How To Use Reference Images For Better Results In Midjourney

The Instruction Manual
28 Oct 202310:10

TLDRIn this tutorial, the speaker guides viewers on how to utilize reference images for enhanced image creation with Midjourney AI. The process begins with joining the Midjourney Discord server and setting up an account, which may require a subscription for full access. The server showcases high-quality images created by users, and viewers are encouraged to sign in and connect their Google or Microsoft accounts. The tutorial demonstrates how to view example images and download reference images in specific formats (PNG, JPG) from sources like Google. It then details the steps to create a server, add the Midjourney bot, and use commands to upload the reference image and input specific instructions for the AI. The AI generates multiple variations of the image based on the user's specifications, allowing for selection of the preferred version. The speaker emphasizes the importance of correct parameter input for successful image creation and suggests that a subscription or free trial can be used to access Midjourney's full capabilities.


  • 🌐 Start by visiting and joining the Midjourney Discord server to access the AI.
  • 🔗 Accept the Discord invite link to join the server where you can see examples of images created by others.
  • 📋 Sign in to your account, which may require connecting your Google or Microsoft account.
  • 💰 Consider purchasing a subscription plan for Midjourney, with options like basic, standard, and pro, available on a yearly billing cycle.
  • 📁 View example images within the dashboard to understand what the AI can create.
  • 🔍 Find and download a reference image from a source like Google, ensuring it's in a compatible format such as PNG or JPG.
  • 📂 Create your own server within Discord for a personalized Midjourney experience.
  • 🤖 Add the Midjourney bot to your server to start using its commands.
  • 📝 Use the `/info` command to check your account details and subscription status.
  • 📎 Upload your reference image to the chat and use the `/imagine` command followed by specific instructions for the AI.
  • 🖌️ Include the reference image in your command by pasting its link and adding your desired style and quality specifications.
  • 🔄 Request multiple variations of the image by adding a version number to your command, which will generate different versions for selection.

Q & A

  • What is the first step to use reference images in Midjourney?

    -The first step is to go to and join the Midjourney Discord server, as you need to access the AI of Midjourney through it.

  • How do you join the Midjourney Discord server?

    -After clicking on 'join the VA' on the Midjourney website, you will be directed to a Discord invite link which you need to accept to join the server.

  • What are the benefits of being in the Midjourney Discord server?

    -In the server, you can view examples of images created by others, discuss with other users in the 'fun chat', and send messages to the server.

  • How do you connect your account to Midjourney?

    -You may be prompted to connect your Google or Microsoft account after signing in on the Discord server.

  • What are the different subscription plans available for Midjourney?

    -There are basic, standard, and pro plans available for Midjourney, with yearly billing options that can save you more than monthly billing.

  • How can you view examples of what Midjourney can do?

    -You can view examples by clicking on the 'show pie' option on the dashboard, which will display high-quality images created by the AI.

  • What is the importance of having a reference image in the correct format?

    -The reference image must be in PNG, JPG, or JPEG format to work with Midjourney. Downloading any other file type will not work with the AI.

  • How do you add the Midjourney bot to your own Discord server?

    -You need to create your own server, then add the Midjourney bot by clicking on the '+' icon and following the prompts to select the server you've created.

  • What command is used to upload a reference image in the chat?

    -You use the '!img' command to upload your reference image in the chat for Midjourney to use.

  • How do you specify the style and quality of the image you want to create?

    -You use the '!imagine' command followed by your specific instructions or specifications, such as 'modern painting style' and 'HQ' for high quality.

  • What does adding 'V4' to the '!imagine' command mean?

    -Adding 'V4' means that Midjourney will provide four variations or versions of the image for you to choose from.

  • How can you access the created images after using the '!imagine' command?

    -You can access the created images by clicking on the version numbers (V1, V2, V3, V4) provided in the chat after the command execution.



🎨 Getting Started with Midjourney and Discord

The video begins with an introduction to using reference images with Midjourney, an AI art creation tool. The host instructs viewers to visit Midjourney's website, join their Discord server for community support and AI access, and sign in to connect their Google or Microsoft account. The server is highlighted as a place to view examples of Midjourney's capabilities, discuss with others, and gain necessary permissions for using the AI. Subscription options are also mentioned, with an emphasis on the benefits of yearly billing for cost savings. The dashboard provides examples of high-quality images created with Midjourney, such as a stylized Spider-Man image.


