Master Midjourney - Website Full Guide, Every New Feature Explained

3 Jul 202457:34

TLDRThis video offers a comprehensive guide to mastering Midjourney, an advanced image generator. It covers the launch of the Midjourney website, which has significantly improved usability and aesthetics. The tutorial breaks down every parameter system, offering visualizations to understand prompting resources, style reference explorers, and unique workflows. The host demonstrates how to use the explore tab for inspiration, the prompt bar for generating images, and parameters for controlling output. The guide also dives into aesthetics, stylization, weirdness, and variety sliders, showcasing how they influence image results. Additionally, it explains how to use references for more control over the generation process and introduces personalization features that adapt to individual user preferences.


  • 🌐 The launch of the Midjourney website has greatly enhanced usability, aesthetics, and inspiration compared to using Discord.
  • πŸ” The 'Explore' tab on the Midjourney site is a valuable resource for finding inspiration and style references through images generated by others.
  • πŸ“Έ Users can manipulate the 'Prompt Bar' to generate images, adjust parameters, and blend multiple images to create unique styles.
  • πŸ“ The 'Create' and 'Archive' tabs provide organization and history tracking for all image generations, allowing users to sort and view their creations efficiently.
  • πŸ› οΈ Parameters are crucial for controlling the output of images, with options to adjust image size, stylization, weirdness, and variety for tailored results.
  • 🎨 The 'Aesthetics' parameter allows users to fine-tune the artistic quality of images, with options to emphasize aesthetics over prompt adherence.
  • 🀑 The 'Weirdness' parameter introduces unconventional aesthetics, leading to unique and unexpected image outcomes.
  • πŸ”„ The 'Variety' parameter ensures diverse outputs, with higher values leading to a wider range of compositions.
  • πŸ‘€ 'Personalization' is a new feature that adapts the algorithm to individual users' aesthetic preferences, offering a personalized image generation experience.
  • πŸ”’ The 'Speed' parameter affects the generation time and resource usage, with options for 'Fast', 'Standard', 'Relax', and 'Turbo' modes to suit different needs.
  • πŸ”„ The 'Upscale' and 'Reframe' features provide post-generation modifications, allowing users to enhance and adapt images after initial creation.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video script?

    -The main topic of the video script is a comprehensive guide to using the Midjourney image generation tool, covering its features, how to use them, and providing tips for beginners and experienced users.

  • What significant improvement does the Midjourney website offer over Discord?

    -The Midjourney website offers a significant improvement in usability, aesthetics, and overall experience compared to Discord, making it a more user-friendly platform for generating and managing images.

  • How can users find inspiration on the Midjourney website?

    -Users can find inspiration on the Midjourney website by exploring images generated by others, sorting them in various ways, and using the search box to find specific styles or themes.

  • What is the purpose of the 'Create' tab on the Midjourney website?

    -The 'Create' tab is used to generate new images based on the user's prompts and parameters, allowing them to watch the images generate and view the prompts and parameters used.

  • How can users organize their previous generations on the Midjourney website?

    -Users can organize their previous generations using the 'Archive' tab, which displays all previous generations as thumbnails and offers various sorting and viewing options.

  • What are 'parameters' in the context of Midjourney, and how are they used?

    -In Midjourney, 'parameters' are settings that change the way the tool interprets the user's prompt, allowing for exploration and fine-tuning of the image generation process. They can be adjusted using sliders or typed manually into the prompt.

  • What does the 'Aesthetics' parameter control in Midjourney?

    -The 'Aesthetics' parameter, also referred to as 'stylize', controls the artistic quality of the image, influencing factors such as colors, composition, and overall aesthetic appeal.

  • How can users ensure consistency in style across multiple images?

    -Users can ensure consistency in style by using style references, which are images or unique codes that Midjourney uses to apply a consistent aesthetic across different image generations.

  • What is the 'Personalization' feature in Midjourney, and how does it work?

    -The 'Personalization' feature in Midjourney is a new tool that allows the algorithm to learn a user's aesthetic preferences and apply them to image generation. Users can train this feature by ranking at least 200 images based on their preferences.

  • How can users experiment with different styles and aesthetics in Midjourney?

    -Users can experiment with different styles and aesthetics by adjusting parameters such as 'stylize', 'weirdness', and 'chaos', as well as using style references, character references, and the 'Personalization' feature.

  • What are some of the advanced techniques discussed in the script for using Midjourney?

    -Some advanced techniques discussed include using references for image, style, and character guidance, experimenting with the 'chaos' and 'weirdness' parameters, utilizing 'Personalization' to tailor image generation to individual preferences, and exploring 'style reference seeds' for consistent styling.



πŸ–ΌοΈ Introduction to Mid Journey Image Generator

The script introduces the Mid Journey image generator, highlighting its evolution and the launch of its website which has significantly improved usability and aesthetics. It offers a comprehensive guide for both beginners and experienced users, covering parameters, prompting resources, style reference explorers, and unique workflows. The speaker emphasizes the magic-like experience of using Mid Journey and provides an orientation to the site's features, such as the explore tab for inspiration, search functionality, and the ability to blend images. The script also mentions the importance of engaging with the community and the benefits of the website over Discord.


