NovelAI - Introduction and Basic Writing

P Gatcomb
29 Jun 202321:11

TLDRThe video introduces NovelAI, a generative AI tool designed to facilitate the quick and easy creation of long stories. It explains how the tool uses context to generate text and allows users to select different AI models, each with unique presets that can be edited to control the randomness and output length of the text. The video demonstrates how to use the tool's memory and author's note features to guide the AI's predictions and how to use the lore book to add context and maintain the AI's memory of the story elements. It also highlights the tool's flexibility in editing and generating content in various styles and formats, including the ability to import content from other AI tools. The video concludes by emphasizing NovelAI's potential for creative writing and its paid subscription model that offers more context and image generation capabilities.


  • πŸ“š NovelAI is a generative AI tool designed to facilitate the quick and easy writing of long stories.
  • πŸš€ The tool operates by using the context provided by the user to generate text, building upon that context.
  • 🧠 Different AI models, each with unique names and avatars, represent various generations of the NovelAI tool.
  • πŸ”§ Users can select presets that adjust the randomness of output, the amount of text generated, and the repetition of words.
  • πŸ“ The 'memory' and 'author's note' features allow users to provide context and influence the direction of the story.
  • ✍️ NovelAI enables real-time editing, allowing users to make changes that instantly update the narrative.
  • πŸ”— The 'lore book' is a feature that lets users add contextually triggered information to the story.
  • 🎭 The tool can be used for various types of writing, including stories, poetry, and even code.
  • 🧩 NovelAI can be combined with other AI tools to leverage their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses.
  • πŸ“ˆ The platform provides statistics on the usage of user-provided content versus AI-generated content.
  • 🌐 NovelAI is a paid service with different levels offering more context and image generation capabilities.
  • πŸ“‰ The tool also features a function to generate random titles for stories, adding a creative twist to the writing process.

Q & A

  • What is NovelAI and how does it assist in writing stories?

    -NovelAI is a generative AI tool designed to facilitate the writing of long stories quickly. It works by taking the context provided by the user and generating text based on that context, allowing for the addition and continuation of the story with powerful features.

  • What are the different AI models available in NovelAI?

    -NovelAI offers various AI models, each with a unique name and character avatar. These models represent different generations of the Novel AI tool, with the most recent one being called Clio.

  • How can presets be used in NovelAI to influence the story generation?

    -Presets in NovelAI provide general ideas and can be edited to change how random the output will be, the amount of output generated at a time, and the likelihood of receiving repeated words. They help tailor the story's flow and content according to the user's preferences.

  • What is the purpose of the 'memory' and 'author's note' features in NovelAI?

    -The 'memory' feature allows the AI to remember specific information for the purpose of predicting what should be generated next in the story. The 'author's note' is a function that provides additional context to the AI, influencing the direction and content of the generated text.

  • How can the context of a story be manipulated to guide the AI's generation?

    -By adding information to the 'memory' or 'author's note' sections, users can provide context that the AI uses to predict and generate subsequent parts of the story. This allows for a level of control over the narrative direction.

  • What is the 'lore book' feature in NovelAI and how does it function?

    -The 'lore book' is a tool that allows users to add context to the story that is only summoned when specific activation keys or words are detected in the text. This helps maintain the AI's memory of important elements and characters, influencing the story's development.

  • How does NovelAI handle the generation of random elements in the story?

    -NovelAI introduces a random element in the story generation process, which means that without specific guidance or context, the story can take various directions. This randomness can be both a creative tool and a challenge, requiring users to guide the narrative as needed.

  • What are the benefits of editing the generated text in NovelAI?

    -Editing the generated text allows for immediate adjustments and corrections, providing a high level of control over the story's content. It enables users to refine the narrative, fix logical errors, and ensure consistency with their intended story direction.

  • How can NovelAI be used for different types of writing projects?

    -NovelAI's flexibility allows it to be used for a variety of writing projects, including novels, poetry, scripts, and even Choose Your Own Adventure modules. Its features can be adapted to suit different writing styles and genres.

  • What are the different levels of subscription for NovelAI and what do they offer?

    -NovelAI offers different subscription levels that provide varying capabilities. Higher levels allow for a wider context, enabling more complex and longer story generation, and also offer the ability to generate more images for those interested in visual storytelling.

  • How does NovelAI compare to other AI writing tools like Chat GPT?

    -While both NovelAI and Chat GPT are AI writing tools, NovelAI focuses on story generation with a strong emphasis on context and character development. It can be used in conjunction with other tools like Chat GPT to refine and adapt the content into different styles or to address specific content requirements.



πŸš€ Introduction to Novel AI: A Powerful Storytelling Tool

The video introduces Novel AI, a generative AI tool designed for quickly writing long stories with advanced features. It explains that Novel AI operates on the context provided by the user, using it to predict and generate the next part of the story. The tool offers various AI models, each with unique presets that can be customized to control randomness and output length. The video also discusses the importance of context in generating text, the use of memory and author's notes to guide the story, and the ability to edit and add to the generated content.


πŸ“š Understanding Context and Memory in Novel AI

This paragraph delves deeper into how Novel AI uses context and memory to generate text. It explains the role of the 'memory' function in retaining important information for the AI to reference when predicting the next part of the story. The video demonstrates how to use the 'lore book' feature to add context-specific information that only appears when certain keywords are mentioned in the story. It also shows how to manage and prioritize context to ensure the AI generates the desired narrative.


🎭 Crafting Stories with Characters and Inventory Management

The speaker discusses how to use Novel AI for creating characters and managing inventory within a story. They show how to generate character details and use them within the story context. The paragraph also covers the process of creating a setting, such as a coffee shop, and how the AI can generate interactions and dialogues between characters based on the context provided. It highlights the flexibility of the tool in handling different story elements and the potential for creating interactive or branching narratives.


πŸ”„ Editing and Expanding the Story with Novel AI

This section focuses on the editing capabilities of Novel AI, allowing users to modify and expand the generated story. It demonstrates how to insert information between existing text and how the AI updates the context accordingly. The video also explores the possibility of importing content from other AI tools to enrich the story further. It concludes by emphasizing the creative potential of combining multiple AI tools to create a diverse and engaging narrative.


πŸ“š Novel AI's Subscription Levels and Creative Possibilities

The final paragraph discusses the different subscription levels available for Novel AI and their benefits, such as a wider context window and the ability to generate more images. It wraps up by highlighting the tool's potential for creativity, allowing users to write in various styles and genres, and suggesting the use of Novel AI in conjunction with other tools for an even more robust creative writing process. The video also mentions the feature to generate random titles for the story, adding a fun and spontaneous element to the writing experience.



πŸ’‘Novel AI

Novel AI is a generative AI tool designed to facilitate the writing process, particularly for long-form stories. It operates by using the context provided by the user to generate text that builds upon that context. In the video, Novel AI is showcased as a powerful writing aid that can quickly produce lengthy narratives with the help of various features and customization options.

πŸ’‘Generative AI

Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence systems capable of creating new content, such as text, images, or music, based on existing data. In the context of the video, Novel AI is a form of generative AI that specializes in text generation for storytelling, allowing users to expand on their ideas and create detailed narratives.

πŸ’‘AI Model

An AI model, in the context of Novel AI, represents a specific version or generation of the tool. The video mentions 'Clio' as the most recent AI model at the time of recording. Each AI model may have unique characteristics and capabilities that affect how it generates text based on the provided context.


A preset in Novel AI allows users to select predefined settings that influence the generation of text. These settings can include factors like randomness of output, the volume of text produced at a time, and the repetition of words. The video demonstrates how editing presets can customize the output to suit the user's writing style or needs.


Memory in Novel AI is a feature that enables the tool to remember and utilize information from the context provided by the user. This includes details like character names or specific events that have occurred in the story. The memory feature helps the AI to maintain continuity and consistency in the generated text, as seen when the dog's name 'Max' is consistently used after being added to memory.

πŸ’‘Author's Note

An author's note in Novel AI is a way for users to provide additional context or instructions to the AI that may not be part of the main narrative. This can include intentions for the story's direction, desired themes, or specific elements to include. The video shows how the author's note can influence the AI's text generation, although it does not guarantee the inclusion of these elements in the output.

πŸ’‘Lore Book

The lore book is a feature within Novel AI that allows users to create and store additional context, such as character backgrounds or world-building details. When certain keywords associated with the lore book entries are mentioned in the story, the AI can automatically insert relevant information from the lore book into the context, enriching the narrative with pre-defined details.


In the context of Novel AI, context refers to the information and cues provided by the user that the AI uses to generate subsequent text. This includes the main narrative, author's notes, and lore book entries. The AI's understanding of context is crucial for producing coherent and relevant text, as it informs the AI's predictions of what should come next in the story.


Editing in Novel AI involves the ability for users to modify the generated text, making changes to the narrative as needed. This feature is highlighted in the video as a powerful aspect of the tool, allowing for immediate corrections and adjustments to the story without the need to re-generate the entire text.

πŸ’‘Random Title Generation

As a creative feature, Novel AI can generate random titles for the user's story. This can serve as a source of inspiration or a convenient way to finalize the storytelling process. The video demonstrates the use of this feature, noting the potential for humorous or inappropriate suggestions, which can be adapted to fit the story's theme.

πŸ’‘Content Creation

Content creation with Novel AI encompasses the entire process of using the tool to generate, edit, and refine a story. The video emphasizes the flexibility and creativity that Novel AI offers, allowing users to write in various styles, genres, and languages. It also suggests the possibility of combining Novel AI with other tools for a more comprehensive writing and editing process.


NovelAI is a generative AI tool that facilitates the quick creation of long stories.

The tool works by taking context and expanding upon it to generate text.

Users can select different AI models, each with unique characteristics and presets.

Presets can be edited to control randomness, output length, and word repetition.

The 'memory' and 'author's note' features allow users to provide context for the AI to generate more relevant text.

Editing the generated text is straightforward and updates the context in real-time.

The 'lore book' is a tool for adding context that is only summoned when detected in the text.

The AI can generate entries for characters, places, and objects to enrich the story.

Users can define information from the lore book as memory or author's note for seamless integration.

The tool allows for a high degree of control and customization over the story's direction.

NovelAI can be used in conjunction with other AI tools to leverage their strengths.

Content from other sources can be imported and integrated into the NovelAI workflow.

The tool provides a balance between AI-generated content and user-provided content.

NovelAI can generate a random title for the story, adding a creative touch.

The platform offers different subscription levels for varying context lengths and image generation capabilities.

NovelAI is suitable for various writing styles, including prose, poetry, and even programming languages.

The tool can be used for creative writing, educational purposes, or professional content creation.

Users can track the amount of content they have provided versus what the AI has generated.