Thrift With Me | Vintage Home Decor & Collectibles For Resale & My Own Home And Haul

Eclectic Vintage Thrifter
7 May 202420:29

TLDRIn this video, the host shares their recent thrift shopping experiences after a month-long hiatus due to moving into a new home. They discuss their collection of vintage plates and the search for more to add to their collection. The host also talks about their preference for vintage laundry baskets, the need for new plant pots for their indoor plants, and their desire to find decorative items and resale pieces for their home and Etsy shop. The video follows the host's shopping trip to Value Village, where they find a variety of items including a wooden tray, a plant pot, and an area rug. They share their thoughts on the items, some of which they decide to keep for personal use, such as the tray which they plan to recondition and use for styling. The host also highlights some items available in their Etsy shop, like unique brass salt and pepper shakers with carved lion heads.


  • 🏡 The video is about the host's thrift shopping experience after moving into a new home.
  • 🛍️ The host is looking for a variety of items including plates, plant pots, a vintage laundry basket, and decorative pieces.
  • 🌿 They have a collection of plates and are specifically seeking to fill six spots left in their plate wall.
  • 🪴 The host's home has large windows suitable for plants and they are in need of new plant pots for some of them.
  • 🧺 A vintage laundry basket is desired due to the distance between the bedroom and laundry room in their new home.
  • 🛒 The first stop for thrift shopping is Value Village, where the host hopes to find good items.
  • 💰 The host is selective, considering the condition, markings, and potential resale value of the items they pick up.
  • 🎨 They find a wood tray and a plant pot, which they plan to use for styling and home decor respectively.
  • 🧹 Some items like a rug and a tray show signs of wear but are considered good value after some home restoration.
  • 🔍 The host is cautious about buying unmarked items as they can be harder to sell.
  • 🛍️ The final purchases include a tray, a plant pot, and an area rug, which the host is pleased with and plans to use in their home.

Q & A

  • How long has it been since the last thrift store shopping video?

    -It has been over a month since the last thrift store shopping video.

  • What was the reason for the speaker's recent move?

    -The speaker moved into a new home, which was the biggest move they've ever had in their life.

  • What type of plates is the speaker looking to add to their collection?

    -The speaker is looking for a variety of pretty plates to add to their collection, not a whole collection of one kind of plate.

  • What is the speaker's preference for plant pots?

    -The speaker prefers not to plant directly in brass planters and instead uses them decoratively, and is looking for new plant pots for some of their plants.

  • Why does the speaker want another vintage laundry basket?

    -The speaker wants another vintage laundry basket because their bedroom is now on the third floor and the laundry room is in the basement, making it necessary to carry laundry downstairs.

  • What is the first thrift store the speaker plans to visit?

    -The first thrift store the speaker plans to visit is Value Village.

  • What is the condition of the pottery piece the speaker found?

    -The pottery piece has a pretty glaze but has a little chip on the ear and is not marked.

  • What is the speaker's concern with the midcentury modern look piece they found?

    -The speaker is concerned because the piece has no markings, which makes it harder to sell.

  • What did the speaker end up purchasing for their home?

    -The speaker purchased a plant pot for $2.99, a wood tray for $5.99, and an area rug for $11.99.

  • How did the speaker style the wood tray they bought?

    -The speaker styled the wood tray with a vintage tealight holder, vintage brass footed salt and pepper shakers, and a small plant.

  • What items from the thrift store are available in the speaker's Etsy shop?

    -The vintage brass salt and pepper shakers with carved lion heads on the feet are available in the speaker's Etsy shop.



🏡 Home Renovation and Thrift Shopping

The speaker has been busy moving into a new home and is now ready to go thrift shopping for home decor after a month-long hiatus. They share their recent experience of a significant move and the challenges it brought, including the need to transport a large amount of belongings. The focus of the thrift shopping trip is to find a variety of decorative plates to add to their collection, suitable plant pots for their indoor plants, and a vintage laundry basket. The speaker also mentions their intention to look for items to resell in their Etsy shop and plans to start at Value Village.


🛍️ Thrift Store Finds and Considerations

The speaker is at Value Village and shares their process of selecting items. They discuss the appeal and drawbacks of various pieces, such as a chipped pottery ear, collector plates, and unmarked items which can be harder to sell. They also mention their preference for certain materials like brass for decorative purposes rather than planters. The speaker is selective, considering the items' potential resale value, appearance, and whether they fit their home's aesthetic. They decide to put a midcentury modern-looking unmarked piece in their cart to research further.


