The Ultimate Filmmaker's Studio Revealed // 2023 Tour

Full Time Filmmaker
23 Aug 202330:32

TLDRThe video offers an extensive tour of a filmmaker's studio, meticulously built over a decade. The host shares the evolution of his setups, from a humble beginning in his parents' living room to the current state-of-the-art facility. Sponsored by Storyblocks, the video highlights the use of royalty-free content and professional templates to enhance video production. The studio features a motion graphics area, podcast room with PreSonus pd70s microphones, a co-working space for digital creators, and a conference room. The warehouse space includes a cyc wall, gear cage with various camera and audio equipment, and a stage with an LED wall for live events and workshops. The host emphasizes the journey of building the business, the importance of community, and the practical use of the space for content creation and collaboration.


  • 🎬 The studio has been a long-term project, evolving over a decade with many ups and downs in building the business.
  • 💰 Investment in the studio building was substantial, with about $150,000 put into its renovation to reach its current state.
  • 📈 The studio has served as a significant asset for the company, with no regrets from the owner regarding the investment made.
  • 🛠️ The studio is equipped with various high-quality gear and equipment, including PreSonus pd70 microphones and FTF gear lights.
  • 💡 The space has been creatively utilized with a podcast room, a talking head room, and a co-working area for digital creators.
  • 📚 The studio also features a well-stocked library of books and resources to inspire and educate its inhabitants.
  • 🖼️ Artwork and murals commissioned by the owner add a personal and professional touch to the studio environment.
  • 🌿 The studio incorporates plants and air fresheners for a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.
  • 📦 Storage solutions like Nanuk cases and pegboards are employed to keep the studio organized and gear easily accessible.
  • 🎥 The studio is designed to be versatile, supporting various types of content creation from podcasts to live workshops.
  • ⚙️ Technical aspects such as acoustic panels and LED walls are thoughtfully integrated to enhance production quality.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the company that sponsored today's video?

    -Today's video is sponsored by Storyblocks.

  • What type of content does Storyblocks provide for its subscribers?

    -Storyblocks provides unlimited downloads of royalty-free, professional content including Motion Graphics, title animations, overlays, logo reveals, and more for a predictable subscription cost.

  • How long did it take to set up the 2023 Studio?

    -The studio setup has been about a year and a half in the making.

  • What was the initial setup of the filmmaker like?

    -The initial setup was in the filmmaker's parents' living room with an old Dell computer, an HP computer, and a low-quality monitor on a dining table desk.

  • How much was invested into the building to get it to its current state?

    -About 150,000 dollars were invested into the building to get it to its current state.

  • What is the name of the artist who created the mural on the wall in the studio?

    -The artist who created the mural is named Miles.

  • What is the purpose of the Polaroid wall in the studio?

    -The Polaroid wall is used to take photos with visitors and add them to the wall to foster a sense of community.

  • What are the main functions of the conference room in the studio?

    -The conference room is used for meetings with the team, and it is equipped with a large whiteboard and a heavy table from Ikea, which is actually a dining room table.

  • What type of microphones are used in the podcast room?

    -The podcast room uses PreSonus pd70 microphones, which are comparable to the Shure sm7bs.

  • What is the name of the company that provides the co-working space and editing area?

    -The company that provides the co-working space and editing area is called Empire Media.

  • What is the purpose of the LED wall in the studio?

    -The LED wall is used as a main fixture for the stage area, providing a customizable backdrop for various productions, live events, and workshops.

  • How does the filmmaker describe the process of building the studio?

    -The filmmaker describes the process as a decade in the making, involving many ups and downs, including failures and successes in building businesses, and significant investment in the final year and a half.



🎥 Studio Setup Journey and Sponsorship

The speaker introduces the 2023 Studio setup, a project that has been in development for a year and a half. The video is sponsored by Storyblocks, a platform offering unlimited downloads of royalty-free professional content for a fixed subscription cost. Storyblocks enables users to download motion graphics, templates, sound effects, and music, which the speaker has utilized in their YouTube videos. The speaker reminisces about the evolution of their video production setups, starting from a humble beginning in their parents' living room to the current state-of-the-art studio. The studio's development involved significant investment, both in purchasing the building and in renovations costing around $150,000. The speaker highlights the importance of the studio as a major asset for the company and expresses no regrets about the investment. The tour of the studio begins with the reception area, featuring a DJI video still, a dog mannequin, air freshener, a custom mural, and a Polaroid wall for capturing community moments.


