How to Invite MidJourney Discord Bot to Your Server | MidJourney Discord AI.

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22 Jul 202305:42

TLDRThis tutorial guides users on how to set up a MidJourney account and use the MidJourney Discord bot to create artwork. The process begins with signing up at, downloading the Discord app for both desktop and mobile devices, and familiarizing oneself with the app's layout and community channels. Users are shown how to create a private server on Discord for their artwork and how to add the MidJourney bot to their server. The video emphasizes the importance of using the 'slash imagine' command to instruct the bot on what to create, ensuring that users' prompts are clear for generating their desired art pieces.


  • πŸ“ To start, create an account on and download the Discord app for creating artwork.
  • πŸ” After signing up, join the MidJourney server on Discord where you can interact with the community and view artwork.
  • πŸ“± Download the Discord app on your mobile device from the App Store to access the platform on the go.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Explore the community's artwork and gather inspiration from the shared servers and the MidJourney website's Community Showcase.
  • πŸ“‘ Review the info section within the Discord server for announcements, rules, and other important information.
  • πŸ€– Add the MidJourney bot to your own server to start creating art by using the slash command `/imagine` followed by your prompt.
  • 🎨 Create a private server on Discord for personal artwork that only you or your friends can see.
  • πŸ“ Learn from others by observing their process and the prompts they used to achieve their final artwork.
  • πŸ”— The MidJourney website offers a cleaner interface to view the community's artwork with a Pinterest-like layout.
  • πŸ“ Use the `/imagine` command before typing your prompt to instruct the MidJourney bot on what to create.
  • πŸ‘€ Remember that posting in a shared server makes your work visible to others; create a private server for personal projects.

Q & A

  • What is the first step to set up a MidJourney account?

    -The first step is to visit, click on 'join', create a username, and continue through the process by proving you are a human and entering your birthday.

  • How do you download the Discord app for desktop?

    -After entering your email, there should be an option to click 'get the desktop app'. Once the download starts, double-click the DMG file to open the application on your computer.

  • Can you access Discord on mobile devices?

    -Yes, you can download the Discord app from the App Store on your mobile device.

  • What are the different sections within a Discord server?

    -Within a server, there are different channels which contain sections for specific things such as an info section with announcements, recent changes, status, rules for the community, polls, and support.

  • How can you see other people's artwork and their creative process on Discord?

    -You can see other people's artwork and their creative process by going through the different sections within the Discord app and viewing what others have posted.

  • What is the alternative platform to Discord for viewing community artwork?

    -The alternative platform is the MidJourney website, specifically the Community Showcase page, which has a cleaner interface and a Pinterest-like layout.

  • How can you create your own private server on Discord?

    -To create your own private server, go to the 'add server' option, select 'create my own', title your server, and then hit 'create'.

  • Why is it necessary to add the MidJourney bot to your server?

    -Adding the MidJourney bot to your server allows you to create artwork through the platform by interacting with the bot's commands.

  • How do you add the MidJourney bot to your server?

    -Go to the MidJourney server, find the MidJourney bot in any of the channels, click on its username, then click 'add to server' and select the server you created. Authorize and verify to complete the process.

  • What is the command you need to type before creating a prompt for MidJourney to turn into artwork?

    -You need to type '/imagine' before creating a prompt for MidJourney to understand that what you type afterward is the input for the artwork creation.

  • Why is it important to use the '/imagine' command when creating a prompt?

    -The '/imagine' command is important because it signals to MidJourney that the text following this command is the prompt for creating artwork. Without it, MidJourney won't recognize the input as a prompt.

  • What is the purpose of the MidJourney account?

    -The MidJourney account is where you sign in and access all the features and tools for creating and managing your artwork and photos.

  • How can you get inspired and see what other people are creating using MidJourney?

    -You can get inspired by viewing the artwork and prompts shared by others in the Discord app's different sections or by visiting the Community Showcase page on the MidJourney website.



🎨 Setting Up Mid-Journey Account and Discord

The video script begins with an introduction to setting up a mid-journey account, which is the platform for signing in and accessing various features. The process includes visiting, joining, creating a username, and verifying human identity. The user is then guided to download the Discord desktop app, which is essential for creating artwork and photos. Additionally, the viewer is encouraged to download the Discord app on their mobile device for convenience. The script explains the layout of the Discord app, including different servers and channels, and the importance of exploring these to understand the community and gather inspiration. It also emphasizes the public nature of posted work and the option to create a private server for personal projects. The viewer is then walked through creating their own server and adding the mid-Journey bot to it, which is necessary for art creation within the platform.


