Fotor AI Review: The Best AI Headshot Generator for Sexy LinkedIn Photos

Annie Margarita Yang
13 Dec 202311:28

TLDRAnnie Margarita Yang reviews Fotor AI Headshot Generator in her financial video series, focusing on the need for professional headshots for LinkedIn profiles. She discusses the high cost of traditional headshots and explores Fotor as a potential AI solution. After experiencing difficulties with the website, including a lack of pricing information and poor customer service, she expresses disappointment with the quality of the generated photos, which she finds unprofessional and not representative of her appearance. She advises against using Fotor and shares her intention to rank and review other AI headshot generators on her website.


  • 📷 Annie Margarita Yang is reviewing AI headshot generators to help college students and graduates get professional LinkedIn photos affordably.
  • 💰 Professional headshots cost between $300 to $500, which is a significant expense for many.
  • 🤖 She is exploring AI solutions to see if they can provide a more budget-friendly alternative.
  • 💵 After much difficulty, Annie finds out that Fotor AI offers 40 images for five styles at $19.99, 100 images for twelve styles at $29.99, and 200 images for twenty-two styles at $39.99.
  • ⏱️ The Fotor AI service states it will take 61 minutes to process the images.
  • 📧 Annie experiences issues with Fotor AI's communication, as she does not receive an email when her photos are ready.
  • 🕸️ She also has trouble navigating the Fotor website to find her photos and order history.
  • 📸 The quality of the headshots provided by Fotor AI is poor, with many not resembling Annie and some being inappropriate for a professional setting.
  • 🙅‍♀️ Annie does not recommend Fotor AI, expressing disappointment with the service and the results.
  • 💌 She had to contact customer service, but her email was not delivered, indicating poor customer support.
  • 🔍 Annie suggests that the service seems unpolished and difficult to use, with a disjointed website experience.
  • 📚 She encourages viewers to check out other AI headshot generator reviews on her website for better options.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is a review of Fotor AI headshot generator, focusing on its utility for creating professional headshots for LinkedIn profiles.

  • Why is a professional headshot important for job seekers?

    -A professional headshot is important for job seekers because it helps them stand out in the job market and can facilitate quicker job placement.

  • What is the typical cost of a professional headshot?

    -The typical cost of a professional headshot ranges between $300 to $500.

  • What is the reviewer's name and what series of reviews is she conducting?

    -The reviewer's name is Annie Margarita Yang, and she is conducting a series of AI headshot generator reviews.

  • What was the issue Annie faced when trying to find the price for Fotor AI on their website?

    -Annie couldn't find the price for Fotor AI on their website initially because the website wasn't loading properly for her.

  • How much time did Annie have to wait for her Fotor AI headshot order to be processed?

    -Annie had to wait for 61 minutes for her Fotor AI headshot order to be processed.

  • What was the problem Annie encountered with Fotor AI's customer service?

    -Annie had an issue where her email to customer service did not get a response, and it appeared that the email was not delivered.

  • Why was Annie unable to find her photos on the Fotor AI website?

    -Annie was unable to find her photos because the website did not notify her that the photos were ready, and she could not locate her order within her account dashboard.

  • What was Annie's overall impression of the headshots generated by Fotor AI?

    -Annie's overall impression of the headshots generated by Fotor AI was negative. She found the photos to be of poor quality, unprofessional, and not representative of her.

  • How did Annie feel about the service provided by Fotor AI?

    -Annie felt that the service provided by Fotor AI was not fully thought through, and she was upset due to the poor communication, lack of email confirmation, and the quality of the headshots.

  • What advice does Annie give to viewers about using Fotor AI for headshots?

    -Annie advises viewers not to spend money on Fotor AI for their headshots, as she had a negative experience and found the service to be unprofessional and poorly executed.

  • How can viewers find more information about other AI headshot generators reviewed by Annie?

    -Viewers can find more information about other AI headshot generators by visiting, navigating to the resources section, and looking for chapter 16 on AI headshot generators.



📸 Reviewing AI Headshot Generators for Professional Use

Annie Margarita Yang introduces her video series on reviewing AI headshot generators, focusing on the need for professional headshots for job seekers on platforms like LinkedIn. She discusses the high cost of traditional headshots and explores AI solutions as a budget-friendly alternative. The video documents her experience with the fotor AI headshot generator, including the process of ordering and the challenges she faced with the website and customer service. She emphasizes the importance of professional headshots in the job market and her intention to thoroughly test the software's capabilities by opting for the most expensive package.


😤 Disappointing Experience with's AI Headshot Service

Annie shares her frustration with the AI headshot generator service. After waiting for her order and not receiving an email notification, she discovers that the website is not user-friendly and struggles to locate her photos. She contacts customer service but encounters issues with their email system. Upon finally receiving her headshots, she is appalled by the quality, with many of the images being unprofessional or not resembling her. She criticizes the service for its poor results, lack of communication, and overall unprofessionalism, advising viewers against using the service.