🛋️ Studio Interior and Podcast Room

The speaker continues the tour with the conference room, which includes a large whiteboard and a heavy table from Ikea. The room serves as a space for team meetings and has been equipped with Fire TV and Apple TV for presentations. The podcast room is next, designed for one-on-one podcasts, with PreSonus pd70 microphones and Audio Technica ath-m20x headphones. The room also features a Road Caster Pro 2 audio interface and a setup for direct recording to a MacBook using Riverside software. The speaker discusses the various lighting solutions used, including a lantern light, tube lights from Nan light, and accent lights from FTF gear. The talking headroom is connected to the podcast room and is used for course content and YouTube videos. The room is equipped with a sit-stand desk from Lake Sierra, acoustic panels made from rockwool wrapped in canvas, and a variety of plants and props for aesthetic appeal.


🖥️ Coworking Space and Office Area

The speaker describes the upstairs area as a co-working space for digital creators, which also serves as a revenue stream for the company. The space includes desk clusters, a break area with an Xbox and an 80-inch TV, and a bar for lunch breaks. The speaker's office is equipped with a flexi spot desk, HP monitors, a MacBook Pro, and various ergonomic and decorative elements from brands like grovemade and flexi spot. A Pura air freshener, an Ergon office filing cabinet, and a leather couch from Ikea complete the office setup. The speaker also mentions a unique feature: a bike from a former client, zugo,悬挂 upside down on a beam as a fun rendition of the studio logo.


📚 Desk Setup and Studio Entrance

The speaker details their personal desk setup, including a variety of books, a Hot Wheels car, a human-centric headphone stand, Sony headphones, a Logitech MX Keys mini keyboard, and an MX Master 3 mouse. The desk is from Human Centric, and the speaker also has a monogram creative console for controlling software like Premiere Pro. The speaker discusses the main monitor used, which required color adjustments for optimal performance, and the iMac 2019 used as a secondary display. The studio entrance is described as epic, with the installation of a psych wall, which was built with prefabricated curves and custom work by contractors. The speaker also mentions the use of sticky pads and stanchions to maintain the cleanliness and security of the psych wall.


🛠️ Studio Gear and Organization

The speaker provides an overview of the studio's gear, emphasizing the minimal equipment needed for high-quality content production. Props such as a battle rope, plants, and a turntable are stored on the shelves, along with an FPV drone and helmets from a DJI video shoot. The speaker prefers Nana cases for their compartments and latching system over traditional Pelican cases. A Craftsman tool chest holds tools, and a pegboard from Ikea is used for storing various camera accessories. Lens filters from Prism lens effects and the Polar Pro Helix maglock system are also part of the collection. Audio equipment includes monitors like the Shinobi and wireless systems like the Vaxis transmitter. The speaker's preferred tripod is the Peak Design travel tripod, and the go-to camera is the Canon C70, with a selection of lenses including the 50mm, 35mm, and 100mm.


🎤 Audio and Video Equipment

The speaker discusses the use of Blackmagic cameras for podcasts and live stream events, in conjunction with the Blackmagic Adam mini switcher. The recent addition to the gear collection is the Sony zve E1, chosen for its suitability as a YouTube vlog camera. The speaker also mentions the use of soft boxes, paper backdrops, and mirrors around the studio. The stage area is equipped with an LED wall, which was a significant investment costing nearly fifteen thousand dollars. The control center for the stage and LED wall is set up with monitors and a Mac Mini, with a focus on the ability to control audio and connect wireless microphones. The studio also features a large garage, which has proven useful for loading equipment and setting up for shoots. The speaker concludes by noting the installation of blackout shades, allowing the studio to be completely dark for lighting setups regardless of the time of day.


🏁 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The speaker wraps up the studio tour by expressing hope that the insights shared can inspire viewers in their own creative endeavors. They emphasize that the studio is the result of years of accumulation, hard work, and learning from failures. The speaker invites any further questions from the audience and signs off with a 'peace out,' indicating the end of the video.




Storyblocks is a subscription-based service that provides unlimited downloads of royalty-free, professional content. It is mentioned in the video as a sponsor and is used by the filmmaker for motion graphics templates, sound effects, and music in their YouTube videos. The service is highlighted for its cost-effectiveness and the ability to enhance production value without the need for high, one-off costs.


