Use this TIP to create consistent images in ChatGPT, DALLE

20 Dec 202305:54

TLDRThe video provides a valuable tip for generating consistent and coherent style images using DALLE 3, a popular AI art generator. The host introduces a method to replicate the style of an existing image by utilizing the unique 'Gen ID' assigned to each image created. By copying the Gen ID and appending it to a new prompt, users can generate unlimited images with the same style, regardless of the subject matter. The video demonstrates this technique with various sports team logos, showcasing how the same style can be applied across different subjects while maintaining consistency. The host encourages viewers to try the method and share their creations, emphasizing the simplicity and effectiveness of using Gen IDs for style consistency in AI-generated images.


  • 🎨 Use a consistent style across different images by utilizing the Gen ID feature in DALLE 3.
  • 📈 Increase your prompts database for more variety, aiming for 5,000 to 7,000 prompts.
  • 🔍 Access the mega prompts database through the links in the description for direct access.
  • 📝 Maintain consistency by copying the Gen ID from a previously generated image you like.
  • 💡 DALLE 3 assigns a unique Gen ID to every image, which can be retrieved by asking for it.
  • 🔄 Copy and paste the original prompt, replacing the teams or subjects with new ones while keeping the Gen ID the same.
  • 🏈 Generate images for different sports teams using the same style by changing the teams in the prompt.
  • 🧢 Test the consistency by changing sports entirely, like from football to baseball.
  • 🔗 Ensure to include the 'in the style of image' phrase followed by the Gen ID for each new creation.
  • 🚀 The process allows for unlimited creation of images in the same style, maintaining coherency.
  • 📺 The video demonstrates the effectiveness of using Gen IDs with DALLE 3 for style consistency.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the tip shared in the transcript?

    -The main purpose of the tip is to create consistent and coherent styles across different images generated by AI, such as DALLE, even when the subject or description changes.

  • How can one access the mega prompts database mentioned in the transcript?

    -To access the mega prompts database, one should click the links provided in the description of the video or transcript.

  • What is the significance of the 'Gen ID' in the context of generating consistent AI images?

    -The 'Gen ID' is a unique identifier assigned to each image created by DALLE. It can be used to replicate the style of a previously generated image, ensuring consistency in subsequent images.

  • How does one obtain the 'Gen ID' for a specific image?

    -To obtain the 'Gen ID', one should request it from the AI by giving the prompt 'Please give me the Gen IDs for the most recent image'.

  • What is the process of generating a new image with the same style as a previous one?

    -After obtaining the 'Gen ID', one should copy and paste the original prompt, replace the subject with a new one, and then add the instruction 'in the style of image' followed by pasting the 'Gen ID' to generate a new image in the same style.

  • Can the 'Gen ID' be used to maintain consistency across different subjects or only within the same subject?

    -The 'Gen ID' can be used to maintain consistency across different subjects, as demonstrated in the transcript where different football teams and even different sports were used while keeping the style consistent.

  • What is the benefit of having a large prompts database?

    -A large prompts database allows for a wider variety of image generation options and can help in finding prompts that yield good results more quickly, thus improving the efficiency of the image creation process.

  • How often is the mega prompts database updated?

    -The mega prompts database is updated every day to ensure it contains the latest prompts for AI image generation.

  • What is the goal of increasing the number of prompts in the mega prompts database?

    -The goal is to expand the database from around 2,000 prompts to 5,000 to 7,000 prompts to provide a more extensive and diverse range of options for generating AI images.

  • How does the transcript demonstrate the effectiveness of using 'Gen ID' for style consistency?

    -The transcript demonstrates the effectiveness by showing multiple examples where the 'Gen ID' is used to generate images of different subjects (e.g., various football teams and baseball teams) while maintaining the same style as the original image.

  • What is the viewer's call to action after learning about the 'Gen ID' tip?

    -The viewer is encouraged to try the tip themselves, share their creations, and subscribe to the channel for more such informative videos.

  • Why is consistency important when generating multiple images with AI?

    -Consistency is important as it allows for a unified and recognizable style across a series of images, which can be crucial for branding, storytelling, or maintaining a cohesive visual theme.



🎨 Maintaining Consistent Styles in AI Image Generation

The speaker introduces a method to generate images with consistent styles across various subjects. They discuss the use of a database called 'Mega Air Table prompts' with thousands of prompts for AI art generation. The speaker demonstrates how to select a specific style from a previously generated image and apply it to new subjects, such as different sports teams, to maintain a coherent style. They explain the process of obtaining a 'Gen ID' from an image and using it to replicate the style in new images, which is a tip they found on Twitter. The effectiveness of this method is shown through examples of football and baseball team helmets generated in the same style.


