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16 May 202408:26

TLDRThis tutorial showcases the new features of the Photoshop beta update, which promises to be a game-changer in photo editing. The video demonstrates how to install the beta version and use its innovative tools, such as 'Remove Background' and 'Generate Background'. Viewers are guided through the process of creating AI-generated backgrounds, like snowy mountains, and seamlessly integrating them into their photos. The host also experiments with changing the jacket color and removing unwanted objects using AI. Additionally, the 'Adjustment Brush' feature is highlighted for making localized photo adjustments. The video concludes by encouraging viewers to subscribe for upcoming photography composition tips.


  • 🔧 To install Photoshop beta, go to Creative Cloud, navigate to 'Apps', then 'Beta', and click 'Install' on Photoshop beta.
  • 🖼️ After installation, open the beta version from the 'Open' button, and make sure it's running in memory for seamless integration with other Adobe products like Lightroom.
  • 🌟 Photoshop beta introduces a 'Remove Background' feature with an option to 'Generate Background', allowing users to create custom backdrops like 'Snowy Mountains'.
  • 🎨 The 'Generate Background' feature offers multiple options to choose from, providing flexibility in creating the desired background.
  • 🤖 The new 'Firefly' AI feature in Photoshop can generate backgrounds, similar to 'mid Journey', offering an alternative to external software.
  • 📏 Users can specify the size of the generated image in inches, ensuring it matches the desired dimensions before creating a new file.
  • 🏞️ The 'Generate Image' option allows for AI-generated backgrounds like 'Snowy Mountains' without the need for a reference image.
  • 📸 Including a reference image can enhance the quality of the AI-generated backgrounds, providing more realistic and customized results.
  • 🧙‍♂️ Photoshop beta also features an 'Adjustment Brush' tool that allows for localized adjustments, such as warming up a face to match the overall image tone.
  • 👕 The 'Generator Fill' tool can attempt to change elements of an image, like a jacket, but with limited success and sometimes odd results.
  • 🛠️ The video demonstrates the potential of AI in Photoshop for background generation and minor image adjustments, though it's still a work in progress.

Q & A

  • How can I install the Photoshop beta version?

    -To install the Photoshop beta, go to your Creative Cloud, navigate to 'Apps' and then 'Beta', and click on 'Install' for the Photoshop beta.

  • What is the new feature in Photoshop beta for removing the background of an image?

    -The new feature in Photoshop beta for removing the background is an improved 'Remove Background' option that also allows you to 'Generate Background' with different styles like 'Snowy Mountains'.

  • Can you explain how the 'Generate Background' feature works in Photoshop beta?

    -After clicking 'Remove Background', you can select 'Generate Background' and choose a style, such as 'Snowy Mountains'. The software will then create a background for you with multiple options to choose from.

  • What is Firefly in the context of Photoshop beta?

    -Firefly is an AI-generated software feature included in Photoshop beta that allows for the creation of backgrounds and other elements using AI technology.

  • How does the 'Generate Image' feature work in Photoshop beta?

    -The 'Generate Image' feature allows you to create a new file with a specified size and then generate an image based on a description, similar to the functionality of mid Journey.

  • Can you use a reference image with the 'Generate Image' feature in Photoshop beta?

    -Yes, you can use a reference image with the 'Generate Image' feature to guide the AI in creating a more accurate background or image.

  • What is the process of changing the background to 'Sand Dunes Giza' in Photoshop beta?

    -To change the background to 'Sand Dunes Giza', you would use the 'Edit Background' feature, select 'Sand Dunes Giza', and then choose an option with or without a reference image to generate the background.

  • How can you adjust the size of the generated background to fit your image in Photoshop beta?

    -You can adjust the size of the generated background by using the 'Image Size' option to match the dimensions of your original image or by holding the 'Option' key while dragging the background to fit.

  • What is the 'Adjustment Brush' feature in the Photoshop beta update?

    -The 'Adjustment Brush' feature allows you to make selections on specific objects or areas in your image and apply effects like photo filters to those selections, making adjustments non-destructive and localized.

  • Can you use the 'Generator Fill' feature to change the color of clothing in an image?

    -The 'Generator Fill' feature can be used to attempt changing the color of clothing, but it may not always produce accurate or realistic results, as demonstrated in the script.

