After MAJOR Renovations... Here is my DREAM Art Studio!

Jenna Rainey
15 Apr 202313:29

TLDRIn this video, the host gives a tour of their newly renovated dream art studio. Initially, the space was outdated with limited natural light and mold issues. Working with designer Jen from California Casa, they transformed the area into an open, light-filled studio with antique French doors, skylights, and large windows allowing for an abundance of natural light. The studio features a Smeg fridge, handmade Moroccan tiles, and a mix of vintage and modern decor pieces sourced by Jen. The renovation took six to seven months, with challenges such as supply chain issues for the windows. The space now serves as a backdrop for the host's YouTube and Patreon videos, and the host expresses gratitude for the support that made the studio possible.


  • 🏠 The art studio was transformed from a dark, outdated ADU with small windows and mold issues into a bright, open space with enhanced natural lighting.
  • 👷 Extensive renovations involved replacing floors, removing mold, and redesigning the layout to improve light and space utility.
  • 🚪 Antique French doors were introduced to increase natural light, alongside strategically placed windows and skylights.
  • 🛠️ A designer, Jen from California Casa, was crucial in helping make design choices and source vintage decorations to style the studio.
  • 🎨 The main room features a kitchenette tucked away, with appliances and décor that complement the studio’s aesthetic, including Moroccan tiles and vintage trinkets.
  • 🛋️ Furnishings include a blend of new pieces from mainstream retailers and unique vintage finds, creating a comfortable and stylish environment.
  • 🌿 The space is painted in 'Swiss Coffee' to brighten it up, and features a combination of modern and rustic elements, including a quartz countertop and a jute rug.
  • 🚽 The bathroom maximizes space with custom woodwork and features a whimsical doorknob from Limoges, France, adding a personal touch reflecting the owner's travels.
  • 🛏️ A Murphy bed integrated into built-in storage provides a guest sleeping option, showing a dual-purpose design approach.
  • 🎥 The studio serves as the backdrop for the owner’s YouTube and Patreon videos, demonstrating its functionality and aesthetic appeal in a professional creative context.

Q & A

  • What was the initial condition of the art studio before the renovations?

    -The art studio was initially an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) with outdated features, small windows, dark interiors, and moldy floors. The kitchen and bathroom were also outdated and poorly laid out.

  • Who was the designer that helped with the renovation?

    -Jen from California Casa was the designer who helped with the renovation, providing a clear vision for the space's style and layout.

  • What was a significant feature added to the studio to improve natural light?

    -To improve natural light, they installed antique French doors and added four large windows on each side of the studio, along with skylights in the ceiling.

  • What was the source of many of the vintage items in the studio?

    -Many of the vintage items were sourced by Jen, who owns a vintage shop and is skilled at finding unique pieces.

  • How long did the renovation process take from start to finish?

    -The renovation process took about six to seven months to complete.

  • What was the color used to paint the studio to brighten it up?

    -The color used to paint the studio was Swiss coffee, which was applied to the entire space from floor to ceiling.

  • What is the special feature of the doorknob on the bathroom door?

    -The doorknob on the bathroom door is inspired by the one from Alice in Wonderland and is made of porcelain from Limoges, France, which is a nod to the owner's first art retreat there.

  • What challenges were faced during the renovation process?

    -The renovation faced challenges such as supply chain issues, particularly with the windows which took 12 weeks to arrive.

  • What is the purpose of the Murphy bed in the studio?

    -The Murphy bed is a space-saving feature that allows for guests to stay in the studio when needed, such as when John's parents visit or friends come to stay.

  • What type of flooring was discovered during the initial renovation?

    -Outdated and moldy floors were discovered during the initial renovation, which needed to be replaced.

  • How did the owner find the contractor for the renovation?

    -The owner had known the contractor, Polo, for a long time, possibly since college, and he had worked on other projects for the owner's parents.

  • What was the final touch added to the studio that the owner particularly loves?

    -The owner particularly loves the doorknob in the bathroom, which adds a whimsical touch to the space.



🏠 Art Studio Renovation Journey

The video begins with the host introducing the renovation of their art studio, which was initially outdated and dark, with small windows and mold issues. They worked with designer Jen from California Casa, who helped with the layout and design, leading to the discovery of beautiful antique French doors and the decision to maximize natural light. The studio now features an open space, a kitchenette, and a handmade tile backsplash. The host also highlights the importance of decision-making in renovation and the value of having a designer's expertise.


🎨 Aesthetic and Functional Upgrades

The host discusses the aesthetic choices made in the renovation, including painting the entire space Swiss coffee for a bright and clean look. They detail the construction of a custom door by Macbeth Millwork and the whimsical doorknob sourced from Limoges, France, which holds personal significance. The bathroom features a checkered tile pattern and a floating vanity made from the same wood used in other parts of the studio. The space also includes a Murphy bed for guests, built-in storage, and a cabinet full of art supplies. The host emphasizes the functional aspects of the design, such as the use of space and the incorporation of personal and vintage items.


