How to Create AI avatars for Free | Lexica ART

AI Madesy
2 Jul 202305:08

TLDRDiscover how to create your own AI avatar for free using Lexica ART, 11 Labs, and Studio did. This tutorial walks you through downloading avatar images without watermarks, generating lifelike voices, and creating videos where your avatar speaks. Ideal for anyone looking to bring their digital personas to life, this guide also hints at a simple method to remove watermarks from videos, promising more helpful tips for subscribers.


  • πŸ˜€ AI Declow has uploaded a new tutorial video on creating AI avatars for free.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Lexica Art is used for downloading avatar images; it provides multiple methods including a unique option to upload and match your own images.
  • πŸ” You can search for specific avatar styles on Lexica Art by using keywords like 'cartoon man'.
  • 🚫 It is suggested to avoid the prompt generation feature in Lexica Art as it requires user login.
  • πŸ‘€ The video explains how to download avatar images without a watermark from Lexica Art.
  • 🎀 For adding voice to avatars, the video recommends using 11 Labs tool for its capability to handle multiple languages and regional accents.
  • 🎬 Studio Did website is introduced for animating the avatar with the prepared audio file.
  • πŸ“ The script can be directly inputted into Studio Did, but uploading a custom voice file is preferable to avoid word restrictions.
  • πŸ“₯ The process to download the completed avatar video is detailed, noting a watermark issue on the video.
  • πŸ†“ There's a teaser about a future tutorial on removing watermarks from videos, urging viewers to like, share, and subscribe.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is teaching how to create AI avatars for free.

  • Which website is recommended for obtaining avatar images?

    -The recommended website for obtaining avatar images is Lexica Art.

  • How can one download images without a watermark from Lexica Art?

    -You can download images without a watermark by clicking on the image and choosing the download option provided.

  • What are the four options provided by Lexica Art for obtaining avatar images?

    -The four options are: scrolling through available images, searching for specific avatar images, generating avatars with prompts, and uploading an image from your device to get similar images.

  • What tool is used to generate the audio for the AI avatar?

    -The tool used to generate the audio for the AI avatar is 11 Labs.

  • What are the voice settings options available in 11 Labs?

    -In 11 Labs, you can select the voice, preview it, and choose voice settings like stability and clarity.

  • Why is the multilingual option suggested for the language level in 11 Labs?

    -The multilingual option is suggested because it can recognize and spell out regional languages, making it more versatile.

  • What website is used to make the avatar talk?

    -The website used to make the avatar talk is Synthesia, also known as studio.dit.

  • How can you remove the watermark from the final video?

    -The video suggests that there is an easy way to remove the watermark, but it does not provide details on how to do so. It encourages viewers to like, share, and subscribe for a possible future video on this topic.

  • What are the two options to make the avatar speak on Synthesia?

    -The two options are to either write your script directly in the platform and select the language and tone, or to upload your own pre-recorded voice file.

  • What is the limitation of writing the script directly on Synthesia?

    -Writing the script directly on Synthesia has a limitation of word restrictions, which is why uploading a pre-recorded voice file is recommended.

  • How long does it typically take for the video to be generated on Synthesia after uploading the audio?

    -It typically does not take more than a minute for the video to be generated after uploading the audio.



🎨 Creating AI Avatars with Lexica Art

The first paragraph introduces the topic of creating AI avatars for free using a new video by AI Declow. The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to obtain avatar images using Lexica Art, a website offering various options to either download existing images, search for specific avatars, generate avatars using prompts, or upload a personal image to find similar ones. The process also includes downloading images without watermarks and using different AI art tools with the provided prompts.


πŸ“’ Producing Voiceovers with 11 Labs

The second paragraph focuses on generating audio for the AI avatar using 11 Labs. It guides viewers on signing up or logging in, selecting a voice, adjusting voice settings, choosing a language, writing a video script, and generating the audio file. The process concludes with downloading the audio file, which will later be used to make the avatar speak in the final video.



πŸ’‘AI Avatars

AI Avatars are digital representations of a person or character that can be manipulated to perform tasks such as speaking or interacting in a virtual environment. In the context of the video, AI Avatars are created to mimic human speech and behavior, which is a key theme of the content. An example from the script is the instruction on how to make an AI Avatar speak using the 11 Labs tool.

