Mid Journey Beginners guide - Plans, Pricing, Relax vs. Fast mode, unlimited, and private mode

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23 Oct 202206:48

TLDRThis tutorial offers an in-depth guide to using Mid Journey, an AI image generation tool. It covers the pricing structure, which starts with a basic membership at $10/month for an average of 200 images, and a standard membership at $30/month for private Discord access and unlimited image creation. The video also explains how to switch between fast and relaxed modes for rendering images, with the latter offering a more generous but slower experience. Additionally, it discusses the private mode feature, costing an extra $20/month, which prevents others from copying your prompts. The presenter suggests starting with the basic plan, optimizing image quality, and upgrading to the standard plan if selling art is the goal. The tutorial also teases a future segment on erasing images from community boards to protect intellectual property.


  • 💵 Mid-Journey is not free, but it offers a test drive with 25 tries to create a picture.
  • 📈 Basic membership costs $10 a month with an average limit of 200 images.
  • 🚫 With the basic plan, you don't get a private Discord server for Mid-Journey.
  • 🔗 Standard membership at $30 a month includes private Whispers with the Mid-Journey bot.
  • 📦 Pro tip: Use the welcome channel to find and message the Mid-Journey bot for full access.
  • ⚙️ Unlimited mode by default is fast, offering about 15 GPU hours or roughly 800-1000 images.
  • 🚀 Enter 'slash relax' to switch to unlimited mode, which is still fast but may queue heavy users.
  • 🔍 In relaxed mode, you cannot upscale to the maximum.
  • 🔒 Use 'slash private' to add private mode, preventing others from copying your prompts, for an extra $20.
  • 🏢 Enterprise plans are available for larger companies at a cost of $600 per month.
  • 📸 All photos are shared with the community and owned by Mid-Journey, subject to copyright laws.
  • 🎨 For artists planning to sell their work, the private mode at an additional cost is recommended.

Q & A

  • What is the cost of the basic membership for Mid Journey?

    -The basic membership for Mid Journey costs 10,000 pennies, which is equivalent to ten dollars a month.

  • Is there a limit to the number of images you can create with the basic membership?

    -Yes, with the basic membership, you are limited to an average of 200 images, although this can vary depending on the quality and the number of times you make adjustments.

  • What is the main downside of the basic membership plan?

    -The main downside of the basic membership plan is that you cannot have a private Discord server for creation with the Mid Journey bot.

  • How much does the standard membership cost per month?

    -The standard membership costs thirty dollars a month.

  • What is the advantage of the standard membership over the basic membership?

    -With the standard membership, you can have private Whispers with the Mid Journey bot, which allows for more personalized interactions and project organization.

  • What is the default mode for rendering images in Mid Journey?

    -The default mode for rendering images in Mid Journey is fast mode.

  • How many GPU hours are included in the fast mode?

    -In fast mode, you are allocated about 15 GPU hours, which translates to approximately 900 minutes or an average of 800 to 1000 pictures.

  • How can you switch to unlimited mode in Mid Journey?

    -To switch to unlimited mode, you need to type 'slash relax' and press enter.

  • What happens if you spam too many prompts in relaxed mode?

    -If you spam too many prompts in relaxed mode, you may be placed in a queue for a minute or two.

  • What is the cost of adding private mode to your Mid Journey plan?

    -Adding private mode to your Mid Journey plan costs an extra 20 dollars a month on top of your current plan.

  • What is the recommended starting plan for someone new to Mid Journey?

    -It is recommended to start with the 10-dollar plan, rendering in quarter or half quality and upscaling the images you want to keep.

  • How can you protect your art from being stolen if you are using Mid Journey?

    -If you plan to sell your art, you should get the private mode for an extra 20 dollars, which will prevent others from copying your prompts.



💰 Mid-Journey Pricing and Membership Options

The first paragraph introduces the topic of pricing for the Mid-Journey service, emphasizing that it's not free but offers value for its cost. It outlines different membership tiers: a basic membership at $10 per month with an average limit of 200 images, and a standard membership at $30 per month that includes private access to the Mid-Journey bot on Discord. The paragraph also explains the concept of 'fast mode' and 'relaxed mode' for rendering images, and the option to go 'unlimited' by typing 'slash relax' in the chat. Additionally, it mentions the potential for images to be shared within the community and the possibility of enabling a private mode for an extra fee to prevent others from copying prompts.


