How To Use Imagine Art | AI Image Generator Tool

17 Apr 202413:19

TLDRThe video provides a comprehensive guide on how to use the Imagine Art AI image generation tool. It begins with a user-friendly interface introduction and showcases the tool's impressive community statistics. The presenter highlights the tool's features, including a blog with tutorials, visual aids, and various settings for image generation. The video demonstrates the process of generating images using prompts, adjusting settings like aspect ratio, art style, and model versions. It compares the results with another tool, Mid Journey, and explores additional features like remixing images and using the Canva-like interface for further editing. The presenter also discusses the pricing plans available for different levels of access to the tool's features.


  • 🌐 The Imagine Art website is user-friendly and offers an AI image generation tool.
  • 🔍 Users are greeted with a prompt bar and can view various generated images upon logging in.
  • 📈 The platform has a significant user base, with 25 million users and a community of 62,000.
  • 📚 The blog section provides tutorials, articles, product updates, and guides with visual aids for using the tool.
  • 💰 There's a free plan available with basic features, as well as premium and professional plans for more functionality.
  • 🔗 The Imagine Art API allows for seamless integration of generated images into other products or websites.
  • 📸 The image generation process involves describing what you want to see and adjusting settings like aspect ratio and art style.
  • 🎨 Users can choose from different models and versions to customize the style of the generated images.
  • 📉 Negative prompts can be utilized to fine-tune the image generation process.
  • ⏱️ The generation of images is quick, taking only seconds in the example provided.
  • 🖼️ The generated images can be downloaded, viewed in full, deleted, or upscaled directly from the platform.
  • 🛠️ Additional tools like remix and canva are available for further editing and customization of the generated images.

Q & A

  • What is the Imagine Art AI image generation tool?

    -Imagine Art is an AI-driven image generation tool that allows users to create images based on textual prompts. It offers a user-friendly interface and various features to customize the generated images.

  • How user-friendly is the Imagine Art platform?

    -The platform is designed to be quite user-friendly, with a prompt bar for easy input and settings for customization. It also provides visual aids and tutorials for users to understand how to use the tool effectively.

  • What kind of community and usage statistics does Imagine Art have?

    -Imagine Art boasts a user base of 25 million and a community of 62,000. It has processed 150 million images, indicating its popularity and widespread use.

  • What are some of the features available on the Imagine Art blog?

    -The Imagine Art blog offers tutorials, articles, product updates, and guides. It also provides visual aids and explains current settings such as aspect ratio, resolution, and negative prompts.

  • What are the different pricing plans for using Imagine Art?

    -Imagine Art offers a free plan with basic features, a standard plan at $8 per month, a premium plan at $13 per month, and a professional plan at $10 per month. There are also weekly plans available.

  • How can users integrate Imagine Art into their own products?

    -Users can obtain an API key to seamlessly integrate the power of generated images into their products, such as websites or other applications.

  • What is the process of generating an image using Imagine Art?

    -To generate an image, users describe what they want to see, separate their ideas with commas, and adjust settings such as aspect ratio, art style, model, and negative prompts. Then, they click on 'generate' to create the image.

  • How does the remix feature on Imagine Art work?

    -The remix feature allows users to upload a photo and then apply various transformations to it, such as changing colors or enhancing certain aspects, while retaining the original subject's form.

  • What is the Canva feature on Imagine Art used for?

    -The Canva feature is a tool that allows users to manipulate and edit their generated images further. It offers functionalities similar to a digital design platform, where users can add text, adjust layers, and modify the appearance of their images.

  • What are the options available for users after an image is generated on Imagine Art?

    -After an image is generated, users can download it directly, view it in full, delete it, or upscale it for higher resolution, depending on their subscription plan.

  • How does the text-to-image feature on Imagine Art assist users?

    -The text-to-image feature enables users to input a description of what they want the image to represent, and the AI generates an image based on that description. Users can specify qualities like style, colors, and mood to guide the image generation process.



🎨 Introduction to Imagine Art: A User-Friendly Image Generation Tool

The video introduces Imagine Art, an AI-driven image generation tool that is user-friendly and accessible via a website. The host guides viewers through the process of logging in and navigating the platform, highlighting its intuitive interface and the prompt bar. The platform showcases various generated images such as an enchanted forest and a realistic portrait. The host emphasizes the principle of 'less is more' in AI image generation and provides an overview of the platform's user base and image processing capabilities. The video also covers the platform's blog section, which offers tutorials, articles, and guides with visual aids to assist users. The pricing for different plans is discussed, along with the option to obtain an API key for integration into other products. The host then demonstrates the process of generating an image by describing the desired outcome and adjusting settings such as aspect ratio, art style, and CFG scale.


