MidJourney Logo Design for Websites using AI Art

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14 Feb 202313:55

TLDRThis video tutorial demonstrates how to use AI art from midjourney.com to design logos for websites. The host guides viewers through the process of creating various logo styles, including minimalist and vector designs, by refining prompts in the AI tool. The video showcases how easy it is to generate logo ideas quickly, even for those without graphic design experience, and how to integrate these logos into a website design using Editor X.


  • πŸ˜€ AI art can be used to create various types of logos, including business, website, and icons.
  • 🎨 The video demonstrates how to use mid-journey AI art to create logos with different variations.
  • πŸ“š Inspiration can be drawn from other brands to craft new logo designs.
  • 🌐 Visit midjourney.com to sign up and start with a free trial to test the AI art capabilities.
  • πŸ”— Joining the Discord community provides immediate prompts for AI to create stunning artwork and logos.
  • πŸ‘€ The Community Feed on mid Journey offers a plethora of logos and AI art for inspiration.
  • πŸ›  For a non-designer, creating a logo traditionally can be time-consuming and may not yield satisfactory results.
  • πŸ’‘ The process begins by inputting simple prompts into the AI to generate generic logo solutions.
  • πŸ”„ Iteratively refining the prompts with more specific details helps in getting closer to the desired logo design.
  • πŸ–ŒοΈ Tools like 'remix' allow for variations and adjustments in the style and complexity of the logo designs.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ The final logos generated are SVG files, which can be easily imported and customized in web design tools.
  • πŸ”„ The 'remix' feature enables further customization by adjusting the prompt and stylization values for different outcomes.
  • πŸ‘ The video concludes with the successful integration of an AI-generated logo into a fitness website template.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is demonstrating how to use AI art from midjourney.com to create logos for websites, including different variations and inspirations from other brands.

  • What is the purpose of using AI in logo design as shown in the video?

    -The purpose of using AI in logo design is to simplify the process, reduce the time it takes to create a logo, and to generate unique and creative logo designs that might be difficult for a human designer to produce quickly.

  • How does the video suggest one can get started with midjourney.com?

    -The video suggests signing up on midjourney.com for a free trial to start testing the AI art feature without having to pay anything upfront.

  • What is the role of the Discord channel mentioned in the video?

    -The Discord channel mentioned in the video serves as a platform where users can immediately prompt the AI to create stunning artwork and logos, making the process easier and more interactive.

  • What is the Community Feed in the context of midjourney.com?

    -The Community Feed on midjourney.com is a feature that allows users to view and draw inspiration from other logos and AI art created by the community.

  • How does the video approach the creation of a fitness website logo?

    -The video approaches the creation of a fitness website logo by using specific prompts in the AI system, such as 'Fitness logo blue minimalist simple female audience and exercise', and iteratively refining the prompts to achieve the desired design.

  • What is the traditional time frame for a graphic designer to create a logo?

    -Traditionally, for a graphic designer to create a logo, it can take between four to eight hours, and for someone without design experience, it could take even longer.

  • What is the significance of the 'remix' feature in midjourney.com as shown in the video?

    -The 'remix' feature in midjourney.com allows users to create variations and make changes to the AI-generated designs by adjusting the prompt and other settings, which helps in refining the logo to a more desired outcome.

  • How does the video utilize the 'Vector' concept in logo design?

    -The video utilizes the 'Vector' concept by incorporating vector art elements and silhouettes in the logo design process, which results in clean and scalable logos suitable for various applications.

  • What is the final step shown in the video for integrating the new logo into a website?

    -The final step shown in the video for integrating the new logo into a website is uploading the AI-generated SVG logo into the website editor, resizing and positioning it appropriately, and adjusting the website's header color to match the logo.

  • What additional software might be needed to finalize the logo as per the video?

    -The video suggests that additional software like Photoshop might be needed to apply a transparent background layer to the logo or to customize other design elements for a more polished look.



🎨 Creating AI-Generated Logos

The video script introduces the process of creating logos using AI art with mid-journey.com. The narrator guides viewers through signing up for a free trial and accessing the platform's features, such as the Community Feed for inspiration. The goal is to create different variations of logos, including website logos and icons, by using AI prompts. The narrator demonstrates how to use the platform's Discord channel to generate artwork and logos, starting with a simple prompt for a fitness logo. The process involves iterative refinement of the AI prompts to achieve a desired design, such as a minimalist, female-oriented logo with a focus on exercise and yoga poses. The video shows how the AI-generated logos can be quickly integrated into a website template, highlighting the efficiency of using AI for logo design compared to traditional graphic design methods.


πŸ” Refining AI Logo Design with Remix Tool

The script continues with the exploration of AI-generated logos, focusing on refining the design using mid-journey's remix tool. The narrator selects a version of the logo and applies the remix feature to create variations with different styles and levels of detail. The process includes adjusting the 'S value' to control the style and complexity of the logo, aiming for a minimalist look. The narrator saves a preferred logo and discusses the simplicity and scalability of SVG logos. The video also covers how to import the AI-generated logo into a website editor and suggests using Photoshop for further customization, such as adding a transparent background layer. The narrator experiments with different prompts and stylization values to achieve vector-like logos, demonstrating the versatility of the AI tool in creating various logo styles.


