Free AI Avatar Cloning is Finally here

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12 Dec 202313:04

TLDRDiscover how to create a free AI avatar of yourself in just 5 minutes using your phone with the software 'haen'. Sign up for a free account at, follow the simple steps to record a 2-minute video, and watch as the AI clones your appearance and voice. Upgrade for more features like fine-tuning and multiple languages. This innovative tool is set to revolutionize personal and professional content creation.


  • 😲 Free AI Avatar Cloning is now available, allowing individuals to create an AI version of themselves with just a phone.
  • πŸ“² The process is quick, taking only 5 minutes, and is accessible through a website called
  • πŸ‘€ Users start by signing up for a free account, which limits the creation to one 'instant Avatar'.
  • πŸ’° There are paid options for more features, including a yearly and monthly subscription that provides more credits for creating avatars.
  • πŸŽ₯ To create an Avatar, record 2 minutes of high-resolution video footage using the back camera of your phone, ensuring good lighting and a steady position.
  • πŸ“ Read a script aloud during the recording, which will be used to train the AI to mimic your speech and movements.
  • πŸ‘€ Make eye contact with the camera and avoid hand gestures that could confuse the AI, such as showing fingers.
  • πŸ”Š Ensure clear audio by using a quiet environment and, if possible, a professional microphone.
  • πŸ“ Upload the recorded video to the platform, where it will be used to generate your AI Avatar.
  • πŸŽ‰ Once the Avatar is created, you can use it to make videos with it for free, albeit with limited credits on a free account.
  • 🌐 The platform offers additional features like changing the Avatar's voice, adding text or audio scripts, and even translating the script into different languages.
  • 🎬 The final video can be customized with different scenes, voice options, and languages, making it versatile for various applications.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about creating a free AI avatar using the software called Haen.

  • How long does it take to create an AI avatar according to the video?

    -According to the video, it takes only 5 minutes to create an AI avatar.

  • What is the minimum requirement for the video footage needed to create an AI avatar?

    -The minimum requirement for the video footage is 2 minutes of high-resolution video, preferably recorded with the back camera of a phone for the best quality.

  • What are some tips for recording the video footage for the AI avatar?

    -Some tips include using a phone grip to avoid shaky footage, ensuring good lighting, looking directly at the camera, pausing between sentences, and avoiding hand gestures that could confuse the software.

  • What is the purpose of the 'consent' recording in the avatar creation process?

    -The purpose of the 'consent' recording is to have the user read a script that confirms their agreement to the terms of service or privacy policy, ensuring they are aware of how their data will be used.

  • What is the difference between the free account and the upgraded plan offered by Haen?

    -The free account allows for the creation of one instant avatar with limited credits for making videos, while the upgraded plan provides more credits per year or month, allowing for the creation of multiple avatars and videos.

  • How does Haen handle the voice cloning in the avatar creation process?

    -Haen clones the user's voice by recording a 2-minute video where the user reads a script. The software then uses this recording to replicate the user's voice for the avatar.

  • What are some potential uses for the AI avatar created with Haen?

    -Potential uses for the AI avatar include marketing content, personalized video messages, and educational content.

  • Can the AI avatar created with Haen be used in different languages?

    -Yes, the AI avatar can be used in different languages, and the software can even clone the user's voice into 25 different languages with the upgraded PRO voice option.

  • What is the process for creating a video with the AI avatar once it's created?

    -After creating the AI avatar, the user can go to the video creation page, choose the avatar, add a text or audio script, select voice options, and then submit the video for processing. The video can be customized with different scenes, languages, and even fine-tuned for better lip sync.

  • What is the 'finetune' option in Haen, and how does it differ from the free avatar creation?

    -The 'finetune' option is a subscription-based service that improves the video resolution and lip sync of the AI avatar. It is a more advanced feature that requires additional payment and time for processing, unlike the basic free avatar creation.



πŸ€– Creating Your AI Avatar with Haen

This paragraph introduces the process of transforming oneself into an AI avatar using the Haen software, which is free and only takes about 5 minutes. The user is guided to sign up for a free account at and is informed about the limitations of the free account, which allows for the creation of one instant avatar. The paragraph also explains the different subscription plans available for more credits and features, such as the ability to create multiple avatars. The process involves recording 2 minutes of high-resolution video footage using the back camera of a phone, ensuring good lighting and clear audio, and avoiding hand gestures that might confuse the AI. The user is also advised to pause between sentences and maintain eye contact with the camera.


πŸŽ₯ Recording and Uploading Your AI Avatar Video

The second paragraph details the steps for recording and uploading the video necessary for creating the AI avatar. It emphasizes the importance of using a high-quality microphone and checking off a list of requirements to ensure the video meets the software's standards. The user is instructed to record a consent form using their webcam and upload it as part of the avatar creation process. The paragraph also discusses the avatar creation process, explaining that it takes about 5 minutes and results in an avatar that can be used to create videos with a limited number of credits on the free account. The user is shown how to select different voices for their avatar and how to add text or audio scripts for video creation, including the option to translate the script into different languages.


