Adobe Express Premium is Worth It (MyTop 3 Reasons)

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14 Mar 202405:56

TLDRIn this video, the presenter from 'fa world' discusses the value of Adobe Express Premium, a subscription service costing $9.99 per month. As an ambassador for Adobe Express, the speaker shares three key reasons why they believe the premium version is worth the investment. Firstly, the service offers unparalleled access to a vast library of stock images, videos, fonts, and music, which are essential for content creators. Secondly, Adobe Express provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the creation and editing of social media assets, as well as the resizing and scheduling of content across various platforms. Lastly, the platform's AI features allow for the addition or removal of elements from images, ensuring that the content remains professional and on-brand. The presenter emphasizes the importance of using responsible AI and the benefits of being part of the Adobe Express community, which offers learning opportunities from top designers and best practices in design.


  • 💰 Adobe Express Premium costs $9.99 a month and offers a range of valuable features for content creators.
  • 🎨 The subscription provides access to a vast library of high-quality stock images, videos, fonts, and music, which are crucial for maintaining a professional brand image.
  • 🚀 Adobe Express has a user-friendly interface and is equipped with advanced AI features that simplify the design process.
  • 🔍 The platform allows for efficient creation and resizing of images and videos, which is essential for content that needs to be shared across various social media platforms.
  • 📅 Adobe Express enables users to schedule and bulk schedule content onto multiple social media platforms, which is a significant time-saver for creators.
  • 🛠️ The premium package includes 25,000 fonts and the ability to save favorite templates for reuse, enhancing productivity.
  • 📈 The platform is ideal for both individual creators and agencies working with multiple brands, as it facilitates the creation of brand kits and other marketing materials.
  • 🔄 Adobe Express simplifies the resizing of content to fit various social media dimensions with a single click, eliminating the need for repetitive tasks.
  • 📚 The platform offers a wide selection of social media templates, ensuring that content is appropriately sized for each platform.
  • 🤖 Adobe Express incorporates advanced AI features that allow for the addition or removal of elements from images, providing a high level of customization.
  • 🌐 Adobe is a leading brand in responsible AI, ensuring that users can avoid copyright infringement and other legal issues when using the platform.
  • 📈 The speaker has been using Adobe Express for three months and has found it to be a professional and community-driven tool that has significantly improved their design capabilities.

Q & A

  • What is the cost of Adobe Express Premium subscription?

    -Adobe Express Premium subscription costs $9.99 a month.

  • Why does the speaker choose to pay for Adobe Express Premium?

    -The speaker chooses to pay for Adobe Express Premium because of its unparalleled stock imagery, videos, fonts, and music, as well as its user-friendly interface and AI features.

  • What are the benefits of using Adobe Express for a content creator?

    -Adobe Express provides a wide range of professional stock images, videos, fonts, and music, which helps content creators maintain a consistent and on-brand aesthetic across various platforms without the need for extensive searching and manual resizing.

  • How does Adobe Express help with managing multiple social media platforms?

    -Adobe Express allows users to schedule and bulk schedule content onto multiple social media platforms directly from the platform, simplifying the content distribution process.

  • What is included in the Adobe Express Premium package?

    -The Adobe Express Premium package includes access to 25,000 fonts, Adobe Express templates, and the ability to save and reuse favorite templates and brand kits.

  • How does Adobe Express assist in resizing images for different social media formats?

    -Adobe Express enables users to easily resize images with a single click, offering various social media templates to ensure the correct size is used for each platform.

  • What are the AI features of Adobe Express that allow for customization of images?

    -Adobe Express has AI features that allow users to add new elements to images or remove existing elements, providing a high level of customization without the need for extensive design skills.

  • Why is Adobe considered a leading brand in responsible AI?

    -Adobe is considered a leading brand in responsible AI due to its commitment to ethical AI practices, ensuring that users do not run into copyright infringement issues and providing a safe platform for creators and their clients.

  • How long has the speaker been working with Adobe Express?

    -The speaker has been working with Adobe Express for about 3 months at the time of the video.

  • What kind of community and learning opportunities does Adobe Express offer?

    -Adobe Express offers a community where users can learn from top designers, share best practices in design, and integrate elements and designs from other Adobe products like Photoshop directly into Adobe Express.

  • What does the speaker suggest for small creators and business owners to leverage their platforms?

    -The speaker suggests using tools and resources like Adobe Express to enhance their content creation and management, and to connect with more people on platforms like YouTube and their own media channels.

  • How does the speaker feel about the Adobe Express team and community?

    -The speaker is very positive about the Adobe Express team and community, describing them as professional, supportive, and a source of learning and growth for creators.



🎨 Adobe Express Premium Features and Benefits

In this paragraph, the speaker, Fa from Fa World, introduces the Adobe Express premium subscription service costing $9.99 a month. Fa, an Adobe Express Ambassador, shares personal reasons for choosing the premium service despite already being a user before the ambassadorship. The speaker emphasizes the value of Adobe Express due to its vast library of stock images, videos, fonts, and music, which are crucial for content creation across various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Fa discusses the ease of use, the ability to create and edit social media assets, and the convenience of scheduling content directly to different social platforms. Additionally, the paragraph highlights the importance of having a single platform for all design needs, including creating brand kits for clients, and the benefits of Adobe Express's 25,000 fonts and template library. The speaker also mentions the AI features of Adobe Express that allow for the addition or removal of elements in images, and the company's commitment to responsible AI, which is important for avoiding copyright infringement.


