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TLDRDream by WOMBO is an innovative app that utilizes AI to transform your photos into moving art. The app gained popularity for its ability to animate pictures to music, and now it offers a new feature to create stunning artwork. Users can input a prompt, select a style, and watch as the AI generates a high-quality painting in seconds. The process is interactive, allowing users to create an account, choose from various styles like fantasy art or steampunk, and even explore the potential of generating NFTs. The app also provides options to save the artwork in different formats, share it, or publish it in a personal gallery. This engaging tool is not only fun but also opens up creative possibilities for users interested in art and technology.


  • 🎨 Dream by WOMBO is an app that uses AI to create artwork from images.
  • 🔥 It was preceded by the popular Wombo AI app that animated photos to music.
  • ⚙️ The process involves typing in what you want to create, choosing a style, and generating your painting.
  • 🖼️ The app can transform your image into a high-powered painting in seconds.
  • 📱 Users can sign up and create an account using their Apple ID to save their artwork.
  • 🌟 The app offers various styles like brand, fantasy art, steampunk, HD psychic, and pastel.
  • 🤖 It demonstrates the capabilities of AI algorithms in generating creative content.
  • 📂 Users have the option to show or hide the creation prompt and can download the artwork in different formats.
  • 💬 There's a community aspect with the ability to publish artwork in a gallery and join a Discord server.
  • 🔍 The app is good for creating backgrounds and patterned images, but its effectiveness on human images is uncertain.
  • 🎉 The speaker highly recommends trying the app, suggesting it's fun and won't disappoint.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the app that creates artwork using AI?

    -The app is called Dream by WOMBO.

  • How was Wombo AI known previously?

    -Wombo AI was previously known for an app that created Gibbs from a user's picture and a song, making the picture move and dance to the music.

  • What is the basic functionality of the Dream by WOMBO app?

    -The app allows users to create beautiful artwork using AI by entering a prompt, picking a style, and watching the AI transform the input into a painting.

  • How does the user interact with the Dream by WOMBO app to create a piece of artwork?

    -The user types in what they want to create, chooses a style, and then the app generates the painting.

  • What does the user need to do to publish their artwork created by the app?

    -The user needs to sign up with an account, which can be done using an Apple ID, and then they can publish their artwork.

  • What options are available for the user after creating the artwork?

    -The user can choose to show the prompt, download the artwork in original quality, set it as a background, and share or publish it in their gallery.

  • What are some of the styles available in the Dream by WOMBO app?

    -Some of the styles include brand, fantasy art, steampunk, HD psychic, and pastel.

  • Is there a possibility to generate artwork related to crypto and NFTs?

    -Yes, the app can potentially generate artwork related to crypto and NFTs, as indicated by the user's interest in creating a 'Port ape' using the AI.

  • What kind of images might be challenging for the app to generate?

    -The app seems to work well with generalistic images and patterns, but it is unclear if it can correctly generate detailed images of people.

  • How can users get more involved with the community and updates about the app?

    -Users can join the app's Discord community to stay updated and engaged with the app's developments and discussions.

  • What is the overall sentiment of the user towards the Dream by WOMBO app?

    -The user expresses a positive sentiment, describing the app as 'pretty cool,' 'super fun,' and stating that trying it out is worthwhile.

  • What is the final recommendation given by the user regarding the app?

    -The user highly recommends trying out the Dream by WOMBO app, assuring that users will not regret the experience.



🎨 Introducing Dream by Wombo AI: AI-Powered Artwork Creation

The first paragraph introduces an app called 'Dream' by Wombo AI, which is a follow-up to their popular app that animated pictures to music. Dream allows users to create artwork using AI technology. Users can input a prompt, choose a style, and watch as the app transforms their idea into a painting in seconds. The process involves creating an account, which in this case is done using an Apple ID. The speaker also demonstrates the AI's ability to generate artwork in different styles, such as fantasy art and steampunk, and mentions the potential for creating NFTs related to crypto. The paragraph concludes with the speaker sharing their excitement about the app's capabilities.


🤔 Exploring Dream's Capabilities and User Experience

The second paragraph delves into the practical use of the Dream app, suggesting that it may be effective for creating backgrounds but questions its effectiveness in generating images of people. The speaker also mentions the ability to join a Discord community for further interaction and support. They highlight the app's features, such as exporting and saving artwork, and encourage the audience to try the app, emphasizing its fun and engaging nature.



💡Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO is an app that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to transform user-uploaded images into dynamic, dancing visuals synchronized with a chosen song. It gained popularity for its ability to create fun and engaging content from still pictures. In the context of the video, it is the predecessor to the new app being discussed, which focuses on creating artwork with AI.


Artwork refers to any creation that results from the application of artistic skill and imagination, such as a painting or a drawing. In the video, the term is used to describe the output generated by the new app, which transforms a user's input into a high-powered painting using AI technology.

💡AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the app, AI is the driving force behind the creation of dynamic and artistic content from user inputs, showcasing its ability to understand and manipulate visual and auditory elements.


Styles in the app refer to the different artistic styles that users can choose from to customize the look of their generated artwork. The variety of styles allows users to experiment with diverse aesthetics, such as fantasy art or steampunk, to create unique pieces of art.


To generate in the context of the app means to produce or create something, particularly the artwork, using the input provided by the user. The app's AI takes the user's prompt and style choice to generate a piece of art that matches those criteria.



A gallery in the app is a feature that allows users to view, organize, and potentially share their generated artwork. It serves as a personal collection space where users can revisit their creations and choose to publish or share them with others.


An account in this context refers to a user's personal space within the app where they can manage their artwork, preferences, and user profile. Creating an account with the app, as mentioned in the script, is necessary for users to save their artwork and access advanced features.

💡NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which is a unique digital asset that represents ownership of a specific item or piece of content. In the video, the mention of NFTs suggests that the app's AI-generated artwork could potentially be used in the creation of digital assets that have value in the realm of cryptocurrency and digital art markets.


Discord is a communication platform popular among gamers but also used by various communities for text, voice, and video conversations. The app's mention of Discord implies that there is an active community around the app where users can join to discuss, share, and get support related to the app's usage.


An algorithm is a set of rules or steps that define how to solve a problem or perform a computation. In the context of the app, the AI algorithm is responsible for interpreting the user's input and style choice to create the final artwork, showcasing the power of AI in artistic creation.


To publish in the app means to make the user's generated artwork publicly available within the app's ecosystem. This could involve sharing the artwork on the app's community platforms or integrating it into the user's public profile, allowing others to view and appreciate the AI-created piece.


Dream by WOMBO is an innovative app that uses AI to create artwork from your pictures.

The app was previously known for creating Gibbs from pictures with music.

Users can upload a picture and choose a style to transform it into a painting.

The AI technology allows for the creation of high-powered paintings in seconds.

The process is as simple as typing in what you want to create and picking a style.

Once generated, users can publish their artwork and sign up with an account.

The app supports various styles, from fantasy art to steampunk and pastel.

AI algorithm showcases its capabilities by creating images in different styles.

Users have the option to show or hide the prompt for their artwork.

Artwork can be downloaded in original quality or saved as a background.

The app also allows users to share and publish their creations in a gallery.

WOMBO AI was a top-charting app, indicating its popularity and user interest.

The app is suggested as a fun and creative tool for those interested in crypto and NFTs.

Users can join a Discord community for more interaction and support.

The app is described as 'super fun' and recommended for users to try out.

The app provides a unique way to generate generalistic images using AI.

While the app is great for creating artwork, it's unclear if it works well with images of people.

Users can export and save their creations to their count (possibly a typo for 'phone').