I Survived 100 Days In ARK Eternal!

25 Aug 202259:21

TLDRJoin the adventure as the player embarks on a thrilling 100-day challenge in ARK Eternal, a modded ARK experience. The journey is filled with taming unique creatures, crafting advanced items, and battling powerful bosses. From waking up on a serene Crystal Isle beach to taming a lightning-infused Megalodon named Sparky, the player's exploits are nothing short of extraordinary. The narrative unfolds as our protagonist faces numerous challenges, including the dark herophant and various elemental creatures, all while striving to survive and not die—because every death adds to a giveaway pot. The summary of the gameplay includes the acquisition of special items like the Eternal Glide suit, the establishment of a base, and the utilization of various strategies to collect resources and evolve creatures. The player's persistence is evident as they tackle each day's objectives, leading up to intense boss fights and the evolution of their prime dragon into a powerful force. The summary culminates with the player's preparation for an epic showdown with the ultimate bosses, highlighting the game's depth and the player's evolving strategies in this action-packed odyssey.


  • {"🎮":"The player embarks on a 100-day challenge in the ARK Eternal mod, facing increasingly difficult trials and creatures."}
  • {"💸":"Each time the player dies, 25 is added to a pot for a giveaway at the end of the video."}
  • {"🛠️":"Crafting and resource gathering are essential for survival, including creating structures like the Eternal corpse retriever."}
  • {"🐊":"Taming various creatures such as sharks, Pteranodons, and a Meg is part of the gameplay, with unique taming methods for each."}
  • {"🔥":"The player evolves and enhances creatures like the Prime Dragon and Woven to increase their power and utility."}
  • {"🏞️":"Exploration of the Crystal Isles and other dangerous locations is necessary to find rare resources and creatures."}
  • {"🔬":"The use of advanced technology like the tech replicator and mutator is crucial for crafting powerful items and duplicating strong creatures."}
  • {"🛡️":"The player acquires Eternal armor and other protective gear to withstand the intense battles against bosses."}
  • {"🐉":"Taming and evolving powerful creatures like the Silver Knight and Chaos Griffin is key to taking on stronger adversaries."}
  • {"🥩":"Meat is a vital resource for crafting, cloning, and evolving, leading to the setup of automated meat farms."}
  • {"🏆":"The ultimate goal is to defeat the dark hero fan and other bosses, requiring a well-coordinated army of powerful tamed creatures."}

Q & A

  • What is the main challenge of the mod 'Ark Eternal'?

    -The main challenge of the mod 'Ark Eternal' is to survive for 100 days, defeat the dark hero fans, and hundreds of bosses while managing resources and avoiding death.

  • What happens each time the player dies in the game?

    -Every time the player dies, 25 is added to a pot that will be given away at the end of the video.

  • What is the significance of the Eternal Glide suit in the game?

    -The Eternal Glide suit is significant because it allows the player to glide and turn into a rocket, which is useful for traversing the game environment and avoiding falls.

  • What is the role of the creature named Sparky in the game?

    -Sparky, an elemental lightning Megalodon, serves as a bodyguard for the player, helping to navigate through the game's challenges.

  • How does the player tame creatures in 'Ark Eternal'?

    -The player tames creatures by using various methods such as feeding them specific berries, tracking them, and sometimes using other creatures to help in the taming process.

  • What is the player's strategy for dealing with the Shadow Man in the game?

    -The player's strategy for dealing with the Shadow Man is to lead it away by jumping off cliffs and setting up foundations to block spawn points.

  • What is the purpose of the Eternal corpse retriever?

    -The Eternal corpse retriever is an overpowered structure that allows the player to recover their corpse, which is crucial for continuing the game without losing progress.

  • How does the player evolve their Prime Dragon into an Infernal Dragon?

    -The player evolves their Prime Dragon into an Infernal Dragon by using an infernal potion and the dragon's feces, which are crafted into an evolution item.

  • What is the player's approach to gathering resources in the game?

    -The player gathers resources by hunting various creatures, harvesting from plants, and using structures like the Eternal resource converter and sassy plants to generate resources passively.

  • What is the player's final goal in the game?

