Dream Studio vs. Recraft: A Comprehensive Review

AI with Tyler
9 Jun 202305:10

TLDRThis video provides a detailed comparison between Greekraft and Stability AI's Dream Studio, two text-to-image AI generators. The review covers platform design, user interface, language model, and the quality of the generated art. Recraft is praised for its clean design and ease of use, offering a variety of styles and a color palette. Dream Studio, while also clean, is less intuitive in its user interface. Both platforms are evaluated on their ability to interpret prompts, with Recraft generating more appealing artwork despite neither perfectly capturing complex prompts. The reviewer prefers Recraft for its overall design and user experience.


  • 😀 The video compares Greekraft and Stability AI's Dream Studio, both text-to-image AI generators.
  • 🎨 Recraft has a simple and clean login process with an easy-to-use interface featuring basic tools like undo, redo, and a move tool.
  • 🖌️ Recraft offers a variety of styles to choose from, including a unique background style option and the ability to upload custom styles.
  • 🛠️ Recraft provides sliders for detail level and a color palette feature, enhancing the user's control over the artwork generation.
  • 🏆 The reviewer rates Recraft's design and user interface highly, giving it a score of 9 out of 10.
  • 🔍 Dream Studio's interface is clean but not as streamlined as Recraft's, offering more detailed settings but a less intuitive layout.
  • 🤖 Both platforms were tested with a confusing prompt to evaluate the language model's capabilities, with mixed results.
  • 🖼️ Recraft generated images faster but provided fewer options, while Dream Studio's output was less consistent with the prompt.
  • 🌴 In a less confusing test with the prompt 'spotted pot with a palm tree inside', neither AI perfectly matched the description, but Recraft's artwork was preferred.
  • 🏆 The overall preference for artwork quality goes to Recraft, with a better design, user interface, and language model, despite both being relatively new and not fully advanced.
  • 👍 The video concludes with a recommendation for Recraft based on the comparison and invites viewers to like, subscribe, and watch.

Q & A

  • What are the two text-to-image AI generators being compared in the video?

    -The two text-to-image AI generators being compared are Greekraft and Stability AI's Dream Studio.

  • What aspects of the platforms are being evaluated in the comparison?

    -The aspects being evaluated include the design of the platform, user interface, language model of the AI, and the quality of the art generated.

  • How does the reviewer describe the login process for Recraft?

    -The reviewer describes the login process for Recraft as super easy with a clean design and not too many confusing buttons.

  • What features does the reviewer appreciate in Recraft's user interface?

    -The reviewer appreciates the simplicity and clean design of Recraft's user interface, with features like style options, background style, and a color palette.

  • What is unique about the 'background style' feature in Recraft?

    -The 'background style' feature in Recraft is unique because it allows users to choose a style specifically for the background, which the reviewer has not seen in other software.

  • How does the reviewer rate Recraft's design out of 10?

    -The reviewer rates Recraft's design a 9 out of 10, appreciating its clean and user-friendly interface.

  • What is the reviewer's opinion on Dream Studio's design compared to Recraft?

    -The reviewer finds Dream Studio's design clean but not as clean as Recraft, giving it a rating of 7 out of 10.

  • What is the reviewer's approach to testing the language model of the AI generators?

    -The reviewer tests the language model by using semi-confusing prompts to see how well the AI interprets and generates images based on the text.

  • How does the reviewer compare the speed and output of Recraft and Dream Studio?

    -Recraft is faster but generates fewer images, while Dream Studio takes more time but provides more output options.

  • What prompt does the reviewer use to test the AI's ability to generate less confusing images?

    -The reviewer uses the prompt 'spotted pot with a palm tree inside' to test the AI's ability to generate less confusing images.

  • Which platform does the reviewer prefer for the artwork generated, and why?

    -The reviewer prefers Recraft for the artwork generated because they find it to have a nicer design, better user interface, and overall better language model, despite both platforms not being very advanced yet.



🎨 Comparison of Text-to-Image AI Generators

The video script begins with a comparison of two text-to-image AI generators, Greekraft and Stability AI's Dream Studio. The focus is on the design of the platforms, user interfaces, language models, and the quality of the generated art. Greekraft is praised for its simple and clean design, offering a variety of styles and a unique background style option. The user interface is straightforward with minimal buttons, and there's an option to upload custom styles. The script also mentions a style slider for detail and a color palette feature. The narrator rates Greekraft's design a 9 out of 10 for its cleanliness and usability.


