A Custom GPT Tutorial for Listing Descriptions | This Week in Marketing

Tom Ferry
1 May 202423:44

TLDRIn this episode of 'This Week in Marketing,' host Jason Pantana discusses the latest developments in the marketing landscape, focusing on Meta's new generative AI tool, Meta AI. He explores the potential of Meta AI to enhance search capabilities on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, possibly giving them an edge over TikTok. Jason also covers YouTube's new feature allowing video uploads directly from the YouTube Studio mobile app and Adobe's advancements in generative AI with their 'text to template' and 'text to video' updates. The episode then dives into a tutorial on training a custom GPT for crafting perfect MLS listing descriptions using chat GPT plus. The tutorial guides viewers on how to configure and train their GPT with specific instructions, conversation starters, and knowledge uploads to automate and improve the process of creating real estate listing content.


  • πŸš€ **Meta's New AI Tool**: Meta has launched a new generative AI tool called 'Meta AI', accessible at meta.ua, which is a large language model similar to Chat GPT or Google Gemini.
  • πŸ” **Search Optimization**: The integration of Meta AI into search could potentially enhance content discovery on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, competing with YouTube's search capabilities.
  • πŸ€– **Chatbot Experience**: Users can interact with Meta AI through a chatbot interface, and it can also be accessed within Direct Messages (DMs).
  • πŸ“ˆ **Data Partnership**: Meta AI has a partnership with Microsoft to access search results for up-to-date information, although it does not traverse into the links themselves.
  • πŸ“± **YouTube Studio Update**: YouTube now allows video uploads directly from the YouTube Studio mobile app, providing better analytics and insights for video optimization.
  • 🎨 **Adobe's Generative AI**: Adobe has introduced 'Text to Template', a feature that generates graphic design projects from text prompts in their design tools like Photoshop and Adobe Express.
  • πŸ“Ή **Video Generation**: Adobe has also added 'Text to Video' in their video-focused apps like Premiere Pro, allowing generative creation of video content from text prompts.
  • πŸ“ **Training Custom GPT**: Users can train their own GPT models with Chat GPT Plus, uploading knowledge bases and providing specific instructions to tailor the AI's functions.
  • πŸ“š **Knowledge Upload**: When training a custom GPT, users can upload files such as documents and spreadsheets to provide examples and improve the AI's performance.
  • 🌐 **Web Browsing Integration**: Chat GPT Plus allows the AI to perform web searches when needed, enhancing its ability to fetch additional information during conversations.
  • πŸ“‰ **Marketplace Presence**: Trained GPT models can be published to the GPT store for others to experience, although the backend instructions and knowledge remain private.
  • πŸ“ˆ **AI Marketing Academy**: An online course series is available for those looking to integrate AI into their marketing strategies, covering social media, video, email, and local SEO tactics.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic discussed in 'This Week in Marketing'?

    -The main topic discussed is the new developments in generative AI tools, specifically focusing on Meta's latest AI tool, and how to train your own GPT for crafting perfect MLS listing descriptions.

  • What is Meta's new generative AI tool called?

    -Meta's new generative AI tool is called Meta AI.

  • How does Meta AI differ from other AI tools like Chat GPT or Google Gemini?

    -Meta AI is similar to Chat GPT and Google Gemini in that it is a large language model accessed through a chatbot. However, it has its own underlying AI model and is integrated into Meta's search, potentially offering a competitive edge in social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

  • What is the significance of YouTube's addition of the ability to upload videos from the YouTube Studio mobile app?

    -This feature allows content creators to manage and upload their videos directly from the mobile app, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of content management on YouTube.

  • What is Adobe's 'text to template' feature?

    -Adobe's 'text to template' feature is a generative AI tool that allows users to input a text prompt, and Adobe's software creates a graphic design project file based on that prompt. This feature is available in their design tools like Photoshop and Adobe Express.

  • What is the potential impact of Meta AI on the analytics aspect for Instagram?

    -The potential impact includes more personalized analytics about what works and why, allowing for a more tailored insights page on Instagram to understand content performance better.

  • How can AI marketing strategies give businesses a competitive edge?

    -AI marketing strategies can automate and streamline time-intensive and labor-intensive tasks, allowing businesses to scale their marketing efforts more effectively and adapt quickly to the ever-evolving market.

  • What is the purpose of training a custom GPT for MLS listing descriptions?

    -The purpose is to leverage AI to generate compelling and professional listing descriptions that are tailored to specific styles and requirements, saving time and enhancing the quality of marketing content.

  • What are conversation starters in the context of custom GPT training?