RS3 refers to a new model of a camera gimbal, likely from DJI, which is used for stabilizing and shooting videos. In the context of the video, it is mentioned as part of the filmmaker's equipment setup, indicating its use in professional video production.

💡Podcast Room

The Podcast Room is a designated space within the studio where the filmmaker records one-on-one podcasts. It is equipped with specific microphones, such as the PreSonus pd70s, and other audio equipment to ensure high-quality audio recording. The room is an example of the specialized areas within the studio setup that cater to different types of content creation.

💡Talking Headroom

The Talking Headroom is a section of the studio designed for creating course content, YouTube videos, and other types of direct-to-camera presentations. It features a sit-stand desk, teleprompter, key light, and other equipment necessary for shooting 'talking head' style videos. This room exemplifies the studio's versatility and specialized spaces for various content formats.

💡Co-working Space

The Co-working Space is an area within the studio where digital creators can rent desks, collaborate, edit, and network with other creators. It is part of the studio's business model to generate revenue by monetizing the physical space and fostering a community of creators. This space is a key aspect of the studio's collaborative environment and its role as a hub for creative professionals.

💡Psych Wall

The Psych Wall is a large, curved wall in the warehouse area of the studio used for shooting with interesting visual perspectives. It is constructed with prefabricated pieces and custom work, serving as a versatile backdrop for various types of video shoots. The wall is an example of the studio's commitment to offering unique and creative spaces for production.

💡LED Wall

The LED Wall is a significant investment in the studio, costing nearly fifteen thousand dollars. It is a feature of the stage area and is used to create dynamic backgrounds for live events, workshops, and other productions. The wall is an example of the studio's high-end technology and its application in enhancing the visual appeal of content.

💡Gear Cage

The Gear Cage is a storage area for the studio's equipment, including cameras, lenses, and lighting. It is organized with shelves and cases, such as Nanuk cases, to keep equipment secure and easily accessible. The cage is indicative of the studio's professional approach to equipment management and maintenance.

💡Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels are used in the warehouse area to manage sound reflections and reduce reverberation. They are made from materials like rockwool and are covered with white canvas for aesthetic purposes. These panels are crucial for improving audio quality during recordings and shoots within the studio.

💡Live Events

Live Events refer to the workshops and other interactive sessions that the studio plans to host. The studio has a stage area designed specifically for these events, with seating arrangements and a control center for managing the LED wall and audio. Live events are part of the studio's strategy to engage with the creative community and offer value-added experiences.

💡Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is a psychological pattern where individuals doubt their accomplishments and fear being exposed as a 'fraud'. The term is mentioned in relation to a book that the filmmaker finds helpful for overcoming self-doubt. In the context of the video, it relates to the challenges and mindset shifts that come with building a successful studio and creative business.


The studio setup took about a year and a half to complete and represents a decade of business growth and evolution.

Sponsored by Storyblocks, which provides unlimited downloads of royalty-free professional content for a predictable subscription cost.

The studio's biggest asset has been the building investment, which required a significant financial input of about 150,000 dollars.

The initial setup started in the filmmaker's parents' living room and evolved through various locations and upgrades.

The studio features a custom mural by artist Miles, adding a personal and creative touch to the space.

A Polaroid wall captures the community spirit by displaying photos of visitors, enhancing the studio's social aspect.

The conference room is equipped with a large whiteboard and heavy table from Ikea, facilitating team meetings and collaborations.

Podcasting is accommodated in a dedicated room with PreSonus pd70 microphones and Audio Technica ath-m20x headphones.

The studio includes a co-working space designed for digital creators to edit, network, and potentially find job opportunities.

The studio's physical space is monetized not only through content production but also by renting out the warehouse and co-working space.

A custom-built LED wall for the stage cost approximately $15,000 and serves as a key feature for live events and workshops.

The studio's warehouse area features a cyc wall for versatile shooting backgrounds, contributing to the space's functionality.

Acoustic panels made from cargo nets and trampoline cubes significantly improve the sound quality in the warehouse space.

The studio is equipped with a large garage door for easy loading and unloading of equipment and sets.

Blackout shades allow the studio to be completely dark, providing flexibility for lighting setups regardless of the time of day.

The studio's design and functionality are the result of years of accumulation, hard work, and learning from failures.

The filmmaker emphasizes the importance of finding what works for individual creators and businesses in their journey.