How To Make AI Generated Videos With DALLE-3 Images

AI Andy
20 Oct 202309:21

TLDRIn this informative video, the creator demonstrates how to craft an AI-generated animated video using DALLE-3, an image generator from OpenAI. The process begins with crafting a bedtime story prompt for a sunflower hedgehog named Larry, which is then transformed into a script with visual descriptions. Utilizing free AI tools such as Chachi PT for scripting, 11 Labs for voiceover, and Pika for animation, the creator guides viewers through each step, from generating images with Bing's DALLE-3 integration to animating them in Pika and finally editing the video in DaVinci Resolve 18. The result is a unique and engaging animated story, showcasing the potential of AI tools for creative storytelling.


  • 🎨 Use DALL-E 3, an image generator from OpenAI, to create AI-generated videos with free tools.
  • 📝 Start with a prompt in Chat GPT to create a bedtime story including visual descriptions for illustrations.
  • 🌐 Access DALL-E 3 through, which is powered by DALL-E 3, to generate high-quality images.
  • ✂️ Shorten the story text to fit the desired length for the animation.
  • 🗣️ Utilize 11 Labs for AI voiceover, choosing a voice that fits the storytelling style.
  • 🔍 Install the AI tool 'Ask Your PDF' for summarizing documents, which can save time and offer insights.
  • 🎭 Adjust voice settings in 11 Labs for stability, style, and clarity to match the story's tone.
  • 🖌️ Copy and paste the story text into 11 Labs and generate the voiceover for free.
  • 🌟 Download images from Bing and refine prompts to fit the story's context.
  • 🎬 Use an AI animation tool like Pika to animate the images with slight movements.
  • 🎵 Edit the final video with a free video editor like DaVinci Resolve and add royalty-free music for the soundtrack.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI image generator used to create the animation?

    -The AI image generator used is called DALLE-3, developed by Open AI.

  • What AI tools were used to create the animated story?

    -The tools used were Chachi PT for the script, 11 labs for the voice, DALLE-3 for the images, and Pika for the AI animation.

  • How does one access DALLE-3 images for creating animations?

    -The creator accessed DALLE-3 images through, which is powered by DALLE-3.

  • What is the name of the sunflower Hedgehog character in the story?

    -The sunflower Hedgehog character in the story is named Larry.

  • What is the purpose of using the 'ask your PDF' tool?

    -The 'ask your PDF' tool is used to summarize and extract information from PDF documents, making it easier to understand the content.

  • How does the AI voiceover tool 11 labs work?

    -11 labs allows you to paste text and choose from a variety of AI voices to generate a voiceover. You can also adjust the voice settings for stability, style, and clarity.

  • What is the process for creating an animation with Pika?

    -With Pika, you join the beta on Discord, go to a generate room, and use the 'slash imagine' command to upload images and add prompts for animation.

  • What video editing software was used to compile the animations and voiceover?

    -The video editing software used was DaVinci Resolve 18.

  • How was the final soundtrack for the animation obtained?

    -The final soundtrack was found on YouTube as royalty-free music, downloaded as an MP3, and then added to the project in DaVinci Resolve.

  • What was the final output of the animation project?

    -The final output is an animated story narrated with a voiceover, set to music, and featuring images generated by DALLE-3, which tells the tale of a sunflower Hedgehog named Larry.

  • How can viewers access more content like the animation created in the video?

    -Viewers can subscribe to the channel and check out Patreon for more exclusive content.

  • What is the moral or message of the sunflower Hedgehog story?

    -The story conveys that even when one feels alone, they are often surrounded by friends and loved ones, as the Hedgehog Holly discovers that she is never truly alone in the heart of Blossom Valley.



🎨 Creating AI Animations with Doll E3 and Chachi PT

The video begins with the creator introducing an AI animation made using Doll E3, an image generator from Open AI. The process involves using free AI tools such as Chachi PT for scripting, 11 Labs for voiceover, and Pea for AI animation. The creator shares their excitement about making an animated story with narration, inspired by their 5-year-old's fascination with a 'super duper sunflower Hedgehog' named Larry. They demonstrate how to generate a story about Larry using Chat GBT, then proceed to create images with imagesc, which is powered by Doll E3. The creator also highlights the utility of an AI tool called 'Ask Your PDF' for summarizing documents. The narrative then shifts to using 11 Labs for voiceover, where the creator selects a British storytelling voice and adjusts the voice settings for a more engaging narration. Finally, the creator discusses the process of obtaining images and animating them using Pikarto and concludes with editing the animation in Da Vinci Resolve 18 and adding royalty-free music for a complete animated story.