📈 Achieving Style Consistency with Gen IDs

The speaker emphasizes the importance of Gen IDs for achieving style consistency in AI-generated images. They recount their previous experiences where images generated without using Gen IDs lacked consistency in style. The video showcases the successful application of Gen IDs by comparing images of different baseball teams, such as the Astros and Yankees, and the Dodgers and Red Sox, all generated with the same style. The speaker invites viewers to share their creations and encourages them to subscribe for updates on future videos.



💡Consistent Images

Consistent images refer to a set of images that maintain a uniform style, look, and feel across different subjects or themes. In the context of the video, the author discusses how to generate images that have a consistent style, which is important for branding and creating a cohesive visual experience. An example from the script is the desire to create images of different football teams that all have the same visual style.

💡AI Art Prompts

AI art prompts are the textual descriptions or instructions given to an artificial intelligence system to generate a piece of art or an image. They are the core vocabulary for guiding the AI in creating the desired outcome. In the video, the author uses AI art prompts to direct the generation of images with specific styles, as demonstrated by the prompts for football helmet images.

💡Gen ID

Gen ID stands for Generation ID and is a unique identifier assigned to each image created by an AI system. It is used to replicate the style of a previously generated image. The video explains how to obtain a Gen ID from an AI system and use it to create new images with the same style, ensuring consistency across different images.


Coherency in the context of the video refers to the logical and aesthetic consistency of images. It is important for creating a set of images that are not only stylistically similar but also harmonize with each other in terms of theme and presentation. The author emphasizes the importance of coherency when generating images for different subjects while maintaining the same style.

💡Mega Air Table Prompts Database

The Mega Air Table Prompts Database is a hypothetical collection of AI art prompts that the author is using and updating. It serves as a resource for accessing a large number of prompts to generate various images. The goal mentioned in the video is to expand this database to include more prompts, which would allow for a wider range of image styles and subjects.


In the video, 'Dolly' likely refers to a specific AI image generation tool or software, possibly a playful or abbreviated reference to a tool similar to DALL-E, which is known for creating images from textual descriptions. The author discusses using 'Dolly' to generate images and emphasizes finding prompts that work well with this tool.

💡Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs is a professional American football team based in Kansas City, Missouri. In the video, the team is mentioned as an example of a subject for which the author wants to generate an image with a consistent style as previously created for other teams, demonstrating how the Gen ID can be used to maintain style consistency across different subjects.

💡New York Giants

New York Giants is another professional American football team, based in the New York metropolitan area. Along with the Kansas City Chiefs, the New York Giants are used as an example in the video to illustrate the process of generating images with a consistent style using the Gen ID from a previously generated image.

💡Houston Astros

Houston Astros is a professional baseball team based in Houston, Texas. The team is mentioned in the context of changing the subject matter from football to baseball while still using the same Gen ID to maintain the style consistency of the generated images, showcasing the versatility of the technique.

💡New York Yankees

New York Yankees is a professional baseball team based in New York City, known for their strong brand and iconic logo. The team is used in the video as a counterpart to the Houston Astros to demonstrate the creation of a consistent style image using a Gen ID, even when switching from football to baseball imagery.

💡Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers is a professional baseball team located in Los Angeles, California. The team is part of the example given in the video to show how the Gen ID can be used to create images with consistent styles when changing the subject matter, this time comparing the Dodgers to the Boston Red Sox.

💡Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox is a professional baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts, and is well recognized for its distinctive logo and team colors. In the video, the team is used in conjunction with the Los Angeles Dodgers to illustrate the process of generating images with a consistent style, emphasizing the effectiveness of using Gen IDs across different sports teams.


A new tip is introduced to create consistent styles in image generation using AI tools like DALLE.

The speaker has a mega air table prompts database with 2,000 prompts and aims to expand it.

The database is updated daily for users to access and use for generating images.

A gallery view of recent DALLE images is showcased, emphasizing the consistency in style.

The process of generating an image with the same style as a previous one is explained.

DALLE 3 allows copying the style of an image for unlimited generation of similar style images.

Every image generated by DALLE is assigned a unique gen ID (Generation ID).

The gen ID can be retrieved by asking Chat GPT for the gen IDs of the most recent image.

To create a new image with the same style, the gen ID is copied and pasted into a new prompt.

The prompt is modified with new subjects but retains the original gen ID for consistent style.

An example is given where football helmets of different teams are generated with the same style.

The process is tested with different sports, such as baseball hats, maintaining the same style.

Consistency in image style is achieved by reusing the gen ID across different prompts.

Without using the gen ID, the style of images generated would vary significantly.

Using the gen ID ensures coherency and consistency in the style of images generated.

The effectiveness of the gen ID in maintaining style consistency is demonstrated through multiple examples.

The video encourages viewers to share their own creations using this tip for consistent image styles.

The speaker invites viewers to subscribe for more updates on similar tips and tricks.