TOP 7 WAYS To Create AI LOGO DESIGNS Using Midjourney

AI Andy
21 Jul 202315:04

TLDRThis tutorial showcases how to create various types of logos using Midjourney, an AI-generated logo design tool. The video covers creating logos for different industries, such as restaurants, apps, and finance, and demonstrates how to achieve different styles like minimalist, vintage, and geometric. It also addresses Midjourney's limitations with text and provides solutions for fixing text and removing backgrounds for seamless integration into websites. Additionally, the tutorial offers tips on using styles and emulating famous logo designers' work. It concludes with a step-by-step guide on adding custom text to logos and enhancing them with effects like embossing. The video also promotes using AI to create and sell printables on platforms like Etsy and introduces a free Photoshop alternative, Photopia, for further editing.


  • ๐Ÿ” **Creating Logos**: Midjourney can be used to create various types of logos, such as burger logos, app logos, mascot logos, single letter logos, and more.
  • โœ… **Quality and Speed**: The AI-generated logos are of high quality and can be created very quickly, saving a lot of time.
  • ๐Ÿšซ **Text Limitations**: Midjourney struggles with text in logos but offers ways to fix text issues later in the process.
  • ๐ŸŒ **Creating a Private Server**: It's recommended to create a private server on Discord for interacting with the Midjourney bot without scrolling through others' prompts.
  • ๐Ÿ“ **Prompt Writing**: When creating a logo, include descriptive words like 'minimalist', 'vector', 'flat' to guide the style of the logo.
  • ๐ŸŽจ **Styles and Variations**: Experiment with different styles by adding terms like 'vintage', 'hand-drawn', 'geometric' to the prompt for varied logo designs.
  • ๐Ÿ“ฑ **App Logo Creation**: The process is demonstrated for creating logos for iOS apps, including a mountain hiking app and a daily habit tracker app.
  • ๐Ÿค– **Mascot Logos**: Create cute mascot logos that can represent companies or apps, like a Cookie Monster for a cookie company.
  • ๐Ÿ–‹๏ธ **Single Letter Logos**: For single letter logos, Midjourney can handle the task well, and you can ask for different styles to get a variety of designs.
  • ๐Ÿ’ผ **Business Logos**: Logos for businesses like banking, finance, and fashion are also achievable with specific styles and references to famous logo makers.
  • ๐Ÿ” **Text and Background Removal**: Use tools like Photopea to edit logos and remove text, and to remove backgrounds for direct use on websites.
  • ๐Ÿ”ง **Post-Creation Editing**: After generating a logo, you can upscale it, adjust text, and apply effects like embossing to finalize the design.

Q & A

  • What is the first step to create an AI logo design using Midjourney?

    -The first step is to go to the Midjourney server, but it's recommended to create your own channel on Discord and add the Midjourney bot to that server for a private experience.

  • How can you improve the quality of text in the logo created by Midjourney?

    -Midjourney is not good with text, but you can fix it later in the video by using a tool like to manually edit and add the text.

  • What are some of the styles that can be used with Midjourney to create different types of logos?

    -Some of the styles include minimalist, vintage, hand-drawn, geometric, abstract, letter Mark, and emblem.

  • How can you create a mascot logo using Midjourney?

    -You can create a mascot logo by describing the mascot in the prompt, for example, 'cute Cookie Monster eating a cookie' or 'bird doing taxes app logo'.

  • What is a recommended platform for selling AI-generated designs like logos? is recommended as it allows you to create and sell designs on platforms like Etsy.

  • How can you remove the background from a logo to use it directly on a website?

    -You can use a service like to automatically remove the background from the logo.

  • What is the process of creating a single letter logo with Midjourney?

    -You can create a single letter logo by typing a prompt like 'single letter logo of an A' and then asking for styles like minimalist, vintage, etc., to get different variations.

  • How can you emulate the style of famous logo designers using Midjourney?

    -You can emulate the style of famous logo designers by mentioning their names in the prompt, such as 'in the style of Paul Rand' or 'in the style of Milton Glazer'.

  • What is the recommended method to fix the text in a logo that Midjourney generated?

    -You can upscale the logo, save it with a prompt, and then use a tool like to manually edit the text using the spot healing brush and type tool.

  • How can you ensure the text in the logo matches the style of the logo?

    -You can match the font style and size in a tool like, and adjust the leading and tracking to ensure the text fits well with the logo's design.

  • What is the final step to enhance the logo for business use?

    -The final step can be to add effects like bevel and emboss and a color overlay to give the logo a professional and polished look.



๐Ÿ” Creating Logos with Mid Journey: Tips and Techniques

This paragraph introduces the process of creating various types of logos using Mid Journey, an AI-generated logo platform. It covers different logo styles such as burger logos, app logos, mascot logos, single letter logos, and financial logos. The speaker provides tips on avoiding common mistakes and offers quick fixes to enhance the logos. The video also demonstrates how to remove text and backgrounds from logos for immediate use on websites, emphasizing the ease and quality of Mid Journey's logo generation.