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Annie promotes her book, '5-Day Job Search,' offering a signed copy with a 10% discount using a specific coupon code. She also provides a free audiobook version and emphasizes the importance of taking action to achieve success. Annie explains that simply reading or listening is not enough; one must apply the knowledge gained to see results. She recommends the paperback for its ease of use and the ability to quickly find and apply specific information. She concludes the video by encouraging viewers to subscribe for more content and thanking them for their support.



💡AI Headshot Generator

An AI Headshot Generator refers to a software application that uses artificial intelligence to create professional-looking headshots. In the video, the host Annie Margarita Yang reviews the Fotor AI Headshot Generator as a potential solution for college students and job seekers who cannot afford traditional professional headshots. The AI technology is supposed to generate headshots that can be used on platforms like LinkedIn to improve one's professional image.

💡LinkedIn Profile

A LinkedIn Profile is a personal page on the LinkedIn platform, which is a social networking site used for professional networking. In the context of the video, a professional headshot on a LinkedIn profile is crucial for job seekers to stand out in the job market. The video discusses the importance of a good headshot for making a strong first impression to potential employers.

💡Professional Headshot

A Professional Headshot is a type of photograph that is taken with the intent of being used for professional purposes, such as on a business card, website, or social media profile like LinkedIn. In the video, the cost of a professional headshot is mentioned as a barrier for many, which is why the host explores AI alternatives to provide an affordable option.

💡Fotor AI

Fotor AI is the specific AI Headshot Generator that the video is reviewing. Fotor is a platform that offers various photo editing and graphic design tools, and the AI feature is designed to automate the process of creating headshots. The host uses Fotor AI to see if it can provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional headshot photography.


The Price mentioned in the video refers to the cost of using the Fotor AI Headshot Generator. The host discusses different pricing tiers offered by Fotor, which range from $29.99 for 100 images with 12 styles to $39.99 for 200 images with 22 styles. The price is a significant factor as it determines the affordability of the service for the target audience.

💡Customer Service

Customer Service in the context of the video refers to the support provided by Fotor AI to its users. The host had issues with her order and reached out to customer service for assistance. However, she encountered problems such as unresponsive email support and difficulty in locating her order, which reflects negatively on the company's customer service.


An Order in this video script refers to the request made by the host to the Fotor AI platform to generate headshots. The host had trouble locating her order on the website and did not receive an email notification when her headshots were ready, which indicates a potential issue with the service's order management system.


The Results mentioned in the video are the headshots generated by the Fotor AI Headshot Generator. The host expresses dissatisfaction with the quality of the headshots, stating that they do not resemble her and are unprofessional. The poor results are a major point of criticism in the review.


Professionalism in the context of the video refers to the standard of being professional, especially in appearance and conduct. The host criticizes the Fotor AI Headshot Generator for producing images that she deems unprofessional, such as those showing too much skin or inappropriate poses for a business setting.


A Review in this context is an evaluation of the Fotor AI Headshot Generator's service by the host. It includes her personal experience with the platform, the quality of the headshots, and her interaction with customer service. The review serves to inform viewers about the service's effectiveness and whether it meets professional standards.

💡Annie Margarita Yang

Annie Margarita Yang is the host of the video and the creator of the Annie Yang Financial channel. She is reviewing the Fotor AI Headshot Generator as part of a series on AI headshot generator reviews. Her perspective and experience with the service provide the basis for the video's narrative and evaluation.


Annie Margarita Yang reviews Fotor AI headshot generator for professional LinkedIn photos.

Professional headshots are essential for standing out in the job market but can be expensive.

Fotor AI offers different styles and pricing options, with the most expensive option providing a full range of the software's capabilities.

The process of using Fotor AI involved waiting 61 minutes for the AI to generate the headshots.

Yang experienced difficulties with Fotor AI's website, including not receiving an email confirmation for her order.

The customer service for Fotor AI was unresponsive, with emails not being delivered.

The headshots generated by Fotor AI were of poor quality, not resembling Yang and including inappropriate attire for professional settings.

Yang encountered issues with the website's user interface, making it hard to locate her order and photos.

The generated headshots had noticeable deformities, such as issues with the eyes.

Yang strongly advises against using Fotor AI for professional headshots due to her negative experience.

She suggests that the service seems unpolished and not fully thought through.

Yang recommends other AI headshot generators and will continue to update her findings on her website.

For those interested in job searching strategies, Yang offers a 5-day job search book with a 10% discount using a specific coupon code.

The importance of taking action after learning new strategies is emphasized for achieving success.

Yang recommends the paperback version of her book for easy reference and application of the strategies.

An audiobook version is available for free, allowing listeners to sample the content before purchasing.

Yang concludes the review by inviting viewers to subscribe for more informative videos in the future.