HURRICANE - Eden Golan - Israel - Eurovision Song Contest 2024 - AI Midjourney - Infinite zoom

21 Apr 202403:19

TLDRהסרטון מציג את האמן אדן גולן מישראל, המפגין את השיר 'HURRICANE' במרכז הפסחא הסרוי 2024. השיר מתרחש ברקע של תנועה אינפינית ומוזיקה מרתקת, ומראה את האמן מתחבר לקהל עם תנועה וקול מרתק. הוא מדבר על השתמשות, אירועי נפשיים, ומחשבות על האהבה והשברה. השיר משתף את הקהל במשחקי תנועה ומוסיקה, ומציג את האמן בצורתו המיוחדת ומרגשת. האמן משתמש בתוכן המוזיקה והתרגולים הגופניים כדי להעביר את הרגשות והמסר של השיר.


  • 🎶 The theme of time and its passage is recurrent, suggesting the ephemeral nature of life and experiences.
  • 💔 Emotional distress is conveyed through phrases like 'losing my mind' and 'broken', indicating a struggle or heartache.
  • 🕺 There is a mention of 'dancing in the storm', which could symbolize embracing challenges or finding joy amidst adversity.
  • 🌌 The word 'mysterious' points towards an element of the unknown or uncertainty in the narrative.
  • 🤲 The plea 'hold me, again' might be a call for support or a desire for connection and comfort.
  • 🧩 The phrase 'I got nothing to take' could imply a sense of loss or starting anew without any possessions or burdens.
  • 🌟 'Leaving the world behind' might suggest a desire for escape or transcending one's current situation.
  • 💭 The mention of 'fantasy' and 'love' could be interpreted as seeking refuge in dreams or the power of love to overcome difficulties.
  • 📉 The word 'hurricane' in the title could be a metaphor for chaos, strong emotions, or a significant life event.
  • 👏 'Clapping' in the transcript might represent applause, celebration, or a call to action.
  • 🕯️ The line 'You always leave me a small light' could signify hope, guidance, or the enduring presence of a loved one.

Q & A

  • What is the title of the song performed by Eden Golan for Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024?

    -The title of the song is 'HURRICANE'.

  • What is the language of the transcript provided?

    -The transcript contains Hebrew words and phrases mixed with English lyrics.

  • What does the phrase 'לא צריך מילים גדולות רק תפילות אפילו אם קשה לראות תמיד אתה משאיר לי אור אחד קטן' mean in English?

    -The phrase translates to 'No need for big words, just prayers, even if it's hard to see, you always leave me a small light.'

  • What is the theme of the song 'HURRICANE'?

    -The theme of the song is not explicitly stated, but it seems to deal with emotions, possibly love, and the struggle of holding on in difficult times.

  • What is the significance of the phrase 'mysterious dancing in the st' in the song?

    -The phrase 'mysterious dancing in the st' could be a metaphor for the unpredictable and chaotic nature of the emotions or situation being described in the song.

  • What does the song suggest about the singer's state of mind?

    -The song suggests that the singer is experiencing turmoil and distress, as indicated by the lyrics 'i'm losing my mind' and 'i'm broken from this.'

  • What is the mood of the song 'HURRICANE'?

    -The mood of the song appears to be intense and emotional, with a sense of urgency and longing.

  • What is the role of the word 'hurricane' in the song?

    -The word 'hurricane' in the title could symbolize a powerful and overwhelming force, possibly referring to the intensity of the emotions or events described in the song.

  • What is the purpose of the applause sound in the transcript?

    -The applause sound in the transcript likely represents the audience's reaction to the performance, indicating approval and appreciation.

  • What message is conveyed by the line 'you always leave me a small light'?

    -This line suggests a message of hope and resilience, implying that even in challenging times, there is always a glimmer of light or positivity to hold onto.

  • How does the song 'HURRICANE' use contrast in its lyrics?

    -The song uses contrast through the juxtaposition of chaos and calm, as seen in the lyrics 'wild the time goes' and 'you always leave me a small light,' highlighting the struggle and the hope that coexists within the song.

  • What could be inferred about the relationship between the singer and the subject of the song?

    -It can be inferred that the singer has a deep emotional connection with the subject, as they express a desire to hold on and be held, despite the turmoil they are experiencing.



