Deep Art Effects App

Luba Sordyl
16 Nov 202004:45

TLDRDiscover the 'Deep Art Effects' app, a free tool that transforms your photos into artistic masterpieces. With a variety of preset filters, users can enhance their images with unique brush strokes and techniques, adjusting the intensity to their preference. The app is patient in processing, offering a fresh perspective on personal photography, making it an intriguing and enjoyable experience.


  • 🎨 The app 'Deep Art Effects' can transform photos into artistic images with various preset styles.
  • 🖼️ Users can select an image from their gallery to upload and apply the app's effects.
  • 🕒 The image processing takes some time as the app optimizes the artwork with AI.
  • 🌈 There are multiple preset options available, each offering a different artistic style.
  • 🖌️ The app adds brush strokes and artistic techniques to make photos look like paintings.
  • 👍 The 'epic' filter is one of the options that can be applied to enhance the photo's artistic appearance.
  • 🏙️ The app is versatile and can be used with various types of images, including portraits, buildings, and natural scenes.
  • 📲 Users can adjust the intensity of the filter to their liking by sliding a bar.
  • 🔄 The app may sometimes be sticky when adjusting the filter intensity, but it's generally user-friendly.
  • 🌀 The 'surrealism' filter is another option that can dramatically change the look of an image.
  • 🌿 The 'abstract three' filter can give a unique abstract look to natural images, like a leaf picture.
  • 💾 Once satisfied with the artistic transformation, users can save the image to their camera roll.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the app discussed in the video?

    -The app discussed in the video is called 'Deep Art Effects App'.

  • What does the Deep Art Effects App do?

    -The Deep Art Effects App turns your images into art by applying different artistic filters and styles.

  • How long does it take for an image to be processed by the app?

    -It takes a little time for the image to be processed, as indicated by the message 'Intelligence is optimizing the artwork'.

  • What are the different options available in the app for transforming images?

    -The app offers a variety of preset options such as 'epic', 'surrealism', and 'abstract', each providing a unique artistic transformation.

  • Can you adjust the intensity of the artistic effect applied to an image?

    -Yes, you can adjust the intensity of the artistic effect by using the slider bar that appears when you press on the filter.

  • What happens if you want to reduce the amount of a filter applied to an image?

    -To reduce the amount of a filter, you press on the filter icon and drag your finger along the slider bar to decrease the intensity.

  • Is there a way to save the transformed images?

    -Yes, once you are done with the image transformation, you can save it by pressing the 'save' button in the middle of the screen.

  • What types of images were used to demonstrate the app's capabilities in the video?

    -The video demonstrates the app's capabilities using a colorful image, a portrait, a church image, and a leaf picture.

  • How does the app handle different types of images like portraits, buildings, or natural scenes?

    -The app applies the selected artistic filters to various types of images, transforming them into unique artistic pieces, as shown with the portrait, building, and leaf images.

  • Is the Deep Art Effects App available for free?

    -Yes, the Deep Art Effects App is available for free, as mentioned in the video.

  • What is the final step after using the app to transform an image?

    -The final step is to press the 'save' button to save the transformed image to your camera roll.



🎨 Discovering DeepArt App

The narrator introduces a free app called DeepArt, which transforms images into artistic styles. They demonstrate the app by uploading a personal colorful image and exploring various preset options available at the bottom of the app interface. The app requires some time to process the image, during which it optimizes the artwork. The result is a photo that resembles a painting with added brush strokes or artistic techniques. The user can save the transformed image once they are satisfied with the result.

🖼️ Exploring Different Art Filters

Continuing the demonstration, the narrator tries the app with a portrait and a church image taken in downtown Detroit. They show how to adjust the intensity of the artistic filter by sliding a bar, which can reduce or increase the effect of the filter on the image. The app requires patience due to the processing time needed for the transformation. The narrator highlights the surrealism filter and how it changes the image, allowing users to fine-tune the intensity to their preference.

🌿 Testing Abstract Filters on Nature

The narrator experiments with the app on a natural image, specifically a leaf picture. They select an abstract filter and wait for the app to process the image, showcasing the transformation into an abstract style. The app allows users to try different looks and adjust the opacity of the filter to achieve the desired artistic effect. The narrator encourages trying the app for a unique way to view photographs as artistic pieces.