🎨 Upscaling Artwork and Engaging with the Community

The second paragraph provides advice on starting with a basic plan and upscaling images to maximize the use of available minutes. It discusses the chaotic yet inspiring nature of community channels and suggests upgrading to a more expensive plan if one plans to sell their art. The paragraph also teases part 3 of the tutorial, which will cover how to delete photos from community boards to protect one's work. The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe for further guidance and ends with a humorous, unrelated dialogue that seems to be an inside joke or cultural reference.



💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey refers to a service or platform that is the subject of the tutorial video. It is a tool that allows users to create images, likely through some form of AI or digital art software. The term 'mid-journey' suggests that it is a tool to be used during the creative process, possibly halfway between an idea and its final form.


Pricing refers to the cost structure associated with using Mid Journey. The video discusses different membership levels, each with varying features and costs. It is a crucial aspect for potential users to understand as it determines accessibility and the extent of the service one can avail.

💡Basic Membership

Basic Membership is one of the subscription plans offered by Mid Journey, costing ten dollars a month. This plan provides users with access to the platform's features but limits the number of images they can create to an average of 200. It is an entry-level option for users to try out the service.

💡Standard Membership

Standard Membership is a more advanced subscription plan that costs thirty dollars a month. It includes all the features of the Basic Membership but adds the ability to have private interactions with the Mid Journey bot on Discord, which is a significant upgrade in terms of customization and privacy.

💡Unlimited Mode

Unlimited Mode is a setting within Mid Journey that, when activated by the user, allows for an unrestricted number of image renders. By default, the platform operates in 'fast mode,' which is metered, but switching to 'unlimited mode' with the command 'slash relax' stops the counting of render minutes, enabling users to create as many images as they want within a session.

💡Private Mode

Private Mode is an additional feature that users can opt into for an extra cost. When enabled, it prevents other users from copying the prompts used to generate a user's images, thus adding a layer of privacy and protection for the user's creative work. It is particularly useful for those who wish to protect their intellectual property.


Discord is a communication platform mentioned in the context of interacting with the Mid Journey bot. Users can engage in private conversations with the bot for personalized assistance, which is a feature available to those with the Standard Membership. It is a key part of the user experience for Mid Journey.


Rendering in the context of this video refers to the process of generating images using Mid Journey. The quality and number of renders a user can create are dependent on their subscription plan. It is a fundamental process in the creative workflow facilitated by the platform.


Upscaling is a technique mentioned in the video where users can render images at a lower quality and then enhance them to a higher resolution. This approach is a way to maximize the use of one's rendering minutes and is a strategic tip provided for users on a budget.

💡Community Channels

Community Channels are public spaces within the Mid Journey platform where users can interact with each other. They are described as chaotic but also a source of inspiration and learning for new users. These channels are where prompts and ideas are shared, fostering a collaborative environment.

💡Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan is a higher-tier subscription option for larger companies or teams, costing six hundred dollars. It is mentioned as a possibility for those who require more extensive access or features, although the video suggests that such users may not be the primary audience for this tutorial.


Mid Journey is not free but offers a test drive with 25 tries to make a picture.

Basic membership costs $10 a month with an average limit of 200 images.

The tilde sign indicates an average, with limits varying based on image quality or user mistakes.

Standard membership at $30 a month allows for private Discord interactions with the Mid Journey bot.

To start a private conversation, right-click the bot's name and click 'message'.

Unlimited mode by default is in 'fast mode', offering about 15 GPU hours or roughly 800 to 1000 pictures.

To switch to 'unlimited mode', type 'slash relax' for a non-metered experience.

In 'relaxed mode', users can't upscale to the maximum and may be queued if spamming.

Switch back to 'fast mode' by typing 'slash fast' to manage your anytime minutes effectively.

All photos created are shared with the community and owned by Mid Journey, with artists subject to copyright laws.

To prevent others from copying prompts, use 'slash private' for a private mode at an additional $20/month.

For those planning to sell art, the private mode is recommended to protect creations.

A method to erase images will be shown in part three of the tutorial to prevent unauthorized copying.

Starting with the $10 plan and upscaling images can maximize the use of your minutes.

Chaotic community channels can provide inspiration and help beginners learn effective prompts.

For those more proficient, upgrading to the $30 plan may be beneficial.

The tutorial series offers guidance on using Mid Journey effectively and protecting your art.