Midjourney V6 vs DALLE-3 Text Prompt COMPARISON (Print on Demand Ai Art Faceoff)

Philip Anders
22 Dec 202319:19

TLDRThe video presents a comparison between Midjourney V6 and DALLE-3, two AI art generation tools, based on their performance in creating print-on-demand graphics. The evaluation involves nine different prompts, assessing the graphics' visual appeal, suitability for print, and text accuracy. Midjourney V6 is noted for its artistic style and vibrant colors, but it sometimes strays from the prompt's instructions and struggles with text clarity and spelling. DALLE-3, on the other hand, adheres more closely to the prompts, offers accurate text representation, and produces designs that are more aligned with the print-on-demand market's preferences for simplicity and readability. The video concludes with a personal preference for DALLE-3's style and suitability for print-on-demand, despite acknowledging Midjourney V6's rapid graphic generation capabilities. Viewers are encouraged to keep score and share their opinions on which tool performs better in their view.


  • 🎨 **Midjourney V6 vs DALLE-3 Comparison**: A face-off between two AI art generators for print on demand, focusing on graphic quality, suitability for printing, and text accuracy.
  • 🖌️ **Graphic Style**: Midjourney V6 tends to produce more detailed and artistic graphics, while DALLE-3 generates flatter and more playful designs that are closer to the prompts.
  • 📈 **Text Adherence**: DALLE-3 performed better in adhering to the text prompts, maintaining accuracy in spelling and following the instructions more closely.
  • 🔍 **Text Visibility**: Midjourney sometimes made text smaller and harder to read, whereas DALLE-3's text was clearer and more suitable for print on demand.
  • 🚫 **Spelling Errors**: Midjourney had issues with spelling, particularly in longer phrases, while DALLE-3 managed to spell correctly in most cases.
  • 🏆 **Round-by-Round**: The evaluation was done round by round, with each round focusing on different prompts and styles, leading to a close competition.
  • 📝 **Prompt Importance**: The importance of precise and clear prompts was highlighted, as they significantly affected the output of both AI tools.
  • 🔄 **Text and Layout**: DALLE-3 was noted to have better text layout and design suitability for print on demand, which is crucial for commercial purposes.
  • 📈 **Final Verdict**: After a detailed comparison, DALLE-3 was slightly favored for print on demand due to its adherence to prompts, better text accuracy, and suitability for the medium.
  • ⏱️ **Speed of Generation**: Midjourney V6 was noted to generate graphics more quickly, which could be an advantage for users needing a high volume of outputs.
  • 📢 **Viewer Engagement**: The video encouraged viewers to keep score and share their opinions on which tool performed better in each round, promoting engagement and discussion.

Q & A

  • What was the purpose of the face-off between Midjourney V6 and DALLE-3?

    -The face-off was conducted to compare how well each AI tool could generate graphics for print on demand based on given prompts, focusing on the quality of the graphics, their suitability for print, and the accuracy of the text in the images.

  • What was the first prompt given to both Midjourney V6 and DALLE-3?

    -The first prompt was to create a cartoon-style image with various types of cheese characters and the phrase 'cheese the day, carp brium', depicted in a lively playful manner on a wide isolated background.

  • How did Midjourney V6 perform in terms of following the prompt for the first round?

    -Midjourney V6 did not follow the cartoon style aspect of the prompt closely, but it produced graphics with vibrant colors and an artistic vibe.

  • How did DALLE-3 perform in terms of following the prompt for the first round?

    -DALLE-3 stayed closer to the cartoon style prompt and depicted the cheeses in a more joyful and playful manner as requested.

  • What was the issue with the text spelling in the graphics produced by Midjourney V6 for the first round?

    -The text 'cheese the day' was misspelled as 'cheese the da' and parts of the sentence were lost. The second graphic had 'cheese the day' with three 'e's and random words like 'Carper briam' and 'Bri carpet'.

