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21 Sept 202306:36

TLDRThis video provides an overview of the new updates to Lexica Art, a platform that has significantly improved since its last upgrade. Users can now view a variety of designs, illustrations, and 3D prints, all of which are accessible with greater ease. The platform allows for customization and exploration of styles, and users can copy and edit images directly within the platform. A Plus subscription offers additional features such as the ability to edit pictures with various personalization options like changing hair and skin color. The video also highlights the platform's search by image functionality, rendering options, and advanced settings. The history section keeps track of all generated and edited pictures, and users can generate similar pictures based on their preferences. The platform offers different membership plans with varying features and prices, and even without a membership, users can generate up to 100 pictures. The video concludes by emphasizing the platform's speed, high-quality images, and the variety of styles it can produce, including animations and 3D alterations, although it notes that some areas like searching for specific objects could be improved in the future.


  • 🎨 **New Updates**: Lexica Art has received updates and upgrades, enhancing its capabilities.
  • 🖼️ **Design Variety**: Users can now view a wider range of designs, including illustrations and 3D prints.
  • 🚀 **Easier Usage**: The platform is now more user-friendly, allowing for easier manipulation and customization of artwork.
  • 📋 **Detailed Description**: Each piece of art comes with a description, including pixel count and other specifications.
  • 🔄 **Customization Tools**: Users can copy and edit images, as well as explore different styles with a single click.
  • 🔗 **License Information**: With a Plus subscription, users can access the license of images for commercial use without copyright issues.
  • 🔍 **Image Search**: A new feature allows searching for similar images by uploading a picture, instead of using keywords.
  • 🖥️ **Rendering Options**: Users can input specific descriptions and settings to generate customized images through Lexica Art.
  • 👤 **Personalization**: With a Plus membership, users can personalize images, including changing hair and skin color.
  • 📊 **History & Favorites**: The platform keeps a history of generated images and allows users to like and search for similar ones.
  • 📈 **Membership Benefits**: Different membership plans offer varying features and limits, with Pro and Max plans providing more benefits.
  • 💰 **Pricing & Access**: The platform offers a range of pricing options, and even without a membership, users can generate a limited number of images.
  • 🔒 **Privacy Control**: Pro members can choose to keep their images private, unlike the default public setting.
  • 📱 **Cross-Platform Compatibility**: Lexica Art is quick and responsive across various devices, including tablets, phones, PCs, and laptops.
  • 🌟 **High-Quality Output**: The generated images are of high quality, with excellent illustration, contrast, and shadow details.
  • 🚧 **Areas for Improvement**: There are some limitations, such as difficulty in searching for specific objects like cars, which could be enhanced in future updates.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the video tutorial?

    -The main purpose of the video tutorial is to showcase the new updates and features of Lexica Art, demonstrating how it has improved and how users can utilize these enhancements.

  • What new features were introduced in the updated version of Lexica Art?

    -The updated version of Lexica Art includes 3D prints, enhanced illustrations, a new interface for editing and customizing images, and tools for searching by image and adjusting image settings.

  • How can users search for images in the updated Lexica Art interface?

    -Users can search for images by using the search by image function, where they can upload an image to find similar ones, or by typing keywords related to the picture they are looking for.

  • What benefits do members get with a Plus subscription in Lexica Art?

    -With a Plus subscription, members can access licensed images for commercial use, see a variety of artistic styles from different artists, and have the ability to edit and customize images extensively.

  • Can users sell or trade images from Lexica Art?

    -Yes, users can sell or trade images from Lexica Art if they have the appropriate membership that includes a license for commercial use.

  • What are the customization options available in Lexica Art?

    -Customization options in Lexica Art include changing the hairstyle, hair color, skin color, and more detailed image settings like the aperture version, guidance scale, and the adjustment of pixel size.

  • What is the significance of the rendering feature in Lexica Art?

    -The rendering feature in Lexica Art allows users to create or regenerate a picture with specific settings, facilitating the creation of unique and tailored images according to user preferences.

  • How does the image generation process work in Lexica Art for non-subscribed users?

    -Non-subscribed users can generate up to 100 images with limited features. Each generation counts towards their limit, but adjustments like changing layers do not count as additional uses.

  • What are the limitations for downloading images from Lexica Art?

    -There are no limitations on downloading images, regardless of whether a user has a subscription or not. All users can download images freely.

  • How does the quality and style of images differ in Lexica Art compared to other platforms?