📸 Saving and Sharing Art Pieces

The narrator concludes by explaining the process of saving the artwork created by the DeepArt app. After selecting a filter and adjusting its intensity, users can save the final image to their camera roll by pressing a save button. The narrator plans to try the app with more photos and share the results, emphasizing the app's value as a free tool for artistic photo transformation.



💡Deep Art Effects App

The 'Deep Art Effects App' is the central subject of the video and is an application that transforms ordinary images into artistic representations. It uses artificial intelligence to apply various artistic filters and effects to the user's photos, making them look like paintings or drawings. In the script, the app is used to demonstrate how different images, such as a portrait, a building, and a natural scene, can be enhanced with artistic styles like 'epic' and 'surrealism'.

💡Image Gallery

The 'Image Gallery' refers to the collection of images stored on the device that the app accesses to apply its effects. In the context of the video, the user selects a colorful image from their gallery to experiment with the app's features, highlighting the user-friendly aspect of choosing and uploading images for transformation.

💡Preset Options

The term 'Preset Options' denotes the pre-configured artistic styles available within the app for users to apply to their images. The script describes a variety of options that users can scroll through and select, each offering a unique artistic effect, such as 'epic' or 'surrealism', to change the appearance of their photos.

💡Artwork Optimization

When the app processes an image to apply an artistic effect, it is referred to as 'Artwork Optimization'. The script mentions that the app takes time to perform this task, indicating that it involves complex algorithms to transform the photo into a piece of art, complete with brush strokes and other artistic techniques.

💡Epic Filter

The 'Epic Filter' is one of the artistic styles offered by the app. It is used in the video to demonstrate how a portrait can be transformed into an artistic piece with a dramatic and visually striking appearance. The script shows the user selecting this filter and observing the transformation process.


In the context of the app, 'Surrealism' is an artistic style that the user can apply to their images. The script describes using this filter on an image of a church, which results in a dreamlike and unconventional visual representation, showcasing the app's ability to create imaginative and abstract art.

💡Art Intensity

'Art Intensity' is a feature within the app that allows users to adjust the strength or intensity of the artistic effect applied to their images. The script explains how users can use a slider to decrease or increase the amount of the filter's impact, providing a personalized touch to the final artwork.


The term 'Abstract' in the script refers to an artistic style that is non-representational and often characterized by a lack of discernible subject matter. The user in the video selects an 'Abstract' filter to apply to a leaf picture, resulting in an image that has an unconventional and non-traditional appearance.


In the context of the app, 'Opacity' is used to describe the degree to which the artistic filter is visible or prominent in the final image. The script shows the user adjusting the opacity of the 'Epic Filter' to control how much of the artistic effect is present in the artwork.

💡Camera Roll

The 'Camera Roll' is the storage location on a device where photos and images are saved. In the video, once the user is satisfied with the artistic transformation of their image, they can save it directly to their camera roll, making it easily accessible for sharing or further use.

💡User Interface

The 'User Interface' (UI) of the app is the visual layout and interactive elements that the user interacts with to use the app's features. The script describes the UI as having a bottom bar with options and a slider for adjusting filter intensity, indicating a design that is intuitive and easy to navigate.


Introduction to the Deep Art Effects App, a free tool for transforming photos into art.

The app allows users to select a photo from their gallery and apply various art effects.

Different preset options are available, with examples shown at the bottom of the screen.

The 'Epic' effect is demonstrated, showing how it turns a photo into a painting-like image.

The app uses AI to optimize artwork, taking some time to process the images.

Users can adjust the intensity of the applied art effects to their liking.

A portrait photo is transformed using the app, showcasing the 'Surrealism' effect.

Adjusting the filter's intensity is possible with a simple slider bar.

The app can handle various types of images, including urban landscapes.

The 'Abstract Three' effect is applied to a leaf picture, giving it an interesting abstract look.

The app offers a wide range of artistic filters to experiment with.

The 'Epic' filter can be adjusted for varying levels of opacity in the artwork.

The app is free and provides an interesting way to view photographs as artistic pieces.

Once done, users can save the transformed image directly to their camera roll.

The video showcases various results using different filters on different types of photos.

The Deep Art Effects App is recommended for those looking to creatively enhance their photos.