    -The player's final goal is to defeat the dark hero fans and hundreds of bosses, including the God-tier bosses, while also managing to survive and thrive in the game environment.

  • How does the player plan to fight the dark hero fans?

    -The player plans to fight the dark hero fans by using a light pit strategy and bringing an army of dinosaurs named after patrons and channel members for support.



🎮 Ark Eternal Mod Adventure Begins

The video script details the player's ambitious 100-day challenge in the Ark Eternal mod, an overhaul mod for Ark that promises fun and challenging gameplay. The player plans to fight the dark herophant, a powerful boss, and defeat numerous bosses along the way. To add a charitable twist, every time the player dies, they add 25 to a pot that will be given away at the end of the video. The player begins their adventure on a safe beach of Crystal Isles, crafting items, taming various creatures like a shark named Sparky, and encountering elemental creatures. The script highlights the player's humorous and sometimes perilous interactions with the game's mechanics and creatures.


🦕 Taming and Base Building in Ark Eternal

The player continues their Ark Eternal playthrough by taming more creatures, including a fire truck and a poison Pteranodon named Caustic. They also set up a base near a waterfall, which they plan to be their main base for the playthrough. The player encounters various challenges, such as dealing with shadow creatures and setting up structures like the Eternal corpse retriever. They also experiment with the game's mechanics, like the rocket-powered glider, and engage in combat with different creatures, showcasing the mod's unique features and the player's strategic approach to survival and progression in the game.


🐉 Taming Alpha and Prime Creatures

The player's narrative in Ark Eternal involves taming various alpha and prime creatures, including an Alpha Wyman and a poison wyvern. They also discuss the game's mechanics of evolving creatures and the resources needed for such processes. The player spends time harvesting resources, setting up foundations for their base, and engaging in combat with other creatures. They also mention the server being open for subscribers to play, indicating a community aspect to their gameplay. The paragraph ends with the player's ongoing efforts to evolve their prime dragon and their various encounters with other creatures in the game.


🔥 Crafting and Combat with the Promethean Dragon

The player focuses on crafting and using a Promethean Dragon in Ark Eternal. They gather resources, set up a cloning chamber, and engage in combat with various creatures and bosses. The player also discusses the process of evolving their woven into an unknown poison wyvern, a powerful creature in the game. They share their excitement about the dragon's abilities and the strategic use of different creatures and resources to progress in the game. The narrative includes the player's efforts to build a base, gather meat for crafting, and their ongoing battle with the game's bosses, highlighting the challenging and dynamic nature of Ark Eternal.


🏰 Base Expansion and Resource Management

The player spends two days expanding and upgrading their base in Ark Eternal, highlighting the strategic aspect of the game. They install a grinder to manage loot and craft items like scissors for character customization. The player also goes on a meat-gathering mission to craft an instant taming bacon, showcasing the game's unique crafting system. They continue to fight bosses and collect artifacts, which are essential for summoning more powerful creatures. The narrative emphasizes the player's resource management and strategic planning to take on increasingly difficult challenges in the game.


🥩 Taming the Bacon Overlord and Preparing for Boss Fights

The player's journey in Ark Eternal includes taming a Bacon Overlord and setting up structures to generate resources passively. They engage in boss fights, collect artifacts, and use them to summon more powerful bosses. The player also experiments with the game's taming mechanics, successfully taming a silver Knight and a powerful Griffin. They discuss the challenges of fighting bosses and the strategic use of different creatures and resources. The narrative concludes with the player's preparation for tougher boss fights and their ongoing efforts to strengthen their army of creatures.


🏺 Taming Jug Bugs and Cloning Quicksilvers

The player focuses on taming various types of jug bugs to generate resources and setting up a cloning chamber for the silver Knight named Quicksilver. They discuss the process of breeding and gender swapping in the game, leading to the successful cloning of Quicksilver. The player also prepares for boss fights by gathering resources and setting up structures like a tech cooking pot. They engage in combat with the resurrected God and other bosses, highlighting the game's challenging endgame content. The narrative ends with the player's ongoing efforts to strengthen their army and their strategic planning for future battles.