    -Lexica Art provides high-quality images with detailed illustrations, contrast, and shadow effects. It excels particularly in creating animated and 3D styles, which are noted to be very realistic compared to standard images.



🎨 Lexica Art Updates and Features

The video introduces new updates to Lexica Art, showcasing enhanced capabilities and user interface improvements. The presenter demonstrates how to navigate through various design and illustration options, highlighting the ease of use and customization features. The ability to copy and edit images, as well as search for similar pictures, is explained. Additionally, the video covers the licensing aspect for commercial use and the different membership levels available, emphasizing the benefits of a Plus subscription for more advanced editing and customization options. The presenter also discusses the history section for tracking generated images and the limitations of downloads for non-members.


🚀 Speed and Quality of Lexica Art

This paragraph emphasizes the high speed and quality of image generation on the Lexica Art platform. The presenter notes that regardless of the device used, the process is quick and efficient, contrasting it with a personal anecdote about a slower journey. The quality of the generated images is praised, particularly the detailed illustrations and the realistic style that mimics human art, although it acknowledges the challenge of achieving a completely human-like appearance. The video also touches on the limitations when searching for specific objects, such as cars, and the potential for future improvements. The presenter concludes by encouraging viewers to like and subscribe to the channel.



💡Lexica Ai

Lexica Ai is an advanced artificial intelligence platform designed for creating and editing images. It is the main subject of the video, showcasing its capabilities and recent updates. The video explains how users can generate high-quality images and customize them using Lexica Ai's tools.

💡Updates and Upgrades

The video discusses the new updates and upgrades to Lexica Ai, which have improved its functionality. These enhancements allow for easier use and more sophisticated image generation, including 3D prints and various design elements.


Illustrations are a type of image that Lexica Ai can generate. The video mentions that the platform can produce various styles of illustrations, which are showcased as examples of the new updates.

💡3D Prints

3D Prints refer to the three-dimensional models that can be created using Lexica Ai. The video highlights this feature as one of the new capabilities, allowing users to not only generate but also render 3D images.


Customization is a key aspect of using Lexica Ai. The video script explains that users can edit images, including changing details like hair style, hair color, and skin color, which is particularly possible with a Plus membership.


Membership in Lexica Ai provides additional features and capabilities. The video outlines different membership levels such as Starter, Pro, and Max, each offering varying benefits like faster image generation and private image options.


The license of an image refers to the permissions and rights associated with its use. The video explains that with a Plus membership, users can obtain licenses for images, allowing them to sell or use the images for commercial purposes without copyright issues.

💡Search by Image

This is a new feature in Lexica Ai that allows users to search for similar images by uploading a picture instead of using keywords. The video demonstrates how this can streamline the process of finding related images.


Rendering in the context of Lexica Ai means generating a detailed image based on a description or definition provided by the user. The video shows how users can input specific parameters to customize the rendering process.

💡History Section

The History Section in Lexica Ai keeps a record of all the images generated and edited by the user. The video mentions that users can revisit past creations and even generate new images based on the same data.


The video emphasizes the high quality of images generated by Lexica Ai. It discusses the clarity, contrast, and shadow details that contribute to the realism of the images, especially in comparison to traditional anime styles.


Introduction to new updates of Lexica Ai Art, showcasing improved capabilities and features.

Demonstration of various design examples, including illustrations and 3D prints, from the recent updates.

Easier usage of Lexica Ai Art post-updates, with a focus on user-friendly interface and customization.

Explanation of how to view and copy the description of an image, including pixel count and other details.

Guidance on editing and customizing images using the open editor feature.

Access to picture licenses for commercial use with a Plus subscription membership.

New feature to search by image instead of typing keywords, enhancing the search functionality.

Description of the rendering process for desired images, including customization options.

Advantages of a Plus membership, such as editing images with various artist styles.

Limitations of non-Plus membership, including restricted editing capabilities.

Overview of the History Section, which tracks research results and generated images.

Explanation of how to generate additional pictures based on the same data or original image.

Details on the ability to search for and like similar pictures, indicating user preferences.

Different membership plans, including Starter, Pro, and Max, each with distinct features and pricing.

Information on the number of pictures one can generate without a membership, up to 100 images.

Clarification on image privacy settings, with options for public or private visibility.

No limitations on downloads for users, regardless of membership status.

Remark on the quick and high-speed generation of images, suitable for various devices.

Discussion on the high quality of images, including details on illustration, contrast, and shadow.

Challenges in generating certain types of images, such as cars, and potential areas for future improvement.

Conclusion and call to action for viewers to like, subscribe, and support the channel.