My BEST Midjourney Prompts for V6 and Niji 6 - Stable Diffusion SDXL works too

Olivio Sarikas
11 Feb 202416:15

TLDRThe video presents a collection of creative prompts for generating images using AI models like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion SDXL, and Niji 6. The host shares prompts for various imaginative scenarios, such as a realistic hamster in luxury, glass figurines of cute animals, a stylized portrait of a dog breed, and modern-style dog breeds in 1960s fashion. The video also explores romantic landscapes, comic book style illustrations, Disney-like baby animals, and dynamic graphic novel illustrations. Each prompt is demonstrated with both Midjourney and Stable Diffusion results, highlighting the unique outputs of each model. The host encourages experimentation with prompts for various artistic and social media applications and provides these prompts for free on Twitter.


  • 🎨 The video showcases a variety of creative prompts for generating images using AI, specifically for Midjourney V6 and Stable Diffusion SDXL models.
  • 📸 A Patreon supporter benefit includes a PDF collection of these prompts, but they are also shared for free on Twitter.
  • 🐹 The prompts range from realistic to highly stylized and include detailed descriptions to guide the AI in creating specific scenes or characters.
  • 🕶️ One example prompt describes a cute hamster wearing a colorful shirt, golden sunglasses, and holding a champagne glass, standing on a wooden floor.
  • 🧊 The video demonstrates how slight variations in the prompt can lead to different results, even within the same AI model.
  • 🐶 Anthropomorphized portraits of dog breeds are suggested, with regal poses and luxurious attire, showing the AI's ability to handle complex and imaginative concepts.
  • 🌅 The script also covers romantic sceneries, such as a church or farmhouse with foreground flowers, offering a depth and atmosphere to the generated images.
  • 🎭 Comic book color sketches and human hybrids with various subjects like animals or fantasy creatures are among the creative ideas presented.
  • 🐉 Extreme closeups with dramatic camera angles and neon effects are used to create absurd and fantastic subjects that mimic the vividness of dreams.
  • 🚴‍♂️ Dynamic movement and fast-paced action are captured through prompts that describe motion trails and low-angle perspectives, adding a sense of speed and energy to the images.
  • 🌈 The video emphasizes the artistic and expressive potential of AI-generated images, suitable for various applications like book illustrations, social media posts, and memes.
  • ✨ Experimentation with different models and steps, such as the SDXL model, can yield higher quality and more detailed images, encouraging users to play and explore with the AI tools.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the video?

    -The main purpose of the video is to share a collection of creative prompts for generating images using AI tools like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.

  • How can viewers access the collection of prompts for free?

    -Viewers can access the collection of prompts for free by following the creator on Twitter, where they are often posted.

  • What is the first prompt demonstrated in the video?

    -The first prompt is for a photorealistic image of a cute hamster wearing a colorful Hawaiian shirt, expensive golden sunglasses, holding a glass of champagne, and standing on an expansive wooden floor out on the ocean.

  • How can the prompts be adapted for different AI models?

    -The prompts can be adapted for different AI models by adjusting the style, ratio, and other specific instructions to better suit the capabilities and outputs of the model.

  • What is the significance of the 'stable diffusion result' mentioned in the video?

    -The 'stable diffusion result' refers to the image generated using the Stable Diffusion model, which is compared with the results from Midjourney to showcase the different styles and details each AI can produce.

  • What is the benefit of using detailed prompts with AI image generation tools?

    -Using detailed prompts helps to guide the AI towards creating more specific and desired outcomes, resulting in images that closely match the envisioned concept.

  • How does the video demonstrate the versatility of the prompts?

    -The video demonstrates the versatility of the prompts by showing how they can be used to generate a wide range of images, from romantic landscapes to modern portraits and fantastical scenes.

  • What is the role of Patreon supporters in this context?

    -Patreon supporters receive a PDF with the collection of prompts, indicating a benefit for those who choose to financially support the creator's work.

  • How can the prompts be used for social media posts?

    -The prompts can be used to generate unique and engaging images that can be shared on social media platforms for entertainment, memes, or to attract attention to a profile or brand.

  • What is the 'pixa style animation' mentioned in the video?

    -The 'pixa style animation' refers to a design style reminiscent of Pixar Animation Studios, characterized by cute, colorful, and often dreamy or fantastical visuals.

  • How does the video address the potential for artistic expression with AI-generated images?

    -The video addresses the potential for artistic expression by showcasing how the prompts can be used to create images with a variety of artistic styles, from comic book sketches to dynamic graphic novel illustrations.



🎨 Creative Prompts for Art Generation

The speaker introduces a collection of prompts aimed at inspiring art, particularly for Mid Journey and stable diffusion models. They discuss how Patreon supporters receive a PDF of these prompts, but they also share them on Twitter for free. The video showcases a variety of prompts, starting with a photorealistic hamster in stylish attire, followed by prompts for creating glass figurines of animals, anthropomorphized portraits of dog breeds, and modern-style portraits of dogs in 1960s fashion. The speaker emphasizes the potential for high-quality results with the right model and steps, and the fun and versatility of these prompts for different uses like memes and social media posts.