  • How did DALLE-3 handle the text spelling in the graphics for the first round?

    -DALLE-3 performed better, with correct spelling of 'cheese the day, carp brium' and even included a hyphen correctly. The only issue was the addition of an unrelated orange text at the top.

  • What was the main difference between the styles of Midjourney V6 and DALLE-3 in the second round?

    -Midjourney V6 produced graphics that were less flat and more detailed, whereas DALLE-3's graphics were more in line with the 2D flat design prompt, with a koala lifting a dumbbell.

  • Which tool won the second round based on the video script?

    -Midjourney V6 won the second round because it managed to spell the text correctly and produced appealing graphics, despite not fully adhering to the flat design aspect of the prompt.

  • What was the main issue with the text in the graphics produced by DALLE-3 for the second round?

    -DALLE-3 could not spell the text 'quality gains' correctly in any of the attempts for the second round's prompt.

  • Which tool was more accurate with text spelling in the overall comparison?

    -DALLE-3 was more accurate with text spelling in the overall comparison, following the prompts better and producing correctly spelled text in the graphics.

  • What was the final verdict of the comparison between Midjourney V6 and DALLE-3?

    -The final verdict was that DALLE-3 was slightly more suitable for print on demand, although it was a close race and Midjourney V6 also had its strengths, particularly in generating a large number of graphics quickly.



🖼️ Graphic Design Comparison: Mid Journey V6 vs D E3

The video presents a comparison between Mid Journey V6 and D E3 graphics tools based on nine different prompts. The evaluation criteria include the visual appeal of the graphics, suitability for print on demand, and accuracy of text spelling in the images. Both tools were given the same prompts and the top two results from each were compared side by side in Adobe Illustrator. The video provides a detailed analysis of each result, highlighting strengths and weaknesses in terms of adherence to the prompt, design style, and text accuracy.


🏆 Round-by-Round Breakdown and Scoring

The video script offers a round-by-round analysis of the graphic design face-off, inviting viewers to keep score and share their preferences. Each round presents a different design prompt, and the results are critiqued based on how well they followed the prompt, the quality of the graphics, and the correctness of any text included. The narrator shares their opinion on which tool performed better in each round, but also encourages viewers to form their own judgments and comment with their scores at the end of the video.


🎨 Artistic Styles and Text Legibility

The script discusses the artistic styles produced by both Mid Journey and D E3, noting that Mid Journey tends to create more detailed and artistic designs, while D E3 produces flatter and more cartoonish results that are often more suitable for print on demand. Text legibility and accuracy are also compared, with D E3 generally performing better in terms of spelling and text size, making its designs more readable and potentially more successful in the print market.


📈 Print on Demand Suitability and Final Verdict

The video concludes with a final round comparing a vintage distressed graphic design featuring a surfboard. The narrator discusses the suitability of each design for print on demand, considering factors like text readability, aesthetic appeal, and the ability to remove backgrounds for print production. While both tools have their merits, the narrator's personal opinion slightly favors D E3 for its consistent style and better text handling in many cases. However, the video acknowledges that Mid Journey's ability to generate a large volume of graphics quickly is a significant advantage. The viewer is encouraged to comment with their preferred tool based on the comparison.



💡Midjourney V6

Midjourney V6 refers to a specific version of an AI art generation tool that is being compared in the video. It is a software that uses artificial intelligence to create graphics based on given prompts. In the context of the video, it is one of the two tools being evaluated for its ability to generate print-on-demand AI art.


DALLE-3 is another AI art generation tool that is being compared alongside Midjourney V6 in the video. It represents a different AI model or version that is also capable of creating graphics from text prompts. The comparison is made to determine which tool better adheres to the prompts and generates more suitable graphics for print on demand.

💡Print on Demand

Print on Demand (PoD) is a service used by the video's subject where graphics are printed as needed when a customer makes a purchase, thereby eliminating the need for inventory. It is significant in the video as the graphics generated by the AI tools are being assessed for their suitability for this type of service.