🎵 Emotional Turmoil in Music

This passage reflects a series of intense and emotional thoughts conveyed through disjointed lyrics that resemble the chaotic flow of consciousness. It explores themes of emotional pain, loss, and the passage of time, underscored by repetitive mentions of music and applause, suggesting a performance or a deeply personal expression. The lyrics touch on trying to hold onto sanity amidst chaos, finding solace in prayer, and a longing for a guiding light during tough times. The repeated insertion of music and applause possibly indicates shifts in mood or scene.




A hurricane is a powerful storm that forms over warm ocean waters. It is characterized by strong winds, heavy rain, and can cause significant damage. In the context of the video, 'Hurricane' is likely used metaphorically to describe the intensity of the emotions or the impact of the song on the audience.

💡Eden Golan

Eden Golan is presumably the artist or performer associated with the song 'Hurricane'. As a key figure, his name is central to the identity of the song and the message it conveys. In the script, his name appears at the beginning, setting the stage for the performance.


Israel is a country in the Middle East and is mentioned in the title, indicating that Eden Golan may represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest. The country's mention provides geographical and cultural context to the song and its potential themes.

💡Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual international song competition held among participating countries. It is a significant event where countries showcase their music and cultural diversity. In the title, it suggests that the song 'Hurricane' is an entry in this contest, making it a point of pride and competition.

💡AI Midjourney

The term 'AI Midjourney' could refer to the use of artificial intelligence in the creative process of the song, possibly in its composition or production. It implies a modern, technological approach to music creation, which might be a theme or talking point of the video.

💡Infinite zoom

Infinite zoom could be a visual effect or a metaphor for the depth and complexity of the song's themes. It might suggest that there are many layers to the song, inviting the audience to explore further or to experience the song in an immersive way.


Music is the universal language of sound and harmony. In the script, the brackets with musical notes [מוזיקה] indicate sections where the music plays a significant role, likely conveying emotions or enhancing the lyrics' impact.


To cry is to shed tears, often as a response to strong emotions. In the context of the song, 'cry' could be a directive to the audience to express their feelings or it could be a description of the emotional state the song aims to evoke.


The mind is the element of a person that enables consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, and memory. References to the 'mind' in the script suggest an exploration of mental or emotional states, which is a common theme in songs that deal with personal experiences or introspection.


Love is a profound emotional connection or affection towards someone or something. The mention of 'love' in the script indicates that the song might deal with themes of relationships or deep emotional bonds, which are universal and relatable subjects.


A fantasy is a form of creative imagination or a visionary concept that transcends reality. In the song, 'fantasy' might be used to describe an idealized or dreamlike state, possibly contrasting with the harsh realities or the 'hurricane' metaphor mentioned earlier.

💡Hold on

To 'hold on' can mean to persevere or to maintain one's grip on something, often in challenging situations. In the context of the song, it could be an encouragement to the listener to stay strong or to keep faith, resonating with the emotional journey of the song.


Light is often used metaphorically to represent hope, clarity, or enlightenment. The phrase 'always you leave me one small light' suggests that despite difficulties or darkness, there is a persistent source of hope or guidance, which could be a central theme of resilience in the song.


The song 'Hurricane' represents Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Eden Golan is the artist performing the song.

The title 'Hurricane' suggests a powerful and dramatic theme.

The lyrics include the phrase 'never is white', indicating a contrast or paradox.

The phrase 'you boys don't cry' could be a commentary on societal expectations.

The line 'wild the time goes' may refer to the unpredictable nature of time.

The song mentions 'mysterious dancing', hinting at a sense of enigma or intrigue.

The lyrics 'i'm losing my mind' express a strong emotional state.

The phrase 'holding on in this' suggests perseverance or struggle.

The song includes the line 'i got nothing to take', which could imply a sense of loss or surrender.

The lyrics 'leave the world behind' might symbolize a desire for escape or change.

The song features the line 'bey pr me hold me', which could be a plea for support or connection.

The phrase 'broken from this hur' suggests a breaking point or a significant turning point.

The lyrics include 'fantasy is me to love', which might explore the theme of idealized love.

The song has a section with clapping ['מחיאות כפיים], adding a rhythmic element to the performance.

The line 'לא צריך מילים גדולות רק תפילות' is in Hebrew, adding a multilingual aspect to the song.

The phrase 'אפילו אם קשה לראות תמיד אתה משאיר לי אור אחד קטן' continues the Hebrew lyrics, deepening the song's emotional impact.