The only FaceSwap & DeepFake you will ever need - ROOP UNLEASHED Setup Tutorial

17 Jan 202405:30

TLDRIn this tutorial, Toby from Visual by Toby introduces 'RP Unleashed', a powerful face-swapping and deepfake software that seamlessly integrates faces into existing videos or images with high precision. The software is user-friendly, easy to install, and compatible with any computer system. The setup process is demonstrated for Windows, requiring Visual Studio and specific components for proper functioning. The video also guides viewers on how to perform an image-to-video face swap using the software, highlighting the importance of selecting the correct processing settings for CPU or GPU. Toby recommends 'Gpen' for post-processing and provides a step-by-step guide to achieve impressive results. The video concludes by inviting viewers to share their feedback and questions in the comments section.


  • 📌 The software discussed is called RP Unleashed, a powerful tool for face swapping and deep faking.
  • 💻 RP Unleashed is user-friendly and can be installed easily on any computer system.
  • 🔗 For Windows, you need RP Unleashed and Visual Studio to run the software.
  • 📚 During Visual Studio installation, ensure to select C++ Desktop and C++ Gaming.
  • 🚫 Make sure the folder containing RP Unleashed does not have spaces in its name to avoid errors.
  • 📂 Extract the downloaded RP Unleashed zip file before proceeding with the installation.
  • ⌛ The time it takes for RP Unleashed to download necessary files depends on your internet connection.
  • 🔧 In RP AI, check the processing settings to select between CPU or GPU, depending on your hardware.
  • 🖼️ For an image-to-video face swap, you need an image of a person and a video of the subject.
  • 🎨 Post-processing options like Gpen and Gfp, with an image blend ratio of about 0.8, are recommended.
  • ⏱️ Processing time varies based on the video resolution and length.
  • 👍 The presenter considers RP Unleashed to be the best face swap or deep fake software they have encountered.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the software that Toby is discussing in the video?

    -The software Toby is discussing is called RP Unleashed.

  • What is the primary function of the RP Unleashed software?

    -RP Unleashed is a software that performs face swapping, also known as deep faking, where AI implements a face into an existing video or image with high precision.

  • Which version of Visual Studio is recommended for running RP Unleashed?

    -The community version of Visual Studio is recommended for running RP Unleashed.

  • What components are needed to be installed during the Visual Studio setup process for RP Unleashed to work?

    -During the Visual Studio setup process, you need to select C++ desktop and C++ gaming to ensure RP Unleashed will work.

  • How can one download the RP Unleashed software?

    -You can download RP Unleashed by visiting a GitHub page linked in the video description, clicking on the green 'code' button, and selecting 'Download ZIP' from the dropdown.

  • Why is it important that the folder containing the downloaded RP Unleashed files does not have spaces in its name?

    -Spaces in the folder name can cause an error during the installation process of RP Unleashed.

  • What does RP Unleashed automatically do after the initial setup?

    -After the initial setup, RP Unleashed automatically downloads all the different files needed to run the software.

  • What are the two options available in the settings for processing in RP Unleashed?

    -In the settings for processing in RP Unleashed, you can select either 'Cuda' for Nvidia GPUs or 'CPU' if there is no dedicated graphics card.

  • What are the recommended post-processing options for a face swap using RP Unleashed?

    -The recommended post-processing options for a face swap are Gpen and Gfp, with a preference for Gpen and an image blend ratio of about 0.8.

  • How long does the face swap processing take in RP Unleashed?

    -The processing time for a face swap in RP Unleashed depends on the video's resolution and length.

  • What is the recommended action if a user wants to check for updates when opening RP Unleashed?

    -When prompted to check for updates, the user should press 'y' for yes or 'n' for no and then press enter to answer.

  • How can users provide feedback or ask questions about the software after watching the video?

    -Users can leave a thumbs up if the video was helpful and write any questions in the comment section of the video for Toby to answer.



😲 Introduction to RP Unleashed: Advanced Face Swapping Software

The first paragraph introduces the audience to a powerful face-swapping software called RP Unleashed, which is capable of seamlessly integrating faces into existing videos or images using AI technology. Toby, the presenter, emphasizes the software's exceptional quality and user-friendly interface. The setup process for Windows is outlined, including downloading Visual Studio and ensuring the correct components are selected during installation. The video also provides a link to the RP Unleashed software on GitHub and offers guidance on avoiding common errors during setup. The software's features are briefly mentioned, and Toby encourages viewers to subscribe to his channel for more content.


