How To Use Midjourney For Free Forever | Midjourney Free Unlimited (AUGUST 2023 WORKING METHOD)

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4 Aug 202305:06

TLDRThis video tutorial guides viewers on how to use Midjourney for free indefinitely. The host begins by demonstrating an expired free trial account and proceeds to show the process of creating a new account using ProtonMail to get a free email address. After setting up the email, the viewer is instructed to register a new Discord account and join a specific server to access Midjourney's AI art creation tools. The video promises more content on AI and other tools to simplify daily tasks, encouraging viewers to subscribe and join the community for updates.


  • 🎓 **Create a New Account**: The video demonstrates how to use Midjourney for free by creating a new account after the free trials run out.
  • 🌐 **ProtonMail Sign Up**: Visit 'proton dot me' to create a free ProtonMail account, which is a prerequisite for the process.
  • 📝 **Choose a Username and Password**: When creating the ProtonMail account, you can select any username and password you prefer.
  • 🔑 **Captcha Verification**: Use the captcha to verify your account creation instead of email verification.
  • 📧 **Copy Email for Discord**: After setting up ProtonMail, copy the email address and use it to sign up for a new Discord account.
  • 📝 **Optional Display Name**: You can set a display name on Discord, which can be the same as your username or something different.
  • 📅 **Enter a Date of Birth**: Provide a date of birth when signing up for Discord; it doesn't have to be your actual birth date.
  • 🔗 **Join the Discord Server**: After verifying your Discord account, join the specified server to access Midjourney's AI art creation tools.
  • 🔒 **Account Verification**: Ensure your Discord account is verified before attempting to join the server.
  • 🎨 **Create Art with AI**: Once you've joined the server, you can start creating your own art using Midjourney's AI tools.
  • 📺 **Subscribe for More Content**: The channel offers more tips, tricks, and resources for using AI and making daily tasks easier, so subscribe and turn on notifications.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is how to use Midjourney for free indefinitely.

  • How does the video claim the user can use Midjourney for free?

    -The video suggests creating a new account with ProtonMail and then using that email to sign up for Discord, which is associated with Midjourney, to get free access.

  • What is the first step to create a new account for free access to Midjourney?

    -The first step is to go to the website and create a free account there.

  • What does the user need to do after creating a ProtonMail account?

    -After creating a ProtonMail account, the user needs to copy their email address and go to Discord to sign up for a new account using that email.

  • Why is it necessary to verify the Discord account before joining the server?

    -Verifying the Discord account ensures that the account is legitimate and reduces the risk of spam or abuse on the server.

  • What does the video promise to viewers who subscribe to the channel?

    -The video promises that subscribers will receive notifications about the latest videos, which include more tips and tricks for using AI and other tools to make daily tasks easier.

  • What kind of content does the channel typically produce?

    -The channel typically produces content that includes tips and tricks for using AI, as well as other tools and resources to simplify daily tasks.

  • How does the video demonstrate that the host has no free trials left on their account?

    -The host shows that they have no free trials left by logging out of their current account and starting the process of creating a new account to use Midjourney for free.

  • What is the purpose of joining the Midjourney server on Discord?

    -Joining the Midjourney server on Discord allows users to create their own art using the AI technology provided by Midjourney.

  • What is the recommended action for viewers who encounter problems during the process?

    -The recommended action is to leave a comment in the comment section of the video, and the channel will respond to help resolve any issues.

  • How can viewers keep up with the channel's content?

    -Viewers can stay updated with the channel's content by subscribing to the channel and turning on notifications.

  • What does the video suggest for users who want to customize their ProtonMail account?

    -The video suggests that users can choose their theme and set a display name, but these steps can be skipped if the user prefers to proceed directly to Discord.



🎓 How to Use Mid-Journey for Free Forever

This paragraph introduces the video's main topic, which is showing viewers how to use a service called Mid-Journey for free on a lifetime basis. The speaker promises to guide the audience through the process and share tips and tricks. They encourage viewers to subscribe and turn on notifications to stay updated with their content, which includes more AI-related tips and other tools to simplify daily tasks. The speaker also demonstrates that they have exhausted their free trials and will create a new account to use Mid-Journey for free.


📬 Creating a New Account for Free Use

The speaker provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a new account on ProtonMail to use Mid-Journey for free. They direct viewers to the website 'proton dot me', instructing them to create a free account, choose a username and password, and complete a captcha for verification. After the ProtonMail account is set up, viewers are guided to copy their email and sign up for a new account on Discord. The process includes joining a server related to Mid-Journey where they can utilize AI to create art. The speaker concludes by thanking the viewers for their time and encouraging them to like, comment, and stay subscribed for more helpful content.