πŸ› οΈ Incorporating Inspirations and Finalizing Logos

In the final part of the script, the narrator discusses pulling inspiration from existing logos, such as the Adidas logo, to create new AI-generated designs. The process involves using the URL of the inspiration logo along with specific prompts to guide the AI in generating similar vector logos. The narrator critiques the initial results for being overly complex and opts to reduce the stylization to achieve a more minimalist and logo-friendly design. By using the remix tool and adjusting the prompts, the narrator successfully creates a logo that resembles the letter 'V' and incorporates it into the website template. The video concludes with the narrator suggesting further customization in Photoshop and hints at creating icons in a future video, showcasing the potential of AI in logo and icon design.



πŸ’‘AI Art

AI Art, which stands for Artificial Intelligence Art, refers to the creation of artwork using AI algorithms. In the video, AI art is utilized to generate logos and icons, showcasing how technology can assist in the design process. The script mentions that AI can produce various types of logos, including those for businesses and websites, and even icons, demonstrating the versatility of AI in artistic creation.


Midjourney is the name of the platform being used in the video to create AI-generated logos. It is a service that allows users to generate artwork through AI prompts. The video script discusses how to sign up for a free trial on midjourney.com and how to use it to create logos by providing specific prompts to the AI, indicating its role as a central tool in the video's demonstration.


Discord is a communication platform where the video's creator has a channel dedicated to midjourney. It is used as a means to interact with the AI and create artwork more efficiently. The script mentions that joining the Discord channel allows for immediate prompting of the AI to generate stunning artwork and logos, highlighting its utility in streamlining the creative process.

πŸ’‘Community Feed

The Community Feed on midjourney is a feature that displays artwork created by other users. It serves as a source of inspiration for designing prompts for the AI, as mentioned in the script. The Community Feed is a way for users to view and draw ideas from the creations of others, which can be particularly helpful when looking to generate new and unique logo designs.

πŸ’‘Logo Design

Logo Design is the process of creating a visual symbol or icon that represents a company or brand. The video focuses on using AI to facilitate this process. The script describes how traditionally creating a logo can be time-consuming and may require specific design skills, but with midjourney, even non-designers can generate potential logo designs quickly.

πŸ’‘Editor X

Editor X is the tool used in the video to edit and customize a fitness website template. The script mentions that all elements within the template are clickable and editable, but the creator wishes to change the logo. This indicates that Editor X is a user-friendly platform for making adjustments to website designs, including the integration of newly created logos.


In the context of AI art, a 'prompt' is a set of instructions or a description given to the AI to guide the creation of the artwork. The video script provides examples of prompts used to generate specific types of logos, such as 'Fitness logo blue minimalist simple female audience and exercise', showing how precise and descriptive prompts can lead to more targeted AI-generated designs.


Upscaling in the video refers to the process of increasing the resolution or quality of an AI-generated image. The script describes selecting 'U2' to create an upscaled version of a logo, which means enhancing the image to make it clearer and more detailed, suitable for use in professional settings or higher-quality presentations.


The 'remix' feature in midjourney allows users to create variations of an AI-generated design by altering the prompt or other parameters. The script explains that enabling remix in the settings allows for modifications such as changing the style intensity or 'S value', resulting in different design iterations that can be explored and refined.


Stylization refers to the distinctive visual style or design elements applied to an artwork or logo. In the video, the term is used in relation to the 'S value', which determines the level of detail and style in the AI-generated logos. The script mentions adjusting the stylization to create more minimalist or vector-like logos, demonstrating how stylization can be manipulated to achieve different aesthetic outcomes.

πŸ’‘SVG Logos

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, a format for logos that maintains quality at any size without losing sharpness. The script mentions that the logos generated by midjourney are in SVG format, which is beneficial for web use as it allows for scalability and clarity on different devices and screen resolutions.


AI art can produce various types of logos, including business, website, and icons.

The video demonstrates how to create AI logos using mid-journey with AI art.

Midjourney.com offers a free trial to test AI art creation.

Discord channel 'mid-journey' facilitates AI artwork and logo creation.

Community Feed on mid Journey provides inspiration for logo design.

Negative space logo example using a colorful rooster and minimalist design.

Creating a fitness website logo with a female-oriented, minimalist design.

Traditional logo creation can take 4-8 hours for a designer.

Using a simple prompt on Discord to generate generic logo ideas.

Refining the prompt to include 'Fitness logo blue minimalist simple female audience'.

Adding specificity with 'Fitness logo with a female stretching in yoga pose'.

Using an image of a person doing sit-ups to inform the logo design prompt.

Selecting and refining AI-generated logos using the upscale and remix features.

Importing the created SVG logo into a website template.

Adjusting the website header color to match the new logo.

Using the remix tool to update and simplify the logo design.

Incorporating the letter 'V' from the Vault Studio website into the logo design.

Reducing stylization for a more minimalist logo outcome.

Finalizing the logo by removing unnecessary elements for a clean design.