🍽️ Kitchenware and Decorative Pieces

The speaker continues to browse through the thrift store, evaluating kitchenware and decorative items. They find brass goblets and a carved horse piece without markings, which they consider for purchase. They also look at kitchen storage solutions and a wooden tray that needs some care. The speaker decides against some items due to damage or personal preferences, such as a souvenir salt and pepper shaker set that doesn't fit the theme of their collection.


🛍️ Final Purchases and Home Styling

After a thorough shopping trip, the speaker decides on a few purchases: a wooden tray and a plant pot. They also find an area rug that they believe will fit well in their home. Upon returning home, the speaker styles the rug in their bathroom, complementing the existing decor. They also prepare the wooden tray by conditioning it and using it for decorative purposes, deciding to keep it for themselves instead of reselling. The speaker also styles the tray with brass salt and pepper shakers, which are available in their Etsy shop.


🎵 Music and Shopping Ambiance

This paragraph is filled with musical notes, indicating a segment of the video where music plays a significant role, possibly to set the mood or fill in gaps in dialogue during the shopping experience. There is no spoken content to summarize in this section.



💡Thrift Store Shopping

Thrift store shopping refers to the act of browsing and purchasing items from second-hand stores, often at discounted prices. In the video, the host mentions that they have been thrift store shopping but haven't made a video about it in over a month. This activity is central to the video's theme as it showcases the host's experience and finds at thrift stores.

💡Vintage Home Decor

Vintage home decor refers to decorative items that are inspired by or have a style from an earlier period, often adding a classic and timeless feel to a home. The video's title suggests that vintage home decor is a focus, and the host discusses their collection of plates and other items that contribute to the vintage aesthetic of their home.


Collectibles are items that are sought after by collectors due to their limited availability, condition, or historical significance. In the context of the video, the host is looking for items not only for personal use but also for resale, indicating that they are interested in collectibles that have value in the second-hand market.


Resale refers to the act of selling an item that has been previously sold, often for a profit. The host mentions that they are looking for items to resell in their Etsy shop, which is a key part of their thrifting strategy and a way to monetize their finds.

💡Etsy Shop

An Etsy shop is an online storefront on the Etsy platform where individuals can sell handmade, vintage, or unique items. The host mentions their Etsy shop as a place where they sell items they find during their thrifting trips, highlighting the commercial aspect of their activities.

💡Plant Pots

Plant pots are containers used for growing plants, either for aesthetic purposes or as part of home gardening. The host discusses the need for new plant pots for their home, indicating an interest in home decor that incorporates living elements.

💡Laundry Basket

A laundry basket is a container used for holding dirty laundry before washing. The host expresses a desire for a vintage laundry basket, which not only serves a practical purpose but also adds to the home's vintage aesthetic.

💡Value Village

Value Village is a well-known thrift store chain where people can find second-hand items at affordable prices. The host's first stop for thrifting in the video is Value Village, which sets the stage for the shopping experience they are about to share.

💡Candle Holders

Candle holders are devices used to hold candles in place while they burn, often serving a decorative function as well. The host briefly discusses candle holders while browsing the shelves, indicating an interest in items that can enhance the ambiance of their home.

💡Midcentury Modern

Midcentury modern is a design movement characterized by simplicity, functionalism, and an emphasis on modern materials. The host identifies a piece with a midcentury modern look, which reflects their interest in design styles from a specific era.


Crazing refers to a network of fine cracks in the glaze of pottery or porcelain, often seen as a characteristic of antique or vintage pieces. The host mentions 'crazing' when discussing Royal Albert bone china, which is a detail that adds to the authenticity and vintage appeal of the items they are considering.


Thrift shopping trip after a month-long break

April was spent moving and settling into a new home

Collection of plates displayed, seeking to add variety

Flow Blue Plate featured from the last thrifting video

Six spots left in the plate wall to fill with nice plates

Looking for plant pots for new and existing plants

Preference for vintage laundry baskets, seeking a third one

Value Village as the first stop for the thrifting trip

Finding a glaze pottery piece with a small chip for $5

Collector plates and Blue Willow pattern Churchill plates spotted

Midcentury modern look piece without marks added to the cart

Limited selection of plant pots, but one with no hole found for $3

Carved wood piece of Mother Mary and Jesus bought for $4.49

A tray made in Japan with brass details purchased for $5.99

Royal porcelain and Royal Albert bone china considered but not purchased

Souvenir salt and pepper shakers found, one made in England

Plastic item from Home Interiors, made in USA, broken and not taken

Area rug bought for $11.99 to fit in the new home decor

Plant pot and tray kept for personal use after conditioning and styling

Vintage brass salt and pepper shakers with carved lion heads listed in Etsy shop