Midjourney refers to a software or platform that is mentioned in the video for creating art using AI. It is the central subject of the video, as the entire content revolves around how to use this platform for free indefinitely. In the script, the speaker guides viewers on setting up a new account to use Midjourney without any cost, indicating its significance to the video's theme.

💡Free Unlimited

The term 'Free Unlimited' is used to describe the goal of the tutorial in the video, which is to provide a method for using Midjourney without any financial constraints. It is a key attraction for viewers interested in utilizing AI art creation tools without incurring charges. The script emphasizes this by assuring that the steps outlined will allow for 'free forever' usage, which is a core incentive presented to the audience.


ProtonMail is an encrypted email service provider mentioned in the script as a step in the process of creating a new account to access Midjourney for free. It serves as a tool within the broader context of the video's aim to demonstrate a cost-free method for using AI art creation services. The speaker instructs viewers to create a free account with ProtonMail, which is then used as part of the registration process for Discord, a necessary step for accessing Midjourney.


Discord is a communication platform that is referenced in the video as a prerequisite for accessing Midjourney's services. It is integral to the process described in the script, as viewers are guided to create a Discord account and join a specific server to start using Midjourney. The mention of Discord illustrates the interconnected nature of online services and platforms in facilitating access to AI tools like Midjourney.


AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a key concept in the video as it pertains to the technology that powers Midjourney's art creation capabilities. The video's theme revolves around using AI for free, and the script provides a method for viewers to engage with AI-driven art tools without cost. AI is the technological foundation that enables the creation of art through Midjourney, making it a central concept to the video's message.

💡Tips and Tricks

The phrase 'tips and tricks' is used in the video to suggest that, in addition to the main tutorial, the channel offers additional guidance on using AI and other tools. It implies that the video is part of a broader series or collection of content aimed at enhancing viewers' skills and knowledge in utilizing AI and related technologies. The script teases upcoming content that will provide further 'tips and tricks,' positioning the channel as a resource for continuous learning.


The term 'community' is used to describe the audience or group of individuals who share an interest in the content provided by the channel. It is relevant to the video's theme as it encourages viewers to subscribe and join a community that will receive updates on new videos, including more information on using AI. The concept of community is integral to the channel's engagement strategy, fostering a collective of like-minded individuals who can learn and grow together.


A 'subscription' in the context of the video refers to the act of signing up to receive updates when new content is posted on the channel. It is a call-to-action for viewers to ensure they do not miss out on future videos, which may contain additional methods or information on using AI tools like Midjourney. The script emphasizes subscribing as a way to stay informed and engaged with the channel's content.


In the video, 'notifications' are mentioned as a feature that viewers can enable to be alerted when new videos are uploaded to the channel. This is tied to the concept of subscription and community, as it ensures that viewers are kept up-to-date with the latest content. The script encourages viewers to turn on notifications to avoid missing out on any future tutorials or tips related to AI and other tools.

💡Art Creation

Art creation is a fundamental theme in the video, as it relates to the primary purpose of using Midjourney, which is to create art through AI technology. The script outlines a method for accessing this art creation tool for free, highlighting the process by which viewers can generate their own artwork. Art creation serves as the practical application of the AI technology discussed in the video.


A 'server' in the context of the video refers to a specific Discord server that viewers need to join to access Midjourney's AI art creation services. It is a key component in the process outlined in the script, as joining the server is a necessary step after creating a Discord account. The term 'server' is used to denote a dedicated space within the Discord platform where users can interact with the community and access the tools provided by Midjourney.


This video teaches you how to use Midjourney for free indefinitely.

Midjourney can be used for free by creating a new account after exhausting free trials.

The process begins by creating a new account on ProtonMail.

Visit to create a free account for Midjourney.

Choose 'Get Proton for Free' and fill in the required details to create an account.

Verification can be done through email or captcha after account creation.

ProtonMail account creation is followed by setting a display name and skipping optional steps.

Copy the ProtonMail email to sign up for a new Discord account.

Login to Discord and register with the copied email to join the Midjourney server.

After account verification on Discord, join the Midjourney server to start creating art with AI.

The video provides step-by-step instructions for using Midjourney without any cost.

Subscribers are encouraged to turn on notifications for the latest content.

The channel offers a community for sharing tips and tricks for using AI and other tools.

The video promises to make daily tasks easier with its content.

The presenter demonstrates creating a new account after running out of free trials.

The video assures viewers that help is available for any issues encountered.

Viewers are invited to subscribe and join the community for more helpful content.

The video concludes by thanking viewers and encouraging interaction through likes and comments.