CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Best Scary Videos [v21]

Goose Pimples
29 Apr 202447:57

TLDRThe video compilation features a series of chilling paranormal encounters caught on camera. It includes a man's terrifying experience with a shadowy figure in his home, a supernatural stalker that vanishes when the camera turns. There's also a chilling account of a man using a Ouija board, leading to chaos and distress. The video suggests possible editing of musical performances with unmoving guitar strings and piano keys. It explores various unexplained phenomena such as strange lights in the sky that blink erratically, a potential UFO sighting, and a group of young men on a fishing trip who encounter a mysterious figure in the wilderness. The compilation also delves into security camera footage of strange mists that appear to have human-like forms, and a recount of a terrifying experience at the historic Jefferson Hotel where guests and staff witness moving objects, unexplained voices, and shadowy figures. The video concludes with a series of personal accounts and footage of unexplained activities, from a TikToker's experiences with an old mirror to a Reddit user's discovery of an unsettling creature in their home, all contributing to a sense of unease and wonder about the supernatural.


  • 😱 The video compilation features various eerie and supernatural occurrences captured on camera, including shadowy figures, strange lights in the sky, and encounters with potentially paranormal entities.
  • 👻 Instances of poltergeist activity, haunted hotels, and unexplained phenomena add to the chilling atmosphere of the footage.
  • 🛸 UFO sightings and encounters with mysterious lights raise questions about extraterrestrial activity and the existence of otherworldly beings.
  • 🕵️‍♂️ The authenticity of the footage is often questioned, with skeptics offering alternative explanations such as editing tricks or natural phenomena.
  • 👁️‍🗨️ Some videos feature strange sightings, such as figures lurking in abandoned buildings or unexplained movements captured by CCTV cameras.
  • 👽 The possibility of encountering supernatural entities like skin walkers adds a layer of fear and intrigue to outdoor adventures.
  • 🔍 Viewers are encouraged to speculate and share their opinions on the authenticity and nature of the captured phenomena.
  • 💡 Natural explanations, such as bioluminescent phenomena or animal behavior, are considered alongside supernatural theories.
  • 📹 The use of technology, such as CCTV cameras and smartphones, allows for the documentation of mysterious events and encounters.
  • 👀 The compilation provides a mix of suspense, mystery, and curiosity, enticing viewers to delve into the world of the unexplained.

Q & A

  • What is the significance of certain musical notes in relation to paranormal entities as mentioned in the transcript?

    -The transcript suggests that certain musical notes are believed to resonate with paranormal entities, implying that these sounds can attract or evoke responses from such entities. However, this is a superstition and not based on scientific evidence.

  • What does the term 'supernatural stalker' refer to in the context of the video script?

    -In the script, 'supernatural stalker' refers to a mysterious and potentially malevolent entity that is suggested to be following or observing someone in a manner that cannot be explained by conventional means, often associated with paranormal or ghostly occurrences.

  • What is the connection between using Ouija boards and the chaos that ensued in the video?

    -The video script implies that using a Ouija board in one's home can lead to unexplained and chaotic events. This is a common trope in horror stories and paranormal narratives, where the board is often depicted as a portal for communicating with spirits, which can result in negative consequences.

  • Why does the narrator express skepticism about the guitar and piano in the video?

    -The narrator is skeptical because, despite hearing music, the guitar strings are not seen vibrating and piano keys are not pressed. This discrepancy leads to questions about the authenticity of the footage, suggesting it might be edited or manipulated.

  • What is the significance of the shadowy figure that appears in the video?

    -The shadowy figure's appearance and disappearance in the video is meant to evoke a sense of fear and mystery, typical of paranormal activity. It is used to suggest the presence of a ghostly or supernatural entity that is not visible to the naked eye but can be captured on camera.

  • What is the explanation for the strange lights seen in the sky in the video?

    -The video script suggests that the lights could be a UFO or a flying saucer, with a unique design and a blazing flame. However, it also raises the possibility that the sighting could be a result of camera editing or manipulation, rather than actual evidence of extraterrestrial life.

  • What is the explanation given for the strange figure seen running behind the bushes during the fishing trip?

    -The script does not provide a definitive explanation, instead, it raises questions about whether the figure could be a wild animal, a child playing, or something more sinister. It invites viewers to speculate and share their theories.

  • Why does the security camera footage show a strange mist that appears to have a humanoid shape?

    -The script suggests that the mist could be a paranormal entity, but it also acknowledges the possibility of technical issues with the camera, such as interference from environmental factors or infrared sensitivity causing visual anomalies.

  • What is the explanation for the piano panel falling violently in the hotel?

