services and recommends five websites that genuinely offer free logo creation.

💡Free of charge

Refers to services or products that can be used without any cost. In the context of the video, the speaker emphasizes that the five recommended logo maker websites are truly free, meaning users can create and download logos without having to pay for the basic service, which is a common concern with many online logo makers.

💡Graphic designer

A graphic designer is a professional who specializes in visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration. In the video, the speaker introduces himself as a graphic designer, which lends credibility to his recommendations and insights about logo creation.


Customization refers to the process of adapting or tailoring a product or service to meet specific individual needs or preferences. The video highlights the customization features of the logo makers, such as changing colors, fonts, and iconography, to create a unique logo that fits the user's brand identity.

💡Business name

The business name is the official title by which a company or commercial enterprise is known. In the context of the video, entering the business name is often the first step in using an online logo maker, as it forms the basis of the logo design.


Industry refers to a specific branch of business or production. The video script mentions selecting an industry to help the logo maker generate logos that are relevant to the user's business sector, such as fitness apparel or gaming channels.

💡Color characteristics

Color characteristics are the symbolic or emotional associations that different colors evoke. The video discusses how the logo makers provide descriptions of color characteristics, such as red for energy and passion, to help users choose colors that align with their brand's message.

💡Font selection

Font selection is the process of choosing a typeface or lettering style for a logo. The video emphasizes the importance of selecting fonts that match the brand's personality, with options described as modern, vintage, or quirky, and how users can further customize these selections.

💡Brand Port

A Brand Port, as mentioned in the video, is a one-pager that compiles all the essential information about a brand, including logo formats, colors, and fonts. It is a useful tool for maintaining consistency across various branding materials and design processes.

💡High-resolution files

High-resolution files refer to digital images or logos with a high pixel density, which ensures clarity and quality when scaled up or printed. The video mentions that users can download high-resolution versions of their logos for free from the recommended logo maker websites.

💡Vector file

A vector file is a type of digital file used in graphic design that uses geometrical shapes and paths to represent images. Vector files are beneficial for logos because they can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. The video notes that while Adobe Express does not provide vector files, the quality of the downloadable images is still very high.


Online logo makers are often misleading, with many claiming to be free but charging for downloads.

Philip, a graphic designer, has found five genuinely free logo maker websites.

Logo.com is user-friendly and provides hints for selecting colors and fonts.

Customization options on Logo.com include layout, colors, fonts, and icons.

Logo.com offers a brand portfolio, which helps maintain design consistency across various materials.

Namecheap allows customization of font style, color, and icon selection.

Vista Print provides more layout options and uses well-illustrated icons.

My Free Logo Maker allows for color and layout adjustments, and suggests design improvements.

Adobe Express offers advanced customization options and is not just a logo generator.

Adobe Express allows for detailed typography changes, text effects, and layer manipulation.

All five logo makers provide free downloads, but the uniqueness of the logos may vary due to ease of use.

For businesses starting out, these free logo makers can be a cost-effective solution.

As businesses grow, they may want to incorporate unique elements that provide a competitive advantage.

The video provides a detailed walkthrough of how to use each logo maker.

Downloading logos from these platforms is straightforward, with options for different file formats.

Adobe Express does not provide vector files, but the quality of the images is high.

The presenter offers additional resources on converting JPEG to vector files.