🌄 Romantic and Dreamy Sceneries

This paragraph delves into romantic and dreamy sceneries suitable for various artistic applications, such as book illustrations and adventure games. The speaker provides prompts for creating images with depth and atmosphere, using elements like flowers in the foreground and different seasonal settings. They also discuss the effectiveness of stable diffusion in capturing the artistic style and suggest experimenting with prompts to achieve better results. The paragraph concludes with the speaker sharing their enthusiasm for the artistic expression and the wide range of applications for these prompts.


🧡 Embracing Love on Valentine's Day

The focus shifts to Valentine's Day, with the speaker creating images that embrace love in various forms. They provide prompts for generating artistic representations of couples embracing, with options to specify gender, ethnicity, and age to represent diversity. The speaker highlights the potential of these images for social media posts, greeting cards, and websites. They also mention the artistic expression and the adaptability of the prompts for different styles and models, including stable diffusion and Mid Journey versions, to achieve a more graphic or dynamic look.


🚀 Dynamic and Expressive Art Styles

The final paragraph explores dynamic and expressive art styles, with prompts that evoke powerful movements and emotions. The speaker discusses creating graphic novel-style illustrations with fast movement and high-speed markers, as well as dynamic power movements with a cinematic touch. They showcase examples with motion lines and low-angle perspectives, emphasizing the expressiveness these styles can bring to subjects like dancers, musicians, and racing cars. The speaker also talks about the potential for experimentation with different models and prompts to achieve desired effects, concluding with a call to check out the prompts on their Twitter account and a thank you note to the viewers.



💡Midjourney Prompts

Midjourney Prompts refer to the specific instructions or statements used to guide the Midjourney AI in generating images. In the video, these prompts are used to create a variety of unique and artistic images, showcasing the capabilities of the AI in producing detailed and themed visuals based on the given prompts.

💡Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an AI model used for generating images from textual descriptions. The video compares the results of image generation using both Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, highlighting the differences in style and detail that each model produces.


Photorealistic refers to the quality of an image that closely resembles a photograph. In the context of the video, the term is used to describe the level of detail and realism that the AI-generated images should achieve, with examples such as a hamster wearing sunglasses or a dog in a regal pose.


Anthropomorphization is the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to non-human entities. The video script mentions creating images of a dog breed with humanlike qualities, such as wearing sunglasses or clothing, which is a form of anthropomorphization.

💡Digital Art

Digital Art is a form of art and creativity that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative process. The video discusses creating various styles of digital art, such as romantic sceneries and comic book styles, using AI-generated prompts.

💡Turbo Model

The Turbo Model in the context of the video refers to a faster version of the AI model used for generating images. It is mentioned as a way to achieve better details in the images, suggesting that there are different levels of processing speed and detail in the AI models.

💡SDXL Model

SDXL Model stands for Stable Diffusion Extra Large Model, which is a higher-capacity version of the AI model that can produce higher quality images. The video suggests using this model for better image quality and more steps in the generation process.

💡Graphic Novel Noir

Graphic Novel Noir is a style that combines elements of graphic novels with the dark and moody atmosphere characteristic of film noir. The video uses this style to create dynamic and powerful illustrations with a focus on fast movement and high-speed action.

💡Fisheye Effect

The Fisheye Effect is a visual distortion that occurs with certain lenses, creating a wide-angle view that appears to bulge outward. In the video, it is used to describe a dramatic camera angle that gives a unique perspective to the subjects in the images.

💡Dreamy Scene

A Dreamy Scene refers to an image or setting that evokes a sense of enchantment or a surreal, dreamlike quality. The video discusses creating images that are playful, fantastic, and reminiscent of dreams, using vibrant colors and imaginative compositions.

💡Artistic Expression

Artistic Expression is the communication of ideas, emotions, or concepts through various forms of art. The video emphasizes the artistic expression found in the AI-generated images, which can be used for social media posts, greeting cards, and other creative applications.


The video presents a collection of creative prompts for generating images using AI, specifically for Midjourney and Stable Diffusion SDXL.

Patrons receive a PDF with the collection of prompts, while others can follow on Twitter for free access.

A prompt example includes a realistic hamster wearing a colorful shirt, golden sunglasses, and holding a champagne glass.

The video demonstrates how the glass of champagne appears more like beer in Midjourney but is accurately rendered in Stable Diffusion.

Viewers can specify an animal for a glass figurine prompt, with suggestions like seals, lions, or dolphins.

Stable Diffusion results are showcased, with a focus on the beauty of the rendered images.

A highly stylized portrait of a dog breed with human-like qualities is described, featuring regal poses and luxurious attire.

The video shows how different dog breeds can be used in the prompt to create cute and varied images.

A modern-style portrait of a dog breed wearing 1960s fashion is presented, with customizable colors and backdrops.

The artistic and romantic scenery prompts include elements like churches, farmhouses, and foreground flowers for depth.

Comic book color sketch line art style is used to create adorable human hybrids with various subjects, such as animals or mythical creatures.

The video explores the use of Disney-style design for rendering baby animals with round bodies and large, glowing pupils.

An isometric mini-world pop-out effect is demonstrated with varying subjects, such as an old lady or a man smoking a pipe.

Valentine's Day themed images are created with embracing subjects in various combinations of age and gender, representing inclusivity.

Graphic novel Noir style illustrations are featured, with dynamic and powerful subjects like dancers, lions, and musicians.

The video presents extreme closeups with fisheye and dramatic camera angles, creating fantastic and absurd subjects.

Dreamy and playful prompts result in highly detailed and colorful images that resemble dream scenes, offering a unique artistic expression.