๐ŸŽจ Exploring Styles and Design Variations in Logo Creation

The speaker delves into the different styles that can be applied to logos when using Mid Journey. They discuss how to use style descriptors like 'minimalist', 'vintage', 'hand-drawn', 'geometric', and others to achieve a desired look. The paragraph also covers how to emulate styles of famous logo designers by referencing them in the prompt. Practical examples are given, including creating logos for a banking company and a fashion company, and the use of famous designers' names to guide the style of the logo.


โœ๏ธ Editing and Finalizing Logos for Business Use

This section focuses on post-creation editing of logos to make them suitable for business use. The speaker demonstrates how to use Photopia, a free Photoshop alternative, to remove text and add custom text to logos. They also show how to match fonts and adjust text properties for a professional look. Additionally, they cover adding special effects like embossing to logos for a more premium feel. The paragraph concludes with a tip on using to easily remove backgrounds from logos for versatile use in different mediums.



๐Ÿ’กAI Logo Designs

AI Logo Designs refers to the creation of logos using artificial intelligence. In the context of the video, it involves using a tool like Midjourney to generate various types of logos efficiently and with high quality. The script mentions creating logos for different types of businesses, such as a burger restaurant, an app, and a finance company, showcasing the versatility of AI in logo design.


Midjourney is an AI tool that is capable of generating logos based on user prompts. It is highlighted in the video for its ability to create logos quickly and with minimal effort from the user. The script emphasizes the ease of use and the quality of designs produced by Midjourney, which is central to the video's theme of efficient logo creation.

๐Ÿ’กDiscord AI mate

Discord AI mate is a server on Discord, a communication platform, where users can interact with the Midjourney bot privately without having to scroll through other people's prompts. In the video, it is recommended as a way to have a more personalized experience when creating logos with AI.

๐Ÿ’กLogo Prompts

Logo prompts are the descriptions or ideas that users provide to the AI tool to generate specific logo designs. The script gives examples of prompts such as 'logo design for a burger restaurant called Smash Burger' and 'app logo for iOS for a Mountain hiking app', which guide the AI in creating logos that fit the described concepts.


In the context of the video, styles refer to the different design aesthetics that can be applied to the logos created by the AI. The script mentions various styles like minimalist, vintage, hand-drawn, geometric, and emblem, which users can specify in their prompts to achieve a particular look for their logos.

๐Ÿ’กRemoving Text and Background

The process of removing text and background from AI-generated logos is discussed in the video as a way to refine the final design. The script demonstrates how to use tools like Photopea to edit out unwanted text and use to automatically remove the background, making the logo ready for use on websites or other mediums.

๐Ÿ’กSelling AI Printables

The video touches on the commercial aspect of AI-generated designs, specifically selling AI printables on platforms like Etsy. It mentions using a platform called to create and sell signs, t-shirts, and other items featuring AI-generated designs, which is presented as a way to monetize the use of AI in design.

๐Ÿ’กMascot Logos

Mascot logos are a type of logo that features a character or mascot representing a brand or company. The video script provides examples of mascot logos, such as a 'cute Cookie Monster eating a cookie' and a 'bird doing taxes', which are used to create a friendly and memorable brand identity.

๐Ÿ’กSingle Letter Logo

A single letter logo is a design that focuses on a single letter of the alphabet to represent a brand. The video script discusses how Midjourney can create single letter logos, which are then styled in various ways, such as minimalist, vintage, or geometric, to match the brand's desired aesthetic.

๐Ÿ’กFamous Logo Makers

The video script references famous logo makers like Paul Rand, Milton Glazer, Saul Bass, and Massimo Vignelli, whose styles can be emulated when creating logos with AI. By asking the AI to create a logo 'in the style of' a famous designer, users can generate designs inspired by the iconic work of these individuals.


Photopea is a free online alternative to Adobe Photoshop mentioned in the video. It is used to edit and refine AI-generated logos, such as removing text or background and adding custom text elements. The script demonstrates how to use Photopea for post-processing the logos to make them suitable for various applications.


Midjourney can create various types of AI logos such as burger logos, app logos, and mascot logos.

Avoid common mistakes to ensure the logo looks professional and polished.

Quick tips are provided to save time and achieve the perfect logo immediately.

Learn how to remove text and background for better logo integration on websites.

Midjourney is particularly good at generating logos quickly with high quality.

Create a private server on Discord for a more personalized experience with the Midjourney bot.

Use specific prompts to generate logos for different types of businesses, like restaurants and apps.

Explore various styles such as minimalist, vintage, and geometric to diversify your logo designs.

Selling AI printables on platforms like Etsy is a top way to monetize AI-generated designs. is a platform that simplifies the creation and sale of AI-generated designs on Etsy.

Different styles can drastically change the look of a single letter logo.

Famous logo makers' styles can be emulated using prompts referencing their names. is a free alternative to Photoshop for editing and enhancing logos.

Removing text from a logo can be achieved through careful editing with a healing brush tool.

Matching the font and style of the original logo is crucial for a professional finish.

Adding embossing effects can give a logo a premium and realistic appearance. is a useful tool for removing backgrounds from logos for easier website integration.

Joining the aimate Discord community can provide further insights and automation tips for income with AI.