How To Create Hyper Realistic Digital AI Images With Free Tool Blue Willow And Easy Prompts

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23 Apr 202310:01

TLDRIn this informative video, the host, Mozart, guides viewers on how to create hyper-realistic digital AI images using the free tool Blue Willow. The process involves generating images from detailed prompts, which can be tailored to one's imagination. Mozart explains that after signing up for Discord, users can join the Blue Willow beta version and start creating images by entering commands in a designated chat room. He demonstrates by creating an image of a boy standing in front of a pyramid wearing a cap with a hyper-realistic, dark, and moody tone. The video showcases the tool's ability to transform one's ideas into realistic images, which can be beneficial for designers, photographers, and other professionals. Mozart encourages viewers to experiment with the tool, refine their commands, and generate images that align with their vision.


  • 🎨 **Free AI Tools for Image Generation**: The video introduces a free AI tool called Blue Willow that can generate hyper-realistic images from textual prompts.
  • 🌐 **Online Accessibility**: The tool is accessible online and can be used by anyone with an internet connection, making it easy to create images from anywhere.
  • 📱 **Discord Integration**: To use Blue Willow, users must sign up for a Discord account, which serves as the platform for interacting with the AI tool.
  • 🔍 **Command Prompts**: Detailed command prompts are crucial for the AI to generate images that closely match the user's imagination.
  • 🤖 **AI's Understanding of Detail**: The AI carefully reads the commands and generates images that are highly accurate to the provided prompts.
  • 🚀 **Creative Freedom**: Users from various professions like designers, photographers, and engineers can use the tool to bring their ideas to life.
  • 💡 **Ideation Tool**: The tool can be used to propose ideas to clients or bosses by converting imagination into visual images.
  • 📈 **Business Applications**: The generated images can be used to scale businesses by sharing them on social media profiles or for marketing purposes.
  • 🔄 **Customization and Iteration**: Users can modify their commands and regenerate images to refine the output according to their vision.
  • ⏱️ **Processing Time**: Generating an image may take a minute or two, depending on the server load.
  • 🌟 **Community Interaction**: The Discord server allows users to view what others are creating, offering inspiration and a learning opportunity.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the free AI tool discussed in the video that can generate hyper realistic images?

    -The free AI tool discussed in the video is called Blue Willow.

  • How do you access the Blue Willow tool?

    -To access the Blue Willow tool, you need to search for it on Google, click on the first link to Google AI, and then join the free beta version. This will redirect you to a Discord server where you can use the tool.

  • Why is signing up for a Discord server necessary to use Blue Willow?

    -Signing up for a Discord server is necessary because Blue Willow requires a chatting platform to receive and process the user's command prompts, which are then converted into images.

  • What kind of images can you generate with Blue Willow?

    -With Blue Willow, you can generate hyper realistic images based on your imagination. You can create prompts for any scenario or setting you can think of, and the AI will generate an image that matches your description.

  • How detailed should the command prompt be when using Blue Willow?

    -The command prompt should be very detailed, describing the scene, characters, and any specific elements you want in the image. The more detailed the prompt, the more accurate the generated image will be to your imagination.

  • Can you use Blue Willow if you are a professional like a designer, photographer, or civil engineer?

    -Yes, professionals like designers, photographers, and civil engineers can use Blue Willow to convert their ideas into images, which can be helpful for presenting concepts to clients or bosses.

  • What are some other AI tools mentioned in the video that can generate images?

    -The video mentions Mid Journey as another AI tool that can generate images, but it is a paid tool that requires payment after generating a certain number of images.

  • How long does it typically take for Blue Willow to generate an image after you submit a command prompt?

    -After submitting a command prompt, it can take one to two minutes for Blue Willow to generate an image, depending on the server load.

  • What can you do with the images generated by Blue Willow?

    -You can download the images generated by Blue Willow and use them for personal or professional purposes, such as sharing on social media profiles or using them to scale your business.

  • How can you refine the images generated by Blue Willow?

    -You can refine the images by modifying the command prompt and submitting it again. This allows the AI to regenerate the image with the new specifications you provided.

  • Is there a limit to how many images you can generate with the free version of Blue Willow?

    -The video does not specify a limit to the number of images you can generate with the free version of Blue Willow, but it emphasizes that it is a 100% free tool.



🖼️ Introduction to AI Image Generation

The speaker, Mozart, introduces the topic of the video, which is about creating hyper-realistic images using AI tools. He explains that these images can be generated from one's imagination and shared in various online platforms. Mozart mentions that he will demonstrate how to use a free tool called 'Blue Below' to generate such images. Before diving into the process, he briefly talks about his online businesses and the financial freedom they have provided him, encouraging viewers to subscribe for more information on remote work and online earning.


📝 How to Use Blue Below for Image Generation

Mozart provides a step-by-step guide on using the AI tool 'Blue Below' to generate images from textual prompts. He explains that the tool is free and can be accessed by signing up for a Discord server, which is necessary for inputting commands. After signing up, viewers are instructed to join a specific Discord server and find a group named 'rookie' to start generating images. Mozart demonstrates how to input a detailed command to generate an image of a boy standing in front of a pyramid wearing a cap, with a 'hyper realistic, dark colors Moody tone'. He also discusses how to refine the command to change the generated image and emphasizes the importance of spending time to understand the system for better results.