  • How can you remove unwanted objects from your image using Photoshop beta?

    -You can select the unwanted object and use the 'Generate' feature to replace it with a more suitable background element or to remove it entirely.



🎨 Photoshop Beta Tricks and Background Removal

The video script introduces viewers to new features in Photoshop beta, starting with the installation process through the Creative Cloud. It demonstrates how to open an image in Photoshop beta and highlights the 'Remove Background' feature, which has been improved. The script then showcases the 'Generate Background' option, allowing the user to create custom backgrounds like 'Snowy Mountains'. The presenter also introduces the use of AI with the 'Firefly' software integrated into Photoshop for generating backgrounds. The process involves adjusting image size, creating a new file, and using the 'Generate Image' feature without a reference image to produce an AI-generated background. The presenter compares different AI-generated backgrounds and selects one to use, adjusting its size to fit the original image.


🛠️ Advanced Photoshop Beta Features: AI-Powered Image Manipulation

This paragraph delves into more advanced features of Photoshop beta, focusing on AI-driven image manipulation. The presenter explains how to flatten an image into a single layer using a complex shortcut and then attempts to change the jacket color using AI with mixed results. The script details the process of making a selection and using the 'Generate Fill' feature with a reference image to attempt the jacket color change, but acknowledges the limitations and odd results of this feature. The presenter then successfully uses AI to remove an unwanted tripod from the image. Additionally, the 'Adjustment Brush' feature is explored, which allows for localized adjustments to specific objects within an image, such as warming up the subject's face to match the overall scene. The video concludes with a teaser for an upcoming video on photography composition and a prompt for viewers to subscribe.



💡Photoshop beta

The latest version of Adobe Photoshop, available as a beta for testing new features. In the video, it is highlighted for its advanced functionalities such as background removal and AI-generated images.

💡Creative Cloud

Adobe's suite of software and services that offers access to a collection of applications for photography, design, video, web, UX, and more. The video explains how to install Photoshop beta from Creative Cloud.

💡Remove background

A feature in Photoshop beta that allows users to easily remove the background from an image. The video demonstrates its improved functionality and the ability to generate new backgrounds.

💡Generate background

A new option in Photoshop beta that uses AI to create backgrounds for images. The video shows examples of generating different backgrounds, such as snowy mountains and sand dunes.


An AI-powered tool within Photoshop beta used for generating images. In the video, it is compared to MidJourney and is used to create a background based on a text prompt.


An AI image generation tool similar to Photoshop's Firefly. The video references MidJourney when discussing Photoshop's new image generation capabilities.

💡Generate image

A feature in Photoshop beta that allows users to create new images from scratch using AI. The video provides a step-by-step guide on using this tool to create backgrounds with specific themes.

💡Adjustment brush

A tool in Photoshop beta that allows for selective adjustments to specific areas of an image. The video explains how to use it to make color corrections to a subject's face.

💡Photo filter

An option within the adjustment brush tool in Photoshop beta that applies color filters to an image. The video demonstrates using a photo filter to warm up the subject's face.


Refers to images or effects created using artificial intelligence. The video showcases multiple instances of AI-generated backgrounds and adjustments, emphasizing the advanced capabilities of Photoshop beta.


Installing Photoshop beta through Creative Cloud by going to apps beta and clicking on install.

Opening Photoshop beta from Lightroom with the new 'open Photoshop beta' option.

New option to 'remove background' and 'generate background' in Photoshop beta.

Generating a 'Snowy Mountains' background with the new background option.

Using Firefly, an AI-generated software included in Photoshop, to create a better background.

Creating a new file with a specific size and generating an image with the 'generate image' option.

Comparing the generated 'Snowy Mountains' image without and with a reference image.

Using the adjustment brush to selectively apply photo filters to parts of an image.

Adjusting the warmth of the face to match the background using the adjustment brush.

Using AI to change the jacket color in an image with the 'generate fill' option.

Attempting to use AI to remove a tripod from an image.

Creating a new layer with the 'flatten image' feature using the shortcut command option shift E.

Experimenting with changing the jacket in an image using AI with a reference image.

Generating a 'Sand Dunes Giza' background and comparing different AI-generated options.

Using the adjustment brush to selectively edit facial features in an image.

The potential of Photoshop beta to enhance photography composition.