πŸ“ Using the 'Slash Imagine' Command

This paragraph explains the importance of using the 'slash imagine' command when creating artwork through the mid-Journey bot on Discord. The command is crucial as it signals to the bot that the text following it is the user's desired prompt for artwork creation. Without this prompt, the bot would not understand the user's request. The paragraph stresses the need to always begin the creation process with 'slash imagine', ensuring that the user's intended concept is correctly interpreted and transformed into a visual piece of art.



πŸ’‘MidJourney Discord Bot

The MidJourney Discord Bot is a software application that integrates with Discord, a popular communication platform. It is designed to assist users in creating artwork through AI technology. In the video, the bot is invited to a user's server to enable the creation of art, which is a central part of the video's theme.


Discord is a platform primarily used for text, video, and audio communication between users in a chat channel format. It is where the actual creation of artwork takes place, as mentioned in the script. The video provides a tutorial on how to set up a Discord account and use it for artistic purposes.

πŸ’‘MidJourney Account

A MidJourney account is a user account on the MidJourney platform, which is necessary to access and use the AI art creation tools. The process of creating this account is outlined in the video, emphasizing its importance as a prerequisite to using the AI tool.


In the context of Discord, a server is a space where communities can communicate and collaborate. The video instructs viewers on how to create their own private server on Discord for sharing and creating artwork, which is a key aspect of the video's instructions.


Channels within a Discord server are used to categorize discussions or activities. The script mentions different channels such as 'info' and 'support', which are integral to navigating and utilizing the Discord platform for the MidJourney AI tool.

πŸ’‘Slash Imagine

The 'slash imagine' command is a specific instruction used within the Discord platform to communicate with the MidJourney bot. It is essential for initiating the art creation process, as it tells the bot what the user wants to transform into artwork.

πŸ’‘Community Showcase

The Community Showcase is a feature on the MidJourney website where users can view and share their artwork created with the AI tool. It is highlighted in the video as a source of inspiration and a way to see the final products of other users' creative processes.

πŸ’‘Artwork Creation

Artwork creation is the primary focus of the video, where the MidJourney AI tool is used to generate art based on user prompts. The process involves setting up the necessary accounts, joining or creating servers, and using the bot's commands to produce art.


A prompt is a user-provided input that guides the AI in creating a specific piece of artwork. It is a crucial element in the art creation process with the MidJourney bot, as it defines the concept or idea that the AI will visualize.

πŸ’‘AI Tool

The AI tool refers to the artificial intelligence software developed by MidJourney that enables users to generate artwork. It is central to the video's narrative, as the entire tutorial is about setting up and using this tool within the Discord platform.


Verification is a process mentioned in the script where users confirm their identity or intentions, such as when adding the MidJourney bot to their server. It is a standard security measure on platforms like Discord to ensure authorized actions.


Setting up a MidJourney account is the first step to access all features.

Discord is the platform where users create and edit artwork and photos.

Joining MidJourney and creating a username is part of the account setup process.

Users must prove they are human and provide their birthday during the account creation.

The desktop app for Discord is downloaded to facilitate edits.

Discord app is also available for mobile devices via the App Store.

Discord servers contain different channels for various purposes.

Users can find inspiration and community artwork through the Discord app and MidJourney website.

Creating a private server is essential for those who wish to work on art privately.

The Community Showcase page on the MidJourney website provides a cleaner interface to view artwork.

Artwork on the website displays the prompt, aspect ratio, pixel size, and variations used.

Users can download or save artwork to their favorite collection on the website.

Creating a personal server on Discord allows for private sharing of artwork.

Adding the MidJourney bot to a server is necessary to create art.

The 'slash imagine' command is used to tell MidJourney what the user wants to create into artwork.

The 'slash imagine' command must be used before creating any prompt for the artwork.

The command ensures that the user's input is recognized as a prompt for artwork creation.

Using the 'slash imagine' command is crucial for the MidJourney AI to produce the desired photos.