MIDJOURNEY vs LEONARDO AI // Head to Head Prompt T-Shirt Design Comparison

Detour Shirts
16 Jun 202314:40

TLDRIn this video, Juna from Detour Shirts compares the AI design capabilities of Leonardo AI and MidJourney for creating t-shirt designs. Having used Leonardo AI for 15 t-shirts, she now tests MidJourney with the same prompts. After experimenting with four different designs, she evaluates the outcomes, noting the unique styles each AI offers. Juna discusses the practicality of the designs for t-shirts and the potential for market appeal, highlighting the benefits of print-on-demand. She invites viewers to share their preferences and suggests trying both designs to let the market decide the winner.


  • 😀 The video compares t-shirt designs created with Leonardo AI and MidJourney AI to see the differences in their outputs.
  • 🔍 Juna from Detour Shirts has been using Leonardo AI for 15 days to create t-shirt designs and has now subscribed to MidJourney to test it out.
  • 📈 She plans to use the same design prompts in both AI platforms to compare the results side by side.
  • 💬 Juna is not fond of the Discord interface that MidJourney uses, preferring Leonardo's setup.
  • 💰 MidJourney's subscription costs $10 per month on a month-to-month basis or $8 per month if paid annually.
  • 🎨 The first design prompt tested in MidJourney resulted in a face-on view with a black background, differing from Leonardo's side view.
  • 👑 Variations of the prompts in MidJourney were explored, with some iterations preferred over others based on design elements like the crown and sunglasses.
  • 🌌 The second design prompt featuring an astronaut and planets resulted in colorful outputs, with MidJourney focusing on different aspects like paint drops.
  • 🌺 A vintage drawing of flowers was tested, and MidJourney's interpretation was appreciated for its style and rounded feel.
  • 🏞️ Scenery was also tested, with MidJourney providing a sunset-themed design that was considered appealing for its colors and composition.
  • 👕 The final decision on which design to use for t-shirts is suggested to be made by the market through print-on-demand, allowing for testing multiple designs.

Q & A

  • What AI platforms does Juna from Detour Shirts compare in the video?

    -Juna compares Leonardo AI and MidJourney in the video.

  • How long has Juna been using Leonardo AI for t-shirt designs before the video?

    -Juna has been using Leonardo AI for t-shirt designs for the last 15 days before the video.

  • What was Juna's reason for not using MidJourney before the video?

    -Juna did not have a subscription to MidJourney and also did not like the Discord setup that MidJourney uses.

  • How much does a MidJourney subscription cost per month if paid monthly?

    -A MidJourney subscription costs ten dollars a month if paid on a month-to-month basis.

  • What is the command used in Discord to start creating an image with MidJourney?

    -The command used in Discord to start creating an image with MidJourney is 'slash imagine'.

  • How many t-shirt designs did Juna create with Leonardo AI before testing MidJourney?

    -Juna created 15 t-shirt designs with Leonardo AI before testing MidJourney.

  • What is the main purpose of the video?

    -The main purpose of the video is to compare the design outputs of Leonardo AI and MidJourney using the same prompts.

  • How many different t-shirt designs does Juna plan to upscale and compare from each AI platform?

    -Juna plans to upscale and compare four different t-shirt designs from each AI platform.

  • What does Juna suggest doing with multiple design variations that don't look exactly the same?

    -Juna suggests putting both design variations on t-shirts and letting the market decide which one sells better.

  • What software does Juna plan to use to put all the designs side by side for comparison?

    -Juna plans to use Affinity Designer to put all the designs side by side for comparison.

  • What is Juna's final approach to deciding which designs to use for t-shirts?

    -Juna's final approach is to put both designs from Leonardo and MidJourney on t-shirts and see which one sells better based on market response.



🤖 Introduction to AI Design Comparison

In this introductory paragraph, the speaker, Juna from Detour Shirts, sets the stage for a comparison between two AI design tools: Leonardo AI and MidJourney. Juna has been using Leonardo AI for the past 15 days to create t-shirt designs by removing backgrounds and has been pleased with the results. However, having just subscribed to MidJourney, Juna is excited to test the same design prompts in both AI platforms to see how they perform against each other. The goal is to compare the outputs and understand the differences, if any, between the two AI services.


🔍 Exploring MidJourney's Design Capabilities

This paragraph delves into Juna's first-hand experience with MidJourney after subscribing. The process begins with copying prompts from Leonardo AI and pasting them into MidJourney's Discord platform. Juna describes the steps taken to input the prompts and generate design outputs, noting the differences in the interface and user experience compared to Leonardo AI. The speaker provides a detailed walkthrough of creating variations of a design featuring a crown and face, and discusses the visual outcomes, including preferences for certain elements like the eyes and the background. This paragraph highlights the experimentation with MidJourney's design generation and the speaker's initial impressions of the results.


