Mastering MidJourney Aspect Ratio: Ultimate Guide for Perfect Image Dimensions

What is MidJourney Aspect Ratio

The MidJourney aspect ratio defines the proportional relationship between an image's width and height, typically expressed as two numbers separated by a colon, such as 16:9 or 4:3. The default aspect ratio is 1:1, creating square images, but users can modify this by using the --ar or --aspect parameter followed by their desired ratio. This flexibility allows for better customization to fit various needs, from social media posts to widescreen displays, affecting the composition and framing of the generated images to best suit the intended use.

How to Change Aspect Ratio in MidJourney

1、Using MidJourney Aspect Ratio Prompts

To modify the dimensions of your images, employ the MidJourney aspect ratio prompts. These prompts allow you to set a specific aspect ratio by adding the --aspect or --ar parameter followed by the desired ratio (e.g., --ar 16:9) at the end of your image prompt.

2、Steps to Change MidJourney Aspect Ratios

Step 1: Prepare Your MidJourney Aspect Ratio

Prompt Begin by drafting a detailed description of the image you wish to create.

  • Example: /imagine a vibrant city skyline at night

Step 2: Add the MidJourney Aspect Ratio Command

Incorporate the MidJourney aspect ratio command at the end of your prompt.

  • Example: /imagine a vibrant city skyline at night --ar 16:9

Step 3: Use Common MidJourney Aspect Ratios

Utilize typical aspect ratios to suit various formats:

  • Square (1:1): /imagine a colorful butterfly --ar 1:1
  • Widescreen (16:9): /imagine a majestic mountain range --ar 16:9

Step 4: Submit Your MidJourney Aspect Ratio Prompt

Submit the prompt to generate the image with the specified MidJourney aspect ratio.

3、Changing Aspect Ratio for Existing Images

If you've already generated an image and wish to adjust its aspect ratio:

  • Upscale the Image: Choose an upscaling option (U1, U2, U3, U4).
  • Custom Zoom: Under the upscaled image, select "Custom Zoom."
  • Set Zoom Value: Set the zoom value to 1 using --zoom 1.
  • Add Aspect Ratio: Append the --aspect or --ar parameter to your desired ratio.

Try Changing Aspect Ratio in Journey AI Art

Step 1: Visit Journey AI Art

Start your creative journey by visiting the Journey AI Art website.

Step 2: Input Your MidJourney Aspect Ratio Prompt

In the input field, type your image prompt along with the desired MidJourney aspect ratio command.


Step 3: Generate Your Image

Press the "Generate" button to create your image with the specified MidJourney aspect ratio. If the result isn't perfect, tweak your prompt using various MidJourney aspect ratio prompts and regenerate to achieve the best possible outcome.

MidJourney Aspect Ratio Commands

1、Common MidJourney Aspect Ratio Commands

To generate images with specific dimensions, utilize the MidJourney aspect ratio commands. Here are some frequently used commands:

  • Square (1:1): /imagine prompt --ar 1:1
  • Portrait (9:16): /imagine prompt --ar 9:16
  • Classic (4:3): /imagine prompt --ar 4:3
  • Include the --ar parameter followed by your desired ratio: Example: /imagine a serene river landscape --ar 3:2

2、Custom Aspect Ratio MidJourney Prompts

You can customize your prompts for unique dimensions. Here are some examples of MidJourney aspect ratio prompts:

  • For Instagram Stories (9:16): /imagine a vibrant cityscape --ar 9:16
  • For Ultra-Wide Monitors (32:9): /imagine a panoramic beach view --ar 32:9

FAQs about MidJourney Aspect Ratios

1、What is the default MidJourney aspect ratio?

The default MidJourney aspect ratio is 1:1, which generates square images where the width and height are equal.

2、How to get 8.5 x 11 MidJourney aspect ratio ?

To achieve an 8.5 x 11 aspect ratio, use the command /imagine [your description] --ar 10:13. This MidJourney aspect ratio closely matches the dimensions of standard letter paper.

3、How to get 9x16 aspect ratio in MidJourney?

o obtain a 9x16 aspect ratio in MidJourney, use the prompt /imagine [your description] --ar 9:16. This will create a vertical image suitable for mobile displays and social media stories.

4、What if I want to use a non-whole number aspect ratio like 1.78:1?

MidJourney requires the ratio values to be whole numbers. For non-whole number ratios like 1.78:1, use the closest whole number equivalent, such as 16:9.

5、Can I change the MidJourney aspect ratio of an image I've already generated?

Yes, to change the aspect ratio MidJourney of an existing image, upscale the image, click "Custom Zoom," and use --zoom 1 --ar [desired ratio].

6、How does changing the aspect ratio MidJourney affect the image composition?

Adjusting the MidJourney aspect ratio influences the shape and overall composition of the generated image, affecting how the content is framed.

7、Are there easier ways to adjust the MidJourney aspect ratio besides using parameters?

Yes, in MidJourney v5.2+, you can use the Pan, Make Square, and Custom Zoom buttons to visually change the aspect ratio MidJourney without manually entering parameters.