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Adobe Express
5 Jun 202304:03

TLDRIn this tutorial, viewers are introduced to Adobe Express, a powerful tool for graphic design and video editing. The video demonstrates how to remove a subject from the background, flip and rotate images, and apply filters for a more professional look. It also covers how to use templates for text, customize fonts, colors, and alignments, and even animate text and images. The presenter guides users through the process of creating a GIF from a video, showcasing the software's versatility and ease of use. Adobe Express is presented as a user-friendly option for beginners looking to create engaging visual content quickly.


  • 🖼️ Remove the background of an image with a single click in Adobe Express.
  • 🔄 Flip or rotate images to adjust their orientation.
  • 🌌 Duplicate images and apply filters like blur to create different effects.
  • 📝 Use templates to add text and customize fonts, sizes, and colors.
  • 🎨 Edit the details of template elements and change background colors easily.
  • 📐 Adjust text alignment and line spacing for better composition.
  • 🎭 Add effects, backgrounds, and customize typography with various options.
  • 🎭 Use the 'mask text' feature to create a see-through text effect.
  • 🔲 Add shapes and shadows to enhance the visual appeal of your design.
  • 📹 Animate text and images with options like typewriter, slide in, or zoom.
  • 📥 Download your creation as a video and convert it to a GIF easily.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the tutorial?

    -The main topic of the tutorial is how to use Adobe Express, focusing on various features for beginners.

  • How can you remove the background of an image in Adobe Express?

    -You can remove the background of an image by clicking the 'remove background' button and then hitting 'done'.

  • What does flipping an image horizontally do in Adobe Express?

    -Flipping an image horizontally in Adobe Express will mirror the image across a vertical axis.

  • How can you rotate an image in Adobe Express?

    -You can rotate an image by clicking and dragging at the bottom of the image to the desired angle.

  • What is the purpose of applying a blur filter to an image in Adobe Express?

    -Applying a blur filter to an image in Adobe Express can help to create a softer or more dreamlike effect, or to subtly highlight the main subject.

  • How can you change the size and font of a template in Adobe Express?

    -You can change the size and font of a template by selecting the text and using the options provided in the toolbar to adjust these properties.

  • What is a benefit of using templates in Adobe Express for adding text?

    -Templates in Adobe Express for adding text are beneficial because they are pre-designed and customizable, allowing users to easily edit and scale elements to fit their needs.

  • How can you change the color of elements in the background of a design in Adobe Express?

    -You can change the color of elements in the background by selecting the element and using the color options available in the toolbar.

  • What is the 'mask text' feature in Adobe Express used for?

    -The 'mask text' feature in Adobe Express is used to make the text see-through, which can be useful for creating unique visual effects where the background is visible through the text.

  • How can you add a shadow or outline effect to text in Adobe Express?

    -You can add a shadow or outline effect to text by selecting the text and choosing the appropriate effect options from the toolbar.

  • What animation options are available for text in Adobe Express?

    -In Adobe Express, you can animate text with options such as a typewriter effect, sliding in from the side, flickering, or dynamic movements.

  • How can you download an animated project as a video or a GIF in Adobe Express?

    -After creating an animation, you can download it as a video by hitting the 'download' button. To convert it to a GIF, you can use the 'Quick actions' feature to convert the downloaded video.



🖼️ Adobe Express Background Removal and Manipulation

The video begins with a demonstration of Adobe Express's background removal feature. The presenter shows how to isolate a subject, in this case, Andrew, from the background and manipulate the image by flipping and rotating it. The process involves a single button click to remove the background and additional options to flip or rotate the image for desired positioning. The presenter also discusses the use of filters, such as blur, to enhance the visual appeal of the image.



💡Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a graphic design software that allows users to create social media posts, videos, and other visual content easily. In the video, it is the main tool used to demonstrate various editing and design techniques, making it central to the video's theme of teaching beginners how to use the software.

💡Background Removal

Background removal is a feature in Adobe Express that allows users to remove the background of an image, isolating the subject. This is demonstrated in the video when the presenter removes the background of a person climbing, which is a crucial step in creating composite images.

💡Flip Horizontal

Flip Horizontal is a transformation tool that mirrors an image or object across a vertical axis. In the context of the video, the presenter uses this feature to flip the image of the person for a different visual effect, showcasing the versatility of Adobe Express's editing tools.


Filters in Adobe Express are used to apply various visual effects to images. The video script mentions using a blur filter to create a subtle effect on an image, which is a common technique to draw focus to certain elements or to create a specific mood in a design.


Templates in Adobe Express provide pre-designed layouts that users can customize with their content. The video emphasizes the ease of use of these templates for creating typography and other design elements, allowing beginners to produce professional-looking designs without starting from scratch.

💡Text Editing

Text editing involves modifying the appearance and arrangement of text in a design. The video shows how to add, scale, and edit text using Adobe Express, including changing font styles, colors, and alignments, which is essential for creating visually appealing and informative designs.


Effects in the context of Adobe Express refer to additional visual enhancements that can be applied to text or images, such as shadows or outlines. The presenter in the video uses effects to enhance the typography and make the text stand out, which is a key aspect of design for visual impact.

💡Mask Text

Mask Text is a feature that allows text to be filled with an image or pattern, creating a unique design element. In the video, the presenter discusses the option to make text see-through, which can be used to overlay text on top of complex backgrounds without losing detail.


Shapes in Adobe Express are geometrical figures that can be used as design elements. The video script mentions exploring shapes to add visual interest and structure to a design, such as using a shape to create a label look or to add a shadow for separation.


Animation in Adobe Express is the process of creating movement or the illusion of movement in a still image or text. The video demonstrates adding a typewriter animation to text and panning photos, which are creative ways to make static content dynamic and engaging.

💡GIF Conversion

GIF Conversion is the process of turning a video or a series of images into a GIF, a popular format for short, looping animations. The video concludes with instructions on how to download an animation as a video and then convert it into a GIF using Adobe Express, showcasing the software's versatility in creating shareable content.


Adobe Express tutorial for beginners under 5 minutes.

Background removal feature with a single button click.

Flipping and rotating images for desired angles.

Duplicating images to apply filters and effects.

Using blur filters to augment photos.

Customizable templates for text addition.

Editable elements in templates for detailed customization.

Changing colors easily with a color palette.

Creating typography from scratch with text suggestions.

Dynamic font suggestions as you move text.

Adjusting text color to match current palette.

Aligning and spacing text for desired layout.

Adding backgrounds and customizing text effects.

Masking text for a see-through effect.

Exploring and adding various shapes to designs.

Adding shadows or outlines to text for separation.

Animating text and photos with various options.

Downloading creations as videos or converting to GIFs.

Quick actions for generating QR codes and converting images.