🎞 Customizing and Exporting Your AI Video Content

The final paragraph focuses on the customization options available for the AI avatar videos, such as changing the voice, adjusting the pitch, and adding different languages. It also covers the process of adding text scripts and using the built-in GPT script writer for drafting. The user learns how to preview their video, make adjustments to the timeline, and export the final product. The paragraph highlights the option to fine-tune the avatar for improved video resolution and lip sync, which is available at a higher subscription level. The video creation process is praised for its ease of use and the impressive results, with a note on the potential for even greater advancements in the future.



πŸ’‘AI Avatar

An 'AI Avatar' refers to a digital representation of a person, created using artificial intelligence technologies. In the context of the video, the AI Avatar is generated from the user's video footage, capturing their likeness and voice to produce personalized content. The script mentions that the AI Avatar did the intro for the video, showcasing its application in content creation.


Haen is the name of the software used in the video to create an AI Avatar. It is a platform that allows users to sign up for a free account and upgrade for more features. The video demonstrates the process of using haen to clone oneself into an AI Avatar, emphasizing its user-friendly interface and the capabilities it offers for video creation.

πŸ’‘Instant Avatar

The 'Instant Avatar' is a feature within the haen software that enables users to create an AI Avatar quickly. As described in the script, this process involves recording a 2-minute video of oneself, which the software then uses to generate the Avatar. The Instant Avatar is a core part of the free account offering on haen.

πŸ’‘Free Account

A 'Free Account' on haen provides basic access to the platform's features, including the creation of one Instant Avatar. The script explains that while the free account is limited in terms of the number of Avatars and video creation credits, it is sufficient for users to test the software and understand its capabilities.


In the context of the haen software, 'Credits' are a form of virtual currency that determines how many Avatars a user can create and how many videos they can make. The script mentions that upgrading to a paid plan provides more credits, allowing for greater usage of the platform's features.

πŸ’‘Video Footage

The term 'Video Footage' refers to the raw video material recorded by the user, which is then used by the haen software to create the AI Avatar. The script specifies the need for 2 minutes of footage, recorded with a high-resolution camera, to ensure the best quality for the Avatar.

πŸ’‘High-Resolution Camera

A 'High-Resolution Camera' is essential for capturing clear and detailed video footage for the AI Avatar creation process. The script emphasizes using the back camera of a smartphone, which typically has a higher resolution than the front-facing camera, to achieve optimal results.

πŸ’‘Landscape Video

A 'Landscape Video' is a video format that is wider than it is tall, commonly used for platforms like YouTube. The script mentions the option to create landscape videos with the AI Avatar, indicating the versatility of the haen software for different types of video content.

πŸ’‘Voice Cloning

Voice Cloning is the process of replicating a person's voice using AI technology. In the video, the haen software not only creates a visual Avatar but also clones the user's voice, allowing the Avatar to speak with a natural and personalized tone. This feature is highlighted as a key aspect of the Avatar creation process.


Fine-Tuning in the haen software refers to an advanced subscription feature that improves the video resolution and lip sync of the AI Avatar. The script mentions that while the free version is sufficient for basic use, fine-tuning offers a higher level of quality for more professional applications.

πŸ’‘GPT Script Writer

The 'GPT Script Writer' is a feature integrated into the haen software that assists users in drafting scripts for their videos. The script mentions that this tool, powered by GPT 4, allows for the creation of text scripts directly within the platform, streamlining the video production process.


Free AI Avatar Cloning is now available, allowing users to create an AI version of themselves.

The process of creating an AI Avatar takes only 5 minutes using just a phone.

The software 'haen' is used to demonstrate the Avatar creation process.

A free account on allows the creation of one instant Avatar with limited credits.

Upgraded plans offer more credits and the ability to create multiple Avatars.

The free option is sufficient for testing the Avatar creation process.

Creating an Avatar and making videos with it is free, but with limited credit on a free account.

To create an Avatar, record 2 minutes of footage using a high-resolution back camera of a phone.

Ensure good lighting and avoid shaky footage for optimal Avatar creation.

Use generic hand gestures and maintain eye contact with the camera for better results.

The software provides a quiet environment and professional mic for voice cloning.

After recording, upload the footage to haen for Avatar creation.

The Avatar creation process takes about 5 minutes for the free account.

Once created, Avatars can be used to make videos in landscape or portrait mode.

The software allows changing the voice and adding text or audio scripts for video creation.

Haen has options for fine-tuning the Avatar for better lip sync and video resolution.

The PRO voice feature enables cloning the voice into 25 different languages.

The final video can be downloaded with captions and edited as needed.

Haen is a relatively new tool that has advanced significantly, promising even more capabilities in the future.