AI Art Websites that Generate for FREE!

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14 Feb 202315:44

TLDRThis video discusses 10 different AI art generation websites that are free to use. The host provides an overview of each platform, highlighting their unique features, pros, and cons. is praised for unlimited free image generation, while Playground AI is the host's favorite for its simplicity and speed. Open.AI is noted for its quick generation, but its legitimacy is questioned due to a potential trademark conflict. Dream by Wumbo offers custom models, and Blue Willow AI operates within a Discord server, providing a unique experience. Crayon is recognized for its meme-like outputs, and enhances prompts for better results. and Lexica Aperture are also mentioned for their free generation capabilities and additional AI tools. The host encourages viewers to explore these tools and share their favorites in the comments.


  • 🎨 **Made with Space**: Offers unlimited free AI art generations with a variety of models and features, including image to image generation and remixing.
  • 🌟 **Playground AI**: A favorite, providing quick and easy image generation with a daily limit of 1,000 images and various filters like pixel art and poly mode.
  • 🤖 **Open.AI**: A fast and free unlimited image generation platform, though its name might cause confusion with the well-known AI company OpenAI.
  • 🧊 **Dream by Wombo**: Features custom models and unlimited free image generation, with a focus on simplicity and less emphasis on fine-tuning.
  • 🌱 **Blue Willow AI**: Operates within a Discord server, offering a unique experience with multiple stable diffusion models and a large user base.
  • 📈 **Crayon (formerly Dolly Mini)**: Known for its up-to-date knowledge of internet culture and memes, providing free image generation with the option for faster results through a subscription.
  • 🍋 **New AI Art Website**: Combines image generation with a search function to provide creative inspiration and new ideas based on user prompts.
  • 🌺 ****: Provides free text-to-image generation with custom models that enhance prompts for potentially better results.
  • 🧬 ****: Requires signing up for free image generation, offering basic functionalities and the option to add custom models.
  • 📸 **Lexica Aperture**: Specializes in high-resolution, detailed images, particularly good for photography-style content and portraits.
  • 🌐 **General Recommendation**: Playground AI stands out for its capabilities and features, followed by Made with Space and Blue Willow, each with their unique strengths.

Q & A

  • What is the first AI art generator mentioned in the transcript and what are its key features?

    -The first AI art generator mentioned is It offers unlimited generations for free, image to image generation, and does not require an account for basic use. It also provides a Pro plan for added features and faster generation times.

  • What are the limitations of playground AI in terms of daily image generation?

    -Playground AI allows users to generate a thousand images per day, which is quite substantial and would likely suffice for most users' needs.

  • How does the website differ from other AI art generators mentioned? offers fast generation times and unlimited free image generation. However, it has less functionality and tunability compared to playground AI or, and it raises concerns due to its name being the same as the well-known AI company OpenAI.

  • What is unique about the Dream by Wumbo AI art generator?

    -Dream by Wumbo has its own custom models and does not rely solely on base stable diffusion. It provides a single result per prompt without much generation time, and it has a unique figurine style that can produce good quality images.

  • How does Blue Willow AI operate and what makes it stand out?

    -Blue Willow AI operates within a Discord server, providing an interface similar to Mid Journey. It uses multiple stable diffusion models and attempts to pick the right one based on the submitted prompt, offering a unique approach to AI art generation.

  • What is special about the crayon model and how has it evolved?

    -The crayon model, formerly known as Dolly mini, has been updated to increase its quality. It is known for being up-to-date with newer trends and internet culture, often referred to as the 'meme AI'. It remains completely free, with the option to pay for a monthly subscription for faster results.

  • How does enhance the image generation process? enhances the image generation process by using custom models that can tweak and improve the prompt before generating the final image, aiming to produce better results.

  • What are the features of that make it noteworthy? is a clean and straightforward AI image generator that allows users to sign up for free and generate images. It offers enhanced mode, uncropping, and the ability to remix images. Additionally, it provides video and audio enhancement tools, making it versatile beyond just image generation.

  • What is Lexica aperture and how does it compare to other AI art generators?

    -Lexica aperture is a model by Lexica that is particularly good for generating high-resolution, detailed images, especially portraits and photography-style images. It is noted for its quick generation time and unlimited free generation.

  • What is the recommended workflow for using the AI art generators listed in the transcript?

    -The workflow typically involves choosing a generator, inputting a prompt, and allowing the AI to generate images based on that prompt. Some generators offer additional features such as enhancing the prompt, choosing specific models or styles, and adjusting settings like image quality and generation time.

  • How does the Pro Plan of differ from its basic free plan?

    -The Pro Plan of offers faster image generation times and allows NSFW content, which is not typically available on many free platforms. It also provides access to additional models like the Disney Pixar model.



🎨 AI Art Generation Platforms: Exploring Free Options

The script introduces the viewer to 10 different AI art generation websites that are free to use. It discusses the pros and cons of each platform, highlighting the unlimited generation capabilities, the ability to create images based on uploaded pictures, and the option to pay for additional features. The platforms mentioned include, playground AI, and others, each with unique features like custom models and filters. The script also provides information on how to access these services, whether through direct links or via a Discord community.


