41 Midjourney Tips for Beginners in 2024 (Extended Version)

Future Tech Pilot
16 Apr 202439:09

TLDRThis comprehensive guide offers 41 tips for beginners using Midjourney, an AI art generator, to enhance their creative process. Tips include using the image weight parameter for recreating images, blending images without additional text, utilizing character references for specific colors or textures, and employing emojis for unique image outcomes. The guide also covers using permutations to save time, earning free fast hours by rating images, and exploring prompts with added chaos for variety. Organizational tips like using smart folders and starting with simple ideas before elaborating are also discussed. The video provides techniques for photorealistic and anime-style images, negative prompting to exclude common themes, and using remix mode for consistent styles. It also explores aspect ratios for character concepts, solving common issues like distorted hands with subtle tweaks or region selection, and blending images using image weights. Advanced techniques include creating seamless patterns, using GPT for prompt assistance, and testing individual word changes with a locked seed number. Finally, the guide encourages engaging with the Midjourney community for further learning and inspiration.


  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Use the image weight parameter (IW) with a value of three to recreate an image closely.
  • πŸ”„ Utilize the slash blend feature on Discord for combining images without adding extra words to your prompt.
  • 🎨 For an exact color match, use the character reference feature with an image link of the desired color.
  • 😸 Include emojis in your prompt for generating unique and sometimes unpredictable images.
  • ✍️ Save time by writing prompts using permutations, which allow for multiple variations in a single prompt.
  • πŸ‘ Earn free fast hours on Mid Journey by rating images on their website.
  • πŸ“Š Use the /info command on Discord to check your lifetime statistics with Mid Journey.
  • πŸ“ Organize your images with smart folders on the Mid Journey website based on specific prompting terms.
  • 🎭 Start with simple prompts and then elaborate to refine the generation process.
  • 🧩 Experiment with the VAR region tool to replace parts of an image with different characters or elements.
  • 🌈 Use negative prompting to exclude common themes or elements that frequently appear in your generations.

Q & A

  • What is the first tip provided for recreating an image in Midjourney?

    -The first tip is to use the image weight parameter with a value of three when trying to recreate an image. This is done by including the image as an image prompt with 'D-IW' followed by the value '3' at the end of the prompt.

  • How can you quickly combine images without adding words to your prompt in Midjourney?

    -You can use the slash blend feature on Discord by typing 'SL blend' into the prompt box and then adding images through the plus button. Midjourney will blend the images together without needing extra words in your prompt.

  • What is the newest feature in Midjourney as of the video?

    -The newest feature in Midjourney as of the video is character reference, which allows you to add an image link that specifies the type of character you want to see in your generation.

  • How can you use emojis in your Midjourney prompts to generate unique images?

    -You can input emojis in your prompt. Midjourney does not create images of the emojis themselves but instead generates unique and sometimes random images based on the presence of the emoji in the prompt.

  • What is the purpose of using permutations in your Midjourney prompts?

    -Using permutations allows you to write more than one prompt at once, which saves time as you don't have to write the prompts repeatedly. It's useful when you know what you're looking for and want to explore different variations of a concept.

  • How can you earn free fast hours from Midjourney?

    -You can earn free fast hours by rating images on the Midjourney website. By choosing which of two images you prefer, you help the bot learn your preferences and in return, Midjourney rewards you with one free fast hour.

  • What is the purpose of the 'vary by region' feature in Midjourney?

    -The 'vary by region' feature allows you to replace a specific part of an image with a different character or element. You can select an area of the image and then prompt Midjourney to change that area with something else.

  • Why is the Memphis pattern considered the best prompt in Midjourney?

    -The Memphis pattern is considered the best prompt because it generates visually appealing and unique designs when combined with descriptive words. It nudges the direction of the generation towards a cool, retro aesthetic.

  • What does the 'nii' model in Midjourney do?

    -The 'nii' model in Midjourney is specifically trained on anime, and when used, the results resemble animation. It allows you to generate images with an anime style without explicitly stating 'cartoon' or 'anime' in your prompt.

  • What is the benefit of using the remix feature in Midjourney?

    -The remix feature allows you to create a consistent style across your generations. By turning on remix mode and changing the subject in the prompt, Midjourney remixes the image with the new subject while maintaining the original style.

  • How can you use the 'street photography' phrase in your Midjourney prompts?

    -Using the 'street photography' phrase in your prompts can result in a cool and varied grid of images. It can introduce elements of candidness and natural settings into the generated images.



