Leonardo AI Update: Upload Your Own Images And Convert Them To Video - Image to Motion Tutorial

18 May 202404:29

TLDRLeonardo AI introduces a groundbreaking feature that transforms static images into dynamic 3D animations. Users can upload their own images and apply motion, turning memories into lively videos. The platform offers a free account with tokens recharged every 8 hours, enabling users to access its features. By following a simple tutorial, anyone can animate their images, giving new life to family photos and cherished keepsakes with Leonardo AI's innovative technology.


  • 🌟 Leonardo AI is renowned for its text-to-image generation capabilities, allowing users to create images from textual descriptions.
  • 🎨 The platform offers a wide range of artistic styles, empowering users to craft images in numerous ways.
  • 🔄 Leonardo AI is continuously innovating, with the latest update introducing 'image to motion', which animates static images into 3D animations.
  • 🎬 Users can now transform their images into cinematic wonders, adding a new dimension to storytelling.
  • 📸 To get started, users need to create a free account on the Leonardo AI website, which also provides 150 tokens as credits for site features.
  • ⏰ The credits are replenished every 8 hours without any payment, allowing users to access the site's features regularly.
  • 📁 The 'Motion' feature is accessible through the main menu and the AI tools section on the left panel.
  • 🖼️ Users can upload their own images for animation, with the option to adjust the 'motion strength' to control the amount of movement.
  • 🔒 Animated videos created from uploaded images are automatically set to private mode.
  • 📈 The 'Generate' button starts the animation process, which costs 25 tokens per animation.
  • 🔄 Users can view, download, or delete their animated videos from the 'Image Generation' section.
  • 👪 Leonardo AI's new feature allows users to breathe life into cherished memories by transforming family photos and keepsakes into animated videos.
  • 📝 The tutorial guides users through the process of uploading and animating personal images using Leonardo AI's technology.

Q & A

  • What new feature has Leonardo AI recently introduced?

    -Leonardo AI has introduced a new feature called 'image to motion,' which transforms static pictures into vibrant 3D animations.

  • What is the initial step to use Leonardo AI's new feature?

    -The initial step is to visit the Leonardo AI website, create a free user account, and log in.

  • How many tokens are provided for free upon creating an account on Leonardo AI, and how often are they recharged?

    -Users are provided with 150 tokens for free upon creating an account, and these tokens are recharged every 8 hours without any payment.

  • Where can users find the motion feature on the Leonardo AI website?

    -Users can find the motion feature in the main features menu at the top of the site or in the left-side panel under AI tools.

  • What must users do after selecting the motion feature to animate an image?

    -Users must click on the 'select an image' option, choose an image from their uploads or hard drive, and then use the motion strength slider to determine the amount of movement before clicking 'generate.'

  • How many tokens does it cost to animate an image using Leonardo AI?

    -Animating an image costs 25 tokens.

  • Where are the videos created based on the uploaded images stored, and how can they be accessed?

    -The videos are stored in private mode and can be accessed by clicking on the 'View generation' button or navigating to the image generation option from the left menu.

  • What options are available when hovering over the generated animation results?

    -When hovering over the generated animation results, users can see the download MP4 icon to download the video and the trash can icon to delete it.

  • What is the purpose of Leonardo AI's new image to motion feature?

    -The purpose is to breathe life into cherished memories by transforming family photos, old keepsakes, and images of loved ones into captivating 3D animated videos.

  • What does the tutorial encourage users to do if they found it helpful?

    -The tutorial encourages users to give it a like, share it with friends, leave comments for questions, and subscribe and enable notifications for future AI tutorials.



🎨 Leonardo AI: Text-to-Image and Motion Innovations

Leonardo AI has transformed the AI art landscape by enabling the creation of vivid images from simple text descriptions. This pioneering feature, known as text-to-image, is just the beginning. The platform offers a vast selection of artistic styles, empowering users to craft images in numerous ways. The developers are continuously innovating, with one of the most exciting updates being 'image to motion,' which brings static images to life with 3D animations. Users can now tell stories or share memories through a new form of storytelling by first creating an image and then animating it. The tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Leonardo AI's website, create an account, and use the platform's features, including the motion option, to animate personal images. The process involves uploading images, adjusting motion strength, and generating animations, all while ensuring privacy with private mode videos. The tutorial concludes by encouraging users to embrace the future of AI and hints at more AI tutorials to come.



💡Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is an advanced artificial intelligence tool that generates stunning images from simple text descriptions, known as text-to-image. It empowers users to create vivid visual representations of their ideas through a variety of artistic styles. In this video, the tool's capabilities are expanded with the image-to-motion feature, enhancing static images with movement.


Text-to-image is a feature of Leonardo AI that allows users to generate images from text descriptions. This pioneering capability lets users bring their ideas to life simply by describing them. The video mentions this feature as the foundation of Leonardo AI's innovative offerings.


Image-to-motion is a new feature of Leonardo AI that transforms static images into dynamic animations. This update allows users to add movement to their images, creating vibrant 3D animations. The video highlights this feature as a significant advancement in AI art technology.

💡Artistic Styles

Artistic Styles refer to the various visual styles that Leonardo AI can apply to generated images. Users can craft images in countless ways, reflecting different artistic genres and techniques. This flexibility is a key aspect of Leonardo AI's appeal, as noted in the video.

💡Motion strength slider

The motion strength slider is a tool within the image-to-motion feature of Leonardo AI. It allows users to control the amount of movement added to an image. The video demonstrates how this slider can be adjusted to achieve the desired level of animation.

💡Upload personal photos

This refers to the capability of uploading one's own images to Leonardo AI for animation. The video explains how users can inject new energy into cherished memories by animating personal photos, transforming them into engaging 3D videos.


Tokens are the currency used within Leonardo AI to access its features. Users receive 150 tokens upon creating a free account, which are replenished every 8 hours. The video details how tokens are used to generate animations, with each animation costing 25 tokens.

💡User account

Creating a user account on Leonardo AI is necessary to access its features. The video guides users through the process of setting up a free account, which provides initial tokens for using the site's tools.

💡3D animations

3D animations are dynamic visual representations created by adding movement to static images using the image-to-motion feature of Leonardo AI. The video showcases how this technology can turn still photos into captivating animated videos.


In the context of Leonardo AI, 'generate' refers to the process of creating an animation from a static image. The video describes how users can initiate this process by selecting an image, adjusting settings, and using tokens to produce the final animated result.


Leonardo AI has revolutionized AI art with its text-to-image generation feature.

The platform allows users to vividly bring ideas to life simply by describing them.

Leonardo AI offers a vast selection of artistic styles for image creation.

The latest update introduces image to motion, transforming static pictures into 3D animations.

Users can now upload personal photos and animate them to inject new energy into cherished memories.

Leonardo AI provides 150 tokens as credits to new users, recharged every 8 hours.

Users can access the motion feature from the main menu or the left side panel under AI tools.

The image to motion process begins by uploading an image and adjusting the motion strength slider.

Generated videos are placed in private mode for user privacy.

The animation process reduces the user's credits by 25 tokens per video.

Users can view and download their animated videos in MP4 format.

The platform allows for repeated animation requests to refine results.

Leonardo AI's new feature is ideal for transforming family photos and old keepsakes into captivating 3D videos.

The tutorial emphasizes the simplicity of the process, encouraging users to animate their personal images.