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3 Jan 202303:13

TLDRThe tutorial begins with the user discussing their current access to Mid Journey, a platform for creating AI designs. They mention being on a trial and considering a full subscription later. The user is already part of the Discord community and has access to the Community Showcase. The speaker suggests a workflow involving two tabs, one for Mid Journey and one for Discord, to streamline the design process. The home page of Mid Journey is highlighted, where all created designs are stored for easy reference and progression tracking. The user shares their experience with the platform, including creating designs inspired by Pokémon characters like Mewtwo and Charizard, and appreciating the anime-style aesthetics. The tutorial encourages following other artists on the platform for inspiration and community engagement.


  • 🎓 Start with a trial: The speaker is currently using a trial version of Mid Journey and plans to subscribe later.
  • 🔍 Access the dashboard: The user has access to their dashboard and can view their designs and concepts.
  • 💬 Join Discord: It's suggested to join the Discord community to start creating and interacting with others.
  • 🖥️ Use two tabs: The workflow involves keeping two tabs open - one for Mid Journey and another for Discord.
  • 📈 Review past work: The home page allows users to review their past designs and concepts to track their progress.
  • 👤 Follow artists: Users can follow other artists on the platform to see their work and get inspired.
  • 🎨 Experiment with designs: The speaker mentions experimenting with different designs, like Pokemon characters.
  • 📝 Note the style: The designs have an anime or cartoon style, which is a key feature of the platform.
  • 🔗 Search for users: There's a search function to find and follow other users on the platform.
  • 🛍️ Purchase a plan: To continue using Mid Journey beyond the trial, one needs to purchase a subscription plan.
  • 📚 Getting started guide: The script mentions a getting started guide which is presumably available for new users.

Q & A

  • What is the platform being discussed in the transcript?

    -The platform being discussed is Mid Journey, which is a community for AI art creation.

  • What does the user need to do to start creating on Mid Journey?

    -The user needs to join Discord and purchase a plan to start creating on Mid Journey.

  • How does the user access their designs on Mid Journey?

    -The user can access their designs on the home page of Mid Journey, where all their created designs and concepts are stored.

  • What is the user's current status with Mid Journey?

    -The user is currently on a trial period and has access to the Community Showcase.

  • What is the workflow suggested by the speaker for using Mid Journey?

    -The suggested workflow is to keep two tabs open: one for Mid Journey and another for Discord, where the user can use the online version of Discord to interact with the community.

  • What is the purpose of the Discord community in the context of Mid Journey?

    -The Discord community serves as a platform for users to start creating, interact with other artists, and follow their progress.

  • How can users follow other artists on Mid Journey?

    -Users can follow other artists by searching for them in the 'search users' section at the top of the Mid Journey platform.

  • What is the speaker's experience with Mid Journey?

    -The speaker has created various designs, including those inspired by Pokemon characters like Mewtwo and Charizard, and has experimented with different styles such as a 'freezer vibe'.

  • What does the speaker mean by 'freezer vibe' in the context of AI art designs?

    -The 'freezer vibe' refers to a specific style of art that the speaker was experimenting with, which is characterized by a certain visual aesthetic or theme.

  • What is the process for a user to become a member after their trial ends?

    -After the trial ends, the user is instructed to become a 'paper', which likely refers to purchasing a subscription plan to continue using Mid Journey.

  • How does the speaker describe the visual style of the AI-generated designs?

    -The speaker describes the visual style as having an anime or cartoon style, with examples like the realistic Mewtwo and Charizard designs.

  • What is the purpose of the Community Showcase on Mid Journey?

    -The Community Showcase likely serves as a space where users can view and share their AI-generated art designs with the broader community.



🤔 Getting Started with Midjourney: Trial Access and Discord Integration

The speaker is discussing their initial experience with Midjourney, a design tool. They mention they are currently in the trial phase and have not yet subscribed. They have joined the Discord community and are following the getting started instructions, which suggest joining Discord to begin creating. They are unsure if they are on the right track but are eager to learn. The speaker also mentions that they have access to the Community Showcase and the next step for them is to purchase a plan. They are glad to be at this point as many people start here, and they are looking forward to a workflow that will make the process easier. They proceed to share their screen to demonstrate their current position in the Midjourney platform.




Mid-journey refers to the intermediate phase of a process or journey. In the context of the video, it is the name of a subscription service being discussed. The user is currently in the trial phase of this service and is exploring its features before deciding to subscribe fully.


Discord is a popular communication platform used for text, voice, and video conversations, often utilized by gaming communities and online groups. In the video, the user mentions joining Discord to start creating, indicating it's a platform for community interaction and content creation related to the Mid-journey service.

💡Community Showcase

A Community Showcase is a space where the work or creations of a community's members are displayed. The user has access to this feature within the Mid-journey platform, suggesting it's a place to view and potentially share AI art designs created by the community.


A workflow refers to a sequence of steps or processes involved in completing a particular task or project. The video provides a workflow for using Mid-journey, which involves keeping two tabs open: one for Mid-journey and another for Discord, to efficiently navigate between the two platforms.

💡Home Page

The Home Page is the main page of a website that serves as an entry point for users. In the context of the video, the user's home page on Mid-journey displays all the designs they've created, allowing them to review past work and track their progress.

💡AI Designs

AI Designs refers to the use of artificial intelligence in creating designs, often in the field of art. The video is focused on teaching and showcasing AI-generated art, with the user mentioning the creation of designs using AI within the Mid-journey platform.


A trial is a period during which a user can test a product or service before making a full commitment. The user is currently utilizing the trial version of Mid-journey to explore its features, which is a common practice to evaluate if the service meets their needs before purchasing.


A subscription is a model of accessing a service or product by paying a periodic fee. The user mentions considering a full subscription to Mid-journey after their trial ends, highlighting the subscription-based nature of the service.

💡Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is the ability to share the content displayed on one's screen with others, often used in remote collaboration or teaching scenarios. The user shares their screen to demonstrate the Mid-journey interface and workflow to the audience.

💡Search Users

Search Users is a feature that allows users to find and follow other members within a platform. The user is shown how to search for and follow other artists on the Mid-journey platform, which is a way to discover and connect with the community.

💡Anime Style

Anime Style refers to the visual art style characteristic of Japanese animation and comic books. The video mentions creating designs with an anime or cartoon style, indicating one of the aesthetic choices available for AI-generated art within the platform.


The user is currently in the trial phase of Mid Journey and considering a full subscription later.

Access to the Community Showcase is available during the trial period.

The user is encouraged to join Discord to start creating.

A workflow involving two tabs, one for Mid Journey and one for Discord, is suggested for ease of use.

The user's designs and concepts are accessible on their Mid Journey homepage.

The user can refer back to past designs to track their progression.

The user experimented with different Pokemon designs in Mid Journey.

Mewtwo and Charizard designs were created with a realistic and anime/cartoon style.

The user appreciates the unique and wild appearance of the generated designs.

Female Mewtwo design is mentioned, indicating variety in character options.

The user can follow other artists on the platform to explore different styles.

Search functionality allows users to find and follow other artists.

The user is considering purchasing a plan after the trial ends.

The user is advised on a great workflow to make the most out of the platform.

The user has access to a dashboard that provides an overview of their activities.

The tutorial emphasizes the importance of starting with a clear understanding of the platform's features.

The user is navigating the Mid Journey interface with the help of an iPad for a dual-screen experience.

The user is looking forward to using the platform for YouTube content creation.

The user highlights the value of the platform for artists and designers looking to innovate.