💡Hyper Realistic Images

Hyper realistic images refer to digital artworks that are created to closely resemble real-life objects or scenes. In the context of the video, these images are generated using AI tools and can be incredibly detailed and lifelike, making it difficult to distinguish them from actual photographs. An example from the script is the image of an old man who appears to be a bodybuilder, sitting on the floor, which was created based on a detailed prompt provided to the AI tool.

💡AI Tools

AI tools, in this video, are software applications that utilize artificial intelligence to perform tasks such as generating images from textual descriptions. They are capable of understanding complex prompts and creating corresponding images. The video specifically mentions a free tool called 'Blue Willow' that can generate hyper realistic images, which is a significant aspect of the video's demonstration.

💡Discord Server

A Discord server is a platform for community communication, often used for text, voice, and video conversations. In the context of the video, the Discord server is necessary to use the Blue Willow tool because it serves as the interface where users can input their image generation commands. The script mentions signing up for Discord and joining a specific server to start using the AI image generation tool.

💡Command Prompt

A command prompt, in the context of this video, is a text input field where users type their specific requests or 'commands' for the AI to generate an image. The command prompt is crucial as it allows users to describe the scene they want to be created, with details such as the setting, characters, and desired style. An example from the script is 'draw a man sitting on the ground with his legs crossed and his back facing the camera', which the AI then uses to generate an image.

💡Free Beta Version

The free beta version refers to a pre-release version of a software tool that is made available to users without charge. It is often used for testing purposes and gathering user feedback. In the video, the Blue Willow tool's free beta version is mentioned as a way for users to access and experiment with the AI image generation capabilities without any financial commitment.

💡Image Generation

Image generation is the process of creating visual content from a textual description using AI algorithms. It is a central theme in the video, where the AI tool takes the user's detailed prompts and translates them into hyper realistic images. The video demonstrates how users can generate images by providing specific commands to the AI, such as 'a boy standing in front of a pyramid wearing a cap, hyper realistic, dark colors Moody tone'.


In the context of the video, a prompt is a detailed textual description that guides the AI tool in generating a specific image. It includes elements like the subject, background, and desired artistic style. The effectiveness of the image generation depends on the clarity and detail of the prompt. An example used in the script is describing a scene with 'a boy and a girl having a puppy in their hand, standing in front of a waterfall and behind that waterfall they can see the Statue of Liberty'.

💡Online Businesses

Online businesses are commercial ventures conducted over the internet, which can include platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and affiliate marketing. The video's presenter mentions running multiple online businesses, which has granted them financial freedom and the ability to travel without being tied to a traditional 9-to-5 job. This serves as a motivation for viewers to learn about generating income online and potentially using AI tools to enhance their business presentations or marketing materials.

💡Financial Freedom

Financial freedom refers to a state where one has enough savings, investments, or other assets to cover their expenses without the need for regular employment. In the video, the presenter mentions achieving financial freedom through their online businesses, which allows them the flexibility to travel and work remotely. This concept is often aspirational for viewers who are interested in escaping the constraints of traditional employment.

💡Remote Work

Remote work is the ability to perform one's job from anywhere outside of a traditional office setting, typically using digital tools and the internet. The video's presenter highlights the benefits of remote work, which include the freedom to travel and live a location-independent lifestyle. This is particularly relevant to the video's theme as the AI image generation tool can be used from anywhere, making it a valuable asset for remote workers or those running online businesses.

💡Blue Willow

Blue Willow is the name of the free AI tool discussed in the video for generating hyper realistic images from textual prompts. It is presented as an alternative to other paid tools, offering users a way to create detailed and accurate images without incurring costs. The tool is accessed through a Discord server, where users can input their commands and receive generated images in response.


The video demonstrates how to create hyper-realistic digital AI images using the free tool Blue Willow.

AI tools are being used to generate realistic images shared on the internet and social media platforms.

The presenter, Mozart, introduces a free tool that can generate images from detailed prompts.

The AI tool can create images for any prompt, such as a boy and a girl with a puppy in front of a waterfall.

The generated images are 100% accurate according to the provided prompts.

Professionals like designers, photographers, and civil engineers can use the tool to convert their ideas into images.

Mozart shares his experience with online businesses and financial freedom, encouraging viewers to subscribe for similar insights.

Blue Willow is a free AI tool that can perform tasks similar to paid tools without requiring payment.

To use Blue Willow, one must sign up on a Discord server, which acts as a chatting platform for commands.

Discord is a chatting app similar to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, used for entering commands into the AI tool.

After signing up for Discord and joining the Blue Willow server, users can start generating images by entering detailed prompts.

The video shows examples of prompts and the corresponding AI-generated images in the Discord chat.

Users can modify their prompts and regenerate images to fine-tune the output to their preferences.

The presenter walks through the process of generating an image of a boy standing in front of a pyramid with a cap.

The AI tool processed the command and generated four different images to choose from.

Once an image is selected, users can download it and use it for various purposes, such as business or personal use.

The video encourages viewers to sign up for the software and experiment with creating images based on their imagination.

The presenter concludes by inviting viewers to like and subscribe for more informative and helpful content.