    -The video script attributes the event to a resident spirit or poltergeist in the hotel, suggesting a paranormal explanation. However, it also mentions that the piano panel had a latch, implying that it would not fall without human intervention or a significant force.

  • What is the significance of the child's laughter heard by a guest at the Jefferson Hotel?

    -The child's laughter, combined with the sighting of a creepy face, is depicted as a terrifying paranormal experience. It is used to heighten the atmosphere of fear and mystery, suggesting the presence of a ghostly child in the hotel.

  • What is the explanation for the bag moving on its own in the TikToker's video?

    -The video suggests that the movement of the bag could be a paranormal event. However, it could also be the result of subtle air currents, an optical illusion, or even a staged event for the purpose of the video.



👻 Haunted House Musical Notes and Shadowy Figures

This paragraph tells a chilling story of a man who experiences paranormal activity in his home. He is seen playing with an ouija board, which seems to trigger a series of terrifying events. The man captures footage of objects moving on their own and a shadowy figure that vanishes when the camera turns towards it. The narrative suggests that the man might be dealing with a supernatural stalker rather than a mere admirer. The video also raises questions about the authenticity of the man's distress and the possibility of the events being staged or edited.


👽 UFO Sightings and Mysterious Wilderness Encounters

The second paragraph delves into various unexplained phenomena, starting with a telescope owner capturing what appears to be a UFO with a unique design, emitting a flame in the sky. The authenticity of the footage is questioned, as is a group of young men on a fishing trip who spot a dark figure resembling a young boy running behind bushes. The narrative then shifts to a security camera capturing a strange mist that seems to have a humanoid shape, raising questions about its nature. The paragraph concludes with a story of a woman named Shelly who, while monitoring her home security camera, captures an inexplicable event that leaves her and her partner baffled.


👁️‍🗨️ Paranormal Footage from a Home Security Camera

This paragraph discusses an eerie video captured by a home security camera, which appears to show a strange, possibly supernatural event. The video shows what is interpreted as a hand-like figure moving, leading to speculation about camera malfunctions or otherworldly entities. The paragraph also mentions a UFO sighting above the Karadag volcano, described as a mysterious place with alleged UFO bases. The narrative then shifts to a video of a woman behaving strangely, leading to theories of demonic possession or substance abuse, and ends with a discussion of a video that supposedly captures alien technology.


🌊 Mysterious Ocean Phenomenon and Haunted Hotel Tales

The fourth paragraph explores a video of an unusual event in the ocean, which is initially attributed to bioluminescent plankton or jellyfish but remains unexplained. It then shifts to a series of paranormal incidents at the historic Jefferson Hotel, where guests and staff experience unexplained movements of objects, disembodied voices, and apparitions. The narrative also includes a personal account of a man waking up to find a disturbing face staring at him, accompanied by the sound of a child's laughter.


🪄 Upcycled Mirror and Haunted Doll Encounters

This paragraph begins with a TikToker's experience with an old mirror that she claims shows objects not present in reality. The video shows what appears to be a doll on a couch that isn't there when viewed directly. The paragraph then delves into a series of 'haunted doll' videos, highlighting a clip of a man reacting in fear to a doll named Anna from Frozen that seemingly moves and laughs on its own. Lastly, it describes a video recorded by a woman named Natalie from Austin, Texas, who captures a UFO sighting that corroborates with another witness's account, stirring up debates on its authenticity.


🛏️ Unexplained Movements and Eerie Ventilation Sounds

The sixth paragraph recounts a series of unsettling experiences. One involves a person who notices an object moving on its own, followed by a chair moving inexplicably. Another account comes from a Reddit user who finds an unidentified creature in their house's ventilation system, leading to speculation about its origin. The paragraph also includes a story of a family experiencing paranormal activity during a toy unboxing, where a door opens seemingly on its own, and ends with a graffiti artist who encounters a figure with a white mask while exploring an abandoned building, causing him to flee in terror.


🐱 Animal Reactions and Unexplained Aerial Phenomena

The seventh paragraph explores the possibility of animals sensing the supernatural through a CCTV footage where a cat reacts to something disappearing into thin air. It also discusses a jogger in Indonesia who is seemingly attacked by twigs while running through a graveyard, and a video of strange lights over the South China Sea captured at a high altitude, which some commenters argue could be flares. The paragraph concludes with a group of ghost hunters exploring an abandoned building, where they capture footage of what appears to be a ghostly figure watching them.


