Problem with MidJourney, does it worth price?

Vladimir Chopine [GeekatPlay]
4 Dec 202320:43

TLDRThe video discusses the capabilities and pricing of MidJourney, an AI image generation tool. The creator shares their experience using the tool to produce high-quality images and compares its features to alternatives like Adobe Photoshop with AI Firefly. They highlight the tool's reliance on Discord for image rendering and the limitations this brings. The video also covers various features, such as upscaling, variations, and panning, and discusses the potential copyright issues with generated content. The creator concludes that while MidJourney is a fun and gimmicky tool, it may not be worth its $30 price tag when compared to more versatile and cost-effective options like Photoshop and stable diffusion models.


  • 🎨 MidJourney is a platform that creates stunning images but has a steep pricing structure.
  • 💵 The basic $10 plan offers limited functionality, and the $30 plan provides unlimited renders with more features.
  • 💡 Photoshop with AI Firefly, which costs slightly more than $10, is suggested as a more cost-effective alternative.
  • 📱 To use MidJourney, a Discord account is required, and commands are issued via a command-line interface.
  • ⚙️ The platform offers various image manipulation features like upscaling, variations, and panning.
  • 🔍 Upscaling in MidJourney is fast but doesn't add new details; it's more akin to vector upscaling.
  • 🌐 MidJourney's interface on Discord is functional but has limitations compared to standalone applications.
  • 🧩 The platform allows blending of images and offers a 'remix mode' for variations, which is a unique feature.
  • 📈 MidJourney provides flexibility in aspect ratio and allows for multiple prompts to generate a series of images.
  • 🚫 There are concerns about the use of copyrighted material with MidJourney, unlike with some other platforms.
  • 🤔 The speaker concludes that MidJourney may not be worth the $30 price tag when compared to other available tools.

Q & A

  • What is MidJourney known for creating?

    -MidJourney is known for creating stunning images, which are considered to be of high quality.

  • What are the different pricing plans for MidJourney?

    -MidJourney offers a $10 standard plan, a $30 plan with unlimited render and a relax mode, and more expensive Pro plans at $60 and $120.

  • How does the cost of MidJourney compare to other image editing software like Photoshop?

    -The cost of MidJourney's plans is considered expensive when compared to other software like Photoshop, which offers similar capabilities at a lower price point.

  • What platform is required to use MidJourney?

    -To use MidJourney, you need to use Discord, as it is the platform on which the service is accessed.

  • How does one generate images with MidJourney?

    -To generate images with MidJourney, you type a command like 'imagine' followed by a prompt into the Discord server, and the system will produce an image based on the prompt.

  • What are some of the features of MidJourney's image generation?

    -MidJourney offers features like upscaling images to 4K resolution, creating variations of an image, and allowing panning to extend the view of an image.

  • What are the limitations of using Discord for MidJourney?

    -Using Discord for MidJourney comes with limitations such as how images are worked with, the tools available for image manipulation, and the overall user interface experience.

  • What is the 'remix mode' in MidJourney?

    -The 'remix mode' in MidJourney is a feature that allows users to make variations or change prompts for an image, which pops up a screen asking for the desired dialog.

  • How does MidJourney handle copyrighted material?

    -MidJourney has some flexibility with copyrighted material, as it can generate images of copyrighted characters like SpongeBob, which some other platforms might restrict.

  • What is the 'blend' command in MidJourney used for?

    -The 'blend' command in MidJourney is used to take two or more images and blend them together to create a new image that is a mix of the originals.

  • Does MidJourney provide value for its pricing, especially when compared to other tools like Adobe Photoshop?

    -The speaker believes that MidJourney is overpriced at $30, considering the value it provides compared to other tools like Adobe Photoshop, which offers more capabilities and flexibility at a lower cost.



🎨 Mid Journey Overview and Pricing

The first paragraph introduces Mid Journey, an AI image creation tool, and discusses its capabilities in generating stunning images. It raises concerns about the pricing structure, comparing the $10 standard plan with limited features to the $30 plan offering unlimited rendering and additional features. The comparison also includes the cost of alternatives like Photoshop with AI Firefly. The paragraph also explains that Mid Journey operates through Discord and uses command-line inputs to generate images, mentioning the fast mode for rendering and the quality of the results produced.


🛠️ Exploring Mid Journey's Features and Tools

This paragraph delves into the various features and tools available within Mid Journey. It covers the ability to upscale images, create variations, and use a selection tool for modifications. The user discusses the limitations when using Discord's web browser, the painting options, and the 4K upscaling feature. It also touches on the command 'imagine' for generating images, the option to reference and upscale images, and the instant nature of these processes due to pre-rendering on the server.