🎨 Understanding Mid Journey's Parameters and Prompting

This paragraph delves into the technical aspects of controlling image output through parameters, prompting, and references within Mid Journey. It explains how parameters like image size, aspect ratio, stylization, weirdness, and variety can be adjusted to fine-tune the aesthetic direction of generated images. The speaker provides examples of how these settings affect the output, from realistic to artistic interpretations. Additionally, the paragraph introduces the concept of 'mode' with standard or raw options and discusses the importance of the initial prompt in guiding the image generation process.


πŸ› οΈ Advanced Features and Customization Techniques

The script discusses advanced features of Mid Journey, including the use of seeds for consistent image generation, permutation for testing different parameter values, and the customization of prompts with emojis. It also covers the use of manual parameters like 'no' for excluding elements and 'seed' for replicable results. The speaker provides tips on how to enhance the prompting process, such as using specific phrasing, focusing on desired elements, and leveraging the explore tab for inspiration. The paragraph concludes with a mention of the free chat GPT resource bundle for career advancement.


🌟 Exploring Aesthetics and the Impact of Stylization

The focus shifts to the exploration of aesthetics within Mid Journey, emphasizing the importance of stylization in image generation. The script explains how stylization affects the artistic quality of images and provides examples of different prompts at varying stylization levels. It also discusses the use of 'weirdness' to explore unconventional aesthetics and 'chaos' to diversify the initial grid images. The paragraph highlights the interplay between these parameters and their collective influence on the final image output.


πŸ“Έ Photography-Style Prompting and Realism

This paragraph discusses the intricacies of prompting for photography styles in Mid Journey, emphasizing the balance between realism and artistic interpretation. It covers the use of specific terms like 'candid' and 'iPhone photo' to achieve a realistic look and the importance of aspect ratios in composition. The script also touches on the use of film grains and director styles to refine the aesthetic and suggests experimenting with parameters to perfect the image.


🏷️ Logo Design and Vector Art Creation

The script explores the process of creating logos and vector art within Mid Journey, discussing the use of specific terms like 'minimalist', 'abstract', and 'brandmark' to guide the generation process. It mentions the use of famous logo designers' names and brand color palettes as references. The paragraph also covers the conversion of raster images to vector graphics and the use of text in image generation, providing tips for achieving consistent results.


πŸ“š Advanced Prompting Techniques and Power Tokens

This paragraph introduces advanced prompting techniques, including the use of 'power tokens' that have a significant impact on image generation. The script encourages learning about various art forms and styles to enhance the prompting vocabulary. It also highlights the utility of resources like the Mid Library for exploring styles and artists and the use of image descriptions to inform prompt construction.


πŸ–ŒοΈ Artistic Style Exploration and Personalization

The script discusses the exploration of artistic styles in Mid Journey, emphasizing the personalization feature that adapts to individual aesthetic preferences. It explains how personalization can be applied to prompts and combined with style references for unique results. The paragraph also touches on the use of style reference seeds (SRFs) for consistent styling across images and the community's role in curating and sharing SRFs.


πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ Character Consistency and Style Blending

This paragraph focuses on the creation of consistent characters across different scenes using Mid Journey's character reference feature. It explains how this feature works best with characters generated within the platform but can also accommodate external images. The script provides examples of character consistency in various scenarios and discusses the use of character weight parameters to adjust the matching intensity.


🎨 Combining References and Style Weights

The script explains how to combine different types of references, such as image prompts, style references, and character references, to achieve specific results in Mid Journey. It discusses the use of style weights to control the influence of each reference and provides examples of blending styles to create unique images. The paragraph also covers the use of SRFs in combination with other parameters for versatile styling options.


πŸ›‘οΈ Special Parameters: Tile, Stop, and Multi-Prompting

This paragraph introduces special parameters in Mid Journey, such as 'tile' for creating seamless patterns, 'stop' for generating less detailed images, and multi-prompting for combining multiple concepts. The script provides examples of how these parameters can be applied, including the creation of 360Β° seamless photos and the use of the 'stop' parameter for background images in thumbnails.


πŸ“Ή Video Generation and Future Prospects

The script concludes with a mention of the 'video' parameter for creating short videos of the image generation process in Discord. It also touches on the future of Mid Journey, including the development of a video model and the potential for an SRF explorer tool. The speaker encourages viewers to continue learning about AI through resources like Futurepedia and to stay updated with the latest AI innovations.



πŸ’‘Image Generators

Image generators refer to software or platforms capable of creating visual content based on user input or prompts. In the context of the video, 'Mid Journey' is highlighted as a superior image generator that has significantly evolved, particularly with the launch of its website, offering enhanced usability and aesthetic appeal. The script emphasizes the website's user interface and features that facilitate the generation of images, setting it apart from its competitors.


Parameters in this video script pertain to the adjustable settings within the Mid Journey platform that influence the style, composition, and outcome of the generated images. They are crucial for users to refine their prompts and achieve desired results. Examples from the script include 'stylize', 'weirdness', and 'variety', which control the artistic direction, unconventional aesthetics, and diversity of the outputs, respectively.


