I Got ALL Medallions in Fortnite History

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11 May 202413:36

TLDRIn this thrilling Fortnite adventure, the player embarks on a quest to collect all the legendary medallions dropped by the game's bosses. The challenge? To use each medallion to achieve a Victory Royale and rank them in a tier list to determine the best. Starting with the formidable Zeus Medallion, the player strategically battles through various bosses, including Aries, Hades, and Peter Griffin, while managing limited resources like ammo and health. The gameplay is intense, with the player often on the brink of defeat but ultimately emerging victorious, showcasing not only skill but also the power of the medallions. The video culminates in a high-stakes final confrontation, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to see if the player can indeed become the ultimate God of Fortnite.


  • 🎮 The video is about collecting all the medallions from bosses in Fortnite to determine the best one.
  • 🔍 The process involves eliminating each boss and using their medallions to create a tier list.
  • 🏆 The ultimate goal is to use the medallions to achieve a Victory Royale.
  • 💥 The Zeus Medallion is featured first and is noted to be comparatively tougher to acquire.
  • 🕹️ The player takes on the challenge of defeating all bosses in a single game, which is expected to be hectic.
  • 🛡️ After defeating bosses, the player collects their Mythic items and medallions to increase their power.
  • ⏳ Time is a critical factor, as the player must defeat all bosses before the storm circle closes in.
  • 🚨 The player faces a difficult challenge due to low health and lack of materials at one point in the game.
  • 🛍️ The player strategically uses the medallions' abilities, such as increased damage or health siphoning.
  • 🤚 The final challenge is to win the game without carrying any healing items and with the player's location exposed.
  • 🏆 The player successfully defeats all bosses, collects the medallions and Mythic items, and aims to become the ultimate God in Fortnite.

Q & A

  • What is the main objective of the video?

    -The main objective of the video is to find and rank the best Medallion in the history of Fortnite by eliminating every single boss and using their Medallions to achieve a Victory Royale.

  • Which Medallion is used at the beginning of the video?

    -The Zeus Medallion is used at the beginning of the video.

  • What is the challenge the player is trying to complete?

    -The challenge is to collect all the old Medallions, including the boss Peter Griffin Medallion, in just one game.

  • What does the Zeus Medallion allow the player to do?

    -The Zeus Medallion allows the player to run fast.

  • How does the player feel about the difficulty of taking out boss Zeus?

    -The player acknowledges that taking out boss Zeus is comparatively tougher and plans to rank the Medallion accordingly.

  • What is the player's strategy for dealing with the minions of Aries?

    -The player's strategy is to take out the minions first before confronting Aries, as they are aware of the limited time before the Storm Circle arrives.

  • What is the player's tactic when facing boss Hades?

    -The player aims to quickly eliminate Hades and his minions, focusing on acquiring the Mythic item and the Medallion, despite being low on health and materials.

  • What is the special ability of the boss Aries Medallion?

    -The boss Aries Medallion increases the player's damage.

  • Why does the player decide to rank the boss Hades Medallion as an eight?

    -The player ranks the boss Hades Medallion as an eight because it helps them siphon, providing free health and shields for every elimination after its use.

  • What is the player's approach to managing their low health and lack of healing items?

    -The player plans to eliminate all opponents in the lobby to replenish health and achieve victory, as carrying healing items is not an option.

  • What is the player's final action after collecting all the Medallions and Mythic items?

    -The player's final action is to engage in a one-on-one situation with the last opponent, aiming to win the game and become the ultimate God in Fortnite.



🎮 Fortnite Boss Challenge: Collecting Medallions

The video involves a Fortnite challenge where the player aims to collect Medallions from various bosses in a single game. The player starts with the Zeus Medallion, planning to gather others, including the Peter Griffin Medallion. The player ranks each Medallion based on its effectiveness in battle, while navigating through the game, battling bosses like Zeus and Aries, and dealing with the challenges of limited ammo and aggressive minions. The Zeus Medallion is rated in the 'B tier' for its speed boost, while engaging in continuous gameplay without health items.


🏆 Intense Boss Battles and Strategic Gameplay

Continuing the intense gameplay, the player faces the Hades and Cerberus bosses, ranking the Hades Medallion in the 'A tier' for its health regeneration benefits. The player emphasizes the difficulty of these battles, especially with limited ammo and the pressure of the closing storm. The player maneuvers through the game, picking fights with various mythical bosses and their minions, collecting their Medallions, and using strategic moves to survive. The focus is on the player's strategy to manage health and positioning to take down multiple bosses under challenging conditions.


🌟 Final Battles and Strategic Victory

The script culminates in a series of final boss battles, where the player collects the remaining Medallions, including from bosses like Valeria and Peter Griffin. Each boss presents unique challenges, with the Peter Griffin boss being noted for providing substantial content, earning an 'S tier' ranking. The player manages to collect all Medallions and mythic items, pushing towards a victorious end despite the lack of healing items and being constantly exposed to enemy players. The narrative builds up to an ultimate showdown where the player seeks to assert dominance as the ultimate Fortnite champion.




A medallion in the context of Fortnite is a special item that is dropped by bosses in the game. These items often provide the player with unique abilities or enhancements. In the video, the creator is on a mission to collect all the medallions to determine which one is the best in the history of Fortnite.

💡Victory Royale

A Victory Royale is the term used in Fortnite to describe winning a match. It signifies being the last player or team standing after all others have been eliminated. The video's goal is to use the collected medallions to achieve a Victory Royale.


In Fortnite, a boss refers to a powerful non-player character (NPC) that players can fight against. Defeating these bosses often rewards players with valuable items, such as medallions. The script mentions several bosses, including Zeus, Aries, and Hades, which are all part of the challenge.

💡Mythic Item

Mythic items in Fortnite are the highest rarity tier of items that players can find and use during a match. They are extremely powerful and often turn the tide of battle. The video script describes the player obtaining Mythic items from defeated bosses.

💡Tier List

A tier list is a ranking system used by gamers to organize and compare the relative power or quality of different items, characters, or elements within a game. The video's creator plans to make a tier list to rank the medallions based on their performance in achieving a Victory Royale.


To eliminate in Fortnite means to defeat an opponent, removing them from the match. The video's challenge involves eliminating other players using only the power of the Mythic items and medallions, which adds to the difficulty and excitement of the gameplay.


In Fortnite, a shield is a protective mechanism that absorbs damage before a player's health is affected. The script mentions that certain medallions provide free shields, which is a significant advantage during combat.

💡Storm Circle

The Storm Circle in Fortnite is the electrical storm that gradually shrinks the playable area of the map. Players caught in the storm take damage over time and can be eliminated if they do not reach the safe zone quickly. The script describes the urgency created by the closing storm circle.


A challenge in Fortnite can refer to a specific task or goal that a player sets for themselves, often involving difficult or unique gameplay conditions. The video is centered around a challenge to collect all the medallions and win a match without carrying healing items.


In gaming and online video culture, 'content' refers to the material or activities that make up the gameplay or video. The script mentions that the boss Peter Griffin has given a lot of content, likely referring to the various interactions, fights, and items associated with this character.


In the context of the video, referring to oneself as the 'ultimate God' is a playful and exaggerated way to express invincibility or supreme power within the game. The creator uses this term to hype up the moment when they have collected all the medallions and are feeling particularly powerful.


Introduction to the mission of collecting all Fortnite medallions by eliminating bosses.

Starting the challenge with the Zeus Medallion, setting the pace for the video.

First encounter and struggle with boss Zeus, highlighting the difficulty of obtaining his medallion.

Ranking the Zeus Medallion in the B tier for its speed boost capability.

Moving on to confront Aries, with an intense sniper interruption, showcasing mid-battle challenges.

Defeating Aries and his minions, obtaining the Aries Medallion and discussing its damage increase benefit.

Encounter with Hades and surviving a close call with only 1 HP, demonstrating high-stakes gameplay.

Rating the Hades Medallion in the A tier for its health siphoning ability, aiding in survival.

Challenging the boss Cerberus, emphasizing the urgency with storm circle closing in.

Discussing the mobility advantage of the Cerberus Medallion, planning to rank it based on game outcome.

Utilizing the Peter Griffin Medallion, highlighting its strategic importance in the gameplay.

Final battles and strategic maneuvers to secure victory, leveraging the powers of collected medallions.

Ultimate victory achieved by strategically using only mythic items and medallions.

Summarizing the challenge and encouraging viewers to support via the item shop.

Final call to action, inviting viewers to check out another related video.