🎨 Mid Journey Beginners Tips: Image Recreating and Blending

The video begins with the host acknowledging the pace of the last video and introduces a more detailed set of tips for mid-journey beginners. The first tip involves using the image weight parameter with a value of three to recreate an image, demonstrated using an image of Kylo Ren. The host also explains how to use the slash blend feature on Discord to combine images without adding extra words to the prompt. Furthermore, the introduction of the character reference feature for generating exact colors is discussed, followed by the creative use of emojis in prompts to produce unique images. The tip concludes with a method of writing prompts using permutations to save time.


πŸ“ˆ Earning Fast Hours and Exploring Prompts

The host shares how viewers can earn free fast hours by rating images on the Mid Journey website, which also helps the AI learn user preferences. The use of the '/info' command on Discord to review one's prompt history and the number of images generated is explained. The video continues with a discussion on adding chaos to a prompt to explore its full potential and the use of smart folders on the Mid Journey website to organize images based on specific prompting terms. The importance of starting prompts small and gradually adding details is emphasized, followed by a technique to replace characters in a scene using the 'vary region' feature.


🌈 Using Memphis Pattern and NII Model for Stylistic Effects

The host highlights the 'Memphis pattern' as a powerful prompt for generating visually appealing images with a retro aesthetic. The NII model, specifically trained on anime, is introduced as a way to generate anime-style images without explicitly mentioning the style in the prompt. A unique workflow is then demonstrated, which combines photorealistic images with the NII model to create surreal and anime-like results. The video also covers how to exclude common themes from generations using negative prompting and the use of the remix feature for creating a consistent style across generations.


πŸ“š Organization and Basic Prompting Strategies

The host offers an organizational tip for using smart folders on the Mid Journey website to categorize images based on keywords. A basic prompting strategy is shared, advising viewers to start with simple ideas and elaborate in subsequent prompts. The 'vary region' feature is showcased for its ability to replace elements within an image, and the 'Memphis pattern' is once again praised for its creative potential. The NII model is emphasized for generating anime-style images, and a technique for combining photorealism with anime aesthetics is demonstrated. The host also discusses the use of negative prompting to avoid common themes and the remix feature for creating a consistent style across different subjects.


🌟 Enhancing Realism and Beauty with Style Parameters

The host explains how to create the most realistic images in Mid Journey by using the 'style raw' parameter with a low 'stylize' value. Examples of photorealistic images are shown, highlighting the effectiveness of this technique. To generate more beautiful images, the 'stylize' value is increased up to 1,000, resulting in dreamlike and visually stunning pictures. The video also explores the creation of fun and interesting images through the combination of 'stylize', 'weird', and 'chaos' parameters. The 'style raw' parameter is recommended for when Mid Journey does not accurately follow the prompt, and multi-prompting is introduced as a method to add emphasis to specific aspects of the prompt.


πŸ”„ Advanced Techniques for Style Reference and Inpainting

The host delves into advanced techniques, including using a high chaos value with style reference for unique results. The 'vary region' feature is used to inpaint an entire picture, offering a different approach to image generation. The concept of locking in a seed number to test changes of individual words in a prompt is introduced, allowing for a deeper understanding of how different words impact the final image. The video concludes with a tip on creating a rough sketch of an image and using it as an image prompt in Mid Journey, with a suggestion to lower the image weight to allow the sketch to have subtle influence. Lastly, the host mentions using '/info' on a public Mid Journey channel to access exclusive chat rooms for users who have generated a significant number of images.



πŸ’‘Image Weight (IW)

Image Weight (IW) is a parameter used in the Mid Journey tool to control the influence of an image prompt on the generated output. A value of three, as mentioned in the script, indicates a stronger emphasis on the image used as a reference, which is a recent update in version six. This feature is crucial for recreating images closely but should be used with discretion to respect original artists' work.

πŸ’‘Slash Blend (/SL blend)

The Slash Blend feature on Discord allows users to combine multiple images without adding extra words to their prompt. By typing '/SL blend' followed by uploading the desired images, Mid Journey blends these images together, creating a composite result. This feature is showcased as a fun way to merge different visuals into one generation.

πŸ’‘Character Reference

Character Reference is a feature in Mid Journey that lets users specify the type of character they want to see in their generation by adding an image link. Traditionally for faces, it can also be used for colors, textures, and gradients, allowing those exact visual elements to appear in the generated image. It's a versatile tool that can significantly influence the output.

πŸ’‘Emojis in Prompts

Using emojis in prompts is a technique that can lead to unique and unexpected image generations. While it doesn't create images of the emojis themselves, it somehow influences the AI to produce distinct and creative results. This method is presented as a way to add a layer of randomness and fun to the image creation process.