🏰 Generating Medieval and GTA-Inspired Images with Imagine Art

The host proceeds to generate images with specific themes, starting with a medieval model chosen from a selection of popular options. The process involves selecting a model version, opting for a negative prompt, and generating the image, which is then compared to a sample from mid Journey. The host appreciates the realistic output of Imagine Art, despite some limitations in capturing dark fantasy elements. Next, the video explores generating an image inspired by the video game Grand Theft Auto (GTA), testing the tool's capabilities with a vibrant art style. The host also demonstrates the remix feature, where an original image is uploaded, and the AI generates a new image based on a prompt, in this case, a pair of Nike shoes for a marketing poster. The output is compared to the original, noting that the AI preserved the shape but altered the color scheme.


🖼️ Exploring Canva and Pricing Options for Imagine Art

The host moves on to the Canva feature of Imagine Art, likening it to a design tool similar to Figma. They use an earlier generated GTA image as a reference photo and guide viewers through the process of uploading, adjusting, and generating a new image with a desired description, quality style, colors, artist, and mood. The generated image can be manipulated within the Canva tool, allowing for resizing, repositioning, and layer adjustments. The host then discusses the pricing structure for Imagine Art, outlining the costs for standard, premium, and professional plans on a monthly and weekly basis. The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to like, subscribe, and look forward to the next video.



💡Imagine Art

Imagine Art refers to an AI image generation tool that is the main subject of the video. It is a user-friendly online platform that allows users to create images based on textual prompts. The tool is highlighted for its simplicity and the 'less is more' approach, emphasizing the ease with which users can generate images.

💡AI Image Generation

AI Image Generation is the process by which Imagine Art creates visual content from textual descriptions. It is the core functionality of the tool and is used to generate a wide range of images, from enchanted forests to realistic portraits, showcasing the versatility of AI in creating art.

💡Prompt Bar

The Prompt Bar is an interface element within Imagine Art where users input their textual descriptions to generate images. It is a crucial part of the user experience, allowing users to describe what they want to see in the generated images.


The Imagine Art community is mentioned as having 62,000 members and having processed 150 million images. It represents the user base of the platform and is an indicator of the tool's popularity and the collaborative nature of image creation on the platform.


The Blog section of Imagine Art's website provides tutorials, articles, product updates, and guides. It serves as a resource for users to learn more about the tool, its features, and how to use it effectively, enhancing the overall user experience and understanding of the platform.


The Imagine Art API allows users to integrate the image generation capabilities into their own products or websites. It represents a way for developers to extend the functionality of Imagine Art beyond the platform itself, showcasing the tool's adaptability and potential for broader application.

💡Free Plan

The Free Plan is an option for users to use Imagine Art without cost, albeit with basic features and functionality. It is a way for users to try out the tool and understand its capabilities before deciding to upgrade to a paid plan.

💡Art Styles

Art Styles in Imagine Art refer to the different visual aesthetics that users can choose for their generated images, such as 'vibrant' or 'realistic'. These styles influence the final look of the images, allowing users to tailor the output to their preferences or project needs.

💡Negative Prompt

A Negative Prompt is a feature within Imagine Art that allows users to specify elements they do not want to appear in the generated images. It is a tool for fine-tuning the image generation process to ensure the final output aligns closely with the user's vision.


Remix in the context of Imagine Art is a feature that allows users to modify existing images, such as changing colors or transforming certain elements. It is a creative tool that enables users to experiment with different variations of a base image.


Canva, as mentioned in the script, is a tool similar to Imagine Art that allows users to work with images in a design context. In the video, it is used to further edit and enhance images generated by Imagine Art, demonstrating the integration of different tools for a comprehensive creative workflow.


Introduction to Imagine Art, an AI image generation tool.

User-friendly interface with a prompt bar upon logging in.

Viewing results such as an enchanted forest or a realistic portrait of an elb house.

Emphasis on simplicity and minimalism in the design philosophy.

25 million user base and a community of 62,000.

150 million image processes completed.

Features like blog, community, affiliate, API, and desktop application.

Comprehensive tutorials with visual aids for easy understanding.

Explanation of current settings like aspect ratio and negative prompts.

Free plan available with basic features and functionality.

API key access for seamless integration into products.

process and initial interface overview.

Using a guide to create an age image with specific settings.

Comparison of generated images with those from Mid Journey.

Exploring the limits of Imagine Art with a Grand Theft Auto (GTA) themed prompt.

Downloading and manipulating generated images with ease.

Remix feature for transforming images with user input.

Canva tool for text to image and image remix functionalities.

Customization options for quality, style, colors, artist, and mood.

Pricing plans for standard, premium, and professional subscriptions.