BRICK - slide - 1988

8 Apr 201304:00

TLDRThe video script titled 'BRICK - slide - 1988' is a lively celebration of dance and music. It features an energetic song that encourages everyone to join in the fun by moving from side to side and sliding, creating a rhythmic and engaging atmosphere. The transcript captures the essence of a party where everyone is dancing and enjoying themselves, with the repeated emphasis on sliding as the central dance move. The script is punctuated by music and applause, indicating a lively and interactive performance that invites the audience to dance all night long.


  • 🎶 The script is set to music, suggesting it's part of a song or dance performance.
  • 💃 There is a recurring dance move called 'slide' that is central to the performance.
  • 👯‍♂️ The dance is meant to be done by everyone, creating a sense of unity and participation.
  • 🎉 The atmosphere is festive and fun, with an emphasis on having a good time.
  • 🕺 The 'slide' is a dance move that involves moving from side to side.
  • 🔄 The movement is repeated and is a key part of the dance routine.
  • 🤩 The performance is engaging and draws people in to join the dancing.
  • 🌟 There is a spotlight on a particular movement that makes the dance stand out.
  • 🌙 The dance is meant to be enjoyed throughout the night, indicating its popularity and endurance.
  • 👏 Applause is interspersed throughout, suggesting moments of audience interaction or appreciation.
  • 🔁 The script includes repeated encouragement for everyone to join in the 'slide'.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the song 'BRICK - slide - 1988'?

    -The main theme of the song is having fun and dancing, with a focus on a particular dance move called 'sliding'.

  • What is the repeated action in the song that everyone is encouraged to do?

    -The repeated action is to 'slide' from side to side, which is a dance movement.

  • How does the song suggest people should engage with the dance move?

    -The song encourages everyone to participate in the 'slide' movement and have fun doing it.

  • What is the song's proposed duration for dancing the 'slide'?

    -The song suggests that people should 'slide' all night long.

  • What does the song imply about the popularity of the 'slide' dance move?

    -The song implies that the 'slide' is a popular dance move that everyone is doing.

  • What is the mood of the song 'BRICK - slide - 1988' as suggested by the transcript?

    -The mood of the song is upbeat and energetic, as indicated by the repeated music and applause.

  • What is the significance of the year '1988' in the title of the song?

    -The year '1988' in the title suggests that the song was released or became popular in that year.

  • How does the song use the word 'F' in the transcript?

    -The word 'F' in the transcript is likely a placeholder or a censored version of a word, possibly 'fun', given the context.

  • What does the song emphasize about the 'slide' dance move?

    -The song emphasizes that the 'slide' dance move brings people together and is a central part of the party.

  • What is the structure of the song as indicated by the transcript?

    -The structure of the song includes repetitive choruses encouraging the 'slide' dance move, interspersed with music and applause.

  • How does the song create a sense of community or togetherness?

    -The song creates a sense of community by using phrases like 'everybody's doing it' and encouraging collective participation in the dance.



🎉 Energetic Dance Party Celebration

The first paragraph of the video script sets a lively and upbeat tone for a dance party. It describes a scene where participants are encouraged to move from side to side and slide in rhythm with the music. The script emphasizes the enjoyment and communal aspect of the dance, suggesting that everyone is involved and having fun. The repetitive phrases 'move from side to side' and 'slide' highlight the dance's signature moves. The script also mentions the desire to continue the party throughout the night, indicating a high-energy and festive atmosphere. The inclusion of applause and music suggests that this is a live performance or a recording of a lively event.




A 'party' is a social gathering where people come together to have fun, typically involving music, dancing, and sometimes food and drinks. In the context of the video, 'party' is the main setting where the dance movement called 'slide' is performed, indicating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere. The script mentions 'when it's time to party,' which suggests that the slide dance is a central activity during the party.


Dancing is a form of expressive art that involves rhythmic movement, typically set to music. In the video, the dance referred to is a specific type called 'slide,' which is the focus of the gathering. The script emphasizes the enjoyment and communal aspect of dancing, as it is something 'we love to do,' highlighting the social and entertainment value of the activity.


In the context of the video, 'slide' refers to a particular dance move or possibly the name of the dance itself. The term is repeated multiple times, indicating its significance as the main dance performed at the party. The script describes the movement as something that 'brings them all around,' suggesting a unifying and engaging quality of the slide dance.


The term 'movement' in this context refers to the physical actions or steps involved in the dance. The script mentions a 'movement that brings them all around,' which implies that the slide dance has a specific set of movements that are captivating and draw people together. It is the core element of the dance that makes it appealing and fun.


'Fun' is a state of enjoyment, light-hearted pleasure, or amusement. The script repeatedly emphasizes that the slide dance is associated with having fun, as indicated by phrases like 'all we're having fun.' It suggests that the dance is not only a form of entertainment but also a means of creating a joyful and lively environment.

💡Everybody's doing

This phrase suggests that the slide dance is popular and widely participated in by all attendees at the party. The script uses 'everybody's doing' to convey the inclusivity and collective nature of the activity, indicating that the dance is a group event that everyone is encouraged to join.


Applause is the act of clapping hands to express approval or enjoyment of a performance. In the script, '[Applause]' appears at various points, indicating moments of positive reception and appreciation for the slide dance. It serves as an auditory cue that the dance is well-received by the audience.


The word 'night' in the script is associated with the duration of the party and the dance. Phrases like 'we want to slide all night' and 'all night' suggest that the event is meant to last for an extended period, possibly into the late hours, emphasizing the immersive and engaging nature of the slide dance.

💡Do it up right

This phrase implies performing the slide dance with enthusiasm and accuracy. It suggests that there is a correct or preferred way to do the dance, and participants are encouraged to execute the movements well to fully enjoy the experience. The script uses this phrase to convey the importance of doing the dance properly to have a good time.


Music is an integral part of the dance experience, providing the rhythm and beat that dancers follow. The script mentions '[Music]' at various points, indicating that the slide dance is performed to a musical accompaniment. It sets the mood and pace for the dance, making it an essential component of the party.


when it's time to party

got a dance we love to do

move from side to side

slide it's all we're having fun

everybody's doing

do you got that movement

all around when you slide

we want to slide all night

got to do it up right

night we want to slide all night

is do it everybody's doing

do it do it do it everybody's do it

everybody's doing it do it do it

everybody's doing it doing it doing it

everybody's doing