Magnific A.I. Detailer and Upscaler: Adding Realism To A.I. Images

Pratik Naik
9 Dec 202314:59

TLDRMagnific A.I. is a subscription-based image upscaler and detailer that enhances AI-generated images to make them more realistic. It can transform images by adding photorealistic details, but it has limitations such as a lack of symmetry and occasional inaccuracies in facial features. The tool offers various settings to adjust detail levels and image types, and it can be combined with other software like Photoshop for further enhancement. While it requires careful use to manage monthly credit limits, Magnific shows promise for creatives looking to add realism to their AI-generated images.


  • 🎨 Magnific is an AI-powered upscaler and detailer designed to add realism to AI-generated images, transforming them with photorealistic details.
  • 💡 The AI can sometimes convincingly mimic real photographs, including fine details like baby hair, although it's not perfect and can make mistakes.
  • 💳 Magnific operates on a subscription model, with a monthly limit on the number of images you can process, typically ranging from 200 to 400 credits.
  • 🔧 Users can adjust settings such as creativity, HDR, and resemblance to fine-tune the level of detail and realism in the upscaled images.
  • 📈 The cost of upscaling an image with Magnific depends on the size of the input image, with larger images consuming more credits.
  • 🖼️ Magnific can be used to enhance images for various purposes, including creating assets for compositing or props in a photographer's workflow.
  • 🔄 There's a suggestion that combining Magnific with other tools, like Photoshop's neural filter, can yield even larger and more detailed images.
  • 👁️ AI-generated images sometimes require manual adjustments, especially with elements like jewelry or eyes, to achieve perfect symmetry and realism.
  • 🌟 Magnific excels at enhancing certain aspects like fabric, flowers, leaves, and clothing, adding impressive levels of detail to these elements.
  • 🛠️ The video suggests experimenting with different settings and using Magnific in conjunction with other tools for the best results.
  • 🔮 As AI technology advances, the potential applications and improvements in tools like Magnific are expected to grow, offering new opportunities for creatives.

Q & A

  • What is Magnific and how does it enhance AI-generated images?

    -Magnific is an upscaler and detailer designed to add realism to AI-generated images, often from platforms like Mid Journey or Stable Diffusion. It transforms images by interpreting and adding photorealistic details to every pixel, making them more convincing as photographs.

  • What are some of the limitations of using Magnific?

    -Magnific is a subscription-based product, which means it's not free and there is no trial version. Users are limited to a certain number of credits per month, which determines how many images they can process with the service.

  • How does the subscription model of Magnific work in terms of credits and image processing?

    -With Magnific, users are allocated a certain number of credits per month, typically between 200 to 400 images. The cost of processing an image can vary based on the size of the input image, with larger images costing more credits.

  • What are some of the key settings users should be aware of when using Magnific?

    -Users should pay attention to settings like creativity, HDR, and resemblance. Creativity affects the level of detail added globally, HDR adjusts the level of detail in highlights and shadows, and resemblance determines how closely the output should stick to the original image's outline and details.

  • Can you explain the process of using Magnific to upscale and add detail to an image?

    -To use Magnific, one needs to subscribe, upload an image, and then adjust the settings such as creativity, HDR, and resemblance. After setting the desired parameters, the image is processed, and the user is charged a certain number of credits based on the image size. The final upscaled and detailed image can then be downloaded.

  • What is the recommended approach for achieving the best results with Magnific?

    -For optimal results, it's suggested to upscale the image once with Magnific, get an image you like, and then use Photoshop with a neural filter to scale it up further. This approach is more effective than using Magnific twice in a row.

  • How does Magnific handle different types of images, such as portraits or still life images?

    -Magnific can be optimized for different types of images. For portraits, it can be a hit or miss, and for still life images, it does a fantastic job, especially with details on flowers and leaves. The key is to adjust the settings appropriately for the type of image being processed.

  • What are some common issues that users might encounter when using Magnific, and how can they be addressed?

    -Some common issues include lack of symmetry in the upscaled image and problems with details like eyes and jewelry. These issues can often be manually adjusted in post-processing software like Photoshop to achieve the desired result.

  • How can Magnific be integrated into a photography workflow?

    -Magnific can be used to enhance AI-generated images for composite materials or other photography-related projects. It can also be used to brainstorm ideas and generate assets based on similar lighting styles, which can then be further processed in post-production.

  • What is the future outlook for tools like Magnific in the photography and creative industries?

    -As AI technology advances, tools like Magnific are expected to become more widespread and integrated into the creative process. They will likely play a significant role in pre-production to post-production workflows, offering new opportunities for creativity and efficiency.



🖼️ Introduction to Magnific Upscaling Tool

The video script introduces Magnific, an AI-based image upscaler designed to enhance the realism of AI-generated images, such as those from mid Journey or stable diffusion. The tool is described as a 'detailer' that transforms images by adding photo-realistic details to every pixel. The presenter shares the results of using Magnific, emphasizing its ability to fool viewers into thinking the images are photographs. The script also discusses the subscription-based model of Magnific, which includes a monthly limit on the number of images that can be processed. The presenter provides an example of how to use the tool, mentioning the importance of settings like creativity, HDR, and resemblance, and how they affect the final image. The potential for combining Magnific with other tools like Photoshop and mid Journey for creating assets and props is also highlighted.


