Recraft: Generating branded graphics with AI

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6 Mar 202411:18

TLDRAnna Veronica, CEO of Recraft, introduces a revolutionary AI technology for generating branded graphics. The platform, with its 20 billion parameter model, excels in high-quality, visually consistent image generation, catering to professional design needs. It allows users to create or select styles, generate vector art, and provides tools for iteration to achieve perfect results. Applications range from branding to social media marketing, offering customizable solutions for professional use cases.


  • 🌟 Recraft is a new AI technology for generating branded graphics with high-quality and visual consistency.
  • πŸš€ The company recently released a significant update, and the audience at the talk were among the first to know about it.
  • 🎨 In 2023, AI-generated images are prevalent, but they often lack the professional quality and consistency needed for brand use.
  • πŸ” Brands require imagery that reflects their voice and maintains a high standard of quality, avoiding errors like extra limbs or fingers.
  • πŸ› οΈ Recraft's model has 20 billion parameters, which allows for the generation of anatomically correct and visually consistent images.
  • πŸ–ŒοΈ Users can select from a library of professional styles or create their own style from a single image for brand consistency.
  • πŸ“ˆ Recraft offers tools for iteration, such as adjusting the level of detail and similarity to refine generated images to perfection.
  • πŸ”„ The platform allows for style remixing, enabling brands to create unique visuals that align with their brand guidelines.
  • πŸ“Š Recraft can be utilized for various professional scenarios, including branding, product design, and social media marketing.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ The platform supports the generation of vector art, which is infinitely scalable and easily recolored, beneficial for animations.
  • πŸ“ Recraft provides an infinite canvas for organizing the design process, including images, sets, frames, and text.
  • πŸ“§ The company values feedback and encourages users to reach out for improvements, showing a commitment to user satisfaction.

Q & A

  • Who is the founder and CEO of Recraft?

    -The founder and CEO of Recraft is Anna Veronica.

  • What was the significant release that Recraft announced recently?

    -Recraft announced a new technology for generating branded graphics with AI, which is designed to produce high-quality, visually consistent imagery suitable for professional design use cases.

  • Why is the current image generation technology not enough for professional design use cases according to Anna Veronica?

    -The current image generation technology is not enough for professional design use cases because it lacks the visual consistency and high-quality standards that brands require to effectively communicate their voice and ideas through visual graphics.

  • What are the three major advantages of the model built by Recraft?

    -The three major advantages of Recraft's model are: very high-quality image generation, visual consistency to create image sets in the same style, and a variety of options for controlling the generation process and iterating to achieve the perfect result.

  • How many parameters does Recraft's AI model have, and how does this compare to other models like Stable Diffusion?

    -Recraft's AI model has 20 billion parameters, which is an order of magnitude larger than models like Stable Diffusion, making it more powerful for generating high-quality and anatomically correct images.

  • What is special about the way Recraft handles style selection for image generation?

    -Recraft allows users to either select an existing style from a large library of professionally curated styles or create their own style from a single image, eliminating the need to prompt engineers for specific styles.

  • How can Recraft assist in branding and growing a brand?

    -Recraft can assist in branding by allowing users to create their own style for the brand and generate new images in that specific style, ensuring consistency and high-quality imagery that aligns with the brand's voice and identity.

  • What tools does Recraft provide to help users iterate and achieve the perfect image result?

    -Recraft provides tools such as controlling the level of detail, similarity to previous images, and the ability to remix styles to create new and unique looks, all of which help users refine their image generation process.

  • How can Recraft help with product design, specifically with icon creation?

    -Recraft can generate sets of icons in brand-specific colors and styles, offering vector formats like SVG for easy resizing and recoloring, which is particularly useful for animations.

  • What is the Infinite Canvas feature in Recraft, and how does it benefit the design process?

    -The Infinite Canvas in Recraft is a workspace where users can organize their design elements, images, and sets the way they like, allowing for a more personalized and efficient design process.

  • How can Recraft assist with social media marketing?

    -Recraft can assist with social media marketing by generating brand-colored photography and illustrations, providing a library of curated styles, and offering tools to build frames for social media posts, enhancing the visual appeal of marketing content.



🌟 Introduction to Recraft's New Technology

Anna Veronica, the founder and CEO of Recraft, introduces a significant technological advancement in image generation from text. She emphasizes the ubiquity of image generation in 2023 and its limitations for professional design use cases, such as the need for high-quality and visually consistent imagery for branding. Anna highlights Recraft's solution with three major advantages: high-quality image generation, visual consistency, and extensive control options for customization. She showcases the capabilities of Recraft's model with 20 billion parameters, which allows for the creation of anatomically correct images and visually consistent sets, essential for professional branding.