🚨 Skin Walkers and Mysterious Flashing Lights

The eighth paragraph describes a chilling encounter with what the witnesses believe to be a skin walker, a creature from folklore known to shape-shift, as they capture footage of a large, fast-moving figure. It also mentions a video filmed in Chile that shows an unexplained formation of flashing lights in the sky, sparking debate about its nature. The paragraph ends with a group of friends in the wild who capture footage of an unidentified creature, leading to theories of it being a skin walker.


📹 Creepy Camera Captures and Paranormal Investigation

The final paragraph compiles various creepy videos caught on camera and encourages viewers to enjoy a prepared playlist of such content. It also prompts the audience to engage with the channel by liking, subscribing, and enabling notifications to stay updated with the weekly uploads. The paragraph maintains the spooky theme and thanks the viewers for watching, inviting them to stay engaged with the content.




Paranormal refers to phenomena that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding and are often associated with supernatural entities or occurrences. In the video, the term is central to the theme as it explores various incidents that suggest the presence of paranormal activity, such as shadowy figures, haunted houses, and unexplained movements.

💡Ouija board

An Ouija board is a flat board marked with letters, numbers, and other symbols, used to communicate with spirits during a séance. The script mentions a person using an Ouija board, which is a common trope in paranormal stories and is depicted as a catalyst for the chaos that ensues in the narrative.

💡Supernatural stalker

A supernatural stalker implies a non-physical entity that follows or harasses individuals, often associated with ghost stories or horror narratives. The video script alludes to a shadowy figure that appears to be following someone, suggesting a connection to the paranormal and adding to the suspenseful atmosphere.


UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object, commonly associated with extraterrestrial life or advanced technology not of this world. The video discusses a sighting of a UFO, which is a recurring topic in discussions of the paranormal and unknown phenomena, capturing the audience's fascination with the possibility of alien life.


When a location is described as haunted, it suggests the presence of ghosts or spirits that are believed to inhabit the place. The script references a haunted house where objects move on their own and strange sounds occur, which is a classic scenario in ghost stories and aligns with the video's focus on the paranormal.


Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism, often found in deep-sea creatures or certain types of plankton. The video script mentions bioluminescent jellyfish as a possible explanation for strange lights seen in the ocean, showcasing the natural world's ability to create phenomena that might be mistaken for the paranormal.


A poltergeist is a type of ghost or spirit believed to be responsible for physical disturbances, such as loud noises, moving objects, or other mischievous activities. The Jefferson Hotel is described as a place where a poltergeist is active, contributing to the video's exploration of paranormal activity.


A skinwalker is a figure from Native American folklore, typically depicted as a witch or shaman who can transform into various animals. The term is used in the script when a group of friends film a large, shadowy figure, suggesting a creature from myth and adding to the video's collection of mysterious and frightening encounters.

💡Bioluminescent jellyfish

Bioluminescent jellyfish are marine animals that emit light through a chemical reaction within their bodies. They are mentioned in the context of explaining a mysterious light in the ocean, highlighting how natural phenomena can sometimes be misinterpreted as something supernatural or alien.

💡Abandoned building

An abandoned building is a structure that has been forsaken and is no longer in use, often associated with feelings of eeriness or mystery. The video script describes ghost hunters exploring such a building, which is a common setting for paranormal investigations and adds to the video's suspenseful tone.


An entity, in the context of the paranormal, refers to a distinct existence, often implying a ghost, spirit, or other non-physical being. The script uses the term to describe shadowy figures and other unexplained presences, reinforcing the video's focus on the unknown and potentially supernatural.


A shadowy figure manifests behind the individual, disappearing when the camera is turned towards it.

A man plays with a Ouija board in his home, leading to chaotic events.

Unsettling videos show apparent paranormal activity, including strange sounds and moving objects in a haunted house.

Footage captures a UFO-like object with a unique design and a blazing flame.

Adventurous individuals encounter a mysterious figure resembling Mowgli in the wilderness.

A security camera captures strange mist-like formations resembling hands.

A UFO sighting over a volcano in Crimea leaves witnesses perplexed.

A disturbing video captures a woman moving erratically, prompting speculation of demonic possession.

Fishermen encounter bizarre blue lights resembling bioluminescent jellyfish in the ocean.

Paranormal occurrences escalate in the Jefferson Hotel, with objects moving and ghostly figures appearing.

A man witnesses a strange face in a mirror that disappears when he looks away.

A doll seemingly moves on its own, leading to speculation of paranormal activity.

A terrifying UFO sighting over Austin, Texas, prompts widespread fear and speculation.

A bag moves on its own, followed by a chair dragging itself, in a series of eerie occurrences captured on video.

An unexplained figure appears on top of a building, terrifying a graffiti artist exploring abandoned structures.