🔧 Setting Up and Using RP Unleashed for Face Swapping

The second paragraph delves into the setup and usage of RP Unleashed on a Windows machine. It guides the viewer through the process of downloading and extracting the software, ensuring the folder name does not contain spaces to avoid errors. The paragraph explains how to run the software and check for updates. It also covers the software's settings, particularly the selection between CPU and GPU processing, with a recommendation to consult documentation for AMD GPU users. The video then demonstrates a simple image-to-video face swap process, detailing the steps to input the source image and video, select post-processing options, and initiate the face swap. The paragraph concludes with a teaser about the results of the face swap, inviting viewers to share their thoughts.




FaceSwap refers to the process of digitally replacing one person's face with another's in a video or image. In the video, it is the main feature of the software 'RP Unleashed', which is used to perform AI-based face swapping with high precision.


DeepFake is a term used to describe the technology that allows for the creation of fake videos or images where a person's likeness is superimposed onto another's body or face. It is synonymous with FaceSwap in the context of this video, where the software 'RP Unleashed' is demonstrated to perform DeepFake operations.

💡RP Unleashed

RP Unleashed is a software application mentioned in the video that specializes in face swapping and DeepFaking. It is an enhanced version of the regular 'RP' software, offering superior performance and ease of use. The video provides a tutorial on how to set up and use RP Unleashed.

💡User Interface

The user interface (UI) is the part of a computer program that allows users to interact with the software. The video emphasizes that 'RP Unleashed' has an easy-to-use UI, which makes the process of face swapping accessible to users regardless of their technical expertise.

💡Installation Process

The installation process refers to the steps required to set up a software application on a computer. The video provides a detailed guide on how to install 'RP Unleashed' on a Windows operating system, including the necessity of downloading Visual Studio and selecting specific components during installation.

💡Visual Studio

Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft used for developing and designing software applications. In the context of the video, it is required to run 'RP Unleashed', and viewers are guided to download the Community version for their setup.

💡C++ Desktop and C++ Gaming

These refer to specific workloads within Visual Studio that are necessary for compiling and running applications written in the C++ programming language, particularly those designed for desktop environments and gaming. The video instructs viewers to select these components during the Visual Studio installation to ensure 'RP Unleashed' operates correctly.


GitHub is a web-based platform for version control and collaboration that allows developers to work on software projects. In the video, the download link for 'RP Unleashed' is hosted on GitHub, where users can access the software's source code and download it as a ZIP file.


Postprocessing in the context of the video refers to the additional steps taken after the initial face swapping to refine the output. The video suggests using 'Gpen' and 'Gfp', which are likely postprocessing tools or algorithms within 'RP Unleashed', to improve the final result of the face swap.

💡Image Blend Ratio

The image blend ratio is a parameter that determines how much of the original image is retained versus the swapped image during the face swapping process. A ratio of about 0.8, as recommended in the video, suggests that 80% of the original image is preserved, allowing for a more natural-looking result.


CPU stands for Central Processing Unit, while GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. These are two different types of processors found in computers. The video explains that 'RP Unleashed' allows users to select whether processing is done using the CPU or GPU, depending on the hardware capabilities of their system.


The software, RP Unleashed, is introduced as an advanced face-swapping tool.

RP Unleashed achieves face swapping with outstanding precision.

The software features a user-friendly interface and simple installation process.

RP Unleashed is compatible with any computer system.

Visual Studio is required to run RP Unleashed on Windows.

The community version of Visual Studio can be downloaded for free.

C++ desktop and C++ gaming components are necessary for the software to work.

The installation process may require a computer restart.

RP Unleashed can be downloaded from a GitHub page.

The folder containing RP Unleashed should not have spaces in its name to avoid errors.

The software automatically downloads necessary files after extraction.

Users can choose between CPU or GPU processing depending on their hardware.

Gpen and gfp, GN are recommended postprocessing options.

An image blend ratio of about 0.8 is suggested for optimal results.

The processing time depends on the video's resolution and length.

RP Unleashed also supports image-to-image face swapping.

The software is considered the best face swap or deep fake software by the presenter.

The video provides a step-by-step guide for setting up and using RP Unleashed.

Documentation for different operating systems is available in the video description.

The presenter encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel and ask questions in the comments.