Dalle3 AI Logo Designs Are Impressive! Is Midjourney in trouble?

2 Oct 202309:35

TLDRThis video compares the logo design capabilities of Dalle3 AI and Midjourney. The creator, having extensive experience in logo design, tests both platforms with various prompts. While Dalle3 shows impressive results and handles lettering better, Midjourney struggles with text but offers unique and creative designs. The video suggests that Dalle3 might be outperforming Midjourney in certain areas, and logo designers should consider integrating AI into their workflow to stay competitive.


  • 😲 Dalle3 (Dolly 3) is a new AI logo design tool that has been released and is being compared to Midjourney for its capabilities.
  • πŸ” The comparison is based on the quality and accuracy of logos created by both AI platforms when given specific prompts.
  • πŸ€– Historically, AI platforms have struggled with lettering and stringing words together, which is evident in some of Dalle3's outputs.
  • πŸ† Dalle3 produced a perfect logo for 'Gotham Groomers', which could be accepted by a client with minor tweaks.
  • πŸ†š Midjourney seems to have misunderstood the prompt for 'Gotham Groomers', focusing on the wrong concept of 'Gotham'.
  • πŸ‘ Dalle3 showed improvement in creating logos with lettering, though there were still some mistakes.
  • πŸ‘Ž Midjourney struggled with lettering and did not meet the requirements of the 'AI Ambitions' logo prompt.
  • 🧐 Both platforms have room for improvement, as seen with the 'Accountable Accounting' and 'Chiropractor' logo prompts.
  • 🎨 Dalle3 was able to recreate the Nike logo in the style of Picasso, demonstrating its versatility and creativity.
  • πŸ˜… Midjourney had difficulty with lettering but provided some cool and abstract imagery for the Nike-style prompt.
  • πŸ‘€ The video suggests that Dalle3 might be outperforming Midjourney in certain areas, posing a potential threat to Midjourney's relevance.
  • πŸ”§ The presenter suggests that logo designers should start integrating AI into their workflow to stay competitive.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video transcript?

    -The main topic of the video transcript is a comparison between the logo design capabilities of Dalle 3 and Midjourney, two AI platforms.

  • How does the speaker access the image creator powered by Dalle 3?

    -The speaker accesses the image creator powered by Dalle 3 by navigating to bing.com/images/create.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on the quality of images created by Midjourney compared to Dalle 3?

    -The speaker believes that the images created by Midjourney are very comparable, if not better than what Dalle 3 can do, but only in certain situations.

  • What was the first prompt the speaker used to test Dalle 3's logo creation capabilities?

    -The first prompt the speaker used was 'a barbershop logo with the name Gotham groomers and a black background Vector style emblem'.

  • What issue did Dalle 3 have with the creation of the 'Gotham groomers' logo?

    -Dalle 3 had trouble with the letters, specifically spelling 'Gotham' with two 'A's' and creating legible text.

  • How does the speaker describe the quality of the 'Gotham groomers' logo created by Dalle 3?

    -The speaker describes the 'Gotham groomers' logo created by Dalle 3 as impressive and something that a New York City barber shop might accept with minor changes.

  • What was the issue with the logo created by Midjourney for the 'AI Ambitions' company?

    -Midjourney completely neglected the company name 'AI Ambitions' and focused more on creating cool-looking futuristic AI vectors.

  • What is the speaker's view on the importance of integrating AI into a logo designer's workflow?

    -The speaker believes that logo designers should start integrating AI into their workflow or update their resumes, as AI platforms are becoming increasingly capable and relevant in the industry.

  • How does the speaker compare the capabilities of Dalle 3 and Midjourney in handling existing logos?

    -The speaker finds that Dalle 3 does a better job in recreating and adapting existing logos, such as the Nike logo in the style of Picasso, compared to Midjourney.

  • What is the speaker's final verdict on the comparison between Dalle 3 and Midjourney?

    -The speaker is impressed with Dalle 3's capabilities and suggests that Midjourney needs to catch up quickly, as falling behind in AI platforms can lead to obsolescence.



πŸš€ Dolly 3 vs Mid-Journey Logo Design Comparison

The speaker discusses their experience creating over a hundred logos across various industries and compares the capabilities of Dolly 3 and Mid-Journey for logo design. They note that while Dolly 3 is being touted as superior, their experience with Mid-Journey has been positive, with comparable or better results in certain situations. The comparison involves prompts for logos such as a barbershop named 'Gotham Groomers' and an artificial intelligence consulting company called 'AI Ambitions.' Dolly 3 shows some issues with lettering but occasionally produces perfect logo designs, outperforming Mid-Journey in these specific instances. The speaker also mentions the potential for combining the strengths of both tools for enhanced results.


