Create Consistent Characters Using ChatGPT

Ai Lockup
21 Jan 202406:14

TLDRThis tutorial guides viewers on creating consistent characters with a custom Chat GPT bot. It begins by emphasizing the importance of character consistency in storytelling and AI influencer models. The process involves logging into Chat GPT, navigating to the GPT store, and selecting the 'Consistent Character GPT'. Users then create a character by defining gender, name, appearance, and style, with examples provided. The bot generates images based on descriptions, allowing for customization of expressions and actions. The tutorial also explores using the tool for AI influencer models and suggests improvements for blending multiple characters. It concludes by inviting viewers to share their experiences and subscribe for more tutorials.


  • 🤖 Creating a consistent character with ChatGPT is essential for storytelling and building AI influencers.
  • 📚 Log into your ChatGPT account and use the 'explore GPT' button to access the GPT store for custom bots.
  • 🔍 Search for 'character' in the GPT store to find the 'Consistent Character GPT' bot for generating character designs.
  • 👧 Select the gender and name your character, then provide detailed descriptions including age, origin, appearance, and style.
  • 🎨 Choose an art style for your character, such as photography, Pixar Animation, anime, or pastel.
  • 🖼️ GPT will generate two images of your character based on the description: a close-up and a full-body image.
  • 😢😄 Use variables like expression, action, and time of day to create different images of the character in various moods and activities.
  • 🔄 Edit the generated images as needed to fit your project requirements, such as changing the orientation.
  • 👥 The tool can't currently blend images of multiple characters or generate images with different styles on subsequent attempts.
  • 💡 The 'Consistent Character GPT' is a useful tool for creators, but improvements could be made for generating images with multiple characters.
  • 🎉 Share your experiences and results with the 'Consistent Character GPT' in the comments section of the tutorial video.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of creating a consistent character with Chat GPT?

    -The main purpose of creating a consistent character with Chat GPT is to ensure that the character maintains the same personality and style throughout interactions, which is crucial for storytelling, animations, or building virtual personas that feel real and relatable.

  • Why is consistency important in character creation for AI influencers?

    -Consistency is important in character creation for AI influencers because it helps in building a recognizable and reliable brand identity. It prevents confusion among the audience and ensures that the AI's style and messaging remain coherent.

  • How can one start creating a consistent character using Chat GPT?

    -To start creating a consistent character using Chat GPT, one needs to log into their Chat GPT account, navigate to the left panel, click on the 'explore GPT' button, and then search for 'character' in the GPT store to find and select the 'consistent character GPT'.

  • What are the steps involved in creating a character using the 'consistent character GPT' bot?

    -The steps involved in creating a character using the 'consistent character GPT' bot include selecting the bot, starting the character creation process, choosing the character's gender, entering a name, providing detailed character descriptions, selecting an art style, and generating unique character images based on the input details.

  • What kind of character details are necessary to describe when creating a consistent character?

    -Necessary character details include age, country of origin, hairstyle and color, outfit, and other specific features that help define the character's appearance and personality.

  • What art styles can be selected when generating a character's image?

    -Art styles that can be selected when generating a character's image include photography, Pixar Animation, anime, pastel, and other design styles available in the GPT store.

  • How does the 'consistent character GPT' bot analyze the character's description and generate images?

    -The 'consistent character GPT' bot analyzes the character's description by processing the input details about the character's appearance and personality. It then generates unique images that match these details, providing both close-up and full-body views.

  • Can the 'consistent character GPT' bot generate images with different expressions and actions?

    -Yes, the 'consistent character GPT' bot can generate images with different expressions and actions. Users can specify variables such as expression, action, and daytime to create images that reflect the desired character state.

  • What is the process for generating images with the same character for an AI influencer model?

    -To generate images with the same character for an AI influencer model, users need to create a new character or use the existing chat to ask for a new character creation. They then enter the character's data, including gender, name, description, and art style, and provide an image prompt to generate the desired images.

  • What limitations did the video highlight regarding the 'consistent character GPT' bot when generating images with multiple characters?

    -The video highlighted that the 'consistent character GPT' bot currently cannot generate images with multiple characters that blend seamlessly. It can only generate images with one character at a time, and attempts to generate images with two characters resulted in different styles rather than a cohesive scene.



🤖 Crafting Consistent AI Characters with Chat GPT

This paragraph introduces the concept of creating a consistent character for a chatbot using Chat GPT's custom bot feature. It emphasizes the importance of consistency in storytelling and character development, comparing it to the confusion that would arise from characters changing personalities in a children's book or an AI influencer's style flipping frequently. The speaker guides the audience through the process of logging into their Chat GPT account, navigating to the GPT store, and selecting a 'consistent character GPT' to begin character creation. The process involves selecting gender, naming the character (in this case, Sarah), and providing detailed descriptions of the character's appearance and personality traits. The speaker also explains how to choose an art style, such as Pixar Animation, and generate images with different expressions and actions for the character.