Permutations allow users to generate multiple variations of a prompt simultaneously by enclosing different options within squiggly brackets and separating them with commas. This feature saves time by reducing the need to input the same base prompt repeatedly with slight variations, and it's particularly useful when exploring different colors or elements for a concept.

πŸ’‘Free Fast Hours

Free Fast Hours can be earned by contributing to the Mid Journey website, specifically by rating images. This community engagement not only helps the AI learn user preferences but also rewards users with additional time for image generation, encouraging participation and exploration of the tool.

πŸ’‘Chaos Value

The Chaos value is a parameter that, when added to a prompt, introduces randomness and variation into the image generation process. By adjusting the Chaos value, users can control the level of unpredictability in the results, allowing for the discovery of diverse and creative outputs within a single prompt.

πŸ’‘Smart Folders

Smart Folders on the Mid Journey website are a tool for organizing generated images based on specific prompting terms. By creating a Smart Folder and associating it with certain words, all images generated with those terms are automatically compiled, making it easier to manage and review one's creations.

πŸ’‘Negative Prompting

Negative Prompting is a technique used to exclude common themes or elements from the generated images. By prefixing a word or phrase with '--', users can tell Mid Journey to omit those aspects, helping to refine the output and avoid repetitive or unwanted elements in the image generation.

πŸ’‘Remix Feature

The Remix feature in Mid Journey allows users to maintain a consistent style across multiple generations by taking an existing image and remixing it with a new subject. This feature is particularly useful for creating series of images with a uniform aesthetic, as demonstrated by the examples of superheroes in a retrofuturistic cyberpunk style.

πŸ’‘Street Photography

Using the term 'street photography' in a prompt can influence Mid Journey to generate images with a candid, spontaneous feel, often resulting in a varied and dynamic grid of photos. This style is associated with natural, unposed moments, and when used in prompts, it can lead to images that resemble spontaneous snapshots from everyday life.


Use the image weight parameter with a value of three to recreate images closely.

Combine images quickly without adding words using the slash blend feature on Discord.

Character reference feature allows for the inclusion of specific colors in image generation.

Emojis in prompts can result in unique and unexpected image outputs.

Permutations can save time by generating multiple prompts at once.

Earn free fast hours on the Mid Journey website by rating images.

Use '4info' on Discord to view your lifetime prompt statistics.

Add chaos to a prompt to explore a wider range of possibilities within a given prompt.

Smart folders on the Mid Journey website help organize images based on specific keywords.

Start with simple prompts and then elaborate to refine the image generation process.

Use 'vary by region' to replace characters in a scene without affecting the background.

Memphis pattern combined with descriptive words can generate visually appealing designs.

The nii model in Mid Journey specializes in generating anime-style images.

Photorealistic images can be blended with anime styles for a unique aesthetic.

Negative prompting can be used to exclude common themes or elements from generations.

The remix feature allows for a consistent style across multiple generations.

Street photography in a setting can create a varied grid of images.

Using the word 'candid' in prompts can result in more natural and relaxed image outputs.

Texturing can be used as a character reference to introduce specific textures into the generation.

Set a suffix on Discord to automate certain prompt elements like aspect ratio.

Twia Tharp in prompts can introduce dynamic movement into the generated images.

The triple triple technique uses three images as prompts, style references, and character references.

Generating in thin aspect ratios can produce images suitable for bookmarks or print-on-demand items.

The aspect ratio can significantly impact the composition and style of the generated images.

Character concepts benefit from vertical aspect ratios like 2x3 or 4x5 to maintain proportions.

Subtle tweaks or 'vary by region' can correct issues like distorted hands in generated images.

Image weights allow for precise blending of multiple images in a prompt.

In-painting can be used to create larger seamless patterns from a single image.

GPT can assist in writing prompts by dividing them into subject, setting, details, and art style.

The chaos parameter can introduce unique variations into image generation.

Style raw parameter combined with a low stylize value can produce highly realistic images.

High stylize values can create more beautiful and dreamlike images.

Combining stylize, chaos, and weird parameters can result in fun and interesting images.

Style raw can be used when Mid Journey isn't accurately interpreting the prompt.

Multi-prompting can help emphasize specific aspects of a prompt that aren't coming through.

Style raw can enhance style reference by adding an extra layer of influence.

High chaos values work well with style reference to create unique images.

Use 'vary by region' to inpaint the entire picture for different results.

Locking in a seed number allows for testing changes of individual words within a prompt.

Creating a rough sketch and using it as an image prompt can guide the generation process.

Using 'for/info' on a public Mid Journey channel can unlock additional chat rooms for experienced users.