🎨 Comparing AI-Generated T-Shirt Designs

In this concluding paragraph, Juna summarizes the comparison between the designs generated by Leonardo AI and MidJourney. Four different t-shirt designs are evaluated, with a focus on the unique aspects and potential market appeal of each. The speaker discusses the suitability of the designs for t-shirts, the ease of background removal, and the versatility of the designs for different products like posters and postcards. Juna emphasizes the value of print-on-demand services, which allow for multiple design iterations to be tested in the market. The paragraph concludes with a call to action for viewers to provide feedback and suggestions for future AI design comparisons, and a commitment to continue exploring and learning about AI design tools.




AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, a branch of computer science that aims to create machines capable of intelligent behavior. In the context of the video, AI is used to create t-shirt designs, showcasing how technology can be applied in the creative process. The script mentions using 'Leonardo AI' and 'MidJourney', which are likely AI-driven design tools, to generate t-shirt designs.


MidJourney is a term used in the script to refer to an AI design tool or platform that the creator has recently subscribed to. It is one of the two AI tools being compared in the video. The script discusses the creator's intention to use the same design prompts in MidJourney as they did with Leonardo AI to see how the results compare.

💡Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is another AI design tool mentioned in the script. The creator has been using it for the past 15 days to create t-shirt designs and has found it to be effective. It serves as a benchmark against which the capabilities of MidJourney are being tested.

💡T-shirt designs

T-shirt designs refer to the visual artwork or patterns that are applied to t-shirts. In the video, the creator is comparing how different AI tools can be used to generate these designs. The script describes several examples of t-shirt designs created using AI, such as astronaut themes and floral patterns.


In the context of AI design, prompts are the input or instructions given to the AI system to guide the creation of the design. The script mentions that the creator will use the 'same design prompts' from Leonardo AI and apply them to MidJourney to compare the outputs.


Discord is a communication platform used by various communities, including those for AI tools. In the script, the creator mentions using Discord to interact with the MidJourney AI tool, indicating that it is the platform where the AI's commands are executed.


A subscription in this context refers to a paid membership or access to a service, in this case, the MidJourney AI tool. The script mentions that the creator has 'just bought a subscription' to MidJourney, which allows them to use the tool for design creation.


Upscaling in the context of design refers to the process of increasing the resolution or quality of an image without losing its details. The script describes the creator's actions of 'upscaling' the AI-generated designs, which likely means enhancing them for better print quality on t-shirts.


Variations in the script refer to different versions or iterations of a design generated by the AI tool. The creator uses the term when discussing the different outcomes of the design prompts they input into MidJourney, exploring multiple options to find the most appealing design.

💡Print on demand

Print on demand is a service where products, such as t-shirts, are only produced when a customer orders them. This allows for a wide range of designs to be offered without the upfront costs of inventory. The script mentions the creator's plan to put the AI-generated designs on t-shirts and let the market decide which sells better, highlighting the flexibility of print on demand.

💡Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a graphic design software used for creating and editing visual artwork. In the script, the creator mentions using Affinity Designer to compile and compare the AI-generated t-shirt designs side by side, indicating its use for post-production work on the designs.


Comparison of AI design tools MidJourney and Leonardo AI for creating t-shirt designs.

Use of Leonardo AI for 15 days to create t-shirt designs by removing background and placing on t-shirts.

Introduction of MidJourney as a new tool with a subscription purchase.

Decision to test MidJourney with the same design prompts used for Leonardo AI.

Introduction of Juna from Detour Shirts as the presenter.

Comparison of user experience between Leonardo and MidJourney, with a preference for Leonardo's interface.

MidJourney's subscription cost and setup through Discord.

First t-shirt design prompt comparison showing different perspectives and styles.

Preference for the black background design from MidJourney for t-shirt application.

Exploration of variations within MidJourney to refine the design.

Second t-shirt design featuring an astronaut and colorful planets.

Desire for more planets in the MidJourney design and further versioning.

Third t-shirt design with a simplistic vintage drawing style.

MidJourney's unique style interpretation of the vintage drawing prompt.

Fourth t-shirt design with a scenic sunset and hibiscus flowers.

MidJourney's vibrant and detailed scenic design.

Final decision-making process on which designs to upscale and use for t-shirts.

The advantage of print on demand allowing for multiple design options.

Invitation for viewers to suggest other AI tools for comparison.

Plans to create an AI playlist for ongoing comparison videos.