🎵 Background Music

The second paragraph of the script simply contains a notation for background music, indicated by '[Music]'. This suggests that there is a musical accompaniment to the video during this section, but no specific content is provided in the script for this paragraph.



💡Text to Image AI Generators

Text to Image AI Generators refer to artificial intelligence systems that can create visual images based on textual descriptions provided by users. In the video, the reviewer compares two such systems, 'Recraft' and 'Dream Studio', focusing on their design, user interface, and the quality of art they produce. The comparison highlights the capabilities of these generators in transforming text prompts into visual art.

💡User Interface

User Interface (UI) is the space where interactions between humans and machines occur, and in this context, it pertains to the design and layout of the software that users interact with. The video script mentions that 'Recraft' has a cleaner and simpler UI compared to 'Dream Studio', with fewer buttons and more intuitive navigation, which is crucial for user experience when generating images.

💡Language Model

A Language Model in the context of AI refers to the algorithmic component that processes and interprets natural language input to generate appropriate responses or outputs. The script describes testing the language models of both AI systems by providing prompts and evaluating the resulting images, indicating that neither system perfectly understood the prompts but 'Recraft' produced more appealing artwork.


In the video, 'Design' refers to the overall aesthetic and functional layout of the AI platforms. The reviewer gives 'Recraft' a higher score for its clean and straightforward design, which includes easy-to-understand options and tools for users to generate images, contributing to a more user-friendly experience.

💡Style Options

Style Options are the various artistic styles that users can choose for their image generation. The script mentions that 'Recraft' offers a wide range of styles, including a unique 'background style' feature, allowing users to customize the visual appearance of their generated images.


A Palette in this context is a set of colors that the AI can select from when generating an image. 'Recraft' is noted to have a color palette feature, which enhances the customization options for users and impacts the final look of the generated artwork.

💡Details Slider

The Details Slider is a tool within the AI platforms that allows users to adjust the level of detail in the generated images. The script describes it as a feature that enables users to control the intricacy of the artwork, with 'Recraft' allowing for medium to high levels of detail.


A Logo is a graphic mark or emblem used by companies or individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. In the script, the reviewer tests the AI's ability to generate logos by providing prompts like 'palm tree logo' and evaluates the creativity and accuracy of the generated images.

💡Pixel Art

Pixel Art is a form of digital art where images are created on the pixel level, allowing for a distinct, blocky appearance. The video script mentions that the reviewer chose the 'pixel art' style for image generation in both AI platforms to test their ability to produce this specific art style.


A Prompt is the text input given to an AI system to guide the generation of content. In the video, the reviewer uses semi-confusing prompts like 'man trust as a donut riding a rocket ship' to test the language models' ability to interpret and create images based on the textual description.


Artwork in the context of the video refers to the visual images generated by the AI systems based on the prompts provided. The reviewer compares the quality and style of the artwork produced by 'Recraft' and 'Dream Studio', noting a preference for the artwork from 'Recraft'.


Comparison between Greekraft and Stability AI's Dream Studio, both being text to image AI generators.

Ease of login and clean design of Recraft, with straightforward tools and options.

Recraft offers a variety of styles and a unique background style option.

Inclusion of a pictogram style in Recraft, a feature not seen in other softwares.

Recraft's slider for detail level and color palette customization.

Ability to upload custom styles in Recraft, enhancing user flexibility.

Recraft's user interface scored a 9 out of 10 for its simplicity and functionality.

Dream Studio's user interface is clean but not as streamlined as Recraft's.

Dream Studio provides more detailed settings for image scaling and quantity.

Testing the language model with a semi-confusing prompt.

Recraft's faster generation speed but fewer image outputs compared to Dream Studio.

Neither AI performed well with the confusing prompt, indicating room for improvement.

Recraft's artwork was preferred over Dream Studio for its pixel art style.

Testing the AIs with a less confusing prompt to see improved results.

Dream Studio's artwork did not meet expectations, with some images appearing as rectangles.

Recraft's logo generation was more successful and visually appealing.

Overall preference for Recraft's design, user interface, and language model.

Both AIs are new and not fully advanced yet, but Recraft's artwork is preferred.