    -Conversation starters are programmed buttons that appear above the text input field, guiding the GPT on how to initiate and direct the conversation based on the user's selection.

  • How does the optical recognition feature in custom GPT work for writing listing photo descriptions?

    -The optical recognition feature allows the GPT to 'see' and analyze the content of uploaded photos, and then generate descriptions based on what it observes in the images.

  • What is the AI Marketing Academy and what does it offer?

    -The AI Marketing Academy is a virtual intensive program designed to integrate AI seamlessly into marketing strategies. It covers the basics of AI, essential AI tools, and how to apply these tools in real-world marketing tactics.

  • Why is it recommended to upload knowledge when training a custom GPT?

    -Uploading knowledge provides the GPT with sample content that exemplifies the desired writing style and tone, enabling it to learn and generate more accurate and personalized responses.



πŸš€ Meta's Generative AI and Marketing Updates

The video discusses the latest developments in marketing, particularly focusing on Meta's new generative AI tool. Jason Pantana, the host, introduces the topic and suggests that viewers subscribe to the channel for updates. He highlights Meta's AI, which is comparable to chat GPT and Google Gemini, and its potential to enhance content discovery on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The host also mentions the importance of search functionality for content discovery and how Meta AI could give Instagram an advantage over TikTok. Additionally, he talks about the integration of Meta AI in direct messages and its current limitations, including its training data being only up until December 2022. The potential of personalized analytics and the impact on content strategy on Meta platforms are also explored.


πŸ“ˆ SEO and AI Innovations in Marketing

The second paragraph delves into the significance of SEO for YouTube and the ability to fine-tune keywords and titles for video optimization. It also covers Adobe's advancements in generative AI, specifically in the fields of photo and video editing, and graphic design. Adobe's new features, 'text to template' and 'text to video', are explained, which allow users to input text prompts to generate graphic design project files and videos, respectively. The host also mentions Microsoft Designer as a comparable tool and expresses excitement over Adobe's integration of AI technology across its suite of tools. Furthermore, the potential of Open AI's Sora is acknowledged, and the host encourages viewers to enhance their marketing skills through online courses.


πŸ€– Training a Custom GPT for Real Estate Descriptions

The host provides a step-by-step tutorial on training a custom GPT, specifically for crafting real estate listing descriptions. Two modes for creating a custom GPT are introduced: 'create mode' for a conversational setup and 'configure mode' for a more detailed configuration. The host recommends 'configure mode' and guides viewers on setting up conversation starters, providing instructions, and uploading knowledge files to train the GPT. The importance of clear instructions and the ability to enable additional features like code interpretation and web browsing are emphasized. The tutorial concludes with creating an icon for the custom GPT and sharing it for personal use.


🏑 Custom GPT in Action for Real Estate Listings

The host demonstrates how the custom GPT works in practice by selecting the 'write listing photo descriptions' conversation starter. He uploads photos and chooses a humorous style for the descriptions. The GPT then generates descriptions based on the uploaded images, showcasing its optical recognition capabilities. The host reflects on the effectiveness of using AI to streamline content creation and encourages viewers to consider training custom GPTs for various marketing tasks. The segment ends with a call to action to adapt to AI-driven marketing strategies and a promotion for the AI Marketing Academy, a virtual intensive program designed to integrate AI into marketing.


πŸ“š Engaging with the AI Marketing Community

In the final paragraph, the host invites viewers to share their top takeaways from the show and thoughts on the new format incorporating screen share tutorials. He emphasizes the effort put into producing detailed instructions and believes it's the best approach for the audience's understanding. The host expresses curiosity about the latest happenings in the marketing space and encourages engagement in the comments section. The video concludes with a reminder of the rapidly evolving nature of marketing with AI and a prompt to join the AI Marketing Academy for future insights.



πŸ’‘Generative AI

Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence systems that are capable of creating new content, such as text, images, or videos, that did not exist before. In the context of the video, it is used to describe the latest tools by Meta and Adobe that can generate content based on user prompts, which is a significant development in the field of marketing and content creation.

πŸ’‘Meta AI

Meta AI is a large language model developed by Meta (formerly known as Facebook). It is similar to other AI models like Chat GPT or Google Gemini and is designed to be accessed through a chatbot interface. The video discusses how Meta AI could potentially enhance search capabilities within social media platforms, offering a competitive edge against platforms like TikTok.

πŸ’‘Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI language model that can be trained to perform specific tasks through conversational interactions. In the video, the host discusses training a custom GPT to craft perfect MLS listing descriptions, which is a practical application of AI in real estate marketing to automate and enhance content creation.