Prompting is the process of inputting a text description or command to guide the image generation process. The script describes it as an essential aspect of controlling the output of Mid Journey, where users can input single words, phrases, or more complex descriptions to elicit specific visual outcomes. The explanation of prompting in the script also includes tips for constructing effective prompts to maximize the generative capabilities of the platform.


Aesthetics in the video refers to the visual style and appeal of the generated images. It is a central concept as users adjust parameters to achieve a particular artistic look. The script mentions 'stylization' as a way to modify how artistic the image appears, with examples showing the transformation from a child's drawing to a more sophisticated artistic rendering based on the 'stylize' parameter setting.

πŸ’‘Style Reference

A style reference is a technique used within Mid Journey to guide the image generation process towards a specific aesthetic or visual style. The script explains that users can upload images or use style reference seeds to influence the platform's interpretation of prompts, ensuring consistency in style across different image generations.

πŸ’‘Character Reference

Character reference is a feature within Mid Journey that allows users to create consistent character representations across various scenes and styles. The script demonstrates how a character, once defined, can be applied to different contexts while maintaining recognizable features, such as facial characteristics and clothing style.


Upscale in the context of the video refers to the process of increasing the resolution or quality of an image. The script discusses 'upscale subtle' and 'upscale creative' as options that allow users to enhance their images while retaining either a high degree of similarity to the original or introducing new details to create a fresh look.


Reframe is a function within Mid Journey that enables users to change the aspect ratio or composition of an image. The script explains how users can use 'reframe' to adjust the framing of an image, move the focal point, or even generate missing areas of the image to create a new scene or expand the existing one.


Inpainting is a feature that allows users to make specific changes to a part of an image, such as fixing imperfections or altering details. The script illustrates how inpainting can be used to adjust elements like text or facial features within an image, providing a more targeted approach to image refinement compared to rerunning the entire generation process.


Personalization in the video is a new feature of Mid Journey that tailors the image generation process to an individual's aesthetic preferences. The script describes how users can train the platform by ranking images, and once trained, the 'personalization' parameter ensures that the generated images align more closely with the user's unique tastes, offering a more personalized experience.


The 'tile' parameter in Mid Journey is used to create images that can be repeated to form seamless patterns, which can be utilized for textures, wallpapers, fabrics, and more. The script provides examples of how to use the 'tile' parameter to generate images that work well as tiles, and also discusses a technique called 'super tiling' to add variety to tiled patterns.


Mid Journey has significantly evolved, with the launch of its website offering enhanced usability and aesthetics over Discord.

The website's 'Explore' tab is a rich source of inspiration, allowing users to sort and search through images generated by others.

Users can blend multiple images by dragging them to the prompt bar, facilitating the creation of unique styles and references.

The 'Like' feature helps users curate a collection of preferred images for ongoing inspiration and idea generation.

The 'Imagine' prompt bar allows for simple generation of images with just a single word, showcasing the platform's intuitive interface.

Parameters can be adjusted with sliders or typed manually to fine-tune the image generation process.

The 'Create' tab provides a real-time view of image generation, including prompts and parameters.

The 'Archive' tab organizes past generations, making it easy to review and sort through historical work.

Users can create folders or 'smart folders' to categorize and retrieve images based on specific keywords used in prompts.

The platform supports both light and dark mode, catering to user preferences for different environments.

Parameters such as 'Image Size', 'Stylization', 'Weirdness', and 'Variety' offer extensive control over the artistic direction of generated images.

The 'Mode' parameter allows users to choose between 'Standard' or 'Raw', with the latter providing more direct interpretation of prompts.

Speed settings like 'Fast', 'Standard', 'Relax', and 'Turbo' adjust the generation time and resource consumption.

The 'No' parameter helps to exclude specific elements from the generated images, fine-tuning the output to user preferences.

The 'Seed' parameter enables users to replicate the initial noise field used in image generation for consistent results.

Prompting strategies like 'Scene', 'Subject', 'Setting', and 'Style' provide a structured approach to generating images.

The use of 'Power tokens' within prompts can significantly influence the outcome of the generated images.

The 'Mid Library' is a valuable resource for exploring styles, artists, and artistic techniques for inspiration and learning.

Text generation within images can be achieved by enclosing the text in quotation marks, offering new possibilities for visual design.

Post-generation tools like 'Upscale', 'Reframe', 'Repaint', and 'Remix' provide further control and creativity in refining images.

Character consistency can be maintained across different scenes by using character references in the generation process.

Style reference seeds (SRFs) offer a way to apply consistent styles across multiple images, opening up new creative possibilities.

Personalization in Mid Journey allows the platform to learn and apply the user's aesthetic preferences to image generation.

The 'Tile' parameter creates images that can be used as repeating tiles for seamless patterns in various applications.

The 'Stop' parameter can be used to generate less detailed images or to create specific effects like motion blur.

Multi-prompting and the use of colons to separate concepts allow for complex image generation with relative importance assigned to different elements.

The '--video' parameter creates a short video of the image generation process, exclusive to Discord.