🌟 Animating the Story of Holly the Hedgehog

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of creating an animated story for a sunflower Hedgehog named Holly. The creator discusses the challenges and surprises encountered while generating images with varying styles and qualities, emphasizing the high image resolution and the emotional journey of the Hedgehog. They describe the process of refining prompts to get better results and express their amazement at the AI's ability to create compelling images. The narrative continues with the creation of animations using Pikarto, a free AI video generator, and the importance of crafting the right prompts for smooth animations. The creator then moves on to editing the animations and voiceover in Da Vinci Resolve 18, noting the need for additional clips to match the audio length. They conclude by adding royalty-free music to the animation, reflecting on the final outcome, and encouraging viewers to subscribe and support their work for more exclusive content.



💡AI animation

AI animation refers to the process of creating animated content using artificial intelligence. In the context of the video, it involves generating images and animations that tell a story, such as the tale of a sunflower hedgehog named Larry. The AI tools mentioned, like DALL-E 3 and Pika, are used to create the visual elements of the animation.


DALL-E 3 is an advanced image-generating AI developed by OpenAI. It is capable of creating detailed and realistic images based on textual prompts. In the video, DALL-E 3 is used to generate images of the sunflower hedgehog's story, which are then animated to create a video.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI language model that can generate human-like text based on prompts. In the video, it is used to create a bedtime story about a sunflower hedgehog, which includes visual descriptions for illustrations and narration.

💡11 Labs

11 Labs is an AI voiceover tool mentioned in the video. It is used to generate a voiceover for the story, which is then combined with the AI-generated images to create an animated video. The tool allows for customization of the voice's style and stability to fit the storytelling tone.

💡Bing Images

Bing Images is a search engine for images, and in the context of the video, it is used to access images generated by DALL-E 3. The images are then used as a visual foundation for the AI animation, contributing to the storytelling aspect of the video.

💡Ask Your PDF

Ask Your PDF is a Chrome extension that summarizes PDF documents when prompted with questions. It is highlighted in the video as a tool that can save time by quickly providing summaries and key points from lengthy documents, such as resumes or annual reports.


Pika is an AI video generator that is used in the video to animate the images generated by DALL-E 3. It allows users to create simple animations by adding movement to the static images, which helps bring the story of the sunflower hedgehog to life.

💡Vinci Resolve 18

Vinci Resolve 18 is a video editing software that the video's creator uses to compile the AI animations and voiceover into a final video. It is praised for being a powerful and free tool that can be used to edit and enhance video content.

💡Royalty-free music

Royalty-free music refers to music that can be used without paying royalties each time it is used. In the video, royalty-free music is added to the final animation to enhance the storytelling and provide a complete audiovisual experience.

💡Sunflower Hedgehog

The sunflower hedgehog, named Larry in the video, is the central character of the story created by the AI tools. It serves as the narrative's focus, with the AI-generated images and animations depicting its adventures and emotions, contributing to the overall theme of friendship and belonging.

💡Bedtime story

A bedtime story is a narrative read or told to children before they go to sleep. In the video, the creator uses AI tools to generate a bedtime story about a sunflower hedgehog, aiming to create a compelling and relaxing narrative that could be enjoyed by children.


AI animation created using DALL-E 3, an image generator from Open AI.

Free AI tools were utilized, including Chachi PT for script, 11 labs for voice, and Pika for AI animation.

The AI animation was made with a focus on creating a bedtime story for kids.

The story is about a sunflower Hedgehog named Larry, narrated with visual descriptions.

DALL-E 3 is used to generate images for the story, showcasing high-quality visuals.

11 labs is the chosen AI voiceover tool for the project.

The process includes selecting a voice style and adjusting voice settings for the narration.

Bing images powered by DALL-E 3 is an alternative for image generation.

The video demonstrates how to animate a story with AI-generated images and narration.

Pika is used to create AI animations with slight movements for a dynamic effect.

Vinci Resolve 18 is the selected free video editor for compiling the animations and voiceover.

The final video includes royalty-free music for the soundtrack.

The video serves as a bedtime story, potentially appealing to both children and adults.

The Hedgehog character, Holly, finds friendship and joy in the heart of Blossom Valley.

The animation process is detailed, showing each step from script to final video.

The video concludes with a message of finding joy and friendship in unexpected places.

The creator encourages viewers to subscribe for more exclusive content.

The project demonstrates the capabilities of AI in storytelling and animation.