🖼️ Generating Images with Consistent Characters

The second paragraph continues the tutorial on using Chat GPT to generate consistent character images. It discusses the process of creating images with specific expressions and actions, such as 'sad sitting on a bench' or 'happy walking', and how these images can be customized and edited for various projects. The speaker also touches on the limitations of the tool, noting that it currently cannot generate images with multiple characters or blend different styles effectively. Despite these limitations, the paragraph concludes by praising the utility of the tool for creators and encourages viewers to share their experiences and thoughts in the comments section. The video ends with a call to like, subscribe, and look forward to future tutorials.



💡Consistent character

A 'consistent character' refers to a character in literature, animation, or AI applications that maintains the same personality traits, appearance, and behavior throughout interactions or stories. This concept is crucial for building believable and relatable characters. In the video, the importance of consistency is highlighted to avoid confusion and to create a more immersive experience, such as in children's storybooks or AI influencer models.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT, in the context of the video, refers to a custom bot that can generate text based on user input, which can be used to create dialogues for characters or to simulate conversation with AI. The video discusses using a 'consistent character GPT' to ensure that the AI-generated dialogues align with the character's predefined personality and traits.

💡Character design

Character design is the process of creating the visual appearance and personality of a character. It includes details such as age, gender, hairstyle, outfit, and other specific features that define a character's identity. In the script, the process of creating a character named Sarah is described, where each detail contributes to her overall design and personality.

💡Custom GPT

A 'custom GPT' is a version of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model that is tailored to specific tasks or workflows. In the video, a custom GPT named 'consistent character GPT' is used to generate consistent character dialogues and images, showing how customization can enhance the functionality of AI tools for particular purposes.

💡Art style

The 'art style' refers to the visual presentation or aesthetic approach used in creating images or animations. The video mentions several styles such as photography, Pixar Animation, anime, and pastel. The choice of art style can significantly influence the mood and perception of the character, as demonstrated when the presenter selects 'Pixar Animation' for Sarah's character design.

💡GPT store

The 'GPT store' is a hypothetical marketplace or platform mentioned in the video where users can find and select various custom GPT bots dedicated to different tasks. It represents a centralized location for accessing and utilizing specialized AI tools like the 'consistent character GPT'.


In the context of character design and animation, 'expression' refers to the facial and emotional state of a character. The video script describes how the AI can generate images of the character Sarah with different expressions, such as 'sad' or 'happy,' which is crucial for conveying emotions and telling a story.


A 'variable' in the video script refers to the elements that can change or be manipulated in the character's design or actions. For example, the script mentions changing the character's 'expression,' 'action,' and 'daytime' to create different scenarios or images, showcasing the flexibility of the AI tool.

💡AI influencer

An 'AI influencer' is a virtual character or personality that is created and controlled by AI, often used for marketing or social media engagement. The video discusses the application of consistent character creation for AI influencers, emphasizing the need for a coherent and recognizable character to build trust and engagement with the audience.

💡Image prompt

An 'image prompt' is a description or a set of instructions given to an AI tool to generate a specific image. In the video, the presenter uses image prompts like 'sad, sitting on a bench, morning time' to guide the AI in creating images that match the desired scenario for the character Sarah.


Creating a consistent character with ChatGPT custom bot to avoid confusion in storytelling or AI influencer style.

Importance of character consistency in animations, tales, and virtual superstars.

Accessing the GPT store to find custom GPTs for various workflows.

Using the 'consistent character GPT' for generating consistent characters.

Instructions on how to search for and select the 'consistent character GPT' in the GPT store.

Creating character designs by selecting gender and entering character details.

Describing the character's age, country of origin, hairstyle, color, outfit, and specific features.

Selecting an art style for the character, such as photography, Pixar Animation, anime, or pastel.

GPT analyzing the character description to generate a unique character image.

Generating images with different expressions, actions, and settings for the character.

Editing and using the generated images in various projects.

Creating images for an AI influencer model with consistent character traits.

Experimenting with the tool to generate images with two characters, Sarah and Lara.

Challenges in blending characters from different styles in the generated images.

Suggestions for the GPT developer to improve character blending capabilities.

Encouraging creators to experiment with the tool for their projects.

Invitation for viewers to share their experiences and results with ChatGPT in the comments.

Request to like and subscribe for more tutorials on using ChatGPT.