πŸ’‘MLS Listing Descriptions

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service, which is a suite of services that real estate professionals use to establish the terms of properties or space available for sale. The listing descriptions are written details that market and describe the features of a property. The video focuses on using AI to write these descriptions more effectively.

πŸ’‘Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite is a collection of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications developed by Adobe Inc. The video mentions new updates in Adobe's generative AI tools, specifically 'text to template' and 'text to video', which are used to automate the creation of graphic design projects and videos from textual prompts.

πŸ’‘Optical Recognition

Optical recognition, or optical character recognition (OCR), is a technology that converts various types of documents into machine-encoded text whether from scanned paper documents, photocopies or from images. In the video, it is used to describe how AI can analyze and interpret images to generate descriptions, which is showcased when the AI writes descriptions for real estate photos.

πŸ’‘AI Marketing Academy

The AI Marketing Academy is a virtual intensive program designed to integrate AI into marketing strategies. The video host mentions this as a resource for individuals looking to adapt to AI-driven marketing strategies, indicating a shift in the industry towards utilizing AI for competitive advantage.

πŸ’‘Content SEO

Content SEO refers to the practice of optimizing content elements, such as keywords, titles, and descriptions, to improve the visibility of content in search engine results. The video discusses the importance of SEO for YouTube videos, emphasizing how AI can assist in refining content to increase searchability and audience reach.

πŸ’‘Conversation Starters

In the context of the video, conversation starters are predefined prompts or buttons that guide the interaction with the AI. They are used to direct the AI in specific tasks, such as writing listing photo descriptions or full listing copy, and are crucial for training custom GPTs to perform tailored functions.

πŸ’‘Custom GPT Training

Custom GPT training involves teaching a GPT model to perform specific tasks by providing it with instructions, examples, and data. The video offers a tutorial on how to train a GPT to write real estate listing descriptions, highlighting the potential for personalization and efficiency in content creation through AI.

πŸ’‘Dolly Image Generation

Dolly Image Generation is a feature within the AI system that automatically creates icons or images based on the content provided to it. In the video, it is used to generate an icon for the custom-trained GPT, showcasing the system's ability to interpret and visually represent information.

πŸ’‘AI-Driven Marketing Strategies

AI-driven marketing strategies involve the use of artificial intelligence to enhance marketing efforts, such as personalizing content, automating tasks, and improving targeting. The video emphasizes the rapid evolution of marketing due to AI and the need for professionals to adapt quickly to these changes to remain competitive.


Meta has launched its new generative AI tool, Meta AI, which is available at meta.ua and is a large language model similar to Chat GPT or Google Gemini.

Meta AI could potentially enhance search capabilities within Instagram and Facebook, making them more competitive against TikTok.

Meta AI can be accessed within Direct Messages (DMs), providing a chatbot experience.

Meta AI is not connected to the web and is trained on data up until December 2022; it has a partnership with Microsoft for accessing search results.

YouTube has added the ability to upload videos from the YouTube Studio mobile app, enhancing content management and SEO capabilities.

Adobe has introduced 'Text to Template', a feature in design tools like Photoshop and Adobe Express that generates graphic design projects from text prompts.

Adobe's 'Text to Video' feature in video-focused apps like Premiere Pro allows for generative video creation from text prompts.

Open AI is working on Sora, a generative AI tool currently in test mode, which is expected to be a significant advancement in the field.

The AI Marketing Academy offers online courses to integrate AI into marketing strategies, covering social media, video, email, and local SEO.

Chat GPT Plus allows users to train their own GPT models by uploading a knowledge base and providing specific instructions.

Custom GPT can be trained to write listing descriptions for MLS photos and property details, using optical recognition to generate copy based on images.

Conversation starters can be programmed to guide the GPT's behavior based on user selections, such as 'write listing photo descriptions' or 'write full listing copy'.

Users can upload files to the knowledge base to train the GPT, enhancing its ability to generate content that matches specific styles or tones.

The code interpreter feature allows the GPT to analyze and work with uploaded files, perform calculations, and more.

Custom GPT can be shared with others via a link, allowing them to experience the trained GPT's capabilities.

The potential for AI to streamline and automate time-intensive and labor-intensive marketing tasks is significant, offering scalability and efficiency.

AI-driven marketing strategies are rapidly evolving, necessitating quick adaptation to stay competitive in the marketing landscape.

The AI Marketing Academy provides a comprehensive approach to mastering AI in marketing, from basics to real-world tactics.