💡Text Prompt

A text prompt is a textual description or request given to the AI art generation tools to guide the creation of a graphic. In the video, the same prompts are given to both Midjourney V6 and DALLE-3 to see how each tool interprets and visualizes the description.

💡Graphic Quality

Graphic quality refers to the visual appeal, clarity, and artistic value of the generated graphics. The video assesses the graphic quality of the outputs from both AI tools, considering their potential for print on demand applications.

💡Spelling Accuracy

Spelling accuracy is the correctness of the words and phrases included in the generated graphics. The video script discusses the importance of accurate spelling in the context of the graphics, as it affects the professional presentation of the final print on demand product.


Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editing software mentioned in the video where the generated graphics from the AI tools are pulled into for side-by-side comparison. It is used to manipulate and prepare graphics for further use, such as in print on demand services.

💡Cartoon Style

Cartoon style is a type of graphic art that employs a simplified and often exaggerated representation of subjects. The video discusses how well each AI tool adheres to the cartoon style as specified in the text prompts, which is a critical aspect of the evaluation.

💡2D Flat Design

2D flat design is a style of graphic design that features two-dimensional, non-perspective illustrations. It is highlighted in the video as a specific style requested in the prompts, and the AI tools are judged on their ability to create graphics that match this style.

💡Text Layout

Text layout refers to the arrangement and presentation of text within a graphic. The video script mentions the importance of a good text layout, especially for readability and aesthetic appeal in the context of print on demand products.

💡Vintage Sunset

Vintage Sunset is a design theme that the video refers to as being popular in print on demand. It often involves a nostalgic or retro style, which is evaluated in terms of how well the AI tools can capture this theme in their generated graphics.


Midjourney V6 and DALLE-3 were compared in a face-off using nine different print on demand prompts.

The comparison focused on graphic quality, suitability for print on demand, and text accuracy in images.

Midjourney V6's style was appreciated for its colors and artistic vibe, but it did not strictly follow the cartoon style prompt.

DALLE-3 adhered closer to the prompts, especially in creating a joyful and playful depiction of cheese characters.

Midjourney V6 had issues with text spelling, losing parts of the sentence and incorrectly spelling 'Carper briam Bri'.

DALLE-3 performed better in text spelling accuracy, correctly spelling 'cheese the day' and 'Cara brium'.

The video encourages viewers to keep score and share their preferences for each round.

Midjourney V6 and DALLE-3 showed different approaches to the '2D flat design' prompt, with Midjourney providing more detailed graphics.

DALLE-3's design for the 'messy hair bun' prompt was more flat and cartoonish, aligning better with the prompt's requirements.

Midjourney V6's text size and readability were criticized for being too small and hard to read.

DALLE-3 was favored for its correct spelling and better text layout suitability for print on demand designs.

The 'pizza and beer' prompt saw Midjourney V6 providing a more aesthetically pleasing result despite not following the 'cartoon' style instruction.

DALLE-3 struggled with spelling accuracy for the 'pizza and beer' prompt, with repeated attempts failing to correct the error.

In the 'vintage Sunset' prompt, Midjourney V6's vintage textured effect was praised for adding character to the design.

DALLE-3's colorful and symmetrical design was noted for its potential ease of use in removing backgrounds for print on demand.

The 'vapor wave' theme resulted in DALLE-3's design being more suitable for print on demand due to its cleaner and more readable text.

Midjourney V6's 'AO nice day' design was criticized for its small and hard-to-read text.

DALLE-3's 'Good Vibes' design was favored for its readability and aesthetic appeal, despite being harder to read due to the experimental style.

The final round's 'vintage distressed graphic' prompt saw DALLE-3's design being more suitable for print on demand, with a better vintage effect.

The video concludes with DALLE-3 being slightly favored for print on demand suitability, despite Midjourney V6's faster graphic generation capabilities.