🚀 Playground AI: A Favorite for Fast and Feature-Rich Image Generation

Playground AI is highlighted as a personal favorite due to its user-friendly interface, quick generation times, and extensive features. It offers a thousand free images per day, with limitations on image quality after 300 images. The platform provides various models, including stable diffusion versions and custom filters like pixel art and Play-Doh modes. The script also mentions the option to pay for a Pro plan that offers additional features and faster generation times.


🤖 Open AI and Other Unique AI Art Generators

The script discusses several other AI art generation platforms, including one with a misleading name similar to the well-known AI company OpenAI. Despite the name, this platform offers quick and simple image generation with limited tunability. Other services like Dream by Wumbo, Blue Willow AI, and Crayon are mentioned, each with their unique features, such as custom models, Discord server integration, and meme-oriented image generation.


🌟 Lexica Aperture and Other Notable AI Image Generators

The final paragraph discusses several more AI art generators, including Lexica Aperture, known for its high-resolution and detailed images, particularly effective for photography-style content. Other platforms like and are also covered, offering text-to-image generation and additional AI tools beyond image generation. The script concludes by encouraging viewers to share their favorite tools and promising more informative content in future videos.



💡AI Art Generation

AI Art Generation refers to the process of creating visual art through artificial intelligence. In the context of the video, it involves using various online platforms to generate artwork based on user prompts, often resulting in unique and creative images that can be freely used.

💡Unlimited Generations

Unlimited Generations is a feature offered by some AI art platforms that allows users to create an unlimited number of AI-generated images within a given time frame or under certain conditions, as mentioned with, which provides this feature for free.

💡Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a type of AI model used for image generation, known for producing high-quality and detailed outputs. The video discusses this model in the context of different platforms offering it as a base or upgraded feature for generating images.

💡Pro Plan

A Pro Plan, as highlighted in the video, is a subscription tier offered by some AI art generation websites that provides users with additional features, faster generation times, and sometimes the ability to generate NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. It is a way for platforms to monetize their services while offering basic features for free.

💡Playground AI

Playground AI is one of the AI art generation websites featured in the video. It is praised for its layout, simplicity, and speed of image generation. It offers various filters and models, including custom ones, to create unique images and is considered a favorite by the video's narrator.

💡Open AI

Open AI is a major company in the AI field known for creating models like Chat GPT and Dolly. However, the video mentions a website called '' that offers free and fast image generation, which is potentially confusing due to the similarity in names. The video expresses skepticism about the legitimacy of this website.

💡Dream by Wumbo

Dream by Wumbo is an AI image generation platform that provides free and unlimited image generation. It utilizes custom models to create images and is noted for its simplicity and the quality of its outputs, as discussed in the video.

💡Discord Server

In the context of the video, a Discord Server is used as a platform for an AI art generation service called Blue Willow AI. Users join the server, input their prompts, and receive generated images through the server's bot, which is a unique integration of AI art generation within a community platform.


Crayon, formerly known as Dolly Mini, is an AI image generator that has been updated to improve its quality. It is known for being up-to-date with current trends and internet culture, making it a popular choice for generating memes and modern-themed images.

💡 is an AI tool that offers free text-to-image generation along with other creative features. It is noted for its ability to enhance prompts before generating images, potentially resulting in more refined and contextually relevant outputs.

💡Lexica Aperture

Lexica Aperture is a generation model within the lexico website that specializes in creating high-resolution and detailed images, particularly suited for photography-style outputs. It is appreciated for its quick generation times and the quality of its images.


Artificial intelligence is becoming mainstream, with people talking about it more than ever before.

10 different AI art generation websites are discussed, all free for users to generate art. is one of the best AI art generators, offering unlimited free generations and various features.

Playground AI is a personal favorite, with a simple layout and quick generation speed.

Open.AI offers fast generation time and unlimited free image generation, but its legitimacy is questionable due to the name conflict with the well-known AI company, OpenAI.

Dream by Wumbo provides completely free, unlimited AI image generation with custom models.

Blue Willow AI generates images inside a Discord server, aiming to be a competitor to Mid Journey.

Crayon, formerly Dolly mini, is known for its up-to-date knowledge on internet culture and memes.

A new website that combines AI image generation with a search function allows users to explore others' generations for inspiration. offers free text-to-image generation and custom models that enhance prompts before generating. is a clean, free AI image generator that requires signing up, offering basic image generation and additional AI tools.

Lexica Aperture, by Lexi, is a high-resolution, detailed AI image generator focused on photography-style images.

Playground AI is recommended for its ease of use, quick generation, and free filters that offer creative results.

The Pro Plan of offers NSFW content, which is not commonly found in free AI art generation platforms.

The video discusses the importance of aspect ratio and guidance scale in image quality and generation time.

Blue Willow AI's Discord server has a large user base and offers a variety of image generation models.

Crayon's update has significantly improved its image generation quality, making it competitive with newer AI generators.'s custom models aim to improve the user's prompt before generating an image, potentially enhancing the final result. provides video and audio enhancement in addition to image generation, offering a broader range of AI tools.

Lexica Aperture is praised for its quick generation time and high-quality, detailed images, especially for portraits.