🎨 Exploring AI-generated Logos with Dolly 3 and Mid-Journey

This paragraph delves into the speaker's further exploration of AI-generated logos using Dolly 3 and Mid-Journey. They test the platforms with various prompts, such as a logo for an accounting firm and a chiropractor in New York City, using specific color schemes and themes. Dolly 3 demonstrates a better understanding of the prompts and produces more accurate and usable logo designs, despite some issues with lettering. Mid-Journey, on the other hand, struggles with lettering and does not always adhere to the given prompts, resulting in designs that are less relevant to the requests. The speaker also compares the platforms' ability to recreate existing logos in different styles, with Dolly 3 showing impressive results. They conclude by emphasizing the importance of integrating AI into the workflow of logo designers and the need for Mid-Journey to improve quickly to stay relevant in the competitive AI landscape.




Dalle3 refers to a hypothetical advanced version of an AI image generation platform, presumably a successor to DALL-E, which is known for creating images from textual descriptions. In the video, the creator discusses the capabilities of Dalle3 for logo design and compares it with another platform, Midjourney, to evaluate its performance in generating logos.


Midjourney is an AI platform mentioned in the script that competes with Dalle3 in the realm of image generation. The video explores whether Dalle3 could potentially outperform or 'kill' Midjourney in terms of creating logos and other images, suggesting a competitive landscape in AI-generated design.

πŸ’‘Logo Design

Logo design is a central theme of the video, where the speaker evaluates the capabilities of Dalle3 and Midjourney in creating logos. The term refers to the process of developing a symbol or icon that represents a company or brand, and in this context, it involves using AI to generate these designs based on textual prompts.


Bing is a search engine developed by Microsoft, and in the video, it is mentioned as the platform through which users can access the image creator powered by Dalle3. Bing serves as the gateway for users to experiment with AI-generated logo designs.


Photorealistic is a term used in the script to describe the style of images that the AI platforms are asked to generate. It refers to images that closely resemble photographs, indicating a high level of detail and realism in the AI's output.

πŸ’‘Vector Style

Vector style is a design term mentioned in the script, referring to a type of graphic that uses mathematical algorithms to define lines, shapes, and colors. Vector graphics are scalable and can be resized without losing quality, making them ideal for logos.

πŸ’‘AI Ambitions

AI Ambitions is an example used in the script to illustrate the process of generating a logo for a hypothetical artificial intelligence consulting company. It serves as a test case to compare the capabilities of Dalle3 and Midjourney in creating logos with specific textual and stylistic requirements.

πŸ’‘Accountable Accounting

Accountable Accounting is another hypothetical company name used in the script to test the AI platforms' ability to generate logos with specific themes, such as a calculator and a professional vector style, indicating the need for precision and expertise in the design.


In the context of the video, a chiropractor is a healthcare professional who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, specifically through manual adjustment or manipulation of the spine. The speaker uses the term to request a logo design that incorporates a vector of a spine and vibrant colors.


Picasso is referenced in the script as a style for the AI to emulate when creating a logo. The term refers to the distinctive artistic style of Pablo Picasso, a renowned Spanish painter, which is characterized by abstract and cubist elements. The video explores how Dalle3 interprets and applies this style to a logo design.

πŸ’‘Belkin Law

Belkin Law is a hypothetical personal injury law firm mentioned in the script to demonstrate the AI platforms' ability to generate logos that incorporate specific names and themes. The term is used to assess how well the AI can handle lettering and create a professional and appropriate logo design.


Dalle3 AI has been released and is being used for logo design.

Comparison between Dalle3 and Midjourney's logo design capabilities.

Accessing Dalle3's image creator via Bing.

Midjourney's performance is comparable to Dalle3 in certain situations.

Dalle3 struggles with lettering in logo design.

Dalle3 produced a perfect logo for 'Gotham Groomers'.

Midjourney misinterpreted the 'Gotham' prompt.

Dalle3 outperformed Midjourney in the 'AI Ambitions' logo design.

Midjourney neglected the company name in its logo design.

Dalle3's ability to create logos with a calculator theme.

Midjourney's struggle with numbers and letters in logo design.

Dalle3's impressive results for a chiropractor's logo.

Midjourney's abstract approach to the chiropractor's logo.

Dalle3's successful recreation of the Nike logo in Picasso's style.

Midjourney's inability to digest letters in the Nike logo prompt.

Dalle3's creation of a logo combining Nike style with the word 'Ambitions'.

Midjourney's artistic take on the 'Ambitions' logo prompt.

Dalle3's accurate rendering of 'Belkin Law' in a vector style.

Midjourney's creative but incorrect approach to 'Belkin Law' logo.

The need for logo designers to integrate AI into their workflow.