How to Generate AI Images of Yourself (Ai Image Generator)

Sika Digitals
19 Jul 202307:51

TLDRIn this informative video, the host guides viewers on how to use an AI image generator to create personalized images. The process involves selecting gender, uploading eight high-quality photos of oneself to train the AI, and choosing a model image to customize. The AI then generates a series of images in various settings and outfits. Viewers can save or delete the generated images and provide feedback to improve the AI's accuracy. The video concludes with a call to action to like and comment, and a mention of a seven-day free trial for the app used, with a subscription fee after the trial period.


  • 📱 Use an AI image generator app to create images of yourself.
  • 📷 Train the AI by uploading several photos of yourself to help it recognize your face.
  • 👚 Select your gender to tailor the AI's image generation process.
  • 🖼️ Choose a model image that represents the style or scenario you want the AI to generate.
  • 🕒 Allow the AI some time to process and generate images, especially for first-time users.
  • 📂 Review the generated images and save or delete them according to your preference.
  • ✅ Provide feedback to the AI if the generated images do not resemble you as expected.
  • 🔄 You can change the model and generate more images with a different look.
  • 💰 Be aware that some apps offer a free trial but may require payment after the trial period.
  • 📝 Remember to cancel the subscription before the trial ends if you do not wish to continue.
  • 🔊 Engage with the content by liking and commenting to support the creator.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the app discussed in the video?

    -The app discussed in the video is used to generate AI images of oneself. It allows users to select and upload their own images to train the AI to recognize their face and generate other images of themselves in different locations, clothes, and scenarios.

  • How many images should one upload to train the AI?

    -To train the AI, one should upload about eight images of themselves to help the AI learn and recognize their face.

  • What is the second stage of setting up a profile in the app?

    -The second stage of setting up a profile involves uploading images of oneself so the AI can learn to recognize the user's face and generate other photos.

  • How long does it take for the AI to generate images after uploading?

    -After uploading the images, the AI may take about six minutes to generate the images, but this time can vary, especially for first-time users.

  • What can you do with the generated images?

    -Users can save the generated images to their phones or delete them. They can also provide feedback to the AI if the resemblance is not as expected.

  • How can you give feedback to the AI about a generated image?

    -If a generated image does not meet the user's expectations, they can drag the image to the left, and the AI will ask for feedback. The user can then specify what was wrong with the photo.

  • What does the term 'pick a model image' mean in the context of the app?

    -'Pick a model image' refers to selecting one of the predefined scenarios or themes for which the AI will generate images. These can range from corporate settings to casual wear or specific professions.

  • Can the app generate images for both males and females?

    -Yes, the app allows users to select whether they are male or female during the initial setup, and it will generate images accordingly.

  • What is the process if a user wants to change the model for generating images?

    -To change the model, the user can go back to the selection screen, choose a different model image, and then click on 'use this model image' for the AI to generate new images based on the selected model.

  • Is there a cost associated with using the app?

    -The app offers a seven-day free trial. After the trial period, users can choose to subscribe for a fee, which at the time of the video recording was 1507 naira per week. Users can also cancel before the trial ends to avoid automatic subscription.

  • How can one subscribe to the channel for more valuable videos like this?

    -To subscribe to the channel, one would typically look for a 'subscribe' button, often on the video page or the channel's main page, and click on it to become a subscriber.

  • What should a user do if they want to save a generated image?

    -If a user wants to save a generated image, they can drag the image to the right-hand side within the app, which will save it to their gallery.



😀 Introduction to AI Image Generation

This paragraph introduces the topic of the video, which is about generating images of oneself using AI technology. The speaker explains that they will demonstrate how to use an app for creating AI images, similar to the random AI images viewers may have seen before. The video will guide viewers through the app interface, the process of training the AI with personal images, and setting up a profile. It emphasizes selecting the correct gender and uploading several photos of oneself to help the AI learn and generate images in various settings and attires.


📱 App Interface and Image Selection Process

The speaker describes the second stage of the app setup, which involves uploading about eight photos of oneself for the AI to learn facial features. They mention that the quality of the pictures will affect the outcome. The paragraph also covers the next stage, which is selecting a model image that the AI will use to customize generated images. The speaker walks viewers through choosing a corporate outfit as an example and explains how to provide feedback to the AI if the generated images do not meet expectations. They also mention the option to change the model for different looks and encourage viewers to like and comment on the video for appreciation.