📚 Using Reference Images and Commands in Midjourney

The host demonstrates how to incorporate reference images into the image creation process with Midjourney. They guide viewers on finding and downloading reference images in specific formats (PNG or JPG) from sources like Google. After setting up a personal Discord server and adding the Midjourney bot, the host outlines the process of using commands within the server. They explain how to upload a reference image and use the 'imagine' command followed by specific instructions to guide the AI in creating an image. The process includes copying and pasting the image link, specifying the style (e.g., modern painting), requesting high quality, and generating multiple versions (V1-V4) for selection. The host also notes the necessity of a subscription or trial to access the full features of Midjourney.


🔑 Subscription and Trial Information

The final paragraph briefly mentions the requirement of having a subscription or being able to access a free trial to utilize Midjourney's features fully. It emphasizes that with the correct usage of the platform's commands and features, users can achieve their desired results.




Midjourney is a term used to refer to a specific AI-based image creation tool that the video is discussing. It is a platform where users can create images using AI technology. In the video, the creator is guiding viewers on how to use reference images to enhance the quality of the images generated by Midjourney.

💡Reference Images

Reference images are pre-existing images that serve as a guide or inspiration for creating new images. In the context of the video, they are used to direct the AI in Midjourney to generate images that are stylistically or thematically similar to the reference images provided by the user.

💡Discord Server

A Discord server is a chat community where people can communicate in real time. In the video, the Discord server is used as a platform to access the Midjourney AI and to interact with other users who are also creating images with the tool.

💡AI of Midjourney

This refers to the artificial intelligence component of the Midjourney platform that processes user inputs and generates images accordingly. The AI is key to the image creation process as it interprets the reference images and user instructions to produce the desired output.


Google is a search engine often used to find and source images. In the video, it is suggested as a place where users can search for and download reference images to use with Midjourney.

💡Image File Formats

The video specifies that the reference images should be in certain file formats such as PNG or JPG. These are common image file formats that are widely supported and used for storing and displaying digital images.

💡Subscription Plan

A subscription plan in the context of the video refers to the payment model for using Midjourney. Users can choose from different plans, such as basic, standard, or pro, with yearly billing options that offer savings over time.


Commands are specific instructions used in the Midjourney Discord server to interact with the AI and create images. For example, 'slash imagine' is a command that initiates the image creation process after a user has uploaded a reference image and provided specifications.

💡High-Quality (HQ)

High-quality, often abbreviated as HQ, refers to the level of detail and clarity in the images generated by Midjourney. The video emphasizes the importance of specifying a high-quality output to achieve better results.


Variations refer to the different versions of an image that Midjourney can produce based on the reference image and user specifications. The video mentions using a command to generate four variations (V1, V2, V3, V4), allowing users to choose the one they prefer.

💡Upscale Image

Upscale refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image without losing quality. In the video, the term is used in the context of selecting an 'upscaled image' (U1 to U4) from the generated variations for higher resolution output.


The tutorial demonstrates how to use reference images for creating images in Midjourney.

Access Midjourney by visiting and joining their Discord server.

Connect your Google or Microsoft account to use the AI features.

Purchase a subscription plan for Midjourney to access premium features.

View example images created by the Midjourney AI to understand the quality of output.

Download reference images in .png or .jpg format from sources like Google.

Create a server on Discord and add the Midjourney bot for image creation.

Use the 'slash' command in Discord to interact with the Midjourney bot.

Upload the reference image directly into the Discord chat for the bot to use.

Enter specific instructions after the 'imagine' command to guide the AI.

Include the reference image link in the 'imagine' command for better results.

Request multiple variations of the image by adding a version number.

Choose between different versions (V1-V4) and upscale options (U1-U4).

The bot provides high-quality images that closely match the user's prompt.

Subscription or free trial is required to use the Midjourney bot for image creation.

Ensure correct syntax in the 'imagine' command for successful image generation.

The tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on using Midjourney for creative image generation.