🤝 Collaborative Learning and Community Engagement with Adobe Express

The second paragraph focuses on the collaborative and learning aspects of the Adobe Express community. The speaker expresses excitement about the opportunity to discuss features and learn best practices in design from fellow creators and top designers within the Adobe Express platform. The paragraph underscores the value of integrating elements and designs from Photoshop directly into Adobe Express, and the speaker's eagerness to share more knowledge and experiences with the audience. The speaker also encourages viewers to subscribe and share the video, highlighting the importance of community and the desire to support fellow creators throughout the year. The paragraph concludes with a shout-out to hardworking creators and an expression of anticipation for future content and collaboration.



💡Adobe Express Premium

Adobe Express Premium is a subscription service offered by Adobe that provides advanced features for content creation. In the video, it is described as a valuable tool for creators due to its comprehensive set of features and resources, which justify its monthly cost of $9.99. The presenter emphasizes its importance in their workflow for creating professional and on-brand content across various media platforms.

💡Stock Imageries

Stock imageries refer to a collection of ready-made images that can be licensed for specific uses. In the context of the video, the presenter highlights the high-quality stock images, videos, fonts, and music available through Adobe Express Premium as a key benefit. These resources are crucial for content creators who need to maintain a professional and consistent brand image across different social media platforms.

💡User Interface

The user interface (UI) is the point of interaction between a user and a software application. The video mentions that Adobe Express has a user-friendly interface, which simplifies the process of creating and editing content. A well-designed UI allows creators to focus more on the creative process rather than on learning complex software functionalities.

💡Content Creator

A content creator is an individual or entity that generates original content, such as videos, blogs, podcasts, or social media posts. The video's speaker identifies as a content creator, discussing the challenges and needs of producing a large volume of content for various platforms. Adobe Express Premium is presented as a solution that streamlines the content creation process for such creators.

💡Social Media Assets

Social media assets are the various types of content, such as images, videos, and graphics, that are specifically designed for sharing on social media platforms. The video emphasizes the importance of creating these assets to engage audiences on platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Adobe Express Premium facilitates the design and scheduling of these assets.

💡Brand Kits

Brand kits are collections of brand elements, such as logos, fonts, and color schemes, that help maintain consistency in marketing materials. In the video, the presenter discusses using Adobe Express Premium to create brand kits for their clients, which saves time and ensures that all branding materials are on-brand and professional.

💡AI Features

AI features refer to the capabilities of a software that use artificial intelligence to enhance user experience or automate tasks. The video mentions Adobe Express's AI capabilities, which allow users to add or remove elements from images, making the content creation process more efficient and versatile. These features are particularly useful for adapting content for different social media formats.


Resizing refers to the process of changing the dimensions of an image or video to fit different platform requirements. The video script discusses the convenience of Adobe Express Premium's single-click resizing feature, which allows creators to quickly adapt content for various social media platforms without having to recreate the asset from scratch.

💡Adobe Express Ambassador

An Adobe Express Ambassador is an individual who promotes and advocates for Adobe Express, often due to their positive experiences with the product. The video's presenter discloses their affiliation as an ambassador, which adds credibility to their endorsement of Adobe Express Premium's value and features.

💡Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement occurs when someone uses copyrighted material without permission from the rights holder. The video touches on the importance of using Adobe Express to avoid such infringement, especially when creating content for clients. Adobe's commitment to responsible AI and its premium subscription's resources help ensure that creators can use media legally and ethically.

💡Multi-Platform Content

Multi-platform content refers to the practice of sharing content across various online platforms to reach a wider audience. The video highlights the need for creators to spread their content on multiple platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Adobe Express Premium supports this by allowing users to design and schedule content specifically formatted for each platform.


Adobe Express Premium subscription costs $9.99 a month.

Adobe Express offers unparalleled stock imagery, videos, fonts, and music.

The platform is user-friendly with a simple interface and AI features.

Adobe Express is a one-stop solution for content creation, editing, and social media asset scheduling.

The premium package includes 25,000 fonts available for immediate use.

Users can save and reuse favorite Adobe Express templates.

Content can be bulk scheduled onto multiple social platforms with ease.

Adobe Express allows for single-click resizing of images and videos for various social media formats.

The platform provides templates for ensuring the correct social media content sizes.

Adobe Express has advanced AI features for adding or removing elements from images.

Adobe is a leading brand in responsible AI usage.

The speaker has been using Adobe Express for 3 months and is impressed with the professional team and community.

Adobe Express integrates well with Photoshop for advanced design elements.

The platform enables learning from top designers and best practices in design.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding copyright infringement for both personal and client work.

Adobe Express Ambassador shares tools and resources for small creators and business owners.

The platform is praised for its professional team and the opportunity to connect with a larger community of creators.

The speaker is eager to share more about Adobe Express and its features in future videos.

The video encourages viewers to subscribe for more content and to share it with others.