💡AI Image Generator

An AI Image Generator is a software application that uses artificial intelligence to create images based on certain inputs or training data. In the context of the video, the AI Image Generator is used to create images of oneself by training the AI with personal photos. This allows the AI to recognize and replicate the individual's facial features in various settings and attires, as demonstrated in the video.

💡Train the AI

Training the AI refers to the process of providing the AI system with data (in this case, personal photos) so that it can learn specific features and patterns. During the training phase, as mentioned in the video, one selects images that the AI will use to understand and replicate the user's face. This is a crucial step for the AI to generate realistic and personalized images later on.

💡App Interface

The term 'App Interface' describes the visual layout and interaction design of a software application. In the video, the presenter shows the app interface where users can train the AI by uploading images of themselves. The interface is user-friendly and guides the user through the process of setting up their profile for the AI image generation.

💡Profile Setup

Setting up a profile in this context means creating a personalized space for the user within the app where their data and preferences are stored. As per the video script, profile setup involves selecting a gender and uploading multiple photos of oneself to help the AI learn and recognize the user's face for image generation.

💡Model Image

A 'Model Image' in the context of the video refers to a template or example image that the AI uses to generate new images. The user can choose from various model images, such as corporate outfits or casual wear, and the AI will create look-alike images based on the selected model, incorporating the user's face.

💡Uploading Photos

Uploading photos is the action of transferring image files from a local device to a software application or online service. In the video, the user is instructed to upload about eight photos of themselves to the AI image generator so that the AI can learn their facial features. The quality of these uploaded photos directly impacts the quality of the generated images.

💡AI Feedback

Providing AI feedback is a process where users can communicate with the AI system about the performance or outcome of its tasks. In the video, if a generated image does not meet the user's expectations, they can give feedback to the AI, such as commenting on the resemblance, which helps the AI to improve future image generation.

💡Save or Delete

The options to 'Save' or 'Delete' are user actions within the app that allow them to either keep or discard the generated images. Saving an image adds it to the user's gallery, while deleting removes it from consideration. This choice is demonstrated in the video where the presenter drags images to the right to save or to the left to delete them.

💡Generate More

The phrase 'Generate More' refers to the ability of the AI image generator to produce additional images based on the selected model or user profile. The video demonstrates this by showing how the user can request more images with the same model or switch to a different model to create a variety of AI-generated photos.

💡Free Trial

A 'Free Trial' is a period during which users can use a software application or service without charge. The video mentions that the AI image generator app offers a seven-day free trial, allowing users to test the service before deciding whether to subscribe. This trial period is a common marketing strategy to attract and retain users.

💡Subscription Model

A subscription model is a type of business model where users pay a recurring fee to access a service on an ongoing basis. In the context of the video, the app operates on a subscription basis, with a mention of a weekly subscription fee. This model is a popular way for software and online services to generate revenue and ensure continuous access to their services.


The video demonstrates how to generate AI images of yourself using an AI image generator app.

The AI image generator allows you to create images of yourself in various locations, clothes, and settings.

To use the app, you first need to train the AI by selecting and uploading images of your face.

The app interface has a 'train the AI' feature where you upload about eight photos of yourself for facial recognition.

The quality of the pictures you upload determines the outcome of the generated images.

After uploading, you select a model image that represents the type of image you want the AI to generate.

The AI then customizes the selected model image to resemble your uploaded photos.

The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to set up your profile and use the app.

The app offers a variety of model images, such as corporate, casual, and professional, to choose from.

The AI generates several photos based on your uploaded images and selected model, which you can save or delete.

You can provide feedback to the AI if the generated images do not resemble you closely enough.

The app allows you to generate more images with the same model or try a different model.

The video offers the app's name and instructions on downloading, setting up, and using it.

The app provides a seven-day free trial, after which you can choose to subscribe or cancel to avoid auto-renewal.

The video emphasizes that the tutorial is free and encourages viewers to like and comment for appreciation.

The presenter mentions the subscription cost if viewers decide to continue using the app after the free trial.

The video is part of a channel that posts valuable content weekly and encourages viewers to subscribe.