🔍 Exploring Magnific Settings and Their Impact

This paragraph delves into the specifics of Magnific's settings and how they can be adjusted to achieve different results. The presenter explains the purpose of the 'creativity', 'HDR', and 'resemblance' settings, and how tweaking these can lead to more or less detail being added to the image. The script provides examples of how these settings can be used for different types of images, such as portraits and photographs, and the presenter shares personal preferences and experiences with these settings. The importance of maintaining symmetry and the challenges of achieving it with AI-generated images are also discussed. The presenter suggests alternative approaches, such as using 'films and photography' settings for better results with certain types of images.


🎨 Advanced Techniques and Limitations of AI Image Upscaling

The final paragraph discusses advanced techniques for using AI image upscaling tools like Magnific and mid Journey, including the use of generative AI to fix issues and enhance images. The presenter shares examples of images that have been improved using these tools, highlighting the impressive results that can be achieved with careful adjustments and retouching. The limitations of AI upscaling, such as issues with symmetry and texture on the skin, are acknowledged. The script also touches on the importance of understanding how to retouch and adjust images to enhance their realism. The presenter concludes by emphasizing the potential of AI tools in the photography workflow and invites viewers to explore these tools further, suggesting that they can open up new creative opportunities.




Magnific is an AI-powered image upscaler and detailer that enhances the realism of AI-generated images, making them more photorealistic. It is a subscription-based product, which means users pay a monthly fee to access its services. In the video, Magnific is used to add details to every pixel of an image, transforming it and potentially fooling viewers into thinking it's a real photograph. The script mentions that Magnific can be used to upscale images generated by other AI platforms like Mid Journey, thereby improving their quality.

💡AI-generated images

AI-generated images refer to visual content created by artificial intelligence algorithms. These images can be produced using various AI models like Stable Diffusion or Mid Journey. The video discusses the limitations of such images in terms of realism and how tools like Magnific can enhance their quality. For example, the script mentions that AI-generated images sometimes lack the realism to be mistaken for photographs, which is where Magnific's upscaling and detailing capabilities come into play.


Upscaling in the context of the video refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image while maintaining or improving its quality. Magnific is described as an upscaler that not only increases the size of the image but also adds realistic details to it. The script provides examples of how images originally generated by Mid Journey are upscaled to a larger size, such as 1800 by 2624 pixels, using Magnific, which can then be further enhanced using tools like Photoshop.


Photorealism is the quality of an image or artwork that closely resembles a photograph. In the video, the goal of using Magnific is to achieve photorealism in AI-generated images. The script emphasizes that with the right settings and post-processing, Magnific can add details that make the images look like they were taken by a camera, as evidenced by the before-and-after comparisons shown in the video.

💡Subscription-based product

A subscription-based product is a service or software that users pay for on a recurring basis, typically monthly or annually. Magnific is described as a subscription-based product in the video, which means users must pay a monthly fee to use its image upscaling and detailing services. The script mentions that there are different tiers of subscription, and users are allocated a certain number of credits per month to use the service.


In the context of the video, 'creativity' refers to one of the settings in Magnific that controls how much detail is added to an image globally, affecting the contrast scale. The script explains that by adjusting the creativity setting, users can control the level of detail added to an image, with higher values leading to more creative and potentially dramatic changes to the original subject's appearance.


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, a setting in Magnific that, when adjusted, affects the level of detail added to an image. The script mentions that setting HDR to zero can prevent the image from becoming overly detailed to the point of looking unflattering. It is one of the parameters users can tweak to achieve the desired level of realism in their upscaled images.


Resemblance is another setting in Magnific that determines how closely the upscaled image should adhere to the original image's outline and details. The video script explains that lowering the resemblance setting allows Magnific to take more creative liberties, potentially changing the shape and details of elements within the image. It's a way for users to control how faithful the upscaled image is to the original.

💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey is an AI platform mentioned in the video that generates images. The script discusses using Mid Journey to create images that can then be further enhanced with Magnific. It is used as an example of an AI tool that can produce images which, while impressive, may lack certain details or realism that Magnific can add.

💡Neural filter

A neural filter is a type of AI-driven tool used in image editing software like Photoshop to apply certain effects or enhancements to images. In the video, the neural filter is mentioned as a tool that can be used in conjunction with Magnific to further upscale and refine images after they have been initially processed by Magnific. It's part of the workflow to achieve highly detailed and realistic images.


A retoucher is a professional who specializes in enhancing and correcting images, often used in photography and graphic design. In the context of the video, the term is used to describe the kind of detailed work that Magnific can do, such as improving eyebrows, eyes, and clothing details in an image. The script also mentions the role of a retoucher in manually adjusting images after they have been processed by AI tools like Magnific.


Magnific is an AI-based upscaler and detailer that enhances the realism of AI-generated images.

The tool transforms images by adding photorealistic details to every pixel.

Magnific can potentially fool people into thinking AI images are real photographs.

It is a subscription-based product with a monthly limit on the number of images processed.

Users can upscale images to a larger size, enhancing detail and resolution.

The platform allows for the creation of assets and props for various uses.

Magnific can improve the quality of fabric and texture details in images.

Settings such as creativity, HDR, and resemblance can be adjusted for different results.

The tool can be used in conjunction with Photoshop for further enhancements.

Magnific can be used to generate assets with similar lighting conditions.

The cost of using Magnific is based on the size of the input image and the level of detail added.

Experimentation with different settings can yield varying levels of success.

The tool can sometimes struggle with maintaining symmetry in upscaled images.

Magnific can enhance details such as eyebrows, eyes, and clothing.

The platform may introduce new features and updates in the future.

Users can combine Magnific with other tools like generative fill for comprehensive image enhancement.

The video provides insights into how AI can be integrated into a photography workflow.

Magnific's ability to add realism to AI images opens up new opportunities for creatives.