πŸ’‘Lexica Art

Lexica Art is a website mentioned in the video that provides a platform for users to obtain avatar images. It is a crucial part of the process described in the video, as it offers various options for obtaining or generating avatar images, which are essential for creating the AI Avatars. The script describes how to navigate the site to find or upload avatar images.


A watermark is a visible overlay on an image or video that usually contains a logo, text, or symbol to indicate copyright or ownership. In the video, the creator discusses downloading images without a watermark, which is important for maintaining the professional look of the final AI Avatar video. The script provides a method to download images from Lexica Art without a watermark.

πŸ’‘11 Labs

11 Labs is a tool referenced in the video for generating audio for the AI Avatar. It allows users to select a voice, preview it, and customize voice settings before generating a script into speech. This tool is integral to the process of making the AI Avatar speak, as it provides the voice and speech for the Avatar. The script includes a step-by-step guide on using 11 Labs to generate the audio.

πŸ’‘Voice Settings

Voice settings refer to the adjustments made to the audio output of a voice, such as stability and clarity. In the context of the video, voice settings are customized using the 11 Labs tool to ensure the AI Avatar's speech sounds natural and clear. The script mentions selecting voice settings as part of the audio generation process.

πŸ’‘Multilingual Option

The multilingual option allows the AI Avatar to recognize and articulate regional languages, which is a feature offered by the 11 Labs tool. This is significant for the video's theme as it enables the AI Avatar to communicate in various languages, catering to a broader audience. The script suggests choosing the multilingual option for better language recognition.

πŸ’‘Video Script

A video script is the written text that outlines what will be said or shown in a video. In the video, the script is essential as it forms the basis for the AI Avatar's speech. The script from the video is input into the 11 Labs tool to generate the audio that the AI Avatar will use.

πŸ’‘Studio Did

Studio Did is a website mentioned in the video for creating the final AI Avatar video. It allows users to upload avatar images and audio to generate a video where the avatar appears to speak. This is a key step in the process described in the video, as it brings together the visual and audio components to create a talking AI Avatar.

πŸ’‘Avatar Image

An avatar image is a visual representation of an individual or character used in digital or virtual environments. In the video, avatar images are obtained from Lexica Art and are a fundamental component in creating the AI Avatar. The script provides various methods to acquire avatar images, including browsing, searching, generating, or uploading personal images.

πŸ’‘AI Art Tools

AI Art Tools are software or platforms that use artificial intelligence to create or manipulate art, such as generating images from prompts. In the video, these tools are suggested for generating different images using the prompts copied from Lexica Art. While not the main focus, AI Art Tools are mentioned as a way to expand the creative possibilities for avatar images.

πŸ’‘Watermark Removal

Watermark removal is the process of eliminating the visible overlay on an image or video. The video script mentions a watermark appearing on the final AI Avatar video and hints at a future tutorial on how to remove it, which would be important for users wanting to distribute their videos without displaying the Studio Did branding.


AI Declow has uploaded a new video teaching how to create AI avatars for free.

Lexica Art is a website that can be used to obtain avatar images without a watermark.

There are four options to get avatar images on Lexica Art: scrolling through images, searching for specific avatars, generating avatars with prompts, and uploading an image to receive similar images.

The AI of Lexica Art can analyze an uploaded image and provide similar or better images.

The prompt for generating an image can be copied and used with other AI art tools like Blue Willow AI.

11 Labs is a tool that can be used to generate audio for the avatar, with options to select voice, voice settings, and language.

The multilingual option in 11 Labs can recognize and spell out regional languages.

The generated audio script can be downloaded after creation.

Studio Did is a website that can be used to make the avatar talk, with options to write a script or upload your own voice.

There is a guest option on Studio Did for easy login using a Google account.

Avatars can be created or pre-made avatars can be used on Studio Did, but the variety is limited.

Words restrictions apply when writing a script directly on Studio Did, making the upload option preferable.

The generated video can be downloaded from Studio Did, but it initially has a watermark.

The video's watermark can be removed easily, and a follow-up video on this process can be requested by liking, sharing, and subscribing to the channel.

The process involves selecting an avatar image, generating audio, and syncing the audio with the avatar to create a talking video.

The entire process from image selection to video creation is free and does not require a login for most steps.

The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a personalized AI avatar that speaks.

The use of AI technology allows for customization and personalization of avatars and their speech.

The video emphasizes the ease of use and accessibility of tools like Lexica Art and 11 Labs for creating AI avatars.