🌴 The Completion and Appreciation

The host concludes the tour by acknowledging the efforts of their contractor, Polo, who played a significant role in the renovation process. They mention the duration of the project, approximately six to seven months, and the challenges faced, including supply chain issues. The studio's transformation is celebrated, with a mention of its feature in Domino magazine and the professional photography by Charlotte Lee. The host expresses gratitude for their viewers and the journey from working in a small apartment to having a dedicated art studio, offering encouragement and inspiration to their audience.




Renovations refer to the process of improving or updating a building or room by making significant changes to its structure, layout, or appearance. In the video, the speaker describes the extensive work done to transform an outdated and dark space into a bright and functional art studio, which is the main theme of the video.

💡Art Studio

An art studio is a dedicated space where artists can create, work on, and display their artwork. It is typically equipped with necessary tools, materials, and sometimes living quarters. In this video, the art studio is the central focus, showcasing the transformation and design elements that make it an ideal space for artistic creation.

💡Natural Light

Natural light refers to the sunlight that enters a space through windows, skylights, or other openings. It is often preferred over artificial lighting for its ability to enhance the ambiance and provide a more pleasant working environment. The video emphasizes the importance of natural light in the renovated art studio, with the installation of skylights and large windows to brighten the space.


A designer is a professional who plans and creates the layout and appearance of spaces, products, or environments. In the context of the video, the speaker collaborated with a designer named Jen from California Casa to create a clear vision and layout for the art studio, which was crucial for the successful renovation.

💡Antique French Doors

Antique French doors are a type of vintage door with a distinctive design, often characterized by their ornate ironwork and glass panels. In the video, the speaker mentions finding beautiful antique French doors that were used as a focal point in the studio, allowing for an influx of natural light and adding a touch of elegance to the space.

💡Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues refer to disruptions or problems that occur within the process of moving a product from its manufacturer to the end consumer. The video discusses how supply chain issues significantly delayed the arrival of windows for the studio, causing a 12-week wait and highlighting the challenges faced during the renovation process.

💡Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee is a color often used in interior design, characterized by its light, creamy beige hue. In the video, the speaker describes using Swiss Coffee as the paint color for the entire floor to ceiling of the studio, which contributed to the bright and clean aesthetic they were aiming for.

💡Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed, also known as a wall bed or fold-down bed, is a type of bed that can be folded up and stored vertically against a wall when not in use. This space-saving furniture is featured in the video as part of the studio's renovation, providing a functional sleeping area for guests while maximizing the use of limited space.

💡Vintage Trinkets

Vintage trinkets are small, often antique, decorative items that have a nostalgic or collectible value. In the video, the designer, Jen, is credited with sourcing many vintage trinkets that add character and a personal touch to the art studio, such as pots, candle holders, and books.

💡Cross-Crisscrossing Natural Light

Cross-crisscrossing natural light refers to the pattern of sunlight that enters a space through multiple windows or openings, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. The video describes how the placement of windows and skylights in the art studio allows for this effect, enhancing the ambiance and work environment for the artist.

💡Standing Desk

A standing desk, also known as a height-adjustable desk, is a type of desk that allows users to switch between sitting and standing while working. The video mentions the use of standing desks in the art studio, which can promote better health and comfort during long periods of work.


The art studio was renovated from an outdated and dark living space with limited natural light.

Skylights were already present, but the space required significant work to remove mold and outdated flooring.

Designer Jen from California Casa helped with the vision and layout of the renovated space.

Antique French doors were used to allow more natural light into the studio.

The studio is now an open room with a kitchenette and bathroom redesigned for better functionality.

Handmade Moroccan tiles and vintage finds sourced by Jen add unique character to the space.

A jute rug from Wayfair and chairs from CB2 were cost-effective additions to the studio.

Supply chain issues delayed the remodel, particularly the arrival of new windows.

The entire studio was painted in Swiss coffee to brighten the space and create a cohesive look.

A whimsical doorknob from Limoges, France, serves as a nod to the artist's first international art retreat.

The bathroom features a checkered pattern tile and a floating vanity made from the same wood as the kitchenette island.

A Murphy bed and built-in storage were installed to maximize space and provide a guest sleeping area.

The art supply cabinet is a mix of old and new, balancing the French countryside feel with modern elements.

Autonomous standing desks allow for comfortable work, and the painting desk is on wheels for versatility.

The contractor, Polo, played a crucial role in the renovation process and became like family.

The renovated studio was featured in Domino magazine, showcasing the final results of the remodel.

The artist reflects on the journey from painting in a small apartment to having a dream art studio.

The studio serves as an inspiration and a testament to hard work and dedication to the art community.