🎨 Enhancing Branding and Design with Recraft

The script delves into how Recraft can be utilized for branding and product design. It explains the ability to create a unique style for a brand and generate images in that style, ensuring consistency and quality. Tools for iteration are highlighted, such as adjusting detail levels, similarity controls, and style remixing, which are crucial for refining images to perfection. The versatility of Recraft is demonstrated through the generation of icons, illustrations, and vector art, all of which can be customized with brand colors and organized on an infinite canvas for a seamless design process.


πŸ“ˆ Social Media Marketing Solutions with Recraft

Anna Veronica discusses Recraft's application in social media marketing, where brand colors and styles can be integrated into generated images and illustrations for social media posts. She demonstrates the use of Recraft's tools to build frames with text for social media content and iterate on images to fit brand guidelines. The summary underscores Recraft's commitment to high-quality imagery, visual consistency, and the ability to iterate on designs, inviting feedback and emphasizing the company's eagerness to improve the tool for its users.




AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and act like humans. In the context of the video, AI is used to generate branded graphics, emphasizing its role in creating high-quality and visually consistent imagery for professional design use cases.

πŸ’‘Image Generation

Image Generation is the process of creating images from textual descriptions using AI algorithms. The video script discusses how this technology has become prevalent, allowing for the creation of various types of images, including portraits and logotypes, which has significantly impacted product photography and branding.

πŸ’‘Brand Voice

Brand Voice is the personality and tone that a brand uses to communicate with its audience. It's a critical aspect of branding that helps in establishing a connection with the users. In the video, the founder emphasizes the importance of visual graphics in conveying the brand's voice and maintaining a consistent brand identity.

πŸ’‘Visual Consistency

Visual Consistency refers to the uniformity in the visual elements of a brand's communication, such as imagery, colors, and typography. The video highlights the need for brands to maintain this consistency to ensure that their message is clearly and effectively communicated to the audience.

πŸ’‘High-Quality Imagery

High-Quality Imagery is essential for professional design use cases, as it ensures that the images are clear, detailed, and free from errors. The video script mentions that brands do not compromise on quality, and the technology presented aims to provide such imagery that meets professional standards.

πŸ’‘Model with 20 Billion Parameters

The video introduces a model with 20 billion parameters, which is significantly larger than other models like Stable Diffusion, indicating its advanced capabilities. This model is capable of generating highly detailed and anatomically correct images, which is crucial for creating realistic and professional graphics.

πŸ’‘Style Library

A Style Library in the context of the video refers to a collection of pre-selected styles for professional use cases. Users can either choose from these styles or create their own style from a single image, allowing for a wide range of creative possibilities in generating branded graphics.

πŸ’‘Vector Art

Vector Art is a type of digital art that uses mathematical algorithms to define lines, shapes, and colors. The video mentions that Recraft can generate vector images, which are infinitely resizable and can be easily recolored, making them ideal for various design applications.

πŸ’‘Infinite Canvas

The Infinite Canvas mentioned in the video is a feature of Recraft that allows users to organize their workspace with images, image sets, frames, text, and other design elements. This feature enhances the design process by providing a flexible and customizable workspace.

πŸ’‘Brand Colors

Brand Colors are the specific colors associated with a brand, used to create a visual identity and recognition. In the video, the speaker discusses how Recraft can generate illustrations and icons in brand colors, ensuring that the generated graphics align with the brand's visual identity.

πŸ’‘Iterative Tools

Iterative Tools in the video refer to the features that allow users to refine and improve their generated images. Examples include adjusting the level of detail, generating similar images for iteration, and remixing styles to create unique visuals that fit the brand's needs.


Recraft, a company founded by Anna Veronica, has released a new AI technology for generating branded graphics.

In 2023, text-to-image generation is widespread but not sufficient for professional design needs.

Brands require visually consistent and high-quality imagery to convey their voice and ideas effectively.

Recraft's model has 20 billion parameters, offering more powerful image generation capabilities.

The model can generate anatomically correct humans and visually consistent image sets.

Recraft allows users to select from a library of styles or create their own from a single image.

Images generated by Recraft can include illustrations, photography, icons, and vector art.

Recraft's vector art is of high quality, with few points and the ability to include gradients.

Branding can be enhanced with Recraft by creating a custom style and generating images in that style.

Recraft provides tools to help iterate and achieve perfect results in image generation.

Users can control the level of detail and similarity in generated images for better customization.

Recraft enables style mixing for unique brand identity in product design and marketing.

Product design can be streamlined with Recraft's ability to generate sets of icons in brand colors.

Recraft's infinite canvas allows for organized workspaces in design processes.

Social media marketing can benefit from Recraft's ability to generate branded photography and illustrations.

Recraft offers a lasso tool for detailed image iteration, such as removing unwanted elements.

The company emphasizes the importance of high-quality and visually consistent imagery in their offerings.

Anna Veronica invites feedback and encourages improvement of the Recraft tool.