🐶 Taming Bulb Dog and Fighting the Dark Herophant

The player's final push in Ark Eternal involves taming a Bulb Dog named Bulbius Maximus and using it to fight the Dark Herophant, a challenging boss. They discuss the boss's mechanics, including its ability to summon reaper minions that can despawn the player's creatures. The player also expresses gratitude to their patrons and channel members for their support. The narrative concludes with the player's determination to face the Herophant head-on, showcasing their perseverance and strategic approach to the game's toughest challenges.



💡ARK Eternal

ARK Eternal is a modification (mod) for the game ARK: Survival Evolved. It introduces new challenging gameplay elements, creatures, and features that overhaul the original game experience. In the context of the video, the player is surviving for 100 days in this mod, battling various bosses and creatures.


In gaming terminology, bosses are powerful characters or creatures that players must defeat to progress in the game. The video script mentions defeating hundreds of bosses, which is a core challenge in ARK Eternal and essential for the player's progression.


Taming, in the context of ARK games, refers to the process of domesticating and training wild creatures to become allies or mounts for the player. The script describes taming various creatures like sharks, dodos, and Pteranodons, which are crucial for survival and exploration.

💡Eternal Glide suit

The Eternal Glide suit is a piece of equipment in ARK Eternal that allows players to glide through the air. It is mentioned in the script as a significant advancement that aids in exploration and traversal of the game's environment.

💡Elemental Creatures

These are special creatures in ARK Eternal that have elemental attributes, such as lightning or fire, and exhibit unique abilities tied to their elements. The script references taming an 'elemental lightning Meg', which is a Megalodon with lightning attributes.

💡Fall Damage

Typically, in survival games, falling from a height can cause damage to the player's character. However, the script mentions that in ARK Eternal, players take no fall damage, which is a game mechanic that allows for more freedom in exploration and risk-taking.


Crafting is a fundamental game mechanic where players combine resources to create tools, weapons, and other items. The video script describes crafting various items such as a boiler, a glider suit, and a 'corpse retriever', which are essential for survival and advancing through the game.


Chibi, in the context of this game, refers to a small, cute version of creatures that can be crafted for experience points. The player mentions crafting 'hundreds of my own chibi', which suggests a gameplay strategy to gain levels or advantages.

💡Shadow Man

The Shadow Man is a type of creature or enemy in ARK Eternal that poses a threat to the player. The script describes encounters with Shadow Men, indicating they are part of the game's challenges and contribute to the game's difficulty.

💡Resource Gathering

Resource gathering is the process of collecting materials within the game world to craft items, build structures, or fulfill other in-game needs. The player frequently gathers resources like metal, wood, and polymer, which are essential for crafting and survival.

💡Instant Tame

Instant Tame, or instant taming, is a game mechanic that allows players to instantly domesticate creatures without the usual taming process. The script mentions 'insta-tame bacon', which refers to a quick and efficient method of taming creatures in ARK Eternal.


Surviving 100 days in the ARK Eternal mod presents a fun yet challenging experience.

The player aims to defeat the dark hero fans and hundreds of bosses while avoiding death.

Dying in the game adds 25 to a pot for a giveaway at the end of the video.

The player utilizes various creatures, such as chibi, to gain experience and resources.

Crafting and using an eternal glider suit is a significant advancement in the game.

Taming a lightning elemental Megalodon named Sparky marks a key milestone.

The player engages in creative strategies, like using a Pteranodon to carry a doedicris underwater for metal gathering.

Building a base and setting up a tech replicator are essential for long-term survival.

The player's journey includes taming and evolving powerful creatures like the Prime Dragon and the Prologial Death.

The use of the Eternal corpse retriever structure showcases an overpowered feature for corpse recovery.

The player's battle with the Bionic Giga and the strategy to avoid its attacks are intense moments.

Taming the Bacon Overlord and the Silver Knight are significant achievements in the player's arsenal.

The player's approach to resource management, such as setting up sassy plants for meat, is innovative.

The final confrontation with the dark hero fan and the use of an army of dinosaurs is a climactic battle.

The player's use of the War Thunder game as a metaphor for the strategic gameplay in ARK Eternal is a creative analogy.

The player's discovery and utilization of the instantane bacon is a humorous and practical moment.

The cloning of the Quicksilver and the birth of baby silver Knights is a unique gameplay mechanic.