🧩 Customizing and Blending Images with Mid Journey

The third paragraph focuses on the customization options within Mid Journey, including generating multiple variations from a single prompt, panning, and blending images. It discusses the ability to mix different styles and create unique images by combining various prompts. The paragraph also covers the aspect ratio flexibility, the prompt's influence on the generated images, and the blending of images using the 'Bland' command to create a mix of styles.


🔍 Describing and Analyzing Images with Mid Journey

This paragraph explores the 'describe' feature of Mid Journey, which analyzes images and provides descriptions that can be used for generating new images. It discusses the aspect ratio options, the use of the 'describe' command, and the ability to match prompts closely to the desired outcome. The user also talks about increasing the image weight to improve the accuracy of the generated images and the potential use of different style libraries for generating specific types of images.


💵 Evaluating Mid Journey's Value and Copyright Considerations

The final paragraph evaluates whether Mid Journey is worth the $30 price tag per month. It compares the cost and features of Mid Journey to Adobe Photoshop with AI Firefly and other alternatives, concluding that the tool may be overpriced. The user also raises concerns about the potential copyright issues when using Mid Journey for commercial work, contrasting it with the clearer commercial use policies of Adobe. The paragraph ends with a summary of the user's overall impressions of Mid Journey, appreciating its quality but questioning its value for the price.




MidJourney refers to a software tool that generates images based on textual prompts. It is discussed in the video as a platform that can create high-quality images but has limitations and costs associated with it. The reviewer questions its value proposition compared to other tools like Adobe Photoshop.


Pricing in this context refers to the cost of using the MidJourney service. The video transcript discusses the different subscription plans offered by MidJourney, with the standard plan being criticized for its limited capabilities and the higher-tier plans being considered expensive.


Discord is mentioned as the platform through which MidJourney is accessed. It is a communication service that allows users to interact with the MidJourney service via command-line inputs to generate images.


Rendering in the video refers to the process by which MidJourney creates images from textual descriptions provided by the user. It is a key feature of the software and is discussed in terms of speed and quality.

💡AI Firefly

AI Firefly is an AI feature within Adobe Photoshop that offers similar image-generating capabilities to MidJourney. It is brought up in the video as a more cost-effective alternative to MidJourney's services.

💡Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is another AI model mentioned for its ability to generate high-quality images. It is highlighted as a potentially superior option to MidJourney, offering more flexibility and control to the user.


Upscaling is a process that allows images to be enlarged while maintaining or improving their quality. In the context of the video, it is a feature of MidJourney that can quickly increase the size of images up to 4K resolution.


Variations refer to the different outputs that can be generated from a single prompt by MidJourney. The video discusses the ability to create multiple variations of an image, which can be useful for exploring different visual options.


Panning in the video script refers to a feature that allows users to 'pan' the view within an image, effectively extending the visual content to the left or right without changing the original prompt.


Copyright is a legal concept that protects original works from unauthorized use. The video discusses concerns over the potential copyright issues with images generated by MidJourney, especially when used for commercial purposes.

💡Commercial Use

Commercial use denotes the application of a product or service for monetary gain in a business context. The video raises questions about the legality and advisability of using MidJourney-generated images in commercial projects due to possible copyright restrictions.


MidJourney creates stunning images, potentially one of the best in its category.

The basic pricing plan at $10 offers limited features, with users running out of time quickly.

MidJourney's standard plan is $30, providing unlimited renders with a relax mode.

For the same price, users can opt for alternatives like Photoshop with AI capabilities.

Access to MidJourney requires the use of Discord, which is the platform for server access and image rendering.

The command-line interface allows users to render images by typing prompts.

MidJourney offers fast rendering and interesting results, with options for different styles like Del 3 and Del 4.

Users can upscale images to 4K, although the quality is not as high as other upscaling tools.

The platform provides options for variations, allowing for strong, little, or region-specific variations.

MidJourney has a panning feature that can render images in different directions.

The platform has limitations when working with copyrighted characters like SpongeBob.

MidJourney offers a blend command to mix and merge images, creating unique composites.

Users can adjust the image weight to influence how much the source image affects the final render.

MidJourney provides a 'describe' command that analyzes an image and provides a description for use in rendering.

The platform has a setting to run the latest model and offers various stylizations.

MidJourney's private mode is more expensive, at $60 per month.

The platform allows for multiple variations and has a fast mode for quicker rendering.

MidJourney's output can sometimes be biased towards certain ethnicities, which could be improved.

The platform is fun and gimmicky but may not be worth the $30 price tag for some users.

MidJourney's commercial use is not as clearly defined as with Adobe Photoshop, which is a concern for some users.