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18 Jan 202408:09

TLDRDiscover how to create realistic AI avatar videos with the powerful tool 'W Share Verbo'. This software offers a vast array of avatars, scriptwriting assistance, and voice options, allowing users to generate professional videos in multiple languages effortlessly. From fixed backgrounds to video translation and talking photos, 'W Share Verbo' opens up endless possibilities for content creation in various languages, making it an invaluable asset for global outreach.


  • 😀 The video introduces a tool called 'w share verbo' for creating realistic AI avatar videos.
  • 🎨 The tool offers features like avatars, voice, scriptwriting, video translation, and talking photos.
  • 🖥️ 'w share verbo' is available for Windows, mobile phones, and can be used online.
  • 👥 The tool provides over 300 avatars from various regions and professions.
  • 📜 Users can generate scripts using AI or upload their own text for the avatar to speak.
  • 🗣️ The script can be translated into multiple languages, showcasing the tool's multilingual capabilities.
  • 👩‍💻 Over 300 voice options are available, categorized by language and gender.
  • 🎵 Background music and voice speed/volume adjustments are customizable.
  • 🎞️ Users can export videos in various resolutions, with options for subtitles.
  • 🌐 The tool's video translation feature allows converting videos into different languages.
  • 🖼️ 'Talking photos' feature lets users create videos from uploaded images with custom scripts and voices.
  • 📈 A free plan is available for generating 2-minute long videos, with premium plans offering more features.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the tool mentioned in the video for generating realistic AI avatar videos?

    -The tool mentioned in the video is called 'w share verbo'.

  • What are the features offered by the 'w share verbo' tool?

    -The features offered by 'w share verbo' include avatars, voice, script writing, AI video translation, and talking photos.

  • Is 'w share verbo' available for different platforms?

    -Yes, 'w share verbo' is available on Windows, mobile phones, and can also be used online.

  • How many avatars are available in the 'w share verbo' tool?

    -There are more than 300 avatars available in the 'w share verbo' tool.

  • Can users select avatars from different regions using 'w share verbo'?

    -Yes, users can select avatars from regions like Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and Muslim characters.

  • What is the process for creating a video with 'w share verbo'?

    -To create a video, users can select an avatar, choose a background, type or upload a script, select a voice, adjust voice speed and volume, change the background, add or remove subtitles, and then export the video.

  • Can 'w share verbo' translate scripts into different languages?

    -Yes, 'w share verbo' can translate scripts into languages such as Chinese, English, and Bengali.

  • How many voices are available for selection in 'w share verbo'?

    -There are over 300 voices available in 'w share verbo', classified based on language and accent.

  • What is the video translation feature of 'w share verbo' and how does it work?

    -The video translation feature of 'w share verbo' allows users to translate any video into any language by uploading the video, selecting the original language, choosing the target language, and then translating it.

  • What are the additional features of 'w share verbo' apart from video creation?

    -Apart from video creation, 'w share verbo' offers features like video translation and talking photos, where users can upload images and create videos with them.

  • What are the limitations of the free plan for 'w share verbo'?

    -In the free plan, users can generate videos up to 2 minutes long to test the AI tool's capabilities.

  • What does the Premium plan offer for users of 'w share verbo'?

    -The Premium plan offers three different plans with more features and capabilities than the free plan, allowing users to create longer and more complex videos.



🎨 Introducing AI Avatar Video Tool

The script introduces an AI tool called 'W Share Verbo' that allows users to create realistic avatar videos quickly. The tool offers features like avatar selection, voice options, scriptwriting AI, video translation, and talking photos. It's available for Windows, mobile phones, and online use. The interface provides a vast selection of avatars from different regions and professions. The user can choose a background, type or AI-generate a script, select a language and voice, adjust voice speed and volume, change backgrounds, and add or remove subtitles. The video can then be exported in various resolutions.


🌐 Exploring Advanced Features of AI Video Tool

This paragraph delves into the advanced features of the AI video tool, such as video translation, which can convert videos into different languages, and talking photos, where users can upload images to create videos with voiceovers. The script mentions the template library with over 300 templates for various purposes like news, product showcasing, and social media marketing. The tool's free plan allows for 2-minute video creation, with the option to upgrade to premium plans for extended capabilities. The video concludes by encouraging viewers to embrace AI and join a competition, hinting at the transformative impact of AI on life and work.



💡Realistic Ai Avatar

A 'Realistic Ai Avatar' refers to a computer-generated character that resembles a human in appearance and behavior. In the context of the video, it is a digital representation that can be used to create videos with lifelike movements and expressions. The script mentions the creation of such avatars using a tool, showcasing the technology's ability to generate highly realistic and human-like avatars for video content.

💡AI Video Generator

An 'AI Video Generator' is a software application that utilizes artificial intelligence to create videos. It can include features like scriptwriting, voice synthesis, and character animation. The video script highlights a tool that allows users to generate realistic avatar videos in a short amount of time, emphasizing the ease of use and the advanced capabilities of AI in video production.


In the script, 'Avatars' are digital characters that can be customized and used in videos. The tool mentioned offers a wide range of avatars from different regions and professions, which can be selected by the user to create personalized video content. The variety of avatars is a key feature of the video generator, allowing for diverse representation in the videos produced.

💡Script Writing

Script Writing is the process of creating a written script for a video or film. The AI tool discussed in the video automates this process by generating scripts based on given ideas or prompts. For instance, the AI can write a script on 'why dogs love humans' when provided with the topic, streamlining the content creation process for video makers.

💡AI Translation

AI Translation refers to the use of artificial intelligence to convert text or speech from one language to another. The video script describes a feature of the tool that allows users to translate their video scripts into various languages, such as Chinese, English, and Bengali. This capability expands the reach of the video content by making it accessible to a global audience.

💡Voice Selection

Voice Selection is the process of choosing a voice for the avatar to speak the script in the video. The tool offers over 300 voices in multiple languages and accents, enabling users to select the most suitable voice for their video. The script gives an example of selecting an English female voice with an Australian accent to bring the avatar to life.

💡Background Music

Background Music is the audio track that plays behind the main content of a video, adding emotional depth and setting the tone. The video generator allows users to add background music to their videos, providing a selection of tracks or the option to upload custom music files, as mentioned in the script.


Subtitles are text versions of the spoken words in a video, displayed on the screen to provide additional context or for accessibility purposes. The tool gives users the option to enable or disable subtitles for their videos, as indicated in the script, allowing for greater control over the final video output.

💡Video Resolution

Video Resolution refers to the number of pixels used to form the image in a video, with higher resolutions providing clearer and more detailed images. The script mentions selecting a resolution such as 1080p for the final video export, which is a common high-definition standard used to ensure video quality.

💡Talking Photos

Talking Photos is a feature that allows still images to be animated and given a voice, creating a video effect. The video script describes using this feature to upload an image, add a script and voice, and generate a video where the image appears to speak. This capability expands the types of content that can be created with the AI video generator.

💡Video Translation

Video Translation, as discussed in the script, is the process of converting the audio and possibly the text of a video into a different language. The tool demonstrated can translate an entire video into languages like Hindi and German, which is showcased in the script by translating an English video into these languages, thereby broadening the potential audience for the content.


Introduction to a realistic AI avatar video generator tool.

Meet Harry, the AI avatar's brother, showcasing a new hairstyle.

The video demonstrates the realistic nature of AI-generated avatars.

Introduction to 'w share verbo', the AI tool for creating realistic videos.

Features of 'w share verbo' include avatars, voice, scriptwriting, video translation, and talking photos.

The tool is available for Windows, mobile phones, and can be used online.

A user-friendly interface with a selection of over 300 avatars from various regions.

Tutorial on creating a video using a fixed background template.

Using AI to generate a script based on a given topic or idea.

Customizing the scriptwriting style, such as professional or casual.

Translating scripts into different languages, including Chinese, English, and Bengali.

Selecting from over 300 voice options in 40+ languages.

Adjusting voice speed and volume to match the video's needs.

Customizing background and adding background music to the video.

Enabling or disabling subtitles for the video.

Exporting the video in various resolutions, such as 1080p.

Accessing completed videos in the 'My Creations' section for download or playback.

Using personal voice and audio transcription for the male character Henry.

MJ's version six improvement in text, photo-realistic images, and skin textures.

Exploring the template library with over 300 templates for various uses.

Video translation feature to convert videos into different languages, such as Hindi and German.

Talking photos feature to create videos from uploaded images with custom scripts and voices.

Free plan allows for 2-minute long video generation to test the AI tool.

Premium plans offer extended video length and additional features.

Encouragement to start a YouTube channel using the AI tool for multilingual